Gifted Curators DC Review: A Tasteful Pairing Of Art And Cannabis

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You may have heard the hype over the popular Gifted Curators in Washington DC.


2022 the DC market is saturated with so many cannabis gifting brands, is Gifted Curators as good as the reviews say, or are they just another gifting brand selling mediocre weed?


No worries, as a resident of DC for over 14 years I’ve taken the pleasure of reviewing many DC smoke shops from DC weed delivery services and dc edible brands.


So what was it like ordering weed from Gifted Curators?

gifted curators DC

Gifted Curators Review in Washington DC 2022

Located in Adams Morgan, Gifted Curators DC has everything any cannabis enjoyer would want. 


But, first, a bit of history should be brought to light. Ever since the law for minimal amounts of marijuana (or Initiative 71) was legalized in 2015, Giftedcurators was among the first to set up shop providing medical-grade marijuana from California for the DC residents, in compliance with I-71, of course.


Here is a snapshot of our experience with Gifted Curators.

A Tight Stairway with A Beautiful Surprise

When you first arrive you may be surprised to see a tight stairway with security at the top of the staircase. Make sure you have an ID proving you are 21 years of age or you will not be allowed in. 


The security is a huge bonus, as many shops get raided because they let minors in so you know you are in a safe zone here.


The staircase was a bit tight but when you enter the actual store front, it’s one of the most beautiful storefronts with graffiti murals and street art everywhere.


Most gifting brands think very little about customer experience, Gifted Curators make you feel like you are in an art gallery in NYC.


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Expert Budtenders That Care

It’s no accident Gifted Curators has well over 1,500 Five star reviews on Google.


This is by no accident. Their budtenders and management make you feel at home. They don’t bash you if you get the gifting order process wrong, they guide you!


I was greeted by a wonderful budtender and if I can remember correctly her name was Ima (Sorry if I got this wrong).


She was extremely helpful, going through the strains one by one, the benefits, and offering me tips on which ones I should buy because of exclusivity.


If you are looking for a beautiful store front with equally warm-hearted.


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How Was the Cannabis with Gifted Curators Washington DC?

Upon visiting Gifted Curators we went home with the following strains:


  1. Berry White
  2. Dayum
  3. Chem Reserve
  4. Sweet Tooth
  5. Peanut Butter Runtz


All the cannabis we purchased was in 8ths. They came with nice glass jars (no plastic bags), and that alone right there was awesome.


All of the strains had beautiful structures, no pop-corn nugs, no seeds, and beautiful trichomes. 


If you want LA medical dispensary quality cannabis, Gifted Curators has the selection. Every strain we smoked above hit hard and most notably all the details the bartender gave about the strain actually matched the smoke description.


Gifted Curators definitely had top-notch strain all around the board. Best of all the price point is extremely fair. You can buy cheaper in other places but be prepared for much lower quality flowers.


Here are some important notes about Gifted Curators strains and selections:


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1. The Most Versatile and Fresh I71 Menu

Most DC gifting vendors stock up cannabis and sell the same strains for months and months on end.


The issue here is the bud begins drying out more and more and by the time you purchase the flowers are just not fresh anymore. What I love about Gifted Curators is that every time you walk into their store they have new strains and they are super dense and super fresh buds.


If you like variety and the freshest flowers possible, you definitely will love what they have going on.


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2. There Edibles Are No Joke

If you want to sink your teeth into something sweet, the Gifted Curators has an edible gift menu available for your tastebuds’ enjoyment, such as:


  1. Baghead Boys (Extreme)
  2. JackPots
  3. Faded Fruits
  4. Mello Bars

While they have great edibles for beginners if you want to get so lifted you can’t feel your face then definitely go for the Baghead Boys extreme. Powerful stuff!


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So How Do I Buy From Gifted Curators DC?

While we wrote the entire guide on buying weed in DC the same rules apply here.


You have two options for placing orders:



As long as you’re above 21 years old with a valid ID, you can come inside to buy whatever you want. Make sure you have extra bucks with you because the Gifted is strictly cash only. Sure, there’s an ATM inside the gallery, however, you can only withdraw up to USD$200 there. So, if you have a huge order, then you should prepare your cash beforehand.


Also, the Gifted Curator has a loyalty card rewards program you should know about. Some rewards will have you earning a free edible or a free jar depending on how many stamps you got, even a 20% discount for your next order!


Besides that, you can also get a free pre-roll in every review you leave on the websites the Gifted Curators mentions.


Once you’ve purchased your gift, you’ll be given a receipt containing an exclusive code where you can download your digital art.


Order Online


This is ideal for those who are already familiar with the menus of Gifted Curators. Now that you know what you’re going to buy, you can order ahead of time so it’s already reserved for pickup. 


Reminder: if you set an order after eight pm, you only get to pick it up the next day.


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Gifted Curators DC Final Verdict

Gifted Curators has gained mass popularity in the DC area, specifically Adams Morgan for good reason. I’ve personally visited their storefront numerous times and on this most recent visit, it was the same care, quality, and love I am met with each time.


Are they the best gifting store in DC: hands down yes.


It’s not just about one visit, it’s about consistency. If you want one source that is reliable, stocked, and will never let you down you can put all your stoner needs in Giftedcurators hands for 2022 and beyond.


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