Where to Hide Weed in Your Room, Car, and On the Go

(20 of the Best Hiding Spots for Dank Cannabis 2023)

where to hide weed in your room

Learning where to hide weed in your room is important if you are dealing with nosey family members and sticky-fingered roommates.


Hiding the pot is relatively easy but managing and controlling the smell – not so much.


In my many years of smoking cannabis, I’ve had to get pretty crafty to keep my habit a secret from certain people. #sorrymom

Fortunately, I get creative when I’m high, so I made a list of top stash spots for your cannabis.


Whether you want to learn how to hide weed in your car, your room, or from your parents, I got you covered in this super guide on how to hide cannabis.

How to Hide Weed That Stinks

how to hide weed

If you are trying to learn how to hide weed the type of cannabis you’re hiding matters.


If you’re dealing with plain weed of lower quality, finding a perfect hiding place is more effortless. Dank, potent-smelling weed is another story.


Premium and indoor-grown strains can have very potent smells that are not that easy to mask. Cannabis plants are rich in terpenes which produce very strong smells.


I cannot stress the importance of proper storage, especially finding a smell-proof weed stash box. so let’s go over a few things to consider when trying to create the perfect hiding spot for your cannabis.

Proper Storage To Mask Cannabis Smell

Proper storage is essential for two reasons – for the quality of the stash and because of the smell.

Not correctly storing your weed can weaken your high. Exposure to light will cause THC and terpenes to degrade, so find a dark spot to stash your pot.


Heat protection is just as important. Buds’ potency is affected by the climate, so I highly recommend finding a cooler place to keep your green. Keeping your weed in a fridge is overkill, though.


Pro tip: The perfect humidity for bud curing is around 62 percent. If you keep it in that condition, it will not over dry, and you will have a fantastic high of excellent taste. A wooden stash box with humidity control is an optimal choice!


If you need something smaller than a “box” then you should look for an airtight stash container with a balanced humidity level inside. 

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The Amount of Cannabis Matters When Hiding

When trying to learn how to hide weed the number of cannabis matters. A lot.


If you’re dealing with pounds of herb, you will have to be extra careful. Double-wrapping in plastic, or better yet, vacuuming and sealing your weed and then placing it in an airtight jar or container is a sure way to prevent any smell leakage.


If you are dealing with smaller amounts than a lot of my favorite hiding spots will work for you! 


Now that I’ve covered the basics of basics, let me reveal where to hide your weed.


Note: You will learn where to hide your weed at home, in your car, or on the go. There is a well-spring of possibilities for a stress-free ganja experience.


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Where to Hide Weed : Bag of Coffee or Pet Food

When attempting to hide your marijuana both a large dog food bag and a large bag of coffee emit strong smells that can hide the weed odor.


Pick a strong-scented coffee or dog food. Make sure you wrap up your pot really well. Try using saran wrap with multiple layers and then a few zip locks.  Make sure you put it on the bottom of the pet food bag or a can of coffee.


To add an extra layer of protection make sure you took these items in the back of a pantry where nobody will generally go to or even in your closet mixed with various other items.


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Hiding Ganja Inside your food

Be creative here. The fridge is jam-packed with scent-filled items. Wrap up your cannabis good and find the smallest item that is safe to store your weed with. Jar of kimchee, yes, please.


This trick generally works well for super dank buds that are smaller in amount. Some other great choices are large condiment jars that you KNOW your roommates or parents will never use. When I was much younger I would wrap weed and use chop sticks to place it into the bottom of a mustard bottle. My parents never used mustard but I did, and I could still easily use the bottle with the 8th of weed tucked at the bottom. Once my parents were out of town I just used the chopsticks and pulled the weed back out.


If you are a frequent smoker than this option might not be for you, but for anyone that wants reserve on stash this is my go to method!


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Hide Weed Under the Hood of a Spare Car

While technically this should be for the next section (where to hide weed in your car) I do consider a spare car technically an option for hiding in your house.


Pop up your hood and look around a bit. Stash your week wherever makes the most sense in your car. I usually like this trick for a car that is not used often, so there would be no reason anyone would even come near this car in the first place.


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Where to Hide Weed in Your Car

how to hide weed from your parents

There aren’t things as scary in life as seeing a cop car while you’re joyriding with some weed in your vehicle. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to learn where to hide weed in your car just in case you are ever stopped you don’t want to be frantically trying to hide cannabis as the fuzz approaches the car.


Nosy people or cops will definitely search your car if they can smell your stash, so smell proofing it is vital.


Read our section above on how to hide weed that smells, then tuck your pot away in some of these rarely searched spots. My suggestion to you – investigate your car a bit. Different cars have different hiding spots you would never think of that pop off relatively easily. Poke around a bit to see your options.


Let’s explore some of the best options as far as where to hide weed in your car that has done me solid for the past 10 years.


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Hide Your Cannabis Just Outside the Gas Tank

Police will rarely look at the exterior of the car when trying to find grass. That’s why the small area where your gas tank is located in one of the ideal places to stash your ganja. If you watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you know what I’m talking about.


Just make sure the gas cap is closed, so your weed does not accidentally drop inside the tank.


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Hiding Marijuana in the Underside of the Glove Department

Many cars actually have a false bottom in their glove compartment. Why not check if you have one also? Search for any nooks and crannies not visible in plain sight. If you find it, bingo! Lucky you.


I have to say that the glove compartment is also one of the most common places police will search for weed. The trick here is to make the search as tricky as possible for them.


They should not be able to succeed with one quick glance.


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Hiding Pot Inside a Spare Tire

The trunk is the first place the police will check. However, you can use that to your advantage.


Most cars have two layers in the trunk, with a spare tire in a layer underneath. Simply tape your stash to the top or inside of your spare tire. Check where the tire iron is placed and see if there are any grooves you can tape your weed to when hiding.

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Try Using a Storage Pouch for Hiding Weed

Most cars have some kind of storage pouches on the back of the driver’s seats. These are pretty reliable pot hiding spots to hide weed. I recommend filling these pouches with all sorts of crap such as magazines, trash, paid bills.


If you want to get super crafty you can remove the entire upholstery and pay someone to sew in a stash pocket. Yes, I have seen the other 90’s.


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James Bond Style - Secret Compartment for Pot

God bless the car designers who made inside compartments with parts that pop off without any hassle. Of course, they did not think about making life easier for potheads but for mechanics. However, they certainly made our lives easier. Inspect your car. I’m confident you will find some nice secret compartments. They are typically somewhere near the dashboard or inside the floor area.


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When Things Are Serious Hide Weed in Your Tires

This is the solution for the brave ones transporting large amounts of Mary Jane. You can easily store a bag or two inside your tires. Just make sure your tires are well put so your stash does not fall off.


You want to make sure that the weed is secure as well, and this takes some practice and a lot of tapes. I would recommend you try taping something you wouldn’t mind experimenting with first.

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A Dummy Trash Bag is My Favorite Weed Hiding Spot

I was pulled over once and the police searched my vehicle. I had no idea where to put a gram of weed and I just ended up tossing it into a Mcdonald’s bag that was in my trash bag. When the cops searched the car they found nothing.


One rarely desires to search a messy car, so don’t throw all your junk out. Stashing your weed in a secret container and blending it with the rest of the litter is a lovely trick. Make it as hard as possible to scour your vehicle; it will pay off.


If you are wondering where to hide weed that personally worked for me in high-pressure situations this is by far my favorite. You just have to keep the trash bag near you so your friends don’t accidentally throw it out.

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Where to Hide Weed in Your Room

how to hide weed

If you’re trying to figure out where to hide weed in your room I have been doing it from a very young age. From hiding weed from parents to hiding weed from judgemental guests, my secret stash spots have developed over the years.


There are many great places. If you opt for a nice secret stash container, there is little chance you’ll get busted. Here are some ideas that have worked pretty well for me.

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Hide Your Cannabis in an Old VHS box

If you go onto Offer Up (the app) you can search for people selling VHS tapes for dirt cheap locally. Spend about $10 and pick up 20 VHS tapes.


Remove one of the VHS and insert your weed and rolling papers there. Now stack the VHS tapes in the corner of your closet. This one hiding spot has got me past many years from unwanted visitors for my stash.


If you have more money to spend I would recommend getting a book shelf and filling it with old books and VHS tapes, sort of like a retro wall. There are small book shelves you can place into your closet with your clothes draped over to make it that much more miserable for someone to have to actually look through every VHS tape.


Pro-Tip: If you want to be super thorough, when I had to get extra crafty I broke apart one of the VHS tapes to pull out the film reel. This left to open holes for me to stuff about an 8th total. This allowed for me to keep the VHS tape with my collection of tapes so nobody would get suspicious would lifting an empty VHS box.


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Hiding Your Weed in The Most Obvious Spot

Sometimes the most obvious spots are the spots that are generally checked with the least intensity.

For example, if your parents came into snoop they may open jewelry boxes and drawers, but they may not be searching intensely, they are just scanning. You want to use this to your advantage. While my room was completely different from yours I would hide cannabis in spots I knew was quite obvious but make it super hard for them to find.


For example my jewelry box I had a few necklace cases inside. I cut my necklace case open and stuffed a long baggie of weed (up to a quarter). This weed was beasters in the 90’s so it wasn’t ultra dank. Then I put a bunch of necklaces and jewelry inside this case so if someone were to open it they would instantly snap it shut because of all the trinkets that would try to fall out.


You want to sit and look at your room and be creative. 

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The Bottom of a Drawer is the Perfect Stash Spot

If you have a nice drawer set with 3-6 drawers this is going to be perfect for you. Wrap your weed up to smell-proof it first. Make sure you put your cannabis in at least three layers of ziplock. Get some double-sided tape and open your top drawer.


Now open the drawer beneath it but make sure the bottom drawer is extended further than the top. Now reach your hand in the bottom extended drawer and tape your weed to the bottom of the top drawer you extended out. This has been one of my favorite hiding spots for larger cannabis but you have to make sure you smell proof it correctly or the ganja will slowly stink up your clothes and that’s the fastest way to get busted.


If you have a metal drawer we definitely recommend checking out the Myster Stash Tray as it has magnetic stash containers you can stick underneath any metal surface, oh yeah and they are smell proof, too!


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Go Prison Style and Hide Your Cannabis in a Hallowed Book

This seems a bit cliche, but it would not be so if it did not work. You can buy a premade one or make one yourself. If you opt for the latter, make sure to pick a boring-looking book with lots of pages.


There are videos on youtube that will show you quick techniques to bore out a hole in your book. As far as trying to to find where to hide weed in your room, an old book just seems to have elements that help trap cannabis smell. I have no idea what it is but it works.

You can download the app Offer Up and for $10 get a nice row of old books. Pile them in your closet or a cabinet. I suggest you make the hole in the book near the binding and not near the edge so when someone flips it briefly they don’t see your stash spot.


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Hiding Weed in the Depths of Your Closet

There are many ways you can hide weed in your closet. If it has drawers, you can tape your stash to the back or the bottom of one. You can also put it in a jar and stash it inside a bag, shoebox, or the inside pocket of a winter jacket.


For most of the methods above I like to think of the closet as a second layer of protection. You can adapt the mentality of a hoarder as a guise for protecting your weed. 


Meaning save shoeboxes with a lot of things you love. Stuff your closet so it looks nice, but it just looks like a ton of work to even begin to go through. Put your stuffed animals, your old childhood books, toys, games, and fold clothes on the top wrack. Fill the bottom floor with items. You will have over 100 spots to hide your weed in your room at this point just from the closet.


Cut a hole in the back of your stuffed animal. Put your weed on an old game board. Put old water bottles that are not see-through in some of your shoeboxes and place the dank weed in there because the bottle helps as a smell-proof container. The options are endless for hiding marijuana in your closet.


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How to Hide Weed from Your Parents

If you have your own room, you have many options. Alongside some of those mentioned above, I will give you a few new ideas.


Old Computer


If you own a computer that you no longer use, you can make it your new weed hiding place. There is a slim chance that anyone would go as far as cracking open the hardware in search of ganja.


All you will have to do is unscrew and screw a couple of screws. I repeat, make sure to smell proof your stash.

Old gadgets are another way to go about hiding your pot.


Alarm clock


If you’re dealing with a small amount of weed, you can always stash it in the battery hatch of an alarm clock.

Where to Hide Cannabis in Your Room and Car Checklist

For a quick summary on where to hide weed in your room here you go:


  1. Make sure you properly smell-proof the cannabis.
  2. Hide your weed in VHS boxes, the bottom side of the drawer, in your closet, in a book, or go for the more obvious spots but hide it within those spots.


For a quick summary on where to hide weed in your car here is the list:


  1. Make sure to smell proof your cannabis before hiding.
  2. Hide weed under your driving mat, outside of the gas tank hole, spare tire, active tire, driver seat storage pouch, and a dummy trash bag.


When trying to hide very potent smelling weed try these spots:


  1. Hiding weed in a jar of kimchi (wrap your weed good)
  2. Hiding weed in a large dog food bag
  3. Hiding cannabis in a large coffee bag


I have been a cannabis smoker for over 15 years and have been expertly hiding weed from nosey roommates, parents, and judgemental partners. I hope my experiences with where to hide weed have helped you find your new favorite stash spot. If you have any suggestions feel free to reach out and let me know so I can include it in this article.

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