RS11 Strain:
2023 Buyers, Sellers,
and Growers Guide

A powerful blast of bliss with 100% clarity

RS11 strain

RS11 strain is a Sativa-dominant infused with the powerful terpene Caryophyllene. This terpene binds to your CB2 receptors to relieve inflammation in your body.


Skip below to learn more about RS 11’s terpene profile for more proven benefits.

RS 11 strain

If you are interested in growing, verifying, buying, selling, or smoking RS 11 strain, then this is the guide for you!


Authentic RS11 strain (Rainbow Sherbet), sourced by Doja Paks, is a Sativa hybrid that melds the genetics of Pink Guava and OZK. Each resinous nug is rock hard with exquisite hues, ranging from refreshing mints to deep purples, and trichomes laden inside and out.

// RS 11


THC 31% | CBD .5% | Indica/Sativa

Strain Feel

Terpene Profile

Buyers Guide

Consumers Say

RS-11 strain is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, making it the best strain for productivity, promoting a blissful and creative sate perfect for focusing on any project that requires inspiration.


The Rainbow Sherbet 11 strain blends a beautiful flavor profile of citrus and berry due to it’s high concentration of Limonene terpene, with notes of spice and peppers from the Caryophyllene terpene.

Smoking RS 11
Strain for the First Time

If it’s your first time smoking the Doja RS11 weed strain this section will help determine if it’s right for you. The verdict is: RS11 packs an incredibly powerful punch all while giving you a clear state of mind with zero couch lock.


In this section we dive into the RS11 strains terpene profile and cannabinoid % count and exactly what real users reported from smoking this cannabis strain.

RS11 strain effects
and terpene profile

RS11 strain

RS-11 terpene profile:


Caryophyllene 4.89 mg (anti-inflammatory)

Limonene 8.27 mg (anti-bacterial)

Myrcene .62 mg (pain relief)

Linalool 4.07 mg (Serotonin boost)

Humulene 1.39 mg (Appetite Suppressant)

Bisabolol .79% (Anti-microbial)

Pinene .93 mg (Pain relief)

Camphene .22 mg (Reduces inflammation)

Why the heck it matters: Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. While consumers tend to focus more on THC%, we recommend you start shopping based on terpene profile as it truly defines the high.


RS 11 strain’s primary terpene is Caryophyllene which is the same terpene found in black pepper, basil, and oregano.


Caryophyllene is the only terpene that works directly with your endocannabinoid system to bind to your CB2 receptors.


When bound to your CB2 receptors Beta-caryophyllene promotes anti-inflammatory properties.


The result: RS11 weed strain not only promotes creativity and improves brain focus, it also helps relax your body, soothing any aches or pain.


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Rainbow Sherbet 11
strain info summarized

While the effects of RS11 weed strain can be different for every person, we found a commonality that all smokers shared (based on real reviews).


Clarity (Zero Brain Fog): The number 1 reason people love the Doja Pack RS11 is because it brings clarity to the overtaxed mind, melting away mental fogginess and fatigue, with just the right amount of body-high that does not get in the way of a productive day.


Creativity and Innovation: RS strain promotes a euphoric state of bliss that allows you to engage in stimulating activities and be greeted with provoking thoughts of innovation and creativity. Perfect for artist, gamers, creators, or any person that needs a dose of inspiration.


Negatives: Users with a lower tolerance to THC reported dry eyes and dry mouth. Another negative review was the pricing and legitimacy. There are tons of copy cat Doja Paks and you can expect to pay a higher price tag due to the branding of Doja Paks.


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RS11 weed strain
THC level and cannabinoids

Rainbow Sherbet 11  cannabinoids:


THC: 31% (Psychoactivehigh)

CBD: 0.7% (medicinal benefits)

CBGA: 0.12% (fights inflammation)

Delta 9: .8% (Improved perception)

CBG: .12%% (anti-inflammation)

RS11 strain is a recreational high because of the high THC% and the low CBD%.  


With a whopping 31% THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) and a nice does of Delta 9 THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the RS 11 strain has just the perfect balance for a powerful high with great focus and clarity.


The two cannabinoids CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) and CBG (cannabigerolic) both help to reduce inflammation in the body, helping you to relax and unwind.


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Strain Verification: Is it
Really RS11 strain I'm buying?

About to buy some RS-11 strain but you aren’t sure if it’s the real deal?


In this section, we will be going over what the authentic RS 11 should look and smell like. We also share a few tips on what to avoid with a few helpful reference photos. Make sure to check out our fair pricing guide for RS 11 weed below.


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How does authentic
RS11 weed look like?

RS-11 strain

RS11 Weed Colors: RS11 is jaw dropping gorgeous in bud structure, density, and colors. The sativa spade shaped colas are rich with trichomes, orange pistils, and various hues of mint, forest, and yellow greens. Depending on cultivation practices you may see deep blacks or a generous undertone of purple foliage. Authentic RS11 from Doja Pak will have splashes of space-yellow.


Color Variations: Sometimes horticulturalist drop the temperatures to produce the deep purple saturations. This is purely cosmetics so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any purple foliage in your RS11 strain.


Trichomes: The RS-11 strain is heavy with trichomes just like any other Doja Pak drops. What makes RS11 different is the sugary surprise within. Upon cracking open a nug don’t be surprised to be greeted with thousands of diamond like trichomes. No wonder this strain packs 31% THC.


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How does authentic RS11
strain smell and taste like?

Want a quick way to verify smell and taste of your RS-11 strain? 


Smell: As soon as you crack the infamous Doja Pak pouch, prepare to be hit with a delightful fusion of sweet, sour, (Limonene) and spicy gas (Myrcene and Caryophyllene) due to it’s unique terpene profile. The complex scents emanating from the RS11 strain makes it hard to discern individual notes.


Taste: The Rainbow Sherbet 11 strain pulls with an enticing blend of citrusy notes, clove, lavender, hops, and basil that results in a truly unique flavor profile. The inhale is sweet and sour at first (Limonene terpene) with a deep creamy earthiness on your taste buds (Pinene). The exhale is where we get the distinct “gas” due to it’s Myrcene and Linalool terpenes.


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Avoid Low-Quality
RS11 Weed Strains

rainbow sherbet 11 strain

Whether you are buying from a recreational marijuana dispensary, medical marijuana dispensary, or from the grey market, the quality of your RS-11 strain depends entirely on the cultivation practices of your grower.


The above images are examples of RS11 cannabis that was not cultivated to it’s full potential.


Passable RS-11: It’s uncommon that Doja Pak would release lower tiers of their RS-11 strain, but you can get lower quality if the cannabis has aged significantly. If you are seeing far less trichomes (crystals) then this may be a sign of aged RS-11. It’s also common to see less purples which would result in an RS-11 that is vibrant with various greens, yellows, and orange pistils.


RS-11 you should avoid: Avoid any aged RS11 that has a grass or hay smell to it. This is a sign of the cannabis flower not curing properly as the chlorophyll content increases the cannabis flower is beginning to decompose into ammonia. Also stay away from RS11 that has a low color range (all lime green), as this is a result of novice cultivation practices.


In the next section we take a look at the highest quality you can obtain for RS 11 strain and that is by the original breeders: Doja Paks.


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Original RS-11 strain
by the infamous Doja Paks

RS 11

RS11 strain is sourced and branded by Doja Paks, grown by Wizard Trees, and bred by Deep East.


Today Doja Paks is one of the leading brands in California dropping some of the most beautiful THC rich strains such as: Permanent Marker, Studio 54, and Rainbow Belts.


RS 11 strain by Doja Pak  is ultra rich in Capitate-stalked trichomes weaving from the surface to the inside of the nugs. You can expect ultra thick foliage and colossal orange pistils. The deep purples should be taking all of the attention with touches of mint, yellow, and forest greens.


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The complete growers
guide for RS11 cannabis

Summary of the RS-11’s Cultivar profile:


Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Difficulty: Beginner friendly

Nutrient Focus: None (balanced)

Yield Indoors: 3-6 oz per Square foot

Yield Outdoors: 5-7 oz per plant

Flowering time: 10-11 weeks

Flowering technique: Photoperiod

Vegetation Lights: 18/6

Flower Lights: 12/12

Outdoor Harvest: October

Grow Style: Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor, Light-deps

Climate:  Mediterranean (85 degrees sunny)

Now that you know the basic grow specs of RS11 strain let’s take a closer look at the optimal climate settings, where to find the seeds, and the expected yields.

Indoor and Mediterranean
grow environment fro RS11

The recommended growing environments for Rainbow Sherbert 11 strain are 80 degrees with plenty of sun, mimicking the Mediterranean climate.


Indoor growing: RS11 does extremely well grown indoors. The recommended temperature ranges for RS-11 strain is 70 to 80°F. Start humidity at around 65% for seedlings. You can begin to drop the RH  to around 50% in the vegetative stages. During flower you can go below 45% RH, and any lower can cause bud rot development. RS11 can be susceptible to fungal issues such as root rot or bud rot so managing the humidity levels will be most critical when growing RS 11 strain.


Mediterranean:  Mediterranean climates such as Southern California or Central California makes the perfect grow environment for RS-11 strain. Mediterranean climate’s are known to have mild yet wet winters and warm/hot summers that are dry. Under these conditions it’s common to get a harvest of up to 5-7 oz per plant or more.


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Where do I find authentic
RS11 weed strain seeds?

There are a few credible sources for RS11 weed strain seeds. The first source is from Doja Pak’s themselves. The second source is from a reputable cannabis seed vendor.


#1 RS11 Seed Source: Doja Paks

#2 RS11 Seed Source: Premium Cultivars


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Rainbow Sherbet 11
strain yield potential

The most ideal harvest for RS11 will be under a Mediterranean climate like Southern or Central California, resulting in up to 5-7 ounces per plant.


If you are growing RS-11 indoors you can expect about 3-6 ounces for every square foot.


While the yields are not that high, you make it back in quality and the leverage of the brand. To increase yield Premium Cultivars (seed source) recommends:


Topping: By pinching or cutting the topmost shoot of the RS-11 plant it promotes two colas to grow instead of one.


Super Cropping: By bending the RS 11 stem it forces the plant to take in more nutrients into the damaged areas. The result is far more growth in far less space.


SCROG: Scrogging is essentially using a horizontal screen to help support the RS11 strain. You simply tie the stems to the trellis net to help promote an even canopy to light distribution. 


Using these three enhanced yield methods will help increase the harvest significantly.


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Fair Pricing Guide
for Doja's RS11 in 2023

RS11 weed

Pricing for RS11 weed strain depends on the quality of the cured cannabis buds.


As a general guideline you can use the image above which shows the highest quality RS11 strains to the lower quality. Included in the pricing is an eighth of weed, an ounce of weed, and a pound of weed.


Below is the complete fair pricing guide for RS-11 strain in 2023:


Fair pricing on RS11
$ 80 Premium 8th
  • $80 Authentic RS11 weed
  • $70 Premium RS11 weed
  • $60 Lower Quality RS11 weed


Fair pricing on RS11
$ 400 Premium Ounce
  • $400 for Authentic RS11 weed
  • $300 for Premium RS11 weed
  • $200 for Lower Quality RS11 weed


Fair pricing on RS11
$ 5000 Premium Pound
  • 5,000 for Authentic RS11 weed
  • $4000 for Premium RS11 weed
  • $3,000 for Low Quality RS11 weed

Authentic: Authentic RS11 weed will be rock hard covered with trichomes on the inside and outside foliage. The bud should be in a spade shape and super dense. Grown correctly some nugs should see various green hues, with the mint green hues being the most vibrant in the RS11. Other nugs may be wrapped in so much purple foliage that you can barely see any greens. Sativa plants produce more orange pistils so you should see a generous amount of orange as well.


Premium RS11 Weed: For standard premium RS-11 it’s ok to see less purples and no mint greens. You should still see splashes of dark and light greens with a copious amount of trichomes still. The purples is not mandatory but you want to avoid RS11 if it is lacking in color vibrancy.


Low-Quality RS11 cannabis: You want to avoid the RS11 strain when you see the entire bud is only one solid color of green with barely any trichomes and zero purples. This may be the authentic feminized RS11 seeds from Doja Pak, but the end result is poor due to poor cultivation. 


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RS11 Strain
Summary - Checklist

RS11 strain is a hybrid Sativa dominant cross between two delicious strains: Pink Guava and OZK.


In this guide we took a look into RS 11 strain’s terpene profile to see the genetics behind some of the proven benefits and we discussed the total cannabinoid profile.


RS11 blends the perfect cannabis genetics to give you one of the strongest high’s you will encounter, all why still allowing you to focus with clarity and bliss. The primary terpene Caryophyllene binds to your CB2 receptors to help aid in fighting inflammation, which also makes RS11 a great body-stress alleviator. 

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