How to Get Higher Off Weed
With No Tolerance Break 2023

If you want to learn how to get more high with weed without the misery of a tolerance break I got some juicy tips for you.


Smoking repeatedly raises your tolerance with THC, and reduces your intensity of your high – but you already knew this.


I asked our team of daily smokers here at Cannassentials to share some of their hacks on how to increase your high and how to do it fast.

how to get higher

At the end of this article, I also show you how to take a tolerance break without actually having to try to stop (my favorite trick). Let’s dive in.

How to boost your high: 6 tricks you can use now

Learning how to get really high or just simply to boost your stagnant high comes down to some minor tweaks.


Of course you can smoke more but we also want to save money. So follow these simple weed tricks to get higher and feel free to mix and match them as well.


Make sure to protect your lungs in the process and learn the healthiest way to smoke weed. Another great trick is to learn how to sober up from weed to learn how not to hinder you from getting more high.

1 - Stop using water filtration and filters

how to get higher off weed

MAPS and NORM invested over $25,000 to study how water filtration affects the THC transfer rate when inhaling marijuana.


The research found that 60-80% of the THC burned in water pipes is lost.


That’s a ton of THC lost!


Learning how to get more high: Try switching to a smoking device that does not use water filtration. This is known as “dry smoking” and the hits are much harsher but you get a much higher THC transfer rate. If harsh hits are an issue I found some amazing weed pipes that I tested that have powerful dry filtration without the use of water so check that article out.


Try layering three small fully inhaled bowls back to back, and it will give you a higher THC transfer rate than even the best bongs.

2 - How to increase your high with some delectable treats

how to get more high

In a new study 28 participants were asked to eat a meal which was high in fats right before getting high.


The research found that consuming a high-fat meal right before getting high delayed the time in which it took to get high but increased the strength of the high.


Fatty foods produce a chemical in our bodies called endocannabinoids which has very similar effects to marijuana.


If fatty foods seem a bit too much exercise also helps produce endocannabinoids as well, so smoking after hitting the gym helps to boost your high as well.

Keep reading below for some healthier snacks we eat in the office for raising endocannabinoid stimulation for a more powerful high.


Learning how to get super high: If you don’t mind the high kicking in a bit slower, make sure you eat some fatty foods right before smoking to get higher than high. On top of that while you are high you can continue eating junk food to further the production and stimulation of endocannabinoids.

3 - Learn how to read the label (No CBD - Yes Myrcene)

Indica, sativa, and strain names don’t matter that much when it comes to getting higher off cannabis.


The way to really shop for powerful strains is by reading the label and looking at the % of CBD, Myrcene, Linalool, and Pinene.


CBD is a component in cannabis that blocks the ERK pathway in the hippocampus (basically stops you from feeling the psychoactive components of the high).


So when shopping for strains make sure you get the lowest possible % CBD.


If you are looking for a powerful high you want to check the % of terpenes. The myrcene terpene is known as the “couch lock terpene” which is the strongest feeling high so we try to find powerful strains that are low in CBD and high in Myrcene here at the office.


Mangoes is another popular method to help increase highs because they are chalk full of the Myrcene terpene as well. So cut up a fresh plate of mangoes to snack to help you get more high off marijuana.

4 - How to get higher faster with physics and inhaling

how to boost your high

If you want to learn how to get higher faster than you are going to want to master the carburetor on your devices and your inhale.


Carburetors use a method known as venturi pressure system to basically shotgun the smoke into your lungs and that’s literally the fastest way to get higher.


This forces a much larger amount of THC into lungs than you usually get from a basic inhale from a blunt or a joint.


One of the best devices for this is a steamroller pipe. It uses zero water filtration and has one of the biggest carb holes ever!


Learning How to make weed hit harder: Get your hands on a steamroller and learn how to shotgun a large amount of smoke into your lungs. You are going to want to really understand how to inhale weed properly because if not your going to deal with coughing from weed. Remember it’s all about the exhale. If you dump a ton of THC and smoke into your lungs you are going to want to make sure you exhale until you see no smoke left coming out of your mouth. If not you will trap smoke and that’s how coughing fits occur.

5 - How to get higher with Omega-3 and antioxidant (catechin)

Just like other fatty foods, Omega-3 fatty acids can also help the production of endocannabinoids in your body that stimulates the cannabinoid receptors.


This results in a boost to your high without actually having to smoke more (keeping your tolerance intact).


Snacks we keep in the office loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids are flax seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and oatmeal.


The perfect combination however is snacking on omega-3 rich foods and having a cup of coffee or green tea.


Coffee and green tea are both rich in catechin, which is a phenolic compound (antioxidant) that binds to the brain’s CB1 receptors. This allows the THC that enters into your body to function much more effectively.


How to get higher with healthy foods: In the office we like to snack on high Omega-3 fatty acid foods such as pumpkin seed or flax seed cereals in the office, and after smoking you can sip on some green tea as well to further boost your high.

6 - Getting higher by preventing slip stream smoke loss

how to get really high

Slipstream smoke loss is a term coined by Maps-NORML in which a large % of THC was not only lost in water filtration but also adhesion to the pipe stem, bowl, and from incomplete hits.


When getting high, whether a pipe, bong, or dab rig you generally will notice smoke left over at the bottom of your device, or some floating out of the bowl end.


The goal is to consume all the combusted marijuana so you get the most THC per hit resulting in you getting higher.


One of the best devices to force you to to take complete THC hits, plus uses a shot gun effect (pushing a larger amount of THC into your lungs than one can normally inhale) is a gravity bong.


How to get super stoned: Don’t try to make your own out of plastic bottles, you will need a Gravity bong that is measured and cut to completely trap all the smoke into the device. This is the one we use at the office: check it out. This type of bong traps all the smoke inside of the glass chamber and uses gravity to extract all of the THC into the chamber (no slip stream smoke rising out of the bowl). Once the smoke is filled you place your mouth over the top and push down using gravity once again to force all of the smoke directly into your lungs without any smoke loss.


This method here is the most efficient way to smoke and get much higher off weed than any other device.

How to get super high with enhanced cannabis products

The above section was for smokers that want to find the fastest way to get a boost in their high, without having to change the product (dry herbs).


If your tolerance is truly at it’s threshold with cannabis flower than you can take a look at some of these awesome alternatives for getting a boost in your high.

How to get the most high: Dabbing concentrates

In a study from Forensic Science International, research shows that vaporizing concentrates (dabbing) is the most efficient delivery of THC possible.


Smoking (fire to herb combustion) actually destroys about 75% of the THC before it enters into your lungs.


On the other hand dabbing is the reverse where more than 75% of the THC is conserved and enters into your lungs.


What gets you the most high: Research shows that dabbing is one of the cleanest and most potent ways to get higher. The only downside is concentrates can be a bit more expensive and if you do not know how to dab you will over burn or under burn and waste the dabs. I recommend checking out our list of best electric dab rigs that prevent over burning and using the method of cold start dabs as it’s the easiest way to dab without over burning.

Ingesting edibles converts THC into a stronger high

Ingesting THC edibles allows for zero slip stream loss or THC loss.


The THC travels first to your stomach and then to your liver before getting into your bloodstream and brain.


The liver converts the THC into a much stronger form compared to smoking.


Not only that the high is much more gradual and last much longer.


How to get super stoned: Smoking you can feel the high instantly but can last only an hour or two, where as edibles can last from 5-10 hours with a gradual climb up (peaking at 4 hours) and then a gradual climb down. Because it’s ingested the combustion process (fire) does not destroy any THC so you get very very high. The only downside to edibles is finding a quality product that is dosed correctly. Sometimes the high can be too strong and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. If you find yourself too high make sure you have some CBD around to counter the high.


How to get really high: moon rocks, and kief.

There are a ton of specialty items you can find at your local dispensary that is loaded with a much higher THC % than regular cannabis.


Kief is the powdery crystal trichomes on your cannabis. Usually darker (gold or brown).


A weed grinder that has a mesh net at the bottom allows for kief to naturally fall to the bottom of the grinder. Over time you can mix your cannabis with kief for a more potent high. Dispensary’s also sell kef coated  pre-rolls.


Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis coated in concentrate wax and then powdered with kief. It’s a very potent combination and if you are looking to boost your high that’s definitely a great option.

The dreaded tolerance break:
How to take one without trying

Finally, for those of you daily smokers that want to learn how to get more high off weed, but knows deep in their heat they need a tolerance break – I have a treat for you.


Tolerance breaks are scary, we can become a bit dependent on the daily highs and smoking more just makes us more miserable.


We’ve all been there.


I stumbled upon this trick by accident. I was feeling really out of my element, sluggish, and my girlfriend suggested I try juicing celery.


Juicing celery helps to clean the nerve endings in your stomach. I had no intentions on stopping smoking but as you juice celery and your body begins to detox, you lose your appeal or “need” to smoke.


Around week 1-2 of juicing your body begins sweating out all the toxins, THC, and you just naturally and gently stop smoking.


Whenever I feel like my smoking habits has taken over my life to where I am not happy, I just juice a 16 oz glass of celery every morning on an empty stomach. Make sure to not eat anything before or after for 30 minutes.


I promise you at the 1-2 week mark you will begin cleansing and will lose that desire to even need to smoke. But it’s really important to note you have to do it correctly and you have to do it everyday.


This will help you naturally take a tolerance break and lower your tolerance without ever having to try.


Lowering your tolerance will reset everything and when you come back to smoking make sure to start small as to preserve your new tolerance reset!


This method not only works for me and my girlfriend but everyone in the office here now does it as well when we want to detox and take a tolerance break.

Final thoughts on how to get more high

We discussed 6 different tricks on how to get higher off weed that doesn’t really adjust your daily smoking structure.


From using dry smoking, mastering the carburetor, and by using endocannabinoid producing foods you can get increase your high very fast.


In the second section I discuss how to boost your high with alternative forms of cannabis such as dabs, edibles, kief, and moon rocks.


These weed tricks to get higher are all advice from our different staff members who are all daily smokers.


I hope the information here helps you to get the super high you are looking for and if you have any other suggestions feel free to email us!

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