Terp Pearls 101: Dab Ball Uses, Benefits, and Tips 2022

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In cannabis culture, any consumer would want to smoke a high-level form of concentrate, and at the same time utilize its last drop – this is where terp pearls come in.


These quartz balls are used during a smoke session to provide a better taste and flavor profile, while allowing you to evenly vaporize every hit. 


However, dabbing on a hot surface is risky because it can destroy precious terpenes (an organic compound responsible for smell and flavor in dry herbs) while giving off a bad taste. 

To avoid this and be on the safe side, at least while consuming cannabis, terp pearls should always be used. 


Quartz balls are becoming highly popular in the concentrate world which is why you’ll want to know the best way to use and care for them. This article explores the uses, benefits, and proper care tips for your Daily High Club terp pearls.


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What Are Terp Pearls?

So what are terp pearls and do you really need them? 


Terp pearls, also commonly referred to as terp balls, dab pearls, dab balls, or quartz balls, are tiny glass balls that enhance the vaporization of concentrates at low temperatures. Why dab at low temperatures? Low temperatures make vaporization even and effective while preserving terpenes.


This is why you achieve a better flavor profile with your concentrates when using dab balls as to not using them. Terp pearls improve the overall taste and ensure you have a smooth and clean hit every time. It is always recommended to use quartz balls when dabbing. 

How to Use Terp Pearls Like a Pro

These dab balls may provide a lot of advantages, but how do you use terp pearls? While dabbing, the banger will start to cool off after you stop heating it. Cooling off will result in uneven vaporization, thus wasting more concentrates.


When terp pearls are introduced in the banger, the concentrates will spread all over. This helps in the even heating of the concentrates as the banger slowly cools off. Therefore, effective vaporization of the concentrates will be achieved.

How to Use Terp Pearls in Your Dab-Rig

1. Drop your quartz terp pearls inside your banger or nail.

2. Torch your nail to desired temperature

3. Place your concentrates from your dab wand into your nail and watch your terp pearls spin around and vaporize your delicious concentrates! 


Most terpenes will have their flavor compromised under higher boiling points. Because they are low boiling point accessories, terp pearls will help achieve what the user expects at lower temperatures. 

In the case of high-temperature dabs, which would otherwise cause uneven concentration in the banger, terp pearls find a way to cancel the cold spots. When cold spots are nullified, vapor is maintained throughout the whole process. 

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Four Awesome Benefits of Terp Pearls

Why is dabbing with terp pearls fun? Some say it’s the spinning of the quartz balls that creates more enjoyment. Others claim it’s the flavor that brings that feeling that any smoker would wish for. Terp pearls are thought to offer the following benefits in the dabbing world:


1. Terp pearls ensure maximum utilization of the wax at lower temperatures. They help ensure that hot air trapped inside the banger circulates evenly, so all the concentrates in the oil are consumed. There is no waste, and less residue is left in the banger.


2. Dabbing at low temperatures allows more preservation of flavor and terpenes and may even be safer for your health. High-temperature dabbing brings a thick cloud of smoke, results in an unpleasant flavor, and can make the oil smell. It may also cause a sore in your throat and lungs.


3. Terp pearls increase heat retention within your banger nail. Dabbing minimizes how terpenes are heated up in the banger. The lower the temperature is, the better and smoother the hit will feel.

4. Terp pearls increase the surface area that comes in contact with oil. With this, the atmospheric pressure in the banger drops. This will now ensure efficient and easy consumption of concentrates.


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How To Clean Quartz Balls Effectively

Just like any tool after use, you have to clean up your terp pearls. It’s not an easy task to scrub off the residue on the banger, but it’s the first step to cleaning it. Regular cleaning will maintain the terp pearls’ ability to spin and will always give a fresh taste profile.


Always use a cotton swab to clean the dab pearls and the bottom of the banger. For a deeper clean, allow the dab pearl to cool off, soak it in an iso solution for 30 minutes, and then clean it normally. 


Quartz balls are quite small in size (46 mm sphere), and handling them might be tricky. Ensure you get some grabbers for easy and appropriate handling, especially when the terp pearls are still hot.


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Proper Care Tips for Your Banger Balls

While terp pearls give you a better experience in dabbing circuits, it is important to know that it has to be maintained in the best way possible to give you that pleasant moment you want. Read on to find out how to care for your dab balls.


  • It is Best to Heat Terp Pearls While Inside the Nail  


First, know when to add the terp pearls in your banger. Should it be before or after heating the banger? Most people would prefer adding first, then heating the banger with the dab pearls inside so they heat up at the same time.


  • Limit the Amount of Dab Pearls Used


Second, determine the number of pearls you are supposed to add depending on the size. This will help in the even dispersion of heat inside the banger. Too many balls will clog the banger and they won’t spin around. Ensure you have the right number; two are recommended for the best result. 


  • Maintain Proper Temperatures When Heating Terp Pearls 


Lastly, ensure that a proper temperature degree is achieved after heating up. This means you may have to allow it to cool down to the optimum temperature before hitting your rig. Then, when that temperature is reached, you will see the dab balls start to spin. 


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Bottom Line

You now know the importance of using terp pearls and why these dab balls provide many advantages. Dabbing with terp pearls can make you enjoy the experience of getting high but only if you use them appropriately and make sure you clean them regularly. Otherwise, you will end up having an unpleasant smoking experience. 


It is recommended that to achieve a better result, you need to choose the right carb cap for your quartz balls (this controls the airflow and pressure in the banger). Carb caps are best while using terp pearls because they enhance faster spinning. Thus, having terp pearls cover a large surface area for even distribution of heat. 


But whether or not you decide to use a carb cap, these dab pearls by themselves already provide so much more to your hits while making the experience more enjoyable. So treat yourself to a terp pearl!


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