When it comes to a bong, whether a water pipe, beaker bong, straight tube, or ceramic bong our team of experts have spent the hours testing every type of bong  so you can find your next water pipe with ease! We have all you need here to find the best bong for your custom needs, and to learn everything about a how to use a bong so you can treat your baby with care! 


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Best Bongs and Deals on Bongs

Our team of cannabis experts have tested all these bongs so you can get the good, the bad, and the ugly and decide for yourself what the best bong is for you to buy. We tested airflow, heat resistance, durability, and how easy the bong was to clean.

 Here are some of the best bongs of 2021 and we have plenty of research to back it up. Take a look for yourself at these awesome bongs, some under $100, coolest bongs, cheap bongs, multi-chamber bongs, male bongs, female bongs, and so much more.

Learn More About Bongs

We love bongs! We love them so much that testing them isn’t even work for us, it’s daily life. We are experts with using bongs so we made sure we shared everything we knew with you here. If you want to understand how a bong works from how the smoke first is created to how it travels through the bong we have got you covered. Explore all our expert guides on how to use a bong.

So Why Choose a Bong?

Bongs are amazing smoking tools. Do you love premium dry flower like we love premium dry flower? You’ll love to smoke from bongs! They use a unique system in which the water filters the smoke and at the same time has a cooling effect which delivers much smoother and less harsh rips. Bong rips generally deliver much more smoke and THC than the standard pipe. The best part about a bong is they come in many different shape and sizes so there is always a perfect bong for your needs.

What also makes bongs a great choice for your smoking device is all the add on’s. If you want to customize your smoking experience for a smoother rip you can use percolators and even try double chamber bongs. 

Which Type of Bong is Right for You?

From beaker bongs to vortex bongs, from silicone bongs to percolator bongs, and every bong in between, we’ve got all the recommendations for you! Whether you’re trying to find your first bong or you just need to reup on your bong collection, we have all the information you need to make your perfect bong selection!

Beaker Bongs

The foundation of beaker bongs is what makes them so popular. It’s all about a stable foundation. Are you clumsy? Have you broken one too many bongs? A beaker bong is right for you! It’s rare a beaker bong will tip over onto the floor since the base of it is wider than the top. Fat bottomed beaker bongs, you make the rockin’ world go ’round!

Ice Bong

Burrr! There is nothing like a nice, cool, icy rip from an ice bong. This bong has a chamber specifically made for ice to cool that hit right down and allow for a smooth sail straight to your lungs. If you get throat irritation easily after smoking weed, an ice bong should be your next pick!

Silicone Bongs

If a beaker bong just isn’t cutting it for how often you break your bongs, a silicone bong is right for you. We’ve all been there, shattering glass bong after glass bong. Enough is enough! We’ve got a selection of perfect silicone bongs for you that will help save you money (and a clean up)! Don’t worry about shattering glass anymore. Get a durable and shatter-proof silicone bong.

Vortex Bong

Ever taken a fat rip and accidentally inhaled a little bit of dirty bong water? Yea, we feel you. A vortex bong has a beautiful design with a built in splash guard, so this won’t happen to you. With a thick glass body, vortex bongs are made durable, too. Want to make your smoke buddies jealous? Get a vortex bong and enjoy concentrates or flower!

Percolator Bong

A percolator bong or a perc bong goes above and beyond compared to regular ole bongs. If you like the filtration of a regular bong but just want more of it, a percolator bong is right for you! Percolator bongs offer that premium filtration that you won’t find in any other bong.

Honeycomb Bong

Ok, so you like premium filtration? If you thought you had it good with a percolator bong, you’ll be blown away by the filtration a honeycomb bong provides. The many, many, tiny holes for filtration of weed smoke is what gives the honeycomb bong its name. If you want the smoothest smoke yet, you’ll want to choose a honeycomb bong next!

Ceramic Bong

Similar to a glass bong, a ceramic bong will provide a smooth smoke experience. Typically a ceramic bong is coated in glass, a ceramic bong gives a very nice esthetic because it is opaque, compared to see-through so you can hide a dirty bong better. It isn’t recommended but if you are lazy to clean a glass bong, a ceramic bong is the way to go!

Why Trust Our Research On Bongs

Testing bongs is what I do and have been doing since age 15, which is why it doesn’t seem like work! My name is Sammy and I have an entire closet full of different glass bongs, silicone bongs, beaker bongs, and mini bongs. Me and the rest of the time work to test different types of bong materials using flames from different lighters and torches to ensure the bong glass can withhold anything! We reach out to hundreds of previous bong customers on social media through hashtags and comments to get their bong experience so you don’t have to read through pages of bong reviews!

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