Myster Stash Tray Review: 6 Features Every Stoner Will Love

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What the heck is a stash tray? 


The innovators at Myster thought to combine a rolling tray and a stash box into a super efficient rolling tray box.

myster stash tray

We got our hands on the Stashtray and after two weeks of using it in our daily stoner rituals we have quite a bit to talk about. 


Let’s dive right in!

1. A Magnetic Double Stamped and Hand Welded Tray


The first impression you get from the Myster Stash Tray is quality.


They didn’t cut any corners on design, build, and that’s probably because owners Ben and Davis actually have a background in product engineering and invention.


Let’s start with the magnetic tray. This thing is not a flimsy plastic tray but instead two magnetic grade stainless steel trays. The tray is made by hand-welding to stamped sheets to create a mirror curved edge.


That isn’t even the best part! This tray actually is magnetic and allows you to suspend your ashtray, grinder, and even your cannabis jars by locking them in place. 


Is it necessary: no not really. 


But is it totally futuristic and bad-ass when you open this stash tray that the jars are upside down: hell yes.

2. Customizable Magnetic Stickers

rolling tray box stickers

While the actual tray in the Stash Tray is magnetic you can also purchase magnetic stickers from Myster.


This allows you to place magnets on your lighters, stoner tools, weed grinders, chillums, or anything you want!


I thought it was a hassle at first to have to use stickers, but for a neat freak like myself, I love controlling exactly where every accessory is in this box. 


You can shove the stash tray in your backpack and after a walk through the city to my friend’s house and you open the rolling tray box no matter what everything in the stash tray is still locked in place!


This makes it the first rolling tray box that is good for travelers and stoners on the go.


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2. Customizable Magnetic Stickers

rolling tray box stickers

I love using self cleaning one hitters for the simple fact I’m impatient.


Steel pokers get nasty and instead of dealing with all that gunk that gets on your kitchen counters I simply just load and smoke and click and ash, and then reload again.


It saves me time and hassle making an already efficient smoking device that much more efficient.


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3. Oh Yeah this Rolling Tray Box Has a God Like Ash Tray

stashtray ashtray

Nobody ever remembers to factor in ash. 


It’s that annoying step in every stoner’s ritual, and nobody loves an open-ended ashtray. It looks bad and smells bad.


The Stash Tray created an ashtray that has a lid to trap smell and keep those beautiful aesthetics.


On top of that there is a steel spike so you can push your bowl down and clean it very fast (no more dirty hands). Also what I loved was that on the underside of the lid there is a feature of the ashtray that allows for you to hold any 14 mm or 18 mm bowl.


I know this feature seems unnecessary but I find myself using it more and more. I have a bad habit of cleaning my bowl and placing it on the kitchen counter, getting resin and tar all over the granite.


Now I just poke to clean the bowl and place the bowl on the underside of the lid while I change out my bong water or during times I have to clean my bong.


Again, this is just an accessory you get in the Stash Tray. And, yes, there is more.


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4. StashTray Aircraft Grade Aluminum Grinder

stash tray grinder

So it’s pretty common now to get a grinder with any weed stash box but the quality is never really there.


The Myster Stash Tray’s Grinder is made from aircraft grade aluminum with another layer of anodized color coating to protect from any scratches.


Myster took the time redesigning the teeth for a more flared angle which helps to promote a fluffier and fine grind. It also has a pollen screen to catch kief.


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5. The Stash Tray Magnetic Strain Pods

stash box tray pods

So where do you keep your favorite strains in the stash tray?


Well, this stash box tray has beautifully designed magnetic storage pods. They lock in place on the metal tray and have an air tight so they trap smell and preserve your cannabis. 


What I didn’t know is that these are extremely versatile. Since they are magnetic you can purchase more and they will stick to your fridge, or if you are trying to hide your weed you can also hide them under metal tables, under metal shelves, anywhere you can think of.


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6. StashTray Discreet Design

myster stash box tray

When closed, the Stash Tray looks like a book. Because of this, you could simply carry it, put it in your bag, or hide it in your glove compartment when you’re on the move.


Best of all if you want to conceal your stash then place it on a bookshelf and it will blend in. 


The exterior is made from actual leather giving it more of a high-end dictionary look not like most fake book-type lockboxes.


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Myster Stash Tray Final Verdict

I’ve been using this stash box tray for the past two weeks and honestly, I can see myself replacing many stoner items in my house.


From the tray, box, ashtray, canisters, and even the grinder the Stay Tray provides huge value by consolidating a lot of different smoking accessories into one concealable and organized space.


Honestly, what would the cost be to buy all those items separately? I feel well over $200, so I personally felt that the Stash Tray is undervalued and underpriced.


This means huge wins for us as the buyer! If you feel like splurging a bit there are other options for an all black stash tray and even a 24k Stash Tray.


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