Health Benefits of Consuming Weed Leaves (Raw Cannabis) 2022

Thinking of trying weed leaves out but not sure if it is worth your time?


You may be surprised to learn that a federal government pre-patent research found that cannabinoids found in raw marijuana leaves are a stronger antioxidant than vitamins C and E.


Many research has shown that ingesting raw marijuana has the potential to help treat many diseases including arthritis and lupus.


While eating raw cannabis will not give you the same high, there are also many ways to consume cannabis (Vape pens and ediles) that are much healthier than smoking.


In this article we will go over the benefits of eating raw weed leaves and also other alternatives that have less risk than smoking cannabis.

Benefits of Eating Raw Weed Leaves

Consuming raw cannabis leaves isn’t exactly new but has gained popularity as of late.


A fresh cannabis plant is known to hold polyphenols and antibiotics and is also fully loaded with antioxidants.


If you struggle with inflammation the raw cannabis plant has been known to have anti-inflammatory compounds.


One of the easiest ways is to juice cannabis to gain all these healthy components.


The only disadvantage here is the raw cannabis plant will not get you high through consumption so if you are looking for the THC high but a healthier alternative we have some great recommendations for you as well. 

Can You Remove the Harmful Effects of Cannabis Herb ?

So at first glance, there is obvious risk for smoking cannabis.


However, this is not entirely true because herbs are not always the same and are not limited to smoking only.


For example, even one subtype of use through evaporators has many modifications: there is a desktop dry herb vaporizer, there is also a weed vape pen, much smaller, which allows the owner of the weed pen to access the use of cannabis 24/7.


Like the best vape pen for weed, the best dry herb vape pen is also portable and does not take up much space. According to some studies, the use of herb vapors may be more effective and less harmful than burning them, but this does not mean that this method is not harmful.


Another way to deliver herbs to your body can be sprays or sublingual remedies.


They can be used if the consumer does not want to inhale vapors or smoke but wants to find other methods to achieve the desired effect at the same rate.


These drugs achieve such a rapid effect due to the fact that they are absorbed into the blood through the membranes of the mouth; respectively, the effect is much faster than when eaten before, which is described below.


As for these sprays and sublinguals, it should be noted that they are quite new, and therefore there is no quality research on their impact on health.

Is it Possible to Eat Herbs Without Harm?

In addition to the method of evaporation, the herb can be eaten, which increases the waiting time for the effect.


However it also increases the duration of the effect because the body needs time to digest the substance.


So when you think ingesting cannabis, just remember it takes longer to hit but last much longer than smoking.


The herb can also be taken through patches. This method is especially relevant for people who have to go to work during treatment.


Because they are considered more medical than recreational, they can be regarded as safe eating as a safe way to eat herbs.

The History of Oral Cannabis Consumption

The consumption of food and beverages containing herbs has been practiced for 1000 years before our era. Oriental culture has long used hemp medicine, which is used as a remedy for various chronic diseases and a remedy for stomach aches.


The herb’s leaves were also consumed in drinks that had an effect similar to alcohol, which provided euphoria during religious holidays.

Can I Just Eat Cannabis Leaves?

Eating raw cannabis as food is not as effective as eating foods based on it. The whole secret lies in the process of decarboxylation, which activates the necessary substances for the consumer.


To form tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol, the grass must undergo a heating process (for example, during smoking).


Some scientists talk about vitamins and minerals in fresh cannabis leaves. Namely, minerals such as iron and potassium and vitamins D and C.


According to them, food and drinks from raw hemp leaves should be good for bones and for greater oxygen saturation of the blood and should slow down the aging process (due to antioxidants ) and lower cholesterol (due to anthocyanins).


Nevertheless, there are no specific studies on fresh hemp leaves’ healing properties.


The Legality of Cannabis Products

Although cannabis is allowed in many states for medical and recreational purposes, it should not be forgotten that there are states where cannabis is illegal.


And we should not forget about the restrictions on its use in Europe. In fact, cannabis products that are legalized in Spain, Germany, and Italy are ideal for these regions.

Are There Known Benefits to Cannabis Products?

Cannabis products such as oils, chewing gum, and tinctures help improve appetite, and in people with illnesses that suppress appetite.


Herb is also known to reduce the pain threshold and slow down weight loss. In addition, these products improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.


There are other therapeutic properties of cannabis, but they have not been fully studied. From this, we can understand that the therapeutic potential of the herb is not fully known, but medical marijuana has helped a vast amount of patients world wide.


First of all, it should be noted that it is quite difficult for a consumer of cannabis products to determine the dosage, as it is really depends on your age, tolerance, weight, and the product you are using.


What in turn leads us to the second disadvantage is a long and often indefinite period of time for the compounds to enter the bloodstream. It is also unknown how long cannabis will work in the body because everything is very individual; each body absorbs these things in its own way, which is influenced by body weight, health, and many other factors.


Violation of the dosage of consent can lead to increased anxiety and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system or even psychosis. That is why cannabis products should be consumed gradually and any food to understand your measure, which is individual for each individual.


From the above, it can be understood that the side effects of cannabis use are possible only in cases of abuse and overdose.


So, using cannabis products as opposed to smoking can be less risky for your health. The benefits of cannabis can be said only in view of its therapeutic properties.


Because cannabis smoking is harmful in any case, and the use of raw cannabis has no proven benefits, the only possible therapeutic use of cannabis remains cannabis products.


However, to altogether avoid the potential adverse effects associated with their excessive use, we still recommend that you consult a doctor before choosing this type of therapy.

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