How to Make DMT: A Visual
Guide for DMT Extraction

Written By: Jon Yoon
Cannabis Lab Tech

Want to learn how to make DMT with a proven beginner-friendly method?


In this article, I share the most popular DMT extraction method to help you break through into a new dimension of DMT trip visuals, fractals, and machine elves.


This method for making DMT is used by thousands of beginners from the DMT-Nexus (a forum where anonymous DMT consumers share their knowledge on making DMT.)

How to make DMT

DMT is not made “per se” but instead extracted from the Mimosa Hostilis Root bark, which has the highest concentration of DMT.


The goal is to take the DMT bark (Mimosa Hostitis), extract only the pure DMT compound, and remove all other bark and solvent components.


Remember: DMT is a scheduled controlled substance and possessing, selling, or manufacturing is illegal. This guide is meant for educational purposes. If you do plan on making DMT we recommend you do further research outside of this article.


Let’s dive in and learn how to extract DMT from the Mimosa Hostilis (DMT bark).

Ingredients and tools
for DMT Extraction

All tools for making DMT

how is DMT made

Let’s talk equipment you will need when making DMT.


Below are 14 items you can buy at your local hardware store or Amazon.


Some of these items are not in the image above but the image was provided by Cyb for reference on certain products.


Make DMT Kit


  1. 1-Litre Borosilicate Glass Mixing bottle or jar (with lid)
  2. De-ionized (or distilled) water
  3. Lye (caustic soda)
  4. White (distilled) vinegar
  5. Naptha (lighter fluid, e.g (Zippo, Swan, Ronsonol, Newport, Shellite)
  6. Spare jam jar (a place to store Naptha fluid we drain from the crystals)
  7. Funnel (trust me you will need this to keep things clean)
  8. Glass measuring jug
  9. Turkey Baster (to draw the DMT out)
  10. Scales in milligram
  11. Glass roasting dish (x3) with lid
  12. Food wrap/cling wrap (wrap the glass roasting dishes)
  13. Non-iodized salt
  14. 2-3 sturdy razor blades (for scraping the DMT crystals)

Mimosa Hostilist Root
Bark for making DMT

Why Mimosa DMT Bark powder?

DMT bark

You are going to need to buy some high-quality Mimosa Hostilis root bark (MHRB) in powder form (this DMT recipe calls for 50 grams of MHRB powder).


There is a bit of debate on whether you can or cannot order this DMT bark, but from my personal experience, I have ordered this bark without any issues.


The Jurema (Mimosa tenuiflora) is a bushy tree that grows in Central and South America and contains one of the highest concentrations of DMT in the world. This DMT bark is popular because it’s fairly easy – even for beginners – to easily obtain large yields during the extraction process.


You can also buy the DMT bark as is but you will need a glass blender and blend the bark into a powdered form. If there are some fibrous materials remaining it’s fine, as long as the majority is ground down.


Once you have all the materials and the DMT tree bark you will use the 10 following steps to extract the DMT from the Mimosa bark.

How to make DMT from a
DMT extraction expert

Voted most beginner friendly method

We will be going over Cyb’s hybrid ATB “salt” tek. And for simplicity’s sake, we will keep the chemistry jargon down to a minimum.


So how is DMT made? Follow these 10 steps in the most beginner-friendly DMT extraction guide trusted by consumers of Dimethyltryptamine.

Step 1: Prepare the
mimosa DMT bark

Measure bark and put in the bottle

With your milligram scale, weigh out exactly 50 grams of powdered Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root bark.

A note about the glass jar: Take your 1-liter borosilicate glass bottle/jar (you can use a ball mason jar but cheaper glass is not always resistant to an exothermic reaction, so a more thermo-resistant option is safer and less likely to break)

Make DMT

Take the Mimosa Hostilis powder, and with a funnel put the bark powder into the 1-liter glass jar.

Step 2: Acidifying the
bark and heat bath

Vinegar and Water solution

In this step, we are going to add an acidic solution (heated water/vinegar mixture) to the 1-liter glass bottle that contains the Mimosa Hostilis powder.


Technically there are two steps here and I’ll separate them to make it easier to understand.


Acidifying the bark:


Put 200 ml of distilled water (de-ionized) into a stove pot and add 60 ml vinegar and bring to a “barely visible boiling point”.


Next, you want to take this acidic solution from the pan (should be hot) and pour it into the 1-liter glass bottle with the DMT powder.


Heat Bath:

DMT extraction

Take the stove pot and add some tap water and bring it to a boil and then turn the stove off.


Shake the 1-liter bottle with DMT powder and acid-base (vinegar mixture) and place the 1-liter bottle into the pot with hot water (remember the stove should be off).


This is known as a heat bath. The water should never reach boiling (warm is good just not cool). Leave the 1-liter bottle with DMT bark inside the pot for at least 1 hour.


On occasion, you can remove the 1-liter bottle to shake and mix. Place the bottle again back into the stove pot which you can also reheat when necessary if the water gets cool

Step 3: Salting in
preparation for basifying

Creating a saline solution

Weigh out 30 grams of some good quality table salt. NaCI is better just avoid Iodized salt altogether.

how to extract DMT

Put 100 ml of de-ionized water in a pot and heat to nearly boiling. When the pot begins barely boiling add the 30 g of salt you had on the side and stirs until all the salt rocks are dissolved.


Take this saturated saline solution from the pot and pour it directly into the 1-liter bottle with mimosa bark.

Step 4: Basifying to isolate the DMT

Time to dissolve the plant matter

When making DMT, the purpose of this step is to use an acid such as Lye (sodium hydroxide) to dissolve the plant matter leaving only DMT molecules floating around in a base solution.


Weigh out 50 grams of sodium hydroxide (lye/caustic soda) and leave it on the side.

dmt plant extraction

Caution: This article is for educational purposes and handling lye is something you have to be very careful with. Do not get Lye on your skin or eyes. Use gloves and if any contact is made vinegar will neutralize the Lye. Never pour hot water on top of the lye because it will react violently – only use cold water.


Carefully add the caustic solution (the lye) to the 1-liter bottle with the mimosa bark.


Then top off the same bottle with 140 ml of distilled water (de-ionized).


The total volume of the 1-liter bottle should be around 700 ml now.


Shake the mixture up well and you should now see a very dark black liquid.

DMT heat bath

Put the bottle in a heat bath (see step 2 heat bath) and soak for at least 1 hour.


Re-heat the pot if the water cools down but always make sure to shake the mixture occasionally to prevent settling.


This process burns away all the components of the bark and leaves only free-floating DMT molecules in the acid-base.


The next step is to split the DMT molecules from the base for DMT extraction.

Step 5: Adding the
non-polar solvent

Isolate DMT compound for extraction

Measure out 50 ml of naphtha (lighter fluid) and take this fluid and pour it into the 1-liter bottle with the mimosa bark.

DMT recipe

Once the lighter fluid is in the bottle shake and roll (in a figure-8-like motion) for 20-30 seconds.


The goal here is to mix the nonpolar solvent as much as possible with the base solution (the dark liquid).


You should see the separation of the DMT compound (at the top) and the basified solution at the bottom.

Unscrew the cap to help release any pressure build-up then tighten the cap back on the bottle and place it back into a heat bath (this is the 3rd heat bath).


The purpose of the heat bath is the heat helps to draw out more DMT compound from the base solution.


Essentially you shake to separate, then use a heat bath to pull more DMT molecules out of the base (bottom dark liquid). 


Once in the heat bath, the naphtha will separate again.


Repeat this step 4 times (shake the liquid together and let it separate and place it back into the heat bath).


This entire step should take around 45 minutes

Step 6: Extracting
the DMT by pulling

Here comes the fun part

How is DMT made? It’s by extracting the DMT molecules and in this step we begin the DMT extraction process.


The purpose of the last step was to force the DMT molecules to the top of the 1-liter bottle for extraction with a turkey baster.


Carefully suck out all the naphtha from the top layer with the turkey baster and squirt it into a glass roasting dish.

how do you make dmt

This part requires a bit of patience and skills. The goal here is to only suck up the lighter layer at the top and to do this very gently.


You do not want to disturb the basified mix in the bottom half (the black liquid) and also you want to make sure to not pull up any of the black layer content (basified mix) into the turkey baster.


If you can’t get the last bit of separation at the top, you can suck up the naphtha and a bit of the basified mix and place them in a small drinking glass to wait for the separation to naturally occur again.


Once the separation happens use a small eye dropper to get the remaining bit of DMT.


The first DMT extraction pulls will be heavily saturated and turn milky when it hits the dish. This is a good sign. Later pulls may look clear or yellow and this is also ok.

DMT extract

Next, tightly pull the food wrap on top of the glass roasting dish to form a sealed lid that prevents air or water from entering. Put this into your freezer right away.

Try to get about 5 good pulls using steps 5 and 6. If you can’t get 5 pulls it’s ok, that’s just the usual that is done with this DMT recipe.


Place the pulls in the freezer for 12-18 hours (overnight). Do not disturb it (yes I know it’s tempting to look but don’t).

Step 7: Removing any
naphtha liquid from DMT

Removing the solvent from DMT crystals

After 12-18 hours in the freezer, take out the glass roasting dish one by one!


Do not take out all the dishes because speed is important here. You want to do this step as fast as possible because the DMT crystals will want to re-dissolve into any remaining naphtha at room temperature).


You can bring one dish out at a time trying to make the process quicker to avoid any dissolving.


Take the first glass roasting dish and pour out any remaining naphtha into the extra storage jam jar (this jar should be empty and you can use it on a later DMT extraction by reusing the naphtha fluid).

can you make dmt

Once all the naphtha is drained from the roasting dish flip the roasting dish upside down over a cloth for a few minutes to drain off any excess naphtha.


You want the naphtha liquid to separate from the DMT crystals and fall into the tablecloth to absorb.


Be sure in the process not to get any water droplets or contaminants into the roasting dish.

mimosa root bark dmt extraction

Step 8: Drying to evaporate
naphtha from DMT crystals

The final stage of solvent removal

When learning how to make DMT the primary goal here is to continue to remove any remaining naphtha solvent from the DMT crystals because you don’t want to smoke any lighter fluid.


Immediately after step 7, you want to place the glass roasting dishes against a wall and use a fan to blow on them for at least 20 minutes.


Use the reference guide in the image to see how far Cyb placed his fan from the dishes with DMT.

After 20 minutes all the naphtha and water droplets from freezer condensation should be evaporated from the glass roasting dish completely.


Pro-tip: The way to check is by smelling the glass dish (there should be no smell of solvent at all).

Step 9: Scraping
the extracted DMT

Finally pure DMT extraction

Now that the DMT is dried and has evaporated all the naphtha and water from the DMT crystals it will start looking like the ‘snow globe’ crystals.


Or (as shown in this image below) a layer of dried gooey oil with white dots (crystals) growing on top.

make dmt easy

Use a razor blade to scrape all the crystals/oil together into one pile.


The pile should look something like this, and you can use the extra razor blades to help push the DMT extract off of the razor blade.

mimosa extract

Place the DMT extract onto white paper to dry.


From 5 pulls you have around 1 gram of product that is ready to use.


Important: DMT is a pure extract and it’s very easy to overburn and waste when trying to smoke. Follow our guide carefully to learn how to smoke DMT safely without over-burning and wasting any DMT. 

Final Thoughts:
How to Make DMT

Learning how to make DMT isn’t rocket science, but remember this article is for educational purposes. I recommend you visit the DMT Nexus to do further research about the DMT extraction process.


This DMT recipe has been used by many and dubbed the easiest DMT extraction guide. If you are going to make DMT remember it is illegal to posses, sell, and manufacture in the United States, so again just do your research.


The DMT bark is one of the most concentrated plant matters containing DMT, and is also very affordable. I would recommend checking out some of the other DMT teks (methods for making DMT).


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