Top 3 Cannabis Strains Every Weed Fan Should Try

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With such an abundance of cannabis strains out there, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and lost.


It is hard to choose one good weed when there are literally hundreds of different strains out there and each of them with a promise of a unique experience.


However, there are some marijuana strains you should totally try if you are a weed enthusiast. Here are three of the most outstanding weeds to put on your bucket list.

1. Sunshine 4 Strain

Sunshine 4 strain is a THC-dominant hybrid strain that comes from the family of Chemdawg 4 and Sunshine Daydream, two popular marijuana strains that have been mixed together by the Canadian cultivars at Peace Natural Project.


The THC content here is around 21%, and CBD is somewhere at 1%. This weed is not too potent, but it might feel a bit too much for total newbies.

Sunshine 4 Smell and Aroma

The smell and aroma here come from a wide range of terpenes like:


  1. Carene
  2. Pinene
  3. Myrcene
  4. Limonene
  5. Linalool


And many more, which gives this weed a rather peculiar taste and smell profile that reminds of citrus. The smell here is really odd, almost unnatural in a way, so the smoke itself might feel a bit odd and harsh.


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Sunshine 4 Effects

Being a Sativa-dominant strain, Sunshine 4 weed produces energizing and uplifting effect. Some users report bodily relaxation combined with mental uplift, which is common for Sativa-dominant hybrids. This weed might also make you rather thirsty and hungry, so you better have some snacks and drinks at your side.


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Growing Tips for Sunshine 4 Weed

This plant is quite easy to grow if you have the right conditions. The flowering time is quite long, about 9 weeks, but that is what most strains take to flower. If you have a hydroponics station, you can totally grow it indoors, so just have some good fertilizers and you are ready to grow your own Sunshine 4.


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2. Purple Alien Weed Strain

Purple Alien strain is rather potent, with a THC content of up to 25% and just 0.6% CBD, it is recommended to experienced users. It is a child strain of the Alien Kush and Tahoe OG, so it combines the best features of the two to become rather unique cannabis that produces a combination of great effects.


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Purple Alien Strain Smell and Aroma

This weed is a real candy for experienced smokers. It has a sweet smell with flowery and nutty undertones. The smoke is not that harsh, though you might cough a bit if you smoke it from a short pipe or roll a blunt. Either way, Purple Alien marijuana is going to make you feel good, so just have some soda to wet your throat a bit and enjoy.


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Purple Alien Effects

As said, that is rather potent cannabis and it is going to make you feel out of this world. The most common effects are giggles and mental arousal. It makes you want to do funny things, talk to your friends, and laugh. It will also make you crazy hungry, so good snacks are mandatory for a good smoking experience.


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Growing Purple Alien Tips

The flowering time for the Purple Alien is just under 60 days, which makes it a fast-growing weed. It can be easily grown in a hydroponics station or outdoors if you live in a humid and hot climate. A single plant can produce up to 400g of buds, which is not too crazy but still a lot of weed to smoke with your friends.


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3. Gas Strain

To get started with our Gas strain review, it is an Indica-dominant weed with a medium-low THC content of around 16% and CBD of about 0.4%. This cannabis is going to bind you to your couch, which is perfect for the stoners. This is a rather mild weed, so it can be used even by total novices without any concerns. 


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Gas Strain Smell and Aroma

As the name suggests, Gas weed kind of smells like gasoline with earthy and piney notes to it. The smoke itself is rather pleasant to inhale, it does not cause irritation, so it is perfect for rolling into blunts.


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Gas Strain Effects

As you would expect from Indica-dominant marijuana, this one produces strong relaxing effects, makes you sleepy and kind of giggly. This weed is great for an evening smoke with your friends, just grab some snacks, smoke, relax, watch a movie or play a video game, and go to sleep. This weed will give you a nice rejuvenating sleep.


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Growing Tips for Gas Strain

This plant is not that easy to grow as it requires constant attention and a controlled environment. The best idea here is to grow it indoors where it would have stable conditions. You will need a hydroponics station to successfully grow this plant, which might take you somewhere around 50 to 70 days.


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As with any strain we talk about here, the best idea is to start low and go slow. There’s no need to rush it, have your time and experiment with your cannabis. Make sure you take one hit and wait till it kicks in. If you feel like you are high enough, do not smoke more, and if you feel like taking another hit – go for it. There are many more strains to explore, so you just have fun and be responsible about it.


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