5 Tips When Buying Weed In NYC 2022

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When you’re in New York City looking for some high-quality weed, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of shops. Unfortunately, not all NY cannabis dispensaries are created equal. 


There are a few things that separate the good from the bad and I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to make sure your next dispensary experience is one worth remembering. 


To begin, here are six tips to consider when buying weed in New York City:

buying weed in NYC

1. Find a Trusted Cannabis Directory

If you’re interested in buying weed in New York City, there are many ways to find what you’re looking for.


The best way is to use a good cannabis directory. You can use it to compare prices and reviews of each smoke shop so you can figure out which one provides the best deals.


You can also determine which ones have the best deals on related products such as bongs and pipes, so you know where to shop for those items as well.


You’ll even find out about monthly specials offered at local smoke shops in order to help you avoid paying more than necessary during your shopping trip. This is an excellent benefit because who doesn’t want affordable weed?


Using a good cannabis directory will also help you find shops that have knowledgeable staff members. You’ll be able to get honest answers to any questions you might have about the products they’re selling, and you’ll be confident in your purchase because it was made from a reputable source.


Currently, the best list of NYC weed vendors is Urban Aroma’s directory that has all the top brands that are verified, plus you get an in-depth guide if you want to learn how to buy weed in NY.

2. Understand NYC Weed Buying Options

When trying to buy weed in New York, most people think their only option is medical marijuana.


You may be surprised to find out that the clever folks of the Big Apple have actually another popular way to purchase cannabis.


Because of the legalization of recreational weed in NYC many gifting shops have opened up.


This simply means that when you enter a gifting shop you are not purchasing marijuana directly but instead, an item such as an art print, and then you are “gifted” the marijuana.


This is a very safe and popular way to buy marijuana in NY and mirrored exactly the same as how one would buy weed in DC.


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3. Understand How to Order Your Weed in NY

If you are going to a medical dispensary in NY and your order with a medical card you are good to go.


Going to a gifting store in NYC, however, the rules are a bit different.


While you are only required to have an ID proving you are over 21 you also want to understand verbiage when placing your order. Follow these simple steps on how to buy weed in New York:


  • Make sure to never ask to directly buy cannabis directly
  • Always ask first for a “gifting menu”
  • Choose to buy a noncannabis item that matches the price of the marijuana gift you like.


For example, if you want an 8th of Ice Cream Cake Strain and that 8th costs $70 you want to make sure you are purchasing a noncannabis item that matches the price point. So you may be purchasing a $70 art print but you will receive your NY weed free.


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4. You Have Options for How You Receive Your Weed in NY

The city that never sleeps is ripe with different ways to actually receive your cannabis. 


Medical marijuana is usually done through a standard storefront, but buying weed in NY through the gifting market has a ton of options. Let’s go over those options below:


NYC Weed Delivery – is a popular option for those that don’t mind waiting an hour or so. You simply place your order with the vendor and pay with cash when the cannabis is delivered.


Don’t forget to tip your drivers! Drivers do remember you and will make sure to get your cannabis to you faster and faster.


NYC Smoke Shop – the most widely accepted method is to actually visit the storefront. While this takes an extra tip the upside is you get to see all the strains upfront before placing any orders. 


Not only that, you get the benefit of talking with some awesome budtenders that will really break down the strains, benefits, and guide you through the entire gifting process if it is your first time.


NYC Weed Trucks – Home only to NYC, weed trucks are a popular way to get cannabis. Similar to an ice cream truck, these weed trucks have routes and if you find one that passes through your area then you are golden as you get the benefits of delivery but with the advantage of seeing all the strains before placing an order.


NYC Weed Events – Weed events in NYC are definitely something you won’t want to miss. Whether you visit a beautiful high rise with first-class hosting, or you visit an art gallery with a live band, you get to purchase your cannabis in NY, meet other fellow New Yorkers, and get a taste of art and culture in the five boroughs.


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5. Cash Is King in the NYC Weed Market

When buying weed in NYC through the medical marijuana program you are good to go with paying with a credit card.


Buying through the gifting market you will need to have other forms of payment methods.


Most of the NYC weed gifting brands prefer cash so you will definitely want to be prepared or else you will have to take a trip to the ATM and pay those extra fees.


Your best bet is to contact the NYC smoke shop before you head out and ask them their preferred payment method, and most times they will let you know where you can find an ATM if you do happen to go there with no cash.


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Summing Up

Marijuana is already legal in New York City, although there’s still more to be discussed when it comes to allowing people to buy one. Another thing in question is how old one must be to use it.


Cannabis is used for various purposes. Although it is allowed in some states, one still has to do some research before using it. Furthermore, cannabis should be used in moderation.


The tips mentioned in this article will help one make the right and more informed decision when buying weed in NYC. Knowing its effects, awareness of one’s health issues before taking one, and being knowledgeable of the types of product readily available will aid in your decision to purchase weed.


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