The Curious Case of the
Machine Elves and DMT Elves

Written By: Jon Yoon
Cannabis Lab Tech

In the summer of 1995, Dr. Rick Strassman led the first FDA-approved clinical study on DMT with more than 60 volunteers.


The volunteers were dosed with 0.7 mg DMT, and in a strange turn of events many of the participants reported seeing the same machine elves (or different variations such as DMT elves, machine elf, clockwork elves, and DMT gnomes).

As an outside observer, we can easily mistake these DMT elves as a hallucinogen, but again and again, DMT users claim that the entities and beings they met were more real than real.


Interestingly, thousands worldwide who have never met each other all report seeing these same DMT machine elves in some shape or form in their DMT trip visuals.


In this article, we look at what real users said about their experiences with DMT machine elves when smoking DMT. Check out our full guide on DMT extraction for total beginners.

7 bizarre facts about
DMT machine elves

DMT elves are more real than real

machine elves

The term DMT elves, clockwork elves, and machine elves were coined by DMT expert Terence Mckenna. They are not actually elves, per se, but more so “little people”.


In his interviews with local Amazon tribe members, Terence found that they also used DMT in order to visit the “little people ”, which Terence eventually coined the term: machine elves.


Below we go over three reality-bending points from the words of Terence Mckenna himself about his experiences with self-transforming DMT machine elves.

1 - The DMT elves
language is visible

Advanced physical language

dmt elves

Thousands of DMT consumers report that the machine elves’ language is actually visible.


“The DMT elves seem to have a curious agenda,” says Terence Mckenna, and that agenda is for you to learn their language.


The Machine elves use a language that you can see and hear: a visual sound language.


It is sound that you see and the entire point of the encounter, from their perspective, is to teach you about their “visible language”.


Language is the most remarkable thing and as human beings, it is an enterprise we are not finished.


Terrence believes these machine elves want to help teach us a better way to communicate.


Our current language (say English or Chinese) is still a poor carrier of our intent (meaning words don’t do justice to what we mean to truly express internally).


We are operating with very limited bandwidth but internally we have an intense compression of data that we are trying to process and communicate to one another.


In the world of DMT elves, a language that you can see is far less ambiguous than a language you hear because it’s very clear what both parties saw and they can spend time later discussing it.

2 - DMT elves are not
made out of physical matter

Shifting fractal light energies

DMT machine elves

DMT elves are not made out of matter, but what can be best described by DMT experts as syntax driving light.


Terence posed the question: How can there be a life form not made of true physical matter?


How can they be intelligent and coherent with no fixed body outline, and if we are not there are the machine elves still there?


Where do they exist?


According to the largest online DMT community (DMT Nexus), thousands of people reportedly have seen these DMT machine elves giving them impossible objects and gifts made from shifting fractal energies.


All in all, they are not made of the same form as us and they do not abide by the same laws of physics but the large % of DMT users all say the experience was more real than our current reality.

3 - A machine elf is
friendly but plays rough

A friendly but crazy cartoon world

machine elf

The DMT flash or blast off into the machine elves world is not subtle.


Mckenna says, “The elves mob you like badly trained Rottweilers, and they come bounding forward by the dozens, they jump into your body and jump out of your body. They are full of merriment almost to a manic and frightening level. Sort of like a cartoon gone berserk.”


He goes on to explain in the interview that they are friendly but they play rough, in a land of explosions and falling anvils (like a road runner cartoon).


Within this world of craziness, they exude a love that is similar to that of a crazy child-like affection where they are delighted to have you in their presence.

4 - The clockwork
elves have no face

A DMT elf is very hard to describe

clockwork elves

So what do DMT elves look like?


Terence Mckenna describes the machine elves as “self-dribbling jeweled basketballs”.


The DMT elves had no faces and in fact, the faces are described as garbled, abstracted, and leaking colored light.


They don’t have faces, shoes, or bodies the way you think of an elf, just shifting and exploding lights of energy.


The entities appeared more amorphous and hard to describe, but suffice it to say that a machine elf doesn’t quite look like anything from our physical dimension, let alone an elf.

5 - DMT machine elves
are excited for you to see

A DMT elf says: "look at this"!

DMT elves use their visual language to make objects.


The English language makes meaning whereas DMT elves language makes objects.


Sort of like a high-dimensional language.


These elves bound forwards with the complete purpose to delight you.


They reach into the air and into their body and they pull out what can be described as words, puns, and hallucinogens that all manage to be simultaneous.


The Machine Elves say “look at this” and it’s purely designed to dazzle and astound.


And another DMT elf will shoulder in and say “no look at this”.


They are all in front of you chirping and clamoring and the objects begin to speak and float away and reproduce.

6 - The mechanical elves
love riddles and control

DMT gnomes respect linguistic prowess

Terence Mckenna mentions a few times in his interview that the mechanical elves want to “keep you”.


Another DMT user, Karl, mentions they have a sort of control with no ill intent.


If you mess with them they will hold you and you have to bargain your way out and the solution is always a riddle.


It’s always about linguistics and language. Only the eloquent and clever and riddle-wise are acceptable to these entities

7 - The DMT elf encounters
are bizarre like a circus

Mechanical elves land

In order to describe an experience with a machine elf one must take a leap of faith because for many people it’s so hard to describe their experience.


Meeting with these robot elves is unspeakably bizarre.


Not bad, just bizarre.


Ayahuasca is a slow-release DMT so instead of it being a 4-minute high (smoking DMT) instead it’s a 4-hour high.


Within the second hour, Terrence Mckenna says he enters a place that he calls Elf Land.


He doesn’t see the Machine Elves there but he can “feel” them”.


Terrence then invites them gently and from a distance, you can hear the bass and drum as the elves approach, it becomes visible then it gets bigger.


The archetype of this phenomenon is similar to the archetype of the circus.


DMT is somehow the cosmic circus and if you analyze what a circus is, it’s a closed environment of permitted outrageousness that roves the straight landscape setting up in one town and then another.


A beautiful bizarre event of wonder and light.

Three Encounters with DMT Elves

Real DMT machine elf encounters

The DMT elves or Machine elves are generally seen with higher doses of DMT 40-75 mg.


Let’s take a look at some unique experiences with the machine elves from people across the globe that have never met.

Karl’s DMT elf encounter

DMT users felt that being in the presence of DMT machine elves could only be described as being “home again”.


Karl’s first encounter with a DMT life form was eight minutes into his high dosing.
He describes his encounter with the DMT elves:


“That was really strange. There were a lot of elves.


They were prankish and ornery, maybe four of them appeared at the side of a stretch of interstate highway I travel regularly.


They commanded the scene, it was their terrain! They were about my height.


They held up placards, showing me these incredibly beautiful complex swirling geometric scenes in them.


They made it impossible for me to move. There was no issue of control, they were totally in control. They wanted me to look!


I heard a giggling sound – the elves laughing or talking at high-speed volume, chattering, twittering.”


Source: DMT Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman

DMT machine elf encounter

A lead contributor to the DMT Nexus said that most entities he encountered were made of a concentration of magnetic energy, whereas the DMT machine elves were much more solid.


Most entities I encounter are made of the same light and energy that when touched feel like concentrations of magnetic energy.


The elf on the other hand does not present itself to me in a similar fashion. For one, he appears rather solid and physical. If he jumps on my body, he feels very much real and physical, and not so magnetic.


Sometimes he doesn’t even seem to be sharing the same space as the rest of hyperspace as if somehow has some kind of unique “outsider” perspective. It’s hard to describe but he just doesn’t seem to fall on the same plane as everything else sometimes.


Source: DMT-Nexus.

Final Thoughts: Machine Elves

DMT elves or machine elves are hard to explain, adn that’s because experts believe they are from a different dimension of hyperspace.


During the Evolutionary Mind Trialogue three DMT machine elves experts: Terence Mckenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake concluded that machine elf encounters were an interdimensional form of communication with an entity not from our dimension.


While self transforming machine elves are not the most common DMT entity seen, the encounters happen to thousands of people from across the world that speak different languages and have never met.


On a much deeper level, Terence Mckenna and many other machine elf experts believe the DMT gnomes are truly entities and are not fabricated.

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