The Best Hitter Box That Can Pack, Smoke, and Ash in 15 Seconds

(A Hitter Box That is Changing the Game)

Maybe bongs just aren’t your thing and you want something that is more travel-friendly.


A hitter box is an amazing option for people that don’t want to take huge rips, maintain their weed tolerance, and be a cannabis stealth ninja when needed.


Stay tuned because we are going to show you the holy grail of hitter boxes, that can pack, smoke, and self-ash all in under 15 seconds.


The Best Hitter Box on The Market 2022

hitter box

Hitter boxes come in all shapes and sizes are also commonly referred to as chillums.  


There are a lot of hitter boxes on the market but we have seen nothing come in parallel with The DART Hitter Box. Unlike the classic hitter box where you store a pipe and dry herb in a “box”, The DART hitter box is designed to be a stand-alone pipe with a disguised smell-proof key chain canister for your herbs.


Let’s break down our top 3 reasons why we love The DART hitterbox.


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The First Metal Hitter Box Crafted From Anodized Aluminum

Most hitter boxes are pretty cheaply made. The DART hitterbox is crafted from anodized aluminum which is the same type of metal aircrafts are made from.


This metal is extremely heat resistant and allows your pipe to stay cool when smoking. Not only that, you can drop it, sit on it, and never worry about it shattering.


Thanks to the tough, durable, and nearly indestructible design, this metal hitter box stands out from the rest of its competition. 


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A Hitterbox That Can Ash With a Push of a Button

Nothing is more reliable and convenient, then a hitterbox with a built in one click ash system. Most hitter boxes require you to either scrape out leftover ash with a poker tool or by hitting it against a table or your hand.


This spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism however, allows you to simply remove all ash particles from your hitterbox with just a push so that you can get fresh hits and loads every time! 


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Pack, Smoke, and Ash In Under 15 Seconds

On the move and need something portable and efficient for the quickest hits? We have found the ultimate hitter box that will allow you to pack, smoke, and ash in 15 seconds or less! To enjoy the hitter box, simply:


1. Pack your cannabis 

2. Light and smoke 

3. Click to ash


This is truly the world’s best hitter box with a witty design that provides a seamless on the go smoking experience. It’s really that effortless!


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What In The World is a Hitter Box?


If you’re always on the move because of the nature of your work, you may need a hitterbox. Not only does it serve as a container, but a hitterbox could also be used as an accessory because of its array of designs. To know more about what these containers are, here are their general components: 


  • Case: This refers to the body where you may keep the joint and ashes. In many instances, cases have creative and custom designs. 


  • Lid: This may be an attached, swivel type or a detachable cap. Many of these lids control Anthe scents usually emitted by marijuana. 


  • Chambers: These are the specific storage spaces for the stick, joint, or flowers. 


  • Grinder: This is an extra part of some dugouts. It’s used to pulverize leaves or flowers for a quicker cheeba smoking. 

If you choose among different hitter boxes, you may visit stores selling ganja kits and accessories, such as The Dart and others. In choosing products, you may want to check their features as well. Do you want swivel lids for easy opening and closing? Or do you need a dugout with long and deep chambers for more ample storage? Thinking about these would help you select which kit would keep your stash better.


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Benefits Of A Hitter Box

Aside from keeping your stash in a safe container, hitter boxes provide other benefits that’d make your smoking more discreet yet enjoyable. Apart from these, here are the benefits that make the most of your hitter boxes:


Well-Measured Dose 


Because a hitter box has standard sizes and lengths, they generally offer the same doses. This way, they only provide the hots that you could withstand and enjoy. In addition, it could give enough sips and sniffs for stoners who are troubled with heavy doses. 


Easy Keeping 


You could hide it in a bag or any narrow space in a vehicle. More so, you could keep the hitter box in your tight pockets in your denim jeans or jackets. Some dugouts could also be placed in shoes and similar footwear.  


Better Cleaning And Maintenance 


In many cases, you may just need to remove the clogs of the hitterbox pipe. In addition, you could just manually blow air for it and the chambers. For better cleaning, you could use a scooper tool to ensure that there’s no dirt and ash buildup. 


Heat Resistance 


The pipe, especially glass cylinders, protect users from getting burned. In other words, the burned leaves and flowers stays within the pipes properly even when smoked continuously. 


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How To Use A Hitter Box

To efficiently use a hitter box you must:


1. Grind the Leaves or Flowers 


Crush the ganja into broken parts that it can fit the chambers using a grinder or manually. As much as possible, ensure that they’re evenly crushed. Yet, you may choose to keep them whole, such as the flowers, depending on your preference. And do the grinding before you smoke. If you decide to crush them, you may press down and twist them into the chambers. 


2. Load the Chambers


Dugouts have different chamber sizes. Generally, they hold the ganja. To fill them properly, you could use folded paper to press them down and evenly. You may also use a PVC card, such as IDs, to make the most of the spaces. You can now keep and carry the kit wherever you go.


3. Insert Hitter Box Pipe into the Joint’s Chamber 


Press your pipe down into the chamber. Apply some pressure to ensure that you’ll load your hitter box with enough content. This way, you’d have the necessary grind leaves and flowers for one full boost.


4. Light Up and Take the Hits 


If it’s your first time smoking a joint using a hitterbox, you may check first if your cannabis is dry or wet. Dry marijuana may burn quickly, while moist one will produce a lot of smoke. Because of this, you may need to light up your hitter more if the weed is wet compared to a dry one.  


You may take small, deep inhales and sips for dry weed. On the other hand, you may take long hits for the moist one, which produces more smoke. If you’re a pro, you may experiment with how you enjoy the ganja. Yet, you may just make sure to empty the content of your pipe before you reload it. 


5. Reload or Clean Up 


Once done with your first load, you may refill your hitterbox pipe through the same process. If you choose to keep and clean your dugout, you should remove the clogs in the tube and chambers. Some hitter boxes have self-ashing features that help get rid of ashes and other residues. For products without this feature, you may manually clean them using scooping tools or blowing the storage manually. 


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Wrapping Up

A hitter box is the best option to stash a weed when you travel to different places. In choosing one, you may need to consider its type according to durability, features, ease of use, and maintenance. Through these considerations, you may pick the best hitter box that best suits your discreet smoking needs. 


If you want to buy your first ever hitter box, you may want to know more about how to smoke using a hitterbox. You may begin with an effective way of lighting up your joint.


Consider lighting up wet and dry leaves. Learn how to load the chambers in your hitter box. Above all, learn how to take hits with small pipes and narrow weed spaces.

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