The Legacy DC: What To Expect On Your First Visit

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There’s a specific place in Washington, DC, where you can find your favorite cannabis strains from, called The Legacy DC. 


After reviewing many DC smoke shops, DC edibles, and even DC weed delivery services, I have decided to give this store an in-depth review so that users will know what to expect before making any purchases. Is the quality really as good as some users say and is the money worth the spend?


Let’s dive deeper into whether or not this storefront lives up to its standards. If this is your first visit to The Legacy DC, you’ll need to know about what they offer while getting a firsthand look at the following great deals and menu selections available here. If this is your first time smoking weed, sit tight and read along to find out if this storefront is right for you.

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Storefront Review From The Legacy DC 2022

Legacy DC is a gallery of contemporary art that does more than simply showcase their outstanding items. It’s a graffiti and street art gallery that sells digital prints by local artists. Not only can you discover apparel and gift boutiques, but this place is devoted to providing smokers with the most comfortable and best shopping experience in the city. Additionally, it has a gift bar where you may pick up some complimentary presents (flowers, sweets, and prerolls) to accompany your artwork. 


If you’re having trouble deciding what to look at in the gallery, one of its curators can provide some guidance. If you know precisely what you want and want it reserved for you when you arrive, you may purchase ahead of time. 


Note that the shop doesn’t accept credit cards, Cashapp, or Venmo. It only accepts cash for payment. There’s an ATM inside the shop that you may use for free, and it’ll credit the charge for your art purchase and cannabis products. The ATM only accepts USD$200, so bring cash from home if you expect to spend a lot. 

Free Pre Rolls for Every Review

Did you know that The Legacy DC will offer you a free pre roll per review that you leave? If you are able to screenshot and show your online review on your next purchase, you will receive a high quality pre-rolled joint with your order.


I thought this was a pretty neat idea and appreciated the kind incentive for the storefront to donate. Next time you have the opportunity to stop in the store, be sure to remember to take advantage of this awesome deal!


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Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Another amazing advantage of The Legacy DC is their staff members. You are always greeted upon entry with a warm welcome and immediate assistance for any questions or concerns you may have.


Whether it’s about a particular cannabis strain or product, they will be able to give you an in-depth breakdown for any of their items. They also will ask you what type of high you are looking for and guide you to what type of strain you will need for certain ailments like anxiety, eating, or sleeping.


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The Legacy DC Cannabis Product Rating

Many storefronts offer an array of cannabis products, but that doesn’t mean their products are worth buying.


Let’s take a look at the common cannabis products you can purchase from The Legacy DC and whether or not they are worth the spend: 


  • Flowers- The quality of all their strains took me by surprise with its vibrant trichomes and crystals. You are receiving premium grade cannabis flowers which accurately reflects their price. For the value and quality you are getting, you are getting the best bang for your buck. All dry flowers are nicely packaged in an easy to remove press and seal bag. 

Here are their current flower strains:


    • Platinum Jah Goo (50/50 hybrid):
  • HI-Biscus (50/50 hybrid)
  • Sunset Sherbet (Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • Banana Sundae (Sativa Dominant Hybrid


 ***Please note products are constantly changing and may be different than what is provided here.


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Top Notch Pre Rolls

    • Prerolls- Their  pre roll  selection is currently one of my favorites. Not only does The Legacy DC offer standard pre rolled joints, but they offer premium grade infused joints. As a heavy and frequent smoker, I loved the fact that they offered quality strong hitting joints and not those flimsy pre rolls that you may find from other stores. 

    Here are their current pre roll options:


    • House Blend Pre Roll (3 pack or single)
    • Moonsticks
    • Next Level 
    • El Bluntito

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High Quality Infused Edible Treats

  • Edibles – The Legacy DC has a nice selection of edibles to choose from with different potencies. Whether you’re a newbie to eating edibles or you’re someone who enjoys an intense and powerful high, they offer options for all kinds of cannabis lovers. Eat enough of any of them though, and you’ll be high as a kite. 

Here are some of the best edibles you can purchase from The Legacy DC: 


  • Apricot Jelly: (contains five jars of Apricot Jelly – 100% cruelty-free and gluten-free)
  • Baghead Boys OG (vegan and gluten-free)
  • Rocket Chocolates: (350mg of THC)
  • Mello Bars: (500mg of THC)

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How to Buy From The Legacy DC

When buying weed in DC, there are a couple of options for how to obtain your delicious buds. Depending on what works best for you, you will have a few methods to choose from.


Order Online/Pick Up – This is the more convenient method of purchasing your cannabis products. By ordering online, you are able to shop and browse through their selections without the hassle of having to go into the store. Ordering online is easy. Simply select all the products that you wish to buy, add to cart, and select your pick up time. You will be prompted to show your ID upon pick up.


Walk Ins – This method of purchasing cannabis is not as convenient as shopping online, however, you have the benefit of being able to view the products in person. You are also able to get assistance on any questions you may have about any of their products. Another advantage to buying in store, is that you are able to walk out with your delicious buds right away! 


***The Legacy DC does not currently offer delivery options


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Premium Grade Cannabis Menu

My favorite thing about The Legacy DC is their premium menu selection. After purchasing more than a handful of their products, I have not been let down. The quality of each item surpasses the average quality from other storefronts, and not to mention they are constantly updating their menu to provide smokers with the best strain varieties on the market. If you’re looking for top notch cannabis products, stop by this store for the best shopping experience.  


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The Legacy DC Final Verdict

Finding the right storefront in Washington, DC, isn’t always the easiest. Marijuana regulations complicate purchasing cannabis products, but luckily The Legacy DC is 100% I71 compliant and is the best shop to buy edibles, pre rolls, and top shelf cannabis flowers along with your digital art.


In addition to their welcoming storefront, you’ll be able to accept cannabis presents with ease. Most importantly, everything you purchase is guaranteed to be secure, high-quality, and amazing. 


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