How to Smoke DMT and
How Long Does DMT Last (2023)

Written By: Jon Yoon
Cannabis Lab Tech

Everyone can talk about how to smoke DMT, but here’s what most people don’t realize.


What will make or break your DMT smoking experience is going to be temperature.

what does dmt look like

Did you know that there are two major types of DMT (DMT and 5-MeO-DMT) that are vastly different in experience and melting point (300°F difference)


What happens when you smoke DMT outside of the optimal temperature range?  Two things can happen: burning off DMT too fast and melting off DMT crystals before vaporizing. 


I will show you the precise temperature to smoke DMT and exactly what device to achieve this temperature so you can blast off safely into a world of DMT elves and DMT visuals.


If you’re brand new learn how long does DMT last. We also wrote the official guide on how to make DMT for total beginners.

How to smoke
DMT for beginners

DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are almost identical in molecular formula and structure, but provide different experiences that are worlds apart.


Because of the huge difference in melting points, there are very different temperature ranges at which you should smoke DMT vs 5-MeO-DMT. Let’s dive in.


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Step 1: Set the precise
temperature to smoke DMT

smoke dmt

Temperature control is the most important factor when it comes to smoking DMT. 


The unique boiling point is the temperature at which the DMT liquifies and starts to vaporize into inhalable DMT smoke.  


Here are the scientific boiling points below: 


N,N-DMT (aka DMT) has a boiling point of 320°F

5-MeO-DMT (aka God Molecule or Toad) has a boiling point of almost 698.9°F (we’re going to call it 700°F going forward for simplicity sake).


The best temperature to smoke N,N-DMT is between 320°F – 400°F and the best temperature to smoke 5-MeO-DMT is 700 – 750°F.


The two biggest mistakes made by DMT users that result in wasted product are:


1. Temperature is too high: Results in overheating and burning the DMT

2. Temperature is too low: Results in melting the DMT and letting it drip away before it can be vaporized to inhale


I have a trick to controlling temperature, known as the cold start method, that ensures you never over burn or melt away any DMT (more on this below).


Learn: Click to skip below where I show you how to smoke DMT with a device that can achieve the perfect 320°F – 400°F into your DMT breakthrough.

Step 2: Maximize peak
How long does DMT last?

how long does dmt last

So how long does DMT last?  That depends on what kind of DMT you are using (DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, or Ayahuasca).


How long does DMT last (N,N-DMT): DMT is a short-lasting psychedelic that lasts between 5 to 45 minutes.  If you smoke DMT within the correct temperature range between 320°F – 400°F the effects can last on average of 30 minutes including onset, peak, come down, and after effects.


The peak (aka DMT breakthrough) lasts on average between 2 to 8 minutes from when you begin smoking DMT.  For large doses the peak can last for 10+ minutes of psychedelic traveling into the cosmos.


How long does 5-MeO-DMT last: 5-MeO-DMT is also a short-lasting psychedelic derived from the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad.  How long does 5-MeO-DMT last?  Probably too long for some, given experiences are described as dying, as your mind and body dissipate into the universe losing all sense of self, and coming back to life.  The whole experience can last between 7 – 90 minutes (average 20 minutes), with an onset of mere seconds.


How long does DMT last in Ayahuasca tea: DMT can also be ingested in tea form as Ayahuasca, a mixture of Amazonian vine, and DMT. This method takes about 20 to 60 minutes to work, and the trip lasts between 2 to 6 hours (average 4 hours).

Step 3: Only smoke DMT
with the Cold Start method

dmt smoke

There are many methods to smoke DMT, however through my personal experience, there are only two methods that I would strongly recommend:


1. cold start dab with an electric dab rig (best for maximizing peak DMT breakthrough time and zero DMT loss)


2. cold start dab with a traditional dab rig (cheaper option)


The cold start method allows every component of your DMT to be vaporized incrementally from low to high temperatures providing a smooth hit. 


BONUS! – You can choose not to inhale before and/or after reaching your desired temperature.  Anything vaporizing outside of that range may be something other than pure DMT, resulting in  inhalation of potential adulterants. 


(Nerd tip: every substance has a unique boiling point like a fingerprint, so if DMT burns at 320°F or higher, and you see vapors below 320 or way above it, it is most likely some substance other than DMT.)


Dive into the next step to my exact formula on how to smoke DMT using the cold start method with an e-dab rig.  This powerful combination maximizes peak DMT breakthrough and eliminates waste.

Step 4: Use an
e-rig for smoking DMT

how to smoke dmt

Use of the cold method with an electric dab rig eliminates the need for an external thermometer or torch. 


Once set, the temperature will not change.  This guarantees you will never over burn your DMT, and never have DMT loss from melting away. 


Check out the steps below to master exactly how to smoke DMT with an electric dab rig utilizing the cold start method.


How to smoke DMT with an electric dab rig:


  1. Make sure your electric dab rig is off (cold start)
  2. Place your DMT crystal or powder into the banger
  3. Turn on your e-rig and set the temperature to 320°F – 400° F
  4. The banger (device holding the DMT) will gradually heat up
  5. As soon as you see any vapor being produced within your desired temperature range, begin to inhale
  6. Continue inhaling until all the vapor is inhaled within your desired temperature range


An electric dab rig minimizes the complexity of your process to ensure a safe and pleasant trip. This method uses the cold start dab method to eliminate any chance of over burning and wasting your DMT.

Other DMT
smoking methods

With other methods you either don’t know the temperature at all, or have to use a separate measurement tool to point at or touch which might not be as accurate and can be dangerous if handling other equipment.


With an electric dab rig your burning mechanism, temperature gauge, and smoking apparatus are all-in-one. Because DMT is fast acting, you want to make sure you are not holding onto any equipment after inhaling as you may drop or damage them and potentially cause injuries.

Hot Dab Rig
for smoking DMT

A hot dab rig is the reverse of a cold dab rig but with the same equipment.


In hot dab rigs the banger is heated first to a relative temperature and the DMT is smoked immediately upon burning, it may over burn and alter the quality of the hit while wasting costly DMT.


Because of the fast acting nature of DMT, working with multiple pieces of dab rig equipment can be dangerous and increase chances of damage or injury.


If you have this equipment, I highly recommend just sticking to the cold dab method to smoke DMT.

DMT weed via the
DMT sandwich method

Since DMT can break down and get sucked in or drip into your choice of smoking tool, some choose to smoke DMT with weed. It’s the same method of smoking weed out of a bong or pipe, but evenly placing DMT between two layers of broken up weed i.e. sandwich method.


The top layer of weed acts as a protective barrier from the heat source, so the embers of the weed melt the DMT as opposed to directly hitting the DMT with an open flame which can be harsh.


The bottom layer of the weed acts as a catcher to hold the pieces of DMT that may melt and drip down or break apart and get sucked through the pipe or bong, to reduce loss of DMT.

Free base DMT Smoking

Smoking a DMT pipe is just a freebase pipe or “crack pipe”. This is the cheapest method of smoking DMT, using a basic glass pipe with a filter. Choosing a wide bowl with a longer pipe is best for this method for the DMT free base method.


Filtration: Be sure to layer the bowl of the pipe with one or two mesh pipe filters to hold the broken crystals sprinkled evenly over the mesh. When heating the DMT, be sure to not hit the crystals directly with the flame, rather heating the crystals with the ambient heat while keeping the flame above the crystals.


Loss of product: depending on your source of heat, the melting of the crystals evenly will depend on how fast they heat up and how evenly broken down the crystals are as larger crystals will burn slower than smaller crystals. Keep in mind you will most likely lose about 20% of your DMT from it falling into the pipe in small chunks or dripping into it after melting before it gets a chance to vaporize from liquid to gas utilizing DMT freebase.

Choosing DMT and Dosage guide

What does DMT look like? For those who have never tried it before, be sure to look out for the following two types, usually in crystal or DMT powder form.


It is preferred to get it in crystal form as it is less likely to be adulterated and more pure.


Beginners (or micro dose) – 5 to 10 mg: mild euphoria with little to no visualizations


Light DMT high – 15 to 20 mg: some visualizations with basic light fractals with colors and patterns


Medium DMT high – 20 to 30 mg: (Waiting room) Stronger visualizations and light fractals that may seem to disperse and may start to experience a breakdown of visualizations to a molecular level


Strong DMT high – 30 to 60 mg: (DMT Breakthrough) Full dispersion of self breaking down dispersing your astro-projected identity into the cosmos traveling into another universe, to perhaps interact with other entities and learn from about yourself on a deeper level.

How to smoke DMT safely

Keep in mind not all DMT are equal as it may come from various sources and possibly adulterated at some point in time.


The chemical composition therefore will have different melting points depending on the DMT acquired.


I suggest starting at the lowest DMT dose to test the melting point to prevent burning it, to maximize the quality of your DMT trip visuals and reduce DMT product loss.


For the safest approach in smoking DMT, follow these safety guidelines and stick to the dosage chart mentioned previously.

Smoke DMT with a trip sitter

Before smoking DMT especially at higher doses, be sure to have a ‘trip sitter’, a friend to be your guardian while you journey into the cosmos.


A common side effect is loss of motor control, so take precaution when handling butane torches and complex dab DMT rigs that require multiple components. Make sure you are seated and relaxed comfortably on a couch or bed to melt into.


Have your trip sitter grab the equipment immediately after you smoke to stow away safely for you.


Your trip sitter can also help guide you through your journey verbally to help keep your mind focused on a positive experience.

Smoke DMT in a safe environment

DMT trip visuals and breakthrough elicits hallucinations and loss of motor control, so be sure to smoke in a safe and comfortable environment.


Make sure the room is not too dark or bright for optimal visualizations.


Now is the time to take a break from technology and enjoy silence, so be sure to turn off cell phones and other electronics so that they do not disturb your trip or create unwanted experiences.

Proper DMT smoke mindset

DMT solely works on the brain, releasing serotonin, rapidly inducing immense psychedelic euphoria. Your brain is a powerhouse with synapses and neurons firing electrical signals faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer.


Taking control of your emotions and internal dialogue before a trip is a swinging factor in the quality and outcome of your experience. Try to bring your mind and body at ease with meditation and breathing techniques prior to smoking.


If you are going on this journey to seek guidance and resolution in life, be sure to quiet the mind, and create positive intentions. Keep an open mind and allow these topics to sit on a shelf at ease waiting to be opened later and safely addressed.

Winter is coming

One thing almost all users have noticed is that the experience may get a bit chilly.


Dress warm and have some cozy blankets nearby to envelop yourself in as you traverse through the multiverse.


Whatever feelings may come, try not to resist them, if you start to feel cold just embrace a blanket and carry on your spiritual walkabout.

Final thoughts on how to smoke DMT

By now you should be well equipped with this DMT guide, and know how to smoke DMT, how long does DMT last, and how to cold dab with an electric dab rig. 


Depending on your budget you can now best choose which method to utilize and which device to smoke DMT with.


Remember always safety first; be sure to have a trip sitter for your DMT breakthrough, whether you freebase DMT, smoke DMT weed via sandwich method, or cold dabbing with an electric DMT rig. 


Now that you have all the tools and best way to smoke DMT most effectively, I wish you safe travels across the galaxies into the multiverse.  

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