Thousands of Strangers see the Same
DMT Visuals: Jesters, Elves, and Aliens

Written By: Jon Yoon
Cannabis Lab Tech
DMT trip visuals

DMT visuals are real, not hallucinations.


In fact, according to a published NIH study on the DMT trip experience, 100% of users traveled to another dimension, where 94% of them interacted with DMT entities.


Lower doses produce beautiful transforming DMT visuals like fractals of light, geometric shapes, and patterns. (learn how to smoke DMT for proper dosages or learn how to make DMT for total beginners)


Higher doses produce DMT trip visuals where you travel to ‘other worlds’ and interact with autonomous DMT beings such as the popular machine elves , or DMT jesters (seen on the Joe Rogan show).


In this article, I’ll show you all the most common DMT trip visuals, reported by thousands of people across the globe. Let’s get started.

5 Different DMT trip
visuals you may see

What you see depends on dosage

dmt visuals
DMT visuals by dosage

As opposed to long journeys on LSD or psilocybin (mushrooms), the whole DMT experience can begin within seconds and end within mere minutes.


Thousands of people from across the world who have never met each other, all reported seeing entities and beings during their DMT trip visuals.


Below is a list of the most popular DMT entities seen during a DMT trip:

1 - You may see DMT fractals
and psychedelic images

Low dose = 15 - 30 mg

DMT trip fractals
DMT experience art in fractals

With lower dosages of DMT (15 – 30 mg) the most common psychedelic images or DMT visuals experienced are:


  1. Light fractals
  2. Geometric shapes
  3. Colored kaleidoscope
  4. Mandalas
  5. Chrysanthemums


These DMT visions were shared across thousands of users independently tested from around the world over a 10-year study according to the National Library of Medicine.


Low-dose DMT visual experiences can differ amongst users depending on if they have ‘open-eye visuals’ or experience their DMT trips eyes closed.  


Open-eye psychedelic images can be more intense at first, as you might see room and wall distortions, pixilation as if the world is turning into a cartoon, or something as simple as seeing circles and basic shapes.  


As you progress through your light DMT trip you can start to experience more intense transforming light DMT fractals, eyes open or shut, and seeing faces or facial features like DMT eyes, a face or DMT heads are quite common.  


Most people tend to naturally close their eyes, melting deeper into these DMT fractals, patterns, geometry, ancient symbols, self-transforming shapes, and intense colors.  


For closed-eye DMT vision, most people prefer to be in a dark room with some soothing music and maybe some type of light show to enhance their self-transforming psychedelic images.


Basic dose DMT visuals can also be described as beyond 3 dimensional and unfathomable in perception, yet reported time and again as being ‘more real than real’ as opposed to a hallucination. 

2 - You may meet DMT
entities from another dimension

DMT faces are a common experience visual

DMT visions of face

72% of DMT users experienced ‘otherly creatures’ or non-human/non-animal encounters.


Joe Rogan described the DMT entity as a complex geometric pattern in another dimension, that instills upon you some wisdom. 


This encounter is meant for you to experience some ‘reality’ as opposed to some figment of your imagination.  He described it as feeling ‘more real than real’.


Many people in their DMT visions, see entities ranging from:


  1. Humanoid Beings
  2. Divine entities
  3. Animals
  4. Geometric objects/machines
  5. DMT Faces


Below are some of the more popular DMT trip visuals from elves, jesters, clowns, and aliens.

3 - You may see DMT
images of cheering elves

They dance and cheer you

DMT visuals art
DMT images of Elves

One of the most notable of such creatures is popularly described as DMT machine elves.


As ridiculous as the idea of elves revealing themselves to you during your DMT experience, thousands of these accounts have been reported globally, all mutually exclusive of each other.  


These DMT visuals of self-transforming machine elves, tend to ‘cheer’ you on, and are ‘acting’ not speaking. 


Their language is not a verbal language which we hear, they convey language visually for our eyes to interpret what message they are conveying.  


By dancing with excitement, they are trying to reveal to you through objects and dancing, to inspire an indescribable emotion from you, that is constantly changing and morphing hence ‘self-transforming’. 


They tend to dance around attempting to get your attention to focus on something or an object, to help you understand their message like a gift to you.

4 - Meet the DMT Jester,
Jokers, and DMT Clowns

We jest to that which is not real

DMT Jesters
DMT images of Jester

Another highly recurring DMT visual is the DMT jester and DMT clowns.  


DMT clowns, DMT jesters, and DMT jokers are generally the same yet at times DMT users reported differences.


These DMT entities posture or act in jester or clown-like manners, not so much looking like them in appearance. 


The actions of these tricksters and mannerisms may include humor, smiling, acting goofy, with almost dance-like magician actions, usually with the purpose of trying to convey some sort of message to you.  


The DMT jesters are usually known for trying to help you set aside your ego to see what is real in life. 


Many testimonials have such an emotional impact that they come to tears of joy of cleansing into reaching some wave of enlightenment.


After their high they seem to know the true meaning of love, feeling, not seeing, appreciating things in life, and see everything in a more beautiful scope with vivid clarity after their DMT trip visuals.


5 - DMT visions of
aliens and celestial beings

They are here to help you

DMT images of DMT aliens

Some of the otherworldly DMT entities you may encounter may be described as ‘aliens’ or other ‘celestial beings’.  Some have even gone to say they have been abducted by aliens.


Whether it be a spirit, elf, religious figure, gnome, or a deceased ancestor, 99% of individuals from a study surveying 2,561 anonymous people by a study funded by Johns Hopkins University reported having an emotional response to that being.  


60% of respondents said that the experience they had with these ‘aliens’ or other DMT entities created a powerful change in their view of reality, seeing it instead of a hallucination, rather an experience that can only be described as ‘more real than real’.

The DMT Realm:
time and reality

Time in other DMT dimensions

After your breakthrough and travel into the multiverse, where are you? Is this real? 


Many describe the emotion of their DMT visuals as being in a dream world, or dimension. 


Professionals are against describing DMT experiences as a hallucination. 


Thousands of DMT trip reports speak of users always repeating the same description that it feels ‘more real than real’, being a genuine experience as opposed to a hallucination with no purpose or meaning.

The DMT trip simulation

Time is not real in the simulation

In the DMT simulation, time is very different than here in ‘our world’. 


5 minutes here can equate to a few months or even centuries in the DMT realm. 


For that reason, some postulate endogenous DMT (DMT naturally occurring in the human brain along with all mammals) may be connected to dreams and what may occur at time of death, a rapid release of DMT in the pineal gland.  


Dreams always seem like life long stories in your head when in reality you may have only napped for 15 minutes, and do these dreams not sometimes feel ‘more real than real’?


During this DMT simulation stuffed with what may be years worth of DMT visuals and experiences in minutes, one might come to a true sense of reality and peace.  After interacting with these DMT entities, don’t be surprised to feel a sense of enlightenment with a true sense of realness and love. 

Final Thoughts on DMT visuals and visions

The recurring conclusion that seems to be a mutual consensus on these DMT entities during a DMT trip visual is that they interact with you for some greater purpose.


We believe they are actually trying to send you a message, or inspire some sort of emotion or epiphany, extracting  subconsciousness to your consciousness for clarity with a profoundly meaningful purpose.  


This experience has been repeatedly described as the ‘ego-killer’, humbling users with a sense of how small and insignificant they are in this massive universe, yet bathed in pure love and joy, bringing some to healing tears.  


Whether you call it spirituality or some higher force, a lot of people have a sense of familiarity, like deja vu.  They feel at peace and at home in this realm, and interact with these beings to receive a message.  A message that is telling them to let go of their ego, and to feel life and be one with the universe and connect to all life.  



Some theorize that the sense of a breakthrough erases them totally, literally feeling like they died, and became nothing (what some may experience as enlightenment or total silence).  This apparently is one of the biggest gifts you can receive from your DMT journey, as coming back you can have a totally different perspective in life. 

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