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Peace In The Air has been starting quite the buzz ever since they opened, and as a result I decided to see for myself if their products held up to their reviews. For any of those who just started smoking weed for the first time, follow along to find out if this store will be a good introductory place for you. 


After stopping by a number of DC Smoke Shops, testing different DC edibles, and Weed Delivery Services in DC, I figured it was time to give this storefront its own review. 


Does Peace In The Air really provide premium quality cannabis products and are they consistent? What are their selections like and the overall shopping experience? Keep reading to learn why you should give this cannabis storefront a shot.

peace in the air

Peace In The Air Store Review 2022

Peace in the Air is unique in that it’s a one-stop shop for everything from music, cannabis, and CBD products. Upon entry, you are greeted by a friendly security guard who will ask you to provide proof of your ID. You will then be able to start shopping for your cannabis products. 


Their gifting process works by providing users with a selection of different album downloads from various artists, and then donating you a free cannabis gift of your choice, or CBD if you prefer. Peace In The Air also provides merchandise and comfortable loungewear styled clothing for those who are interested. The storefront itself has warm welcoming vibes and even has a comfortable place for people to sit and wait if needed. 

DMV Weed Delivery

Having a storefront that offers delivery is not only convenient, but an awesome advantage for days when you just can’t find time to drive through the city. Peace In The Air offers delivery options for all DMV surrounding areas such as Maryland, DC, and VA. There is a $100 minimum order if you choose this option, but nothing beats having your delicious buds being delivered right to your doorstep while being in the comfort of your own home.


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Open 7 Days a Week

Did you know Peace In The Air is also open 7 days a week? You won’t ever have to worry about missing a day or chance to get your hands on some bomb kush. The store will be accessible from 10am to 8pm every week, so whether you’re just stopping into town for a couple days or are currently a resident, rest assured, Peace In The Air is always open for you!


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Peace In The Air Gifting Process

Most I71 gifting stores offer art or merchandise for purchase before gifting you your choice of cannabis, but Peace In The Air offers options for different types of music. This Black-owned, I-71 digital music store has an impressive range of album downloads under different categories. Each of the following categories comes with a 1-71 compliant gift of flowers:


  • Rare Exotics – USD$100: This is a genre of music where rhythms, melodies, or instrumentation are made to bring out the atmosphere of far-off lands or ancient times.
  • Platinum Tracks – USD$65: This is a collection of music in one album that has sold at least one million copies.
  • Gold Tracks – USD$60: This collection comprises tracks with at least 500,000 certification units.
  • House Tracks – USD$50: This is electronic dance music known for having a four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120–130 beats per minute.


After buying any of these tracks, you will receive your free cannabis donation. 


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Peace In The Air Cannabis Ratings

After visiting many different storefronts to find out which ones were worth the time and money, I stumbled across Peace In The Air and am glad I did so. Their vast selection of cannabis is what I loved most. But more importantly, the quality and consistency of their buds is what blew me away. 


The flower menu, which may change from time to time, consists of:


Lemon Cherry Gelato 

Champelligrino Limonata 

41 Cherries

Mochi Gelato


White Runtz

Wedding Cake 

Cuvee Cookies 

Platinum OG

Gorilla Glue #4 


After two visits and two ounces later, I was able to see for myself the true quality of these strains. No matter which one it was, I got the high I was looking for and enjoyed the different flavor profiles that each one provided. Depending on your preference, you may find you like some strains more than others. I recommend speaking with your budtender to find your perfect match. 


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Premium Infused Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are a tasty alternative for those who don’t prefer smoking cannabis. They’re also an option for individuals who can’t inhale smoke for medical reasons, but no matter the motive, Peace In The Air does a great job at providing some tasty selections.

Here are some of the edibles sold in this shop:


  • Cannabis-Infused Rocket Chocolates- (350mg)

  • BageHead Boys Gummies- (400mg)
  • Jackpot$ Gummy Cubes- (400mg)
  • Rocket Gummies- (500mg)
  • Nerds Rope-  (420mg)
  • Trolli Apple O’s- (600mg)

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High Selection Cannabis Pre Rolls

Prerolls are cannabis joints prepared by a cannabis merchant. They’re ready to use, unlike raw cannabis products that you still have to grind, roll, and seal. As such, they’re highly convenient if you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy the hassle of prepping cannabis for consumption. Peace in the Air stocks a variety of strain-specific flavors including the following:


House Blend Pre Roll: This is a smooth blend of all the strains but with indica as the dominant one.


Premium House Pre Roll: This is a high-quality joint that’ll soothe your mind and body from start to finish.


Moonsticks: Flower rolled with .25 grams of shatter and is not for first time smokers.


Next Level Pre Roll: Infused with rosin and rolled in kief. Also not for first time smokers.


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CBD Products From Peace In The Air

If you’re after CBD and not THC, you can consider getting your hands on some of Peace In The Air’s CBD selections. They have everything from edibles, to wraps, to hemp oil that can be used for a number of different benefits and underlying ailments. 


CBD doesn’t always just have to be used for remedies, but can even be used to lower your high intensity if you ever get too stoned. Did you know that taking small amounts of CBD can help you balance out your THC intake if it ever gets too much? Pretty cool right? Let’s take a look at some of their options.


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CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are cannabidiol-infused edible candies. They’re popular among many cannabis users since candies are already an everyday treat that many people consume, so they can be used discreetly even in public places. You simply have to let them melt in your mouth and wait for the cannabinoids to take effect.


Peace in the Air has a good variety of flavors and brands you can choose from. Here are some of them:


  • Jackpot$ Gummie Cubes
  • Dank Gummie Bears
  • Jolly Rancher Gummies
  • Trolli Apple O’s

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High Hemp CBD Wraps and Hemp Oil

High Hemp CBD Wraps are made of high-quality organic hemp that’s a healthier alternative to tobacco wraps. 


Peace In The Air also offers hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, that even has benefits for your pets, especially dogs! Thought this was also a pretty cool product from this storefront. If you decide to get yourself some hemp oil, here are some of the benefits:


1. It may reduce epileptic seizures, which are disorders of the brain caused by temporary changes in its electrical functioning.


2. It helps alleviate osteoarthritis pain.


3. It could improve your pet’s ability to move and their quality of life.


4. It may lower anxiety.

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Peace In The Air Takeaway

If you enjoy cannabis products as much as you love music, then Peace in the Air is the ultimate shop for you. You’ll get free CBD  or THC products as gifts whenever you purchase any digital music album from the store. The storefront is easy to navigate through and has helpful staff members that are always willing to help you find the best product for you. With all these advantages, Peace In The Air has taken me away by their cannabis quality, store vibes,  and overall consistent drops. 


What’s more, they deliver for free to limited areas, so you can get in touch with them to find out if that applies to your location. Of course, you can always visit their I71 store if you prefer not to shop online. Given that they’re open seven days a week, you can drop by during business hours at your own convenience.


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