How to Find Weed in Your Area: 5 Sources You Didn't Know

(5 Ways to Score Pot With Or Without a Medical Card)

If you’re new in town and want to quickly learn how to find weed in your area then this is the article for you.


Whether you have a medical card or not, there are a ton of options as cannabis legalization sweeps across the United States for you to find your new plug.

how to find weed in your area

We are going to break down 5 different ways to find weed in your area even if you know absolutely zero people!


You won’t be seeing any craigslist recommendations as all of these methods for finding a credible and legal weed dealer in your area are vetted by review systems and credible cannabis directories.

How to Find a Weed Dealer Legally Online

how to find weed

Back in the day finding weed dealers was typically not the most comfortable situation, especially when you moved to an entirely new area with no sources. 


Now, there are a ton of websites that will show you where to find weed in your new area, and even give you tips and tricks on how to score pot safely without a medical card.


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1. Use LeafedOut to Find Gifting Weed Dealers Close to Me

As more and more states legalize recreational cannabis, a new market is emerging known as “gifting”. Gifting cannabis is where you essentially are buying an item like a sticker for $30 and then you are gifted a gram of cannabis.


While this is technically a gray market when trying to find weed, you can now order in a much safer way on LeafedOut because of their online community. Hundreds of users leave reviews, post photos, making the safe vendors stick out as the clear route to take, and all the shady dealers can be spotted with no stars and no reviews.


They have all types of weed measurements to purchase including an ounce of weed., but make sure to follow their guidelines as every vendor has their nuances.


Check out


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2. Finding Weed with Gentleman Toker City Directory

If you are trying to figure out how to find weed in your area, one of my favorite websites to check first is GentlemanToker. The story here is “The Gentleman” travels across the United States testing cannabis from dispensaries, headshops, delivery brands, and even local weed dealers.


He gives you an in-depth rundown on the business, the staff, wait times, ATM availability, and super thorough spotlights on strains. Some of the places he has visited are DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston, and even Hawaii.


What I love is that Gentleman Toker stays up to date on all the legal trends. If a state is selling cannabis through the “gifting option” then this means you can purchase marijuana without a medical card – perfect for tourists or anyone that just moved to a new area and is wondering how to find pot.


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3. Urban Aroma Cannabis Directory

Another one of my favorite cannabis directories when trying to find a weed plug near me, is Urban Aroma. Unlike the above two methods for finding a new weed hook up, Urban Aroma acts as a directory with all cannabis vendors from legal to gifting that can be searched based on your location.


If you are trying to buy weed in New York city they definitely have the inside scoop on where to buy safely and without a medical card. Learn more about buying weed in NYC.


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4. How to Find Legal Weed in Your Area

If you are a bit sketched out from the whole gifting scene, no worries. You can always opt to get a medical card and purchase legal weed. In some cases, your medical card will have reciprocity (meaning you can use your medical card in different states). There are many popular platforms such as Wheres Weed, Leafly, and Weed Maps, that will help you find legalized cannabis.


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5. How to Find Marijuana If You Need it Now

Maybe you are traveling and none of the following recommendations help you land cannabis today. Well, I have one method that you can use to find marijuana and that’s by opting to go for a lower class of THC. Standard cannabis bought at local dispensaries is typically rich in Delta-9 THC. 


New variations of cannabis are emerging such as the Delta-8 and Delta-10 cannabis products. These range from flowers, edibles, concentrates, and even vapes! These variations are currently legal and can ship to almost every state.


You can google Delta-8 and Delta-10 products in your area and most likely find them in any head shop and there are no restrictions except for the legal age that is required for you to smoke in that given state.


The only downside is that these cannabis variations are weaker than typical cannabis so you are going to need to smoke twice as much – but you will still be able to get a pretty good sesh going.


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More Tips When Trying to Find Weed in a New Town

Consumption and sale of weed can be regulated depending on the state. So even after identifying a place where you can acquire it, you shouldn’t take that as a green light to go ahead with the purchase. There are several things you need to familiarize yourself with even before stepping inside a cannabis dispensary or finding a legal weed dealier online. They are as follows:


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1. Know The State Regulations

There are different regulations for weed in states where it’s legal, though the common one is that you should be of legal age. There are states that prohibit the purchase of recreational weed, while some allow it. You should also be aware of the laws regarding the transport of cannabis products in and out of or around your state. Some states may require paperwork and licenses to carry weed.


If you don’t have a medical card and are opting for gifting, you want to know how restricted that area is. Some gifting markets such as the market for weed in DC are booming, there is no market yet in Florida. 


Suppose you’re looking for weed because of medical reasons. In that case, you’ll need a medical marijuana ID reflecting your status. Knowing these state regulations and having the proper paperwork will help you steer clear of legal trouble. It’ll also make your purchase stress- and hassle-free.


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2. Local Weed Dealers Have No Cultivation Regulations

Although the adverse effects of weed aren’t that common, they can still occur. If you want to purchase from the gray market you have to also take into consideration that the cultivation is not regulated so you may be subject to molds, pesticides, and PGR. For example, anxiety symptoms such as a faster heart rate can be triggered by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) grown poorly.


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3. There Are Many Types Of Strains

Weed comes in a broad spectrum of strains that have different effects on your body. The different strains can have a combination of CBD, THC, and other compounds. Therefore, you should first determine what exactly you’re after before looking for weed.


The higher CBD% the lower the high – give or take. That’s why cannabis strains rich with CBD% is often seen in medical dispensaries as the CBD has been noted to have medicinal properties. Depending on your need you may want to consider the different types of weed strains. You can go for lower quality but bulk if you are on a budget, or you can chase down the designer brands such as the infamous Ice Cream Cake Strain.


Either way, when trying to find cannabis in your area the type of strain matters.


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4. Not All Payment Methods Are Accepted

Finding a good cannabis dispensary doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to successfully purchase weed. This is because federal law regulates the sale of cannabis, so most dispensaries only accept cash. Very few establishments have found a way to accommodate payments using credit and debit cards.


With that said, it’s advisable to call the dispensary ahead to inquire about what form of payment they accept. Almost all the gray market gifting services require cash-only, or they use apps such as Venmo or Cashapp. Either way, you want to figure that out before you place your order.


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5. Ask Questions When Finding a New Weed Plug

You’ll be surprised by the professional and courteous staff, especially in the gray market. When trying to find marijuana in your area, many of the delivery services actually are very responsive and extremely helpful.


If you feel uncomfortable about anything, you definitely want to ask! You can send questions to the directories such as LeafedOut users or the Gentleman himself. Also, we encourage you to message the vendors directly and just ask for typical delivery times, how the transaction process works.


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Where to Buy Weed Legally

  • Find Licensed Stores Online


When looking for cannabis, one of the easiest ways to do so is by using the internet. Most licensed dispensaries have a website to give information about their products, accommodate online purchases, and provide delivery services.


You should include your location in the search keyword you’ll be using to trim the results down to those within your area. If there are no cannabis stores in your city or town, you can opt for the nearest one that delivers to your area.


  • Check Local Directories


Local business listings are an excellent place to discover all the businesses in your vicinity and what they offer. If you want to get weed without waiting for days before it’s shipped to you, then consider buying from stores in local business directories. These are available both online and offline.


However, this method can be limited as it’ll only show dispensaries that use cannabis marketing strategies or those that have voluntarily listed themselves. Fortunately, there are a lot of websites offering detailed reviews and their own directories of trusted dispensaries in various cities, so you’ll be able to find more options by browsing those.


  • Ask For Referrals 


When looking for weed near you, you should consider asking relatives, friends, or colleagues about licensed marijuana dispensaries they’ve purchased from. You can compare all the stores they recommend before settling for the best.


If you don’t know anyone who uses cannabis, you can join social media groups created for individuals who do. You’ll likely find people in your location who’ve purchased weed before, and they can give you details about where you can get it.


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How to Find Cannabis In Your Area - Summary

Although cannabis can be a here and there type of activity, many individuals need a steady source of it to alleviate everything from chronic pain to sleeping problems. However, it may be challenging to search for a reliable dispensary, especially if it’s your first time or if you’ve just relocated.


Luckily, there are different ways for you to find weed in your area, be it looking at directories online or getting recommendations from people you trust. But before visiting the dispensary of your choice, take note of what’s been discussed above to ensure that you’ll get the products you want without a hitch.

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