The Official Self Cleaning One Hitter: 3 Amazing Benefits

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It’s 2022, and if robots can vacuum our floors why can’t our pipes clean themselves?


There are tons of imitators on the market that claim to be a true self-cleaning pipe but there is only one original: The Dart is the best self cleaning one hitter.


We bought and tested all variations of the DART self cleaning pipe to see just how well it functioned and cleaned. 


Before we get into it let’s first talk about what a self cleaning one hitter is and is not.

self cleaning one hitter

What Can I Expect from a Self Cleaning One Hitter?

So before you think this weed pipe is going to actually clean the resin and tar out you might want to lower your expectations a bit. One of the biggest downsides of any metal pipe is you need to use a poker to clear the bowl or “ash”.


What a self cleaning one hitter does is it has a push button at the end that discards the ash without having to shove a steel poker through the entire pipe spreading resin and tar everywhere into your bowl.


While this may seem like a small feature there are a ton of benefits we will be going over.

3 Benefits of a Self Cleaning One Hitter

It’s an obvious benefit that a self cleaning hitter box can ash all with a click of a button but here are 3 benefits you probably didn’t know about that I found after using this pipe for the last 3 weeks:

1. Less Resin and Tar Build Up

The issue with dugouts is most people smoke and just shove it back into the dugout without using the poker to clear the bowl. On top of that, you have to use a poker every time you reload which pushes all that resin up into the bowl chamber.


By leaving the ash in the chamber you allow for the resin and tar to build up in the bowl chamber collecting the ash as well as making the taste of your cannabis harsher and harsher on every hit.


With a single click of a button, you can ash out and not have to mess with any steel pokers or push that resin into your bowl.


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2. Faster Loading and Smoking Time

I love using self cleaning one hitters for the simple fact I’m impatient.


Steel pokers get nasty and instead of dealing with all that gunk that gets on your kitchen counters I simply just load and smoke and click and ash, and then reload again.


It saves me time and hassle making an already efficient smoking device that much more efficient.


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3. Perfect for Smokers on the Go and Stealth

If you are someone that loves to live life on the edge, smoking in public, smoking stealth in Chuck E Cheese bathroom stalls, then hey this is the number one device for that.


The DART boasts a load, smoke, ash in under 15 seconds but personally, I got it done in 10 seconds. 


Think about that for a second, you can now literally pack, smoke, and ash all in under ten seconds and throw this thing right back in your pocket. This changes the game for stealth smokers and smokers that are traveling.


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So How Well Did the DART Self Cleaning Pipe Work?

Well, there are two types of DART self ashing pipes.


One is the standard self cleaning one hitter you may hear all the hype over and the second is a beefed-up version that allows you to smoke as much as a weed bowl can pack.


So let’s go over all the notable features and our personal experience with how well it held up to their claims:


The DART claims three simple steps:


  • Load 


You take the self cleaning pipe and twist it inside of the canister with your dry herbs and the beveled edge instantly packs the perfect bowl in your chamber.


  • Smoke 


Light the pipe and draw in with a mild pull (don’t pull too hard and make sure to milk that cherry).


  • Ash 


Now how well did it ash? Well with a click of a button it literally just dumps the bowl chamber. This feature works amazingly.


The only downside is resin begins to build after many uses you may have to click a few times but that’s given because you should be cleaning this thing on the daily.


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How Was the Quality and Build of the DART?

Well, this is actually my favorite thing about this product.


It’s made of anodized aluminum metal, and this is the same type of metal used for aircraft. The benefit here is the pipe has much less overheating which gives you a smoother hit.


On top of that, you can drop this, sit on it, bite it, and it won’t break. So we would like to drop the claim here that this self cleaning one hitter is technically indestructible as well.


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Final Verdict on Self Cleaning One Hitter

So does this self cleaning cannabis pipe clean itself?


Well, no you still have to clean it.


But we had the chance to talk to the inventor, creator, and owner of the The DART and he specifically designed this metal pipe to come apart completely to get a full clean which no other standard pipes can generally claim.


The Dart Self Cleaning one hitter was designed to truly be for smokers on the go, stealth, and just tired of shoving metal pokers to simply reload their bowl.


There are a ton of limitations such as “The Hornet” which is a bootleg you get from China, but the original is still tried and true and it’s what I use every night before I sleep because it’s simple, fast, and efficient.


The best thing is it’s only $10! So not a huge investment risk but you get tons of benefits. Even if your primary smoking apparatus is a bong, dab rig, steam roller pipes, or whatever I definitely recommend you have a self-cleaning pipe in your arsenal – you won’t regret it.


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