Puff Dreams DC: 7 Reasons You Should Shop Here 2022

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It’s no secret that buying weed in DC is widely accepted thanks to the passing of Initiative 71, stores and shops are now legally allowed to sell marijuana as gifts. 


With a multitude of gifting stores opening up from DC smoke shops to DC weed delivery, it’s hard to find a store front that actually offers great products and a quality experience.


This is where Puff Dreams DC comes into the picture. If you are thinking of shopping with Puff Dreams, we spent the day picking out some strains to give you a full run down on the experience and products.


Let’s dive right in!

puff dreams DC

Puff Dreams DC: Where Your Weed Dreams Come True

If you’re from DC or maybe visiting for the holidays, you’re probably on the lookout for a store where you can get some quality cannabis with no medical card.


Located at 1829 M Street, Northwest of Washington, DC, you’ll find an art boutique called Puff Dreams DC


The store brands itself as a premium gift shop that sells artwork. 


And with the art pieces you purchase, you can get complimentary weed, cannabis, and edible products.


You may be thinking it’s like any other similar stores you can find in the city, but you’re in for a treat. There’s more to this shop than meets the eye.

Let’s dive into 6 things we found to make Puff Dreams DC one of the best places to find gifting weed in DC.

1. Award-Winning Strains With Puff Dreams DC

If you’re not new to buying weed, you’ll know what they mean when they say it’s all about the strains. 


Puff Dreams DC offers award-winning strains you can’t easily find in other weed stores, which is definitely something worth taking note of.


On our visit there we were able to get a rare glimpse at the coveted Doja Exclusive and even the Cookies brand.


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2. Nitrogen Cans for the Freshest Cannabis

Puff Dreams is one of the first to bring the West Coast Nitrogen cans over to the Nation’s Capital.


This is a unique packaging that allows for the buds to be stored in the most opportunistic settings. This means you can purchase multiple jars of your favorite strain and it will have a shelf life for months and months without drying.


On top of that Puff Dreams DC nitrogen cans allow buds to continue curing to the most pristine qualities, all while they are sitting on your shelf.


So you know when you pop your jar open you are getting the highest quality that strain can deliver.


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3. Premium Flower Tiered Options

If designer strains are a bit too overpriced for your taste Puff Drams has an amazing selection of premium flowers at extremely affordable price points.


These strains are stronger than most shops’ “designer strains” which gives DC residents cannabis quality that rivals LA dispensaries.


If you’re lucky, you might chance upon one of their designer collaborations. As for the premium line, you can expect to be in dreamland with flower strains that are all dominant hybrids and come with delicious flavors, including the following: 


  • Black Truffle: A sativa-dominant hybrid that may help with depression and insomnia. 
  • Sherb Pie: An indica-dominant hybrid that claims to provide an over-the-moon effect combined with a calming feel. 
  • Ice Cream Cake Strain: This flower gift is another indica-dominant hybrid that may alleviate anxiety, pain, and sleep problems. 
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato: This is also an indica-dominant hybrid you may use for depression, anxiety, mood swings, stress, and pain. 


These flower strains and variants are packaged individually in small nitrogen cans.


You may also select flower gifts packed in plastic containers under the middle tier and organic selections. 


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4. Premium Organic Grown

Not all cannabis gifts are made equal, but you probably already know this. 


The difference usually starts from how the plants are grown and harvested. 


At Puff Dreams DC, they take consumer health into consideration by offering White Runtz organic options. This means natural, sun-grown, no pesticides or unnatural feed methods. 


Just raw soil and sun for some amazing tasting, terpene-rich buds.


When weed is organically grown, it’s said to taste and smell better. The aroma is believed to be sharper since the plant was able to develop its natural levels of terpenoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes.


And because no artificial nutrients or harmful pesticides were present as the plant grows, most users believe that organically grown weed is cleaner to consume, either by inhalation or edibles.


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5. Famous Edible Brands

 Another nice-to-have marijuana gift would be edibles that you can avail of as a complimentary upon buying selected art prints. Puff Dreams DC offers quite an exciting selection of edible gifts. 


They house the ever-popular LA brand: Sour Packs and even the rising star Gigi’s Cookies. 


The sour packs are also available in edible rings for a hint of variety. Additionally, the shop offers solventless jellies, trollies, sour glow worms, medicated candies, gummies, and snow caps.


These edibles are mostly vegan and gluten-free, which is another important consideration if you maintain such a specific lifestyle and diet. 


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6. Concentrates With West Coast Quality

Last but not least among Puff Dreams DC’s cannabis gifts would be the concentrates. 


These are not some kitchen pressed concentrates, these are again top-shelf dabs you would find at an LA dispensary. 

Currently, they house the Ice Cream Cake, Zkittlez, and Moon Rocks dab brands.


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7. Unparalleled Customer Experience

Getting gifted cannabis has never been easier than with Puff Dreams DC. All you have to do is visit the store—of course, assuming that you’re of legal age and you have a valid government-issued photo ID such as a passport or driver’s license. 


It doesn’t need to be a DC ID, as long as it shows your age. There’s also no need to bring any medical recommendations. 


Receiving your gift of choice is such a breeze. You only need to buy any of the products they have or their selected art prints, and then you can go ahead and pick the complimentary gift that comes with the purchase. 


The staff at Puff Dreams is amazing and they really take the time to help you find the best strain for your needs. On top of this, they truly invested in the customer experience by having one of the best-designed stores and branding we have seen.


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Puff Dreams DC Final Verdict

Our day at Puff Dreams DC was more than we expected it would be.


Most of the DC brands we tested and visited all have the same quality (even the best ones), but Puff Dreams was the first brand that truly delivered on quality and experience that made you feel like you were in LA buying top-shelf medical grade.


If you want an experience no other gifting store can deliver then you will find Puff Dreams DC has the best products, best-tiered options for pricing, the only DC brand with designer strains, and the only brand with nitrogen can packaging.


Let’s also not forget their store feels like you are walking into a store on Rodeo Drive. 


To sum it up: shopping at Puff Dreams DC is like shopping at a top-tier LA dispensary, from aesthetics, product, and knowledge they are a 5 star in our books.


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