Rate My Weed: 4 Ways to Build Notoriety for Your Strain

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There are a ton of cannabis strains from ice cream cake strain to other less-known but equally as potent ones like Frosty Gelato.


If you have grown a new strain and you want to get a bit of recognition there are a ton of ways to do so, and the best is to ask established brands to rate your weed.


I’m not talking about lab tests, because this doesn’t give your strain exposure.


And definitely skip the app: rate my weed because, again, it’s all about who knows that your weed is good and you will need an audience for this.


Let’s get into how to get your weed rated and some credible sources and places to do so!

4 Different Ways Get Your Weed Rated 2022

rate my weed

The first thing you will want to do is find an established brand with an audience. Think of it like an influencer that has active cannabis visitors whether that be a website or a social media account.


You can create a strain page on Leafly, but again with no one’s recommendation, your strain will never gain any sort of credibility or popularity.


You need to find a site that has a large return traffic based on major cities, so you can get your strain in front of the right audience.

1. Gentleman Toker Weed Rating Reviews

One of my favorite sites that has an active audience of thousands of users is Gentleman Toker.


The Gentleman is someone that travels the United States, testing strains and then writing about each one to their audience every month. 


They have an active audience in Hawaii, New York, DC, Boston, and many more states and major cities.


This means that they have thousands of return visitors from major cities seeing if any new and credible strains have appeared in that city. This is a great way to get your strain known by starting with major cities.


You can check out their page: Rate My Weed.


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2. Urban Aroma Rate Your Weed in Your City

Another rising star is the popular site Urban Aroma who also has a very strong traffic base with major states and cities such as New York, Virginia, DC, Boston, Oklahoma, and Miami.


They have an audience that comes back each month, looking for new deals, strains, and reviews.


You can reach out to Urban Aroma to find out how you can get your strain listed on their page and to get it rated and reviewed by their staff.


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3. Youtube Influencers To Rate Your Weed

There are a ton of cannabis influencers like Koala Puffs and credible channels that have an active audience.


The best part about Youtube is people can get a clear vision of an influencer opening your buds, talking about smell, flavors, and how the smoke quality was.


Go into youtube and search for strains and whoever has a large number of views per strain page will be a great bet.


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4. Instagram Influencers to Rate Your Cannabis

Instagram influencers can get quite expensive but micro-influencers are those with a traffic base in the 10,000 – 20,000. Their rates are much cheaper and oftentimes you can just send them a good amount of your weed in exchange for a positive review and exposure.


Draft up a good message where you ask if you send your strain over can they post a review and a photo of your choice. Send out this DM to all the cannabis influencers in your area so you build immediate exposure.


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So What Do People Test for When Rating Your Weed?

Getting your weed rated is not something you want to do until you feel your strain is perfected.


The reason being is many sites like Gentleman Toker does a very good job when testing and reviewing weed strains.


I had the pleasure to speak to the Gentleman to ask what are some of the things they test for so you can make sure that you get everything perfect before having anyone test your flower.


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1. Weed Overall Quality

A premium quality weed doesn’t irritate your nose and throat when you smoke it. The smoke is smooth, providing a heavenly feeling. 


The strong aroma of premium weed is accompanied by freshness. You’ll know if your cannabis is oozing with freshness if the bud goes back into its original shape when you push your finger into it.


They are looking at the colors, pistils, and most importantly trichomes.


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2. Rating Weed Aroma

First Time weed smokers need to know that premium weed has a heavenly scent. The Gentleman takes his time trying to sniff out for any of the following negative attributes:

  • Ammonia Scent: If you notice an ammonia-like scent when you smell your weed, it indicates that the bud was not flushed properly. The cannabis still contains fertilizer particles from nitrogen and other nutrient boosters. An ammonia-smelling weed will likely result in harmful smoke that can irritate your mouth and throat, causing an unpleasant cannabis taste. 


  • Hay Scent: A cannabis bud that smells like hay indicates that it didn’t undergo a proper curing process. Curing pertains to the drying of marijuana right after harvesting to remove excess moisture from the buds. Short-cut curing can cause hay-smelling cannabis buds. 


  • Musty Smell: Fungi and bacteria increase with poor environmental controls that can cause a musty scent or stale, unpleasant odor. A cannabis expert highly advises users not to consume this type of weed. 


  • Chemical And Butane Flavor: Butane is a solvent used in extracting cannabis concentrate. Your cannabis concentrate shouldn’t have any butane or chemical flavor. Otherwise, it’s a bad concentrate. 


No Scent: A marijuana bud without any scent at all is old. It already emitted its odor a long time ago, which is as good as throwing them in the bin.


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3. Rating Physical Structure of Cannabis

Premium cannabis exudes beauty without any leftover seeds. A clean female, the bud-bearing plant, should never get pollinated due to neglect or accident.


The best cannabis growers manicure the buds to eliminate any sugar leaves and stems. Sugar leaves refer to small leaves growing out of the buds.  


You want to make sure your buds are trimmed professionally, cured very well, and that you are not giving out any popcorn nugs and only properly structured fox tail nugs.


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3. Rating THC Strength

THC percentage is a critical consideration when rating weed, which indicates euphoric potency. Some buds have high cannabidiol or CBD content that causes fewer intoxicating effects.  


The standard threshold is 20% based on a cannabis expert’s assessment to notice any difference in the psychedelic or “high” effects of cannabis. 


Here’s what a user can expect when rating weed based on THC strength: 


  • Common Effects: Paranoia, munchies, dry mouth, and red eyes are all due to marijuana’s active ingredients. Hence, a cannabis expert doesn’t consider these things as drawbacks or defects. Besides, users can take plenty of water to avoid dry mouth, use eye drops for red eyes, and eat before smoking. 


  • Paradoxical Effects: The THC in weed has contradictory effects on the body at low and high doses. For example, if you take cannabis with a low THC content, your high anxiety level decreases. However, high concentrations may cause panic attacks to paranoia and full-blown psychotic episodes. THC, at low levels, can treat nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Excellent quality weed provides you with evident paradoxical effects. Otherwise, your pot is too old or ineffective because of declining cannabinoid effects. 


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Rating weed entails considering important factors, such as the overall quality of the cannabis, its flavor and aroma, and THC strength.


A premium weed smells, tastes, and looks good, whereas a bad weed smells odd and causes irritation when you smoke it. The key factors discussed here will help you harness the finest weed for medical or recreational purposes. 


From Cookies to Doja everyone first had to ask the important question: how do I get someone to rate my weed? We have given you easy ways to get started so your strain gets the exposure it deserves!


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