Best Stoner Box Kit and Weed Basket Gift Ideas

(Finding the Perfect Cannabis Basket for Your Loved One)

Nothing puts a smile on a stoner’s face like a beautiful weed basket chock-full of cannabis goodies.


If you want to send a bundle of ganja love as the perfect gift, then we have some amazing options for you!


Whether you are looking for a stoner box kit with all the daily essentials or the perfect 420 gift bag to just tell your stoner friend, “I appreciate you” each gift idea is uniquely different.


In this guide, we break down all the best weed smokers gift baskets, weed gift boxes, and kits so you can pick the perfect fit.

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Best Weed Smokers Gift Basket

Best Raw Weed Kit

Best Stoner Box Kit

Best Weed Basket and Stoner Box Kits of 2021

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift idea for a toker buddy or you want to up your game with a stoner box kit, we have custom picks for every occasion. If you’re looking for a larger all in one weed basket, we’ve got a couple recommendations for those too! Either way, we have compiled a list of our most favorite stoner box kits and weed baskets for all you 420 lovers out there to choose from. Based on your needs and personal preference, you are bound to find a cannabis gift box for you or your loved ones!


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Best Weed Smokers Gift Basket 2021

weed smokers gift basket

Blow your loved one away with the best weed smokers gift basket for all their smoking needs. Nothing beats an all in one weed basket gift with a uniquely designed glass piece included. Not to mention, you’ll get all the necessary smoking accessories and supplies with this 420 kit. Surprise your friends or family with the best cannabis gift basket. Click to learn more about Daily High Club Cannabis Subscription Box.

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The Raw Weed Kit - Rolling Accessories

raw weed kit

Are you a fan of RAW? Well we are too, which is why this RAW weed kit collab with Daily High Club is a must have for every marijuana enthusiast. Included in this weed kit, is a clipper lighter, RAW filter tips, cool stickers, and of course the much needed RAW rolling papers. Get your joint game on with this perfect RAWsentials weed kit. 


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The Connoisseurs Stoner Box Kit

stoner box kit

Do you need a stoner box kit with all the best smoking accessories? Look no further than this Connoisseur V2 stoner box kit with the perfect weed essentials inside. You or your loved one will receive rolling papers, lighters, cleaning accessories, and even an efficient odor eliminator spray so that you can smoke discreetly. But that’s not all, you’ll even receive hemp wick for a healthier light, and an acrylic grinder that can also store weed. When it comes to finding the perfect stoner box kit, this will not disappoint. 


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The Ultimate Las Vegas Weed Basket of 2021

weed basket

Now this is what we call the ultimate weed basket for those who can appreciate tasty treats and snacks when its time to get the munchies on. Not only do you get delicious mouthwatering candy, cookies, and chocolate, but you also get handy weed accessories such as an ash tray, rolling dish, lighter, a bong with screens that are both disposable! How convenient? It will be hard to pass on a weed basket such as this one.


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Stoner Gift Box For Her

Are you looking to find the best stoner gift box for her to enjoy? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Make her day with the ultimate stoner box gift set. From glass pieces to rolling accessories, you’ve got it all with Daily High Club. If you want to surprise her every month with a new stoner gift box for her to open up, below will be your best pick. 


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The Best Stoner Gift Basket for Her

stoner gift box for her

Maybe you don’t need a brand new stoner gift box every month, and instead, would rather find the best stoner gift basket for her to appreciate. If it’s more of a one time occasion or special event, a weed gift basket will be the perfect selection. A stoner gift basket holds so many 420 goodies and smoking accessories, that it’ll be hard not to fall in love with.


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The Best Stoner Gift Basket for Him

stoner gift basket for him

Need to find the best stoner gift basket for him to use? There are many options out there but we found what we thought was the best stoner gift basket on the market. You can surprise your significant other by gifting him with 420 supplies and goods such as dab rigs, dab wands, lighters, rolling paper, and so much more! With a weed gift basket such as this, he will be blown away from all the cannabis gifts.


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5 Reasons To Get Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Are you familiar with cannabis?  Have you seen one that comes in a box?  Perhaps, it’s a little unusual to see curated smoking equipment. But, with the Covid-19 situation, even such recreational drugs are now being sold creatively. 


Cannabis companies are now offering subscription boxes in states where cannabis is legalized. And, since there’s tight competition among cannabis companies, they must think of creative ways to make their product stand out.  


One example of a company that offers a cannabis subscription box is the Daily High Club. The subscription box has three varieties: the Connoisseur V2, El Primo, and Rawsentials.  


The concept of the stoner box kit is new to the market. If you’re a regular user of cannabis, these five reasons might convince you to purchase subscription boxes:


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1. A Weed Subscription Box is Ideal For Heavy Users

If you’re a heavy user of cannabis, then, a weed subscription box is perfect for you. With this, you’ll always have an extra supply ready to use. You might also want to collect different paraphernalia and gear. Cannabis subscription boxes offer a variety of these items.  


Daily High Club’s Rawsentials offers raw, all-natural papers, filter tips, and clipper lighter. They’ll also give you free random stickers included in your package. So, if you roll up joints, you won’t have to worry about running out of papers anymore; this package is designed exactly to avoid this inconvenience.


The price of this package is USD$9.99 per month.


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2. The Best Cannabis Subscription Box Can Be Personalized

The good thing about subscription boxes is they can change based on your preferences. If you’re kind of bored with your cannabis sessions, then, such might spice up the game. The best cannabis subscription boxes have the element of surprise because you won’t know everything that’s in them. Surely, you’ll get what you paid for and more. 


The proprietor behind your stoner box kit may give you a questionnaire to have a gist of your preferences. From this, they’ll know the things to include in your box. And, since this is a personalized stoner box kit, each subscriber won’t have the exact items. So, it won’t really matter if you’ve seen the box content of other subscribers. Exciting, yes?


Connoisseur V2 of the Daily High Club has seven to nine items in the package. This package is designed to let you explore the art of smoking. It contains all the usual items for smoking. But, in this package, you’ll get a surprise new gear every month. 


The new gear you’ll get to try every month will give you the opportunity to have a variety of experiences. These will also allow you to know the gear that suited you best and enjoyed the most. These could also let you have something to look forward to every month.


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3. A Cannabis Subscription Box Allows for Convenience

Wouldn’t it feel great to get your smoking essentials every month by just subscribing?  You’ll no longer have to go out and buy them yourself, especially at this time when there’s a high risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. All you have to do is subscribe to the package you want and wait for it to arrive. Very convenient, indeed! 


Furthermore, if you’ve only just begun smoking, it would be very convenient for you to subscribe to cannabis subscription boxes. As a beginner, you might want to try new things without having to spend too much time picking which one to try first. Additionally, this concept provides help to those who are a bit indecisive. 


When a consumer is given a lot of choices, chances are they’ll lose interest in buying your product. Try to put yourself in their situation. Imagine if you visit a shop with plenty of products, and you have no particular item in mind to buy, you’ll probably get overwhelmed with your choices. Thus, you’d rather not exhaust your energy checking items one by one and just leave the shop. 


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4. Weed Gift Boxes Are Less Expensive Than Retail Purchase

Subscription packages are way less expensive compared to buying items in retail.With weed gift boxes, you’ll get a variety of items while paying a lower price. In some cases, the items included in the box are more expensive than the package itself. It’s proof that just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it has low-quality products. Therefore, it’s really an advantage to subscribe to a subscription box if you’re fond of buying items in retail. 


Take the El Primo stoner box kit from Daily High Club for example. The cost of the cannabis subscription box is USD$29.99 per month, and the package includes a Monster Mash dab rig. The lowest price of it is USD$79.99. So, you’ve already saved USD$50. Take note, however, that the price of the other items isn’t yet included.


However, you must, still, ensure that the content’s value matches the cost of the subscription you’re paying for.  And, remember not to waste your gear, like the dab rig, just because you got it at a lower price.

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5. Stoner Boxes Provide a Luxurious Experience

Subscription boxes may be cheaper than buying in retail, but they could still give you a luxurious experience. First and foremost, you literally won’t have to exert rigorous effort to obtain pleasant items. You’ll just have to subscribe, pay, then, wait for it to arrive. And, you’ll even receive it every month for as long as you continue your subscription. 


Second, with stoner boxes, you’ll own a high-quality products, like the items in the El Primo package in the Daily High Club. The El Primo package includes premium accessories, such as the Monster Mash Dab Rig with a value of USD$79.99. 


And, lastly, you’ll get multiple products at a cheaper price and are delivered right in the comfort of your home.


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Gifting the Perfect Weed Basket and Stoner Box Kit

A weed basket or a cannabis subscription box may be a bit unusual, but it’s gaining popularity in the market. If you opt to try a new experience in your smoking sessions or desire to amp them up for some next-level satisfaction, then, subscription boxes with high-quality cannabis products would work just fine for you. A stoner box kit is also perfect for those wanting to switch it up every month with new surprises. However, you must always be vigilant with the offers you see. Be careful with the packages that are too good to be true. Always check the legitimacy of your prospective shop by reading reviews about the company.

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