Choosing The Perfect Dab Tool - The Ultimate Guide 2022

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Did you know that a dab tool can help you conserve concentrates, preserve flavor, and even help you micro dose? 


We’re here to let you know that there are amazing dab tools out there that will make your dabbing experience tenfold. 


Dabbing is considered one of the most potent and cleanest ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates, and although you don’t need a lot to get started on dabbing, dab tools are one of the most essential items you shouldn’t forget. 


This comprehensive guide can help you understand the numerous dabbing tools, so you can choose the right dab tool for your uses, needs, and expectations. You will also learn about the benefits of using a dab tool and how to smoke concentrates mess free with the right items. 

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What Is A Dab Tool?

A dab tool or dabber tools, are items that are used for your dab rig to help you smoke concentrates as easily as possible. They can be tiny handheld wands that resemble dentist tools, with one end having a specific shape for handling dabs, or they can be other helpful tools such as carbs, containers, or accessories. Some shapes are designed to work better for certain cannabis concentrates.


If you are new to dabbing, you should be aware that dab tools cannot be used for smoking weed or any other herbal flowers such as for smoking lavender or even tobacco. They can however, be used for cold start dabbing or for standard methods of dabbing concentrates. 

The Best Dab Tool For Concentrates

Finding the best dab tool is easy if you know what type of dabbing experience you want. A dab tool comes in various shapes and sizes and the style of dab tool you need, will depend on the type and consistency of concentrate you intend to use. 


Some dabbing tools are the ‘jack of all trades’ type, allowing you to handle multiple dabs with ease while others are designed for specific types of concentrate. If you don’t know where to look, Daily High Club dab tools and others, feature varying styles suitable for your needs.


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Glass Dab Tool - Great for Softer Concentrates

A glass dab tool is one of the most common types of dab tools on the market along with titanium and stainless steel. Glass dab tools can also be made from quartz and are easy to clean, use, and are great for those who want a cleaner tasting option for dabbing.. This material dab tool is great for wax, budder, live rosin, live resin, and crumble. If you end up choosing glass dab tools for your method of vaporizing concentrates, we recommend making sure it has good heat resistance to avoid breaking or shattering. 


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Using a Titanium Dab Tool - Perfect for Harder Concentrates

A titanium dab tool or metal dab tool is also a very common material used for dabbing concentrates due to their high heat tolerance and almost indestructible design. They heat up quickly and can retain heat extremely well, making them wonderful for high temperature dabs and concentrates such as shatter or crystalline. But even if you aren’t someone who takes hot dabs, titanium dab tools can still work wonderfully for all types of concentrates and temperatures.


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Custom Dab Tools - Versatile Uses

There are many custom dab tools out there that are specifically designed for convenience and an easier all around dabbing experience. There’s even a double sided dabber tool that has two removable ends on both sides of the stick.These custom dab tools are great for those who dab frequently and could use the help of  having two functional tips for scooping and scraping delicious concentrates. Custom dab tools can be used for all types of concentrates.


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Cool Dab Tools - All Around Use

Did you know that there are over 100 different cool dab tools in the cannabis world? They have everything from fun animal designs to unique characters and add ons like the two in one carb cap dab tool. Majority of the coolest dab tools function best for harder concentrates such as wax and shatter since you’ll be able to easily sweep up your concentrates. You’ll be able to scoop, scrape, and carb your concentrate for the most optimal hits every time, all with just one tool, providing everything you need for the perfect dab sesh. How neat!


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Different Types of Dab Tools

Carb CapA carb cap is one of the most important dab tools that you can have in your collection. They allow for optimal airflow and efficient vaporizing of dabs inside your nail. Using these bad boys also increases flavor and taste so you can make the most out of every hit. Additionally, using this dab tool helps retain heat inside your banger which is great for those wanting to reach higher temperatures for the perfect inhale. They come in many shapes, colors, and cool designs, it all boils down to your preference.  


Terp Pearls – This unique dab tool is hardly ever mentioned when it comes to dabbing tools, but we are here to tell you just how vital it is to your sesh. These pearls work by evenly distributing your concentrates over the entire surface of your nail or banger, while allowing you to fully vaporize your concentrates for its maximum potential.This means you won’t have to worry about wasting any product when using these glass pearls.  


Dab Wand – A dab tool is generally associated with dab wands although there are many other items that fall under the same category, as mentioned above. These dabber tools are designed for users to be able to pick up or scoop their tasty concentrates without having to make a sticky mess. There are many different styles and designs out there, but the most common ones are made from titanium or glass.   


Silicone Dab Container – A silicone dab container is vital for almost every dab connoisseur. You always need a place to store your concentrates and these containers are the perfect solution. Due to their material, they are easy to clean, maintain, and help keep all your products organized. These containers are portable and can even be dabbed out of if done correctly, such as when using the best nectar collectors or silicone dab straws.


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3 Amazing Benefits of Using Dab Tools

Think of a dab tool as a little spoon or knife for different kinds of cannabis concentrate. Since dabbing requires heating the concentrate, the dab tool allows you to safely add the cannabis concentrate into the hot nail and prevent accidents. 


In addition to picking up concentrates, dab tools such as containers, carbs, and glass pearls, also provide many advantages to every dabber. 


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Dab Tools Will Save You Time and Concentrates

Using dab tools removes all the hassle of trying to pick up and load your concentrates in your nail. Certain dab tools such as dab containers, also helps keep all your concentrates in one area for easy access and use. A dab tool such as carb caps or glass pearl balls, help preserve taste and maximize the vaporizing potential in your concentrates so that nothing is wasted.


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Dab Tools Allows for Micro Dosing And a Mess Free Dabbing Experience

Since dabs are small amounts of concentrate, a dab tool such as the wand, can help you get an accurate dosage. Especially for those who are new to the dabbing world, these tools allow users to see how much product they are vaporizing. If you’re dabbing wax, a dab tool can also help you scoop and apply dabs into the nail seamlessly without making a sticky mess. I’ve even heard of some people using their bare hands to drop in their concentrates, please do not, by any means, ever attempt this. 


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Using a Dab Tool Helps Enhance Taste and Flavor Profile

Dab tools such as carbs and glass terp balls provide some of the tastiest flavor profiles with your concentrates. They provide optimal airflow and ensure all terpenes are preserved in the process so that you can make the most out of your concentrates. Without certain dab tools, you run the risk of losing or over burning your wax, while losing much of its taste.


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Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that dabbing has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates. That’s why having the best dab tools is key to having a clean and pleasant overall dabbing experience. A dabber tool provides so many benefits when it comes to smoking concentrates that after having them, you won’t be able to imagine dabbing without your dab tools. So next time you decide to torch that rig up, make sure you have all your dabbing tool essentials for the perfect dab sesh.


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