Gumbo Strain: 2023 buyers,
sellers, and growers Guide

The perfect strain for anxiety and physical pain

gumbo strain

Gumbo strain is an Indica-dominant enriched with the terpene Pinene. According to research conducted by the National Library of Medicine, Pinene has been found to possess anxiolytic properties, with the potential to alleviate anxiety.


Discover the full potential of Gumbo strain by exploring its unique terpene profile below.

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Authentic Gumbo weed strain is a mesmerizing blend with unknown genetic origins. Gumbo has skyrocketed to fame for its powerful Indica effects on the body and delectable Bubble Gum flavor profile, which arises from the terpene Ocimene.

// Gumbo Phenotype

gumbo weed strain
Image: Leafly

THC 20% | CBD 1.5% | Indica/Sativa

Entourage Effect

Terpene Profile

Buyers Guide

Consumers Say

Gumbo cannabis is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica, making it the best strain for unwinding, promoting total body relaxation, and perfect for ending a stressful day with a deeply restful night.


You can prepare your taste buds for a delightful fusion of pine and berry flavors, courtesy of its rich concentration of Myrcene and Pinene terpenes. Consumers reported the Gumbo strain to taste like either Bubble Gum or sweet candy.

Gumbo strain phenotype
and entourage effect

In this section, we take a closer look at the Gumbo weed strain’s phenotype (color, cannabinoids, smell, flavor, and terpenes), as well as the overall entourage effect, in which all the molecules of the cannabis plant work together to create Gumbo strain’s signature high.


The verdict is: Gumbo weed packs a huge Indica punch, wiping your body away of aches and stress, as your melt into your couch to unwind for the perfect sleep.

Gumbo weed effects
and terpene profile

Why the heck it matters: Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found within the marijuana plant. While consumers tend to focus more on THC%, we recommend you start shopping based on terpene profile as it truly defines the benefit of your specific cannabis strain.

Gumbo cannabis terpene profile:


Myrcene .31%  (anti-inflammatory)

Pinene .14% (anti-anxious)

Bisabolol .12% (soothes nervous system)

Phellandrene .12% (Reduce pain sensitivity)

Humulene 1% (Anti-microbial)

Limonene .9% (Anti-oxidant)

Caryophyllene .08% (Pain relief)

Ocimene .02% (Reduces inflammation)

Linalool .02% (Reduces inflammation)

gumbo strain

Gumbo strain’s primary terpene is Pinene which is the same terpene found in conifer trees, rosemary, basil, and orange peels.


Research has been promising so far as Pinene has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-anxiety properties.


Verdict: Gumbo strain is perfect for anyone struggling with anxiety and  sleep.

gumbo strain terpenes

Gumbo strain’s secondary terpene is Bisabolol which is the same terpene found in Chamomile essential oils.


According to a study led by clinical professor Dr. Joy Weydert, Bisabolol terpene has been shown to stimulate gastrointestinal tract receptors, inducing smooth muscle relaxation.


Furthermore, Bisabolol compounds have been found to act on benzodiazepine receptors in the central nervous system, producing anxiolytic effects (soothes anxiety) similar to those of valium or Xanax, but without sedative properties.


Verdict: Gumbo weed strain not only tastes amazing, but it also has all the right terpene elements to promote a deep state of physical relaxation you can feel in your muscles.


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Gumbo cannabis review
and strain entourage effect

The term “Entourage Effect,” first introduced by Dr. Mechoulam, describes the collective impact of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids within the Gumbo strain, which together create the sum total of the strain’s signature high.


Gumbo entourage effect (consumer reviews):


Total Pain Relief: With the perfect balance of 5 terpenes promoting anti-inflammation and pain relief, consumers all report that the Gumbo strain washes away pain leaving your body in a state of physical bliss with just the right amount of “couch lock” due to the higher % of the Myrcene terpene count.


Ultra Clean High: While consumers reported varying degrees of couch lock, everyone agreed that the Gumbo strain had a very clean high void of any paranoia or anxiousness (due to its high concentration of the Pinene terpene). The result is a powerful body high with a very clean experience.


Negatives: Users with a lower tolerance to THC reported dry eyes and dry mouth. Another negative review was the munchies. You can expect to want to eat quite a bit with the Gumbo strain, so it’s best to eat a full meal prior before smoking this strain, to avoid binging on junk food.


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Gumbo weed strain
THC level and cannabinoids

Gumbo strain’s chromatography:


THC: 20% (Psychoactivehigh)

CBD: 1.5% (medicinal benefits)

CBC: 0.5% (fights inflammation)

CBG: .8% (Promotes appetite)

CBN: .12% (Sleep-aid)

THCV: .12%% (Motivated)

The Gumbo strain has a high THC % and a moderately low CBD % within its cannabinoid profile, so you can expect a strong recreational high.


CBD reduces the psychoactive effects of THC, but in contrast, it prolongs the “high” effect. 


With the .8% CBG (Cannabigerol) you can expect an increased appetite and reduced inflammation in the body.


There is a nice even balance of .12% cannabinoid count for both CBN (Cannabinol) and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) which gives Gumbo strain the perfect amount of motivation and sleep aid when needed.


The higher 1.5% CBD (Cannabidiol) helps to promote relief from anxiety alongside the Pinene terpene. This is why consumers reported a “deeply relaxing and calm” high from smoking Gumbo marijuana.


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Gumbo strain verification
and review summary

About to buy some Gumbo strain but you aren’t sure if it’s the real deal?


We will be going over what authentic Gumbo cannabis should look and smell like, with a few tips on what to avoid with helpful reference photos. 

How does authentic
Gumbo weed look like?

gumbo runtz strain

Disclaimer: Grow environment deeply affects the Gumbo strain’s phenotypes. Depending on how this strain was grown you may see certain traits suppressed and certain traits exaggerated. 

Gumbo Weed Colors: you should see a visually appealing color profile with cooler hues including blues and purples that are attributable to its high concentration of anthocyanins. Gumbo strain’s color palette also features various shades of green, ranging from forest to lime, a result of a well-balanced level of chlorophyll. Additionally, the strain is characterized by its fiery orange pistils, intertwined with yellow accents stemming from the plant’s carotenoids.


Color Variations: Sometimes horticulturalists drop the temperatures to produce purple and blue saturations. This is purely cosmetics so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any purple foliage in your Gumbo strain.


Trichomes: The Gumbo strain is generous with trichomes. You should get a nice sugary powdering of THC crystals all over the surface of your nugs but not enough to overpower the various colors beneath. Gumbo is not a white strain unless it is the White Gumbo strain.


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How does authentic Gumbo
strain smell and taste like?

Want a quick way to verify smell and taste of your Gumbo strain? 


Smell: Due to it’s high concentration of the Pinene terpene the Gumbo strain has a very piney smell.  Like most cannabis strains, Gumbo cannabis is also high in the terpene Myrcene which gives it an earthy and fruity smell as well.


Taste: The Gumbo flavor profile is what made this strain famous to begin with. You can expect a remarkably sweet inhale reminiscent of Bubble Gum. Other consumers reported the taste being very sweet or like candy. This is because of the small .02% Ocimene terpene which is nature’s sweet terpene.


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Avoid Low-Quality
Gumbo Weed Strains

Gumbo Pop Strain

Whether you are buying from a recreational marijuana dispensary, medical marijuana dispensary, or from the gifting market, the quality of your Gumbo strain depends entirely on the cultivation practices of your grower.


The above image is an example of Gumbo cannabis that was not cultivated to its full potential.


Gumbo pot you should avoid: Avoid any Gumbo that has a grass or hay smell to it. This is a sign of the cannabis flower not curing properly as the chlorophyll content increases the cannabis flower is beginning to decompose into ammonia.


If the colors you’re observing are dull and lacking in vibrancy, accompanied by a scarcity of trichomes, the strain in question could be Gumbo strain but it may not have been harvested to its full potential phenotype. 


In the next section, we take a look at the highest quality you can obtain for Gumbo strain and the confusion between the Gumbo brand and the Gumbo strain.


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What is the best Gumbo strain?

Gumbo runtz

GUMBO brands, by Karim Butler and Alexis Major-Allison has collaborated with Cookies to launch a series of Gumbo strains.


While the Gumbo strain genetics is clouded in mystery we were not able to confirm if GUMBO brands is sourcing their Gumbo strains from the original Bubble Gum flavor strain we know as “Gumbo”, or with entirely new genetics.


Here are some other popular versions of the Gumbo strain.


White Gumbo Strain: This Gumbo strain is ultra rich in trichomes giving it an overall “white” presence on the cola.


Gumbo Shark Strain: Another variation of Gumbo branded “Gumbo Shark” which has a much higher 30% THC but still holds the original Bubble Gum flavor.


Blue Gumbo Strain:  This Gumbo variation is ultra rich in blue tones from blue purples, blue greens, and grey-blue foliage.


Gumbo Runtz strain: Gumbo also released a drop with the Runtz strain, and this strain swaps the cool tones for much warmer tones. You can find a ton of reds and oranges in the Gumbo Runtz strain.


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The complete growers
guide for Gumbo cannabis

gumbo strain grow info

Summary of the Gumbo’s Cultivar profile:


Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid

Difficulty: Moderate

Nutrient Focus: None (balanced)

Yield Indoors: 1-2 oz per Square foot

Yield Outdoors: 15-20 oz per plant

Flowering time: 7-9 weeks

Flowering technique: Photoperiod

Vegetation Lights: 18/6

Flower Lights: 12/12

Outdoor Harvest: October

Grow Style: Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor, Light-deps

Climate:  Mediterranean (warm with higher humidities)

Now that you know the basic grow specs of Gumbo weed strain let’s take a closer look at the optimal climate settings, where to find the seeds, and the expected yields.

Indoor and Mediterranean
grow environment for Gumbo

The recommended growing environments for Gumbo strain are a warmer setting with a greenhouse atmosphere for added humidity. When growing Gumbo weed take special note that this strain does well with less water and less nutrients.


Indoor growing: Gumbo does well indoors but you can expect a much smaller yield compared to growing outdoors, green-house, or light-dep method. The phenotypic and growing environment for Gumbo strain seeds to bloom is typically amount 7-9 weeks. You can expect the Gumbo plants to reach around 30 inches in height (doubling if grown outdoors). This is a fairly hardy cannabis plant that is sensitive to over-watering and nutrient burn.


Mediterranean: Mediterranean climates such as Southern California or Central California makes the perfect grow environment for growing Gumbo cannabis outdoors or in a green house. Mediterranean climate’s are known to have mild yet wet winters and warm/hot summers that are dry. Under these conditions it’s common to get a harvest of up to 15-20 oz per plant or more, with Gumbo plants reaching up to 60-80 inches in height.


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Where do I find authentic
Gumbo weed strain seeds?

There was only one credible source for Gumbo marijuana strain seeds that we could find to date in 2023. Premium Cultivars is a seed bank known to sell authentic strains. 


#1 Gumbo Seed Source: Premium Cultivars


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The Gumbo strain yield potential

The most ideal harvest for Gumbo weed will be under a Mediterranean climate outdoors like Southern or Central California, resulting in up to 15-20 ounces per plant.


If you are growing Gumbo buds indoors you can expect about 1-2 ounces for every square foot.


This strain is not a high yielder in the indoor grow environment. No worries here as you can increase your indoor yields by following the three recommendations the seed source recommends:


Topping: By pinching or cutting the topmost shoot of the Gumbo plant it promotes two colas to grow instead of one allowing more buds to bloom within each plant.


Low-Stress Training (LST: If you want techniques that allow you to manipulate your yields for the better without ruining the Gumbo’s plant height then LST training is best. At about half way through vegetation stage (before buds have bloomed) is best to start LST training. LST methods will no longer work during the bloom cycle of your Gumbo plant’s growth.


SCROG: Scrogging is essentially using a horizontal screen to help support the Gumbo’s many colas that would otherwise dangle to the side. You simply tie the stems to the trellis net to help promote an even canopy to light distribution. 


Using these three enhanced yield methods will help increase the harvest significantly for your Gumbo cannabis plant.


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Fair pricing guide
for Gumbo weed in 2023

gumbo strain weed

Pricing for Gumbo weed strain depends on the quality of the cured cannabis buds.


As a general guideline you can use the image above which shows the highest quality Gumbo strains to the lower quality. Included in the pricing is an eighth of weed, an ounce of weed, and a pound of weed.


Below is the complete fair pricing guide for Gumbo weed in 2023:

8th of Gumbo

$ 55
  • Based on California market prices

Ounce of Gumbo

$ 400
  • Based on California market prices

Pound of Gumbo

$ 4500
  • Based on California market prices

Authentic: Authentic Gumbo weed will come in many different shapes and sizes. You should see a generous amount of fiery orange pistils and a heavy coating of trichomes. Colors can range from lime greens, yellow, blue, violets, purples, and forest green. Gumbo strain’s cool blues, purples, and greens gives a balanced cool undertone seen beneath the sparking coast of trichomes.


Premium Gumbo Weed: If the buds you are looking at are amazing but don’t quite fit the description of Gumbo cannabis, it’s ok. Often times there can be much darker greens and much lighter greens with less purples and blues or none. You should still see fiery orange pistils and a healthy amount of trichomes. The most discernable note of Gumbo marijuana particularly is the taste. You should get a Bubblegum or candy like taste.


Low-Quality Gumbo cannabis: You want to avoid the Gumbo strain when you see the entire bud is only one solid color of green with barely any trichomes and brown pistils. Gumbo colas are beautiful with orange, green, and white colors. If you are seeing dull colors this may be the authentic feminized Gumbo seeds, but the end result is poor due to poor cultivation. 


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Gumbo Strain
Summary - Checklist

Gumbo strain is a hybrid Indica dominant with zero traces back to it’s lineage.


In this guide we took a look into Gumbo strain’s terpene profile discovering that Gumbo weed excels with body pain, anxiety, sleep, and aiding in appetitive. The bonus here is the Gumbo weed strain does all of this while keeping a clear head with zero fogginess or paranoia.


Gumbo blends the perfect cannabis genetics to give you one of the strongest high’s you will encounter to wash away pain. The terpene focus of Pinene reduces anxiety and Gumbo has over 4 terpenes aiding the body to fight inflammation and body pain as well, making Gumbo strain the perfect strain for total body relaxation.

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