The Science Behind Edible and
Weed Shakes and How to Stop it Now

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

If you just smoked or ate an edible and are having uncontrollable weed shakes, don’t worry this is actually very common.


The TRPV1 receptor regulates the temperature in your body and lets you know when to cool down (sweat) or heat up (shiver).


Usually, this receptor is triggered by external temperatures, but it also can be triggered by cannabinoids such as THC and even CBD.

weed shakes

When THC from cannabis is consumed, the TRPV1 receptor will be triggered into thinking your body is overheating (when it’s not) causing what is known as THC-induced hypothermia.


Relax, THC-induced hypothermia is not dangerous at all but will result in what stoners commonly refer to as weed shaking, marijuana shakes, weed chills or THC shakes.


I’ll show you how to stop shaking while high and cover myths about jitters and twitching while high.

3 ways to stop
weed shaking now

I put together 3 easy ways to stop shaking from cannabis that is based on science and what worked best for me over the years, personally.


You may also notice uncontrollable shaking after eating edibles, this is because edibles are much stronger than smoking cannabis (learn how to sober up from edibles). Whether you have edible shakes or weed shakes, this guide will help you stop the shaking and warm your body up right away.

1. Science says calcium
stops weed shakes

A warm glass of milk

weed shaking

The transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member (TRPV1 receptor) functions primarily to regulate body temperature in your body.


The TRPV1 receptor is responsible for the uncontrollable weed shaking in your body, and research shows that the cannabinoid activation of the TRPV1 displays significant dependence on calcium levels.


Solution: Calcium ions speed up your body’s vascular response to warming in your TRPV1 receptors. What always works for me is a nice glass of warm milk.


Simply throw some milk on the stove and wait for it to warm up enough to drink. The calcium will help ground your TRPV1 receptors and since the milk is hot it will also help to warm your body down as well.

Spicy Foods stop
THC Shakes Fast

Reverse the THC shake

weed chills

Did you know we were the only species that seek spicy foods?


Again, it’s all about stabilizing your TRPV1 receptors to stop the THC-induced hypothermia (weed shakes).


The National Library of Medicine found that spicy foods like chili peppers contain a molecule called capsaicinoids which activates the TRPV1 receptor in the opposite direction that cannabis does.


Meaning eating spicy foods will immediately trigger the TRPV1 receptors to trick your body to cool down, which will heat your body, open your pores, and even sweat. This will help neutralize the cannabis shakes almost instantly.


You don’t have to eat spicy foods like chili peppers, you only have to eat what is the most tolerable spice level to you to level out the THC shake.

Vitamin B12 and Iron
stop shaking while high

A hot meal stops weed chills

shaking from weed

Your body needs both Vitamin B12 and Iron and without enough of either your body can get anemia making you much more susceptible to shaking while high.


This is the result of too few red blood cells to move oxygen around your body and it’s a very easy fix.


Make yourself a calorie-rich meal loaded with Vitamin B12 and Iron rich foods.


Vitamin B12-rich foods: Chicken, eggs, cheese, milk (again), and fish.


Iron-rich foods: Poultry, red meat, seafood, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, and chickpeas.

Why do I shake when I’m
high and how to prevent it

In this section, we focus on common ways to prevent marijuana chills and also misconceptions about weed jitters and twitching while high.


Besides the TRPV1 receptors triggering THC-induced hypothermia, there are also other reasons you may be experiencing the weed shake.

1. A warm environment
stops shaking from weed

I use a heat dish everytime

Every night I smoke I make sure to warm up my environment first.


Shaking from marijuana can be alleviated tenfold by simply turning up the temperature in your house.


This may bother other people in your household so what I do is I use a heat dish and place it pointing right where I know I’m going to spend my time after smoking weed.


Also, I always make sure to dress a bit warmer (socks are a must).


I find myself feeling a bit cold but it prevents the high shakes completely. To neutralize that “cold” feeling I simply eat or drink something warm.

2. Why do I twitch
when I'm high on weed?

Twitching while high is not weed shakes

Another common misconception is that twitching on weed is the same as shaking when high and that is not true.


Again, shaking is from body temperature and twitching is from the presence of THC in the plant. THC compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating muscle movement.


When THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the muscles, it can cause involuntary muscle contraction which is the reason why so many people twitch when high.


Everybody is different and some people may experience twitching while others don’t.


This can also be a strain issue so if you notice you are twitching more than usual from weed you can simply switch out the strain. 

3. Slow down on the
caffeine and nicotine

Weed jitters is not the same as weed shakes

Some people confuse the weed shakes for the weed jitters.


Too much caffeine and nicotine while ingesting THC can throw your central nervous system off by producing far too much dopamine.


You can take a layer of the weed shakes away by just toning down your intake in these two areas.

4. Use a pipe or chillum
for a more gradual high

Reduce your THC intake, reduce your THC shake

A lot of cannabis products such as bongs, gravity bongs, dab rigs, gas mask bongs, and steam roller pipes are all built to deliver far more THC in one hit than you would normally get from smaller devices.


That means it forces a large amount of THC into your body in one hit (which sometimes isn’t necessary for most people).


Switch to a device such as a weed pipe or a chillum as it allows you to reduce the amount of THC.


This allows for a much more controlled and gradual high and not forcing so many cannabinoids to trigger your TRPV1 receptors causing uncontrollable shaking.

5. Uncontrollable
shaking after eating edibles

Weed shaking is common with edibles

Edibles are known to break down the THC in your liver to form a much stronger form of THC called 11-Hydroxy-THC.


So if you are doing edibles and trying to prevent the shakes then try dosing much lower as well.


Edible highs can be uncontrollable at times so you can prepare a spicy meal so later if you get the weed tremors you can simply heat the dish up and let it stabilize your TRPV1 receptors.

Does weed shaking cause
paranoia and anxiety?

There is a common misconception that marijuana shakes go hand in hand with paranoia and anxiety.


This is not true. The weed shivers is your body naturally trying to cool you down. The anxiety and paranoia are coming from the strain that you smoked or ingesting too much THC at once.


Only buy weed from trusted sources, PGR, pesticides, and other chemicals are common in unregulated cannabis which causes paranoia.


By switching strains and buying from reputable dispensaries you can reduce the paranoia and anxiety but it is completely separate from weed shaking.

Final Thoughts on
Stopping Weed Shakes

It’s very common for weed to make you cold because it triggers the receptors in your body. This results in your body shaking and is commonly referred to as: weed shakes, cannabis shakes, marijuana chills, or weed shivers.


Shaking after smoking weed can be remedied by simply drinking a warm glass of milk, eating spicy foods, or eating a hot meal loaded with Iron and vitamin B12. High shakes are harmless and will pass but you can prevent it next time by dressing warmer and heating up your environment.

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