The Best Glycerin Bong 2023 – Was it Better than Using Ice?

The Best Glycerin Bong - Was it Better Than Using Ice?

Is a glycerin bong worth the hype? And even if it is, why not just use an old-fashioned ice bong?

Did you know Glycerin freezes twice as fast as ice, is FDA approved, and keeps your bong colder much longer than ice? In this article we share some of the best ice bongs based off our research and personal opinions.

glycerin coil

Best Overall

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Best Value

Best Glycerin Bongs of 2023

Chances are if you are interested in glycerin bongs you probably love the power of a bong rip but not so much the coughing. Frozen glycerin coils are known to cool the combusted smoke by up to 300 degrees compared to standard bongs, delivering you a much smoother bong rip, with little to no coughing. I found the best frozen bongs with enhanced water filtration and recycler systems to help even more with throat irritation.

The Best Voted Spiral Bong

freezer bong

Recycler + Glycerin


The hits were so smooth your initial reaction will be, “did I even hit it?” and to answer that question: yes you did. I don’t know how they did it but I’ve also never seen any bong let alone a spiral bong bubble up with that much filtration. It’s like a vortex inside of the chamber.

By the time the smoke is done traveling it still has to go through the glycerin chiller which is detachable! It delivers such a smooth hit it literally feels like you inhaled air. Don’t take our word for it skip below to see our research.

Powerful yet affordable

glycerin coil water pipe

UFO + Showerhead + Glycerin


I know what you are thinking. This thing looks like a sci-fi shotgun, right?

We were laughing when we assembled it, because we believed it would be standard to recommend the normal looking glycerin bong. But boy how this thing smokes is absolutely amazing. If filtration and smoothness is your top priority this has a triple cooling system.

Your smoke travels first through a showerhead perc which looks like a mini tornado, and then it goes through a UFO percolator, and finally through the frozen glycerin chamber.

It is completely detachable so you can customize your experience and create a standard glycerin bong out of this as well.

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The Best Premium Glycerin Bong

spiral bong

Glycerin + Recycler + Perc


For the true glycerin connoisseurs.

If you want to dab this bong can do it. If you want to smoke flowers this bong can do it. The recycler system was built to enhance terpenes for a more robust flavor profile, which means bong rips with less heat and much more flavor.

This is a three-in-one powerhouse where your hot combusted smoke must first travel through a shower head percolator, then flow up the Klein recycler arm located on the side of the water chamber. The recycler sends your smoke through an infinite loop, cooling the smoke until you’re ready to pull the bowl. After that, the smoke flows through the frozen glycerin coils cooling the smoke another 300 degrees. The result is a bong rip that’s ultra-smooth yet surprisingly tasty.

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Is a Glycerin Coil Bong Better than an Ice-Bong?

glycerin chiller

Glycerin coil bongs are much better than ice bongs for a number of reasons. In this section we go over the science behind FDA-approved glycerin, and why it is the most optimal cooling medium for leveling out the harshness in larger bong rips.

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Glycerin freezes faster than ice cubes

Now don’t get me wrong, I love ice bongs! I still use them to this day but when you look at all the data glycerin chillers are the superior cooling method when compared to an ice bong.

Science can prove this very quickly:

Glycerin freezes at 17 degrees Celsius which is 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water freezes a 0 degrees Celsius which is 32 degrees Fahrenheit

That means your Glycerin bong will freeze twice as fast as water would freeze into an ice cube. I know what you’re thinking “Well I have an ice machine, so what’s the point?”.

Did you know that an ice cube will actually affect your THC transfer rate? Let’s dig a bit deeper into this.

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Water, ice, and resin can reduce THC transfer rate

MAPS and NORML spent nearly $20,000 to study what the effects of THC transfer rate using different cannabis devices and methods of smoking. They found that 60-80% of the THC smoked by blunts, joints, and water pipes was lost due to water and resin. This means you are only getting about 40-20% of the THC you smoke (Fact by Dale Gieringer Ph.D)

The research also found that an unfiltered joint scored the highest in THC transfer. So a bong with water actually filters more THC than it does tar and resin. This doesn’t take the fact away that you still can’t get super high from a bong. What we can learn from this research is that more water is not better!

The more water there is the lower the THC transfer rate will be and this ultimately means the less high you will get. So adding ice cubes every few hours in your bong increases the water volume and that ultimately lowers your THC transfer rate.

Not only that, the ice cube is still H20 and when the smoke travels over the ice you are still lowering your THC transfer rate.

The glycerin coil in your bong is frozen but encompassed by the glass. So there is no filtration happening which means no THC is sacrificed allowing you to get more high than you would by using an ice bong.

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Glycerin's viscosity allows it to stay frozen longer

Viscosity is a fun word. A very easy way to think of it is that shampoo, syrup, vape juice, all have a higher viscosity (thickness) than water.

All of the above are thicker because they have glycerin inside of them!

Because water is much thinner when you compare frozen glycerin to an ice cube, a glycerin coil will stay frozen much longer.

Not only that, an ice cube doesn’t just unfreeze it melts! So if you were to smoke a freezer bong and your friend were to smoke an ice bong, by the time you are ready for the second bong rip an hour later the coil bong will still be cold but an ice cube will melt.

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What is Glycerin and is it safe?

Glycerine or “Glycerol” is an FDA-approved polyol compound.

It is a viscous liquid (thicker than water) and in its original state is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has a bit of a sweet taste to it.

Glycerin is absolutely safe and our body has zero issues processing it, but in some cases, it is possible to have a glycerin allergy. In the case of a glycerin coil bong, the Glycerin is a syrupy-like liquid trapped inside of a glass-shaped coil. This means that the glycerin never interacts with you physically. So as far as even allergies are concerned you are 100% safe with having glycerin in your bong as long as it is encased properly by the glass.

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What is Glycerin Commonly Produced In?

You may be very surprised to learn that the same ingredient in your coil bong is used in so many other products.

Glycerol is used in hair gel, soaps, hair care, sugar alcohols, toothpaste, perfumes, vape juice, and even some of the most popular skin care products.

In the food industry, we use glycerin as a sweetener, preservative, and thickening agent! So rest assured it’s completely safe inside of your coil bong!

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A Recycing, Double Filtration, Freezer Bong - Oh My

glycerin water pipe

If you are going to spend the extra money on a glycerin bong, you want to make sure that the hit are much smoother than an actual ice bong, right?

While glycerin does cool smoke the extra water filtration features is what converts hot smoke into smooth rips and this bong does just that.

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Best Percolation and Flavor

The weight of the borosilicate glass was solid proof that this thing was built to last. There is nothing cheaply made about this product.  The recycler arms located on both sides of the water chamber are a bit fragile so I recommend having a dedicated spot to prevent breaking the arms.

A few words to describe the laser-cut percolator in action are: vortex, tornado, hurricane, and you almost don’t want to call it bubbles it’s almost like a tropical storm in there.

The recycler arms loop the smoke through a waterfall system, and because of the straight tube body the filtration isn’t “over done”. This is how the terpenes are preserved to deliver a robust cannabinoid profile in your mouth.

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So smooth you forget it's a bong rip

It’s powerful! But is it smooth?

We tested all the hybrid models last and started with the ice-bongs and the standard freezer glycerin bongs. Once we got to this product, we were shocked at how smooth the hits were.

It’s deceptively smooth. Meaning you question if you put enough flower in, you hit it and because there is zero irritation to your throat and lungs, you forget if you even hit it or not. Then the high kicks in and you think “oh wow, that was a good hit”.

So if you are willing to spend the money, this is a sound investment! If you struggle with bong rips like I do, this bong will take most of the harshness away and what you will feel is just a slight kick to the back of the throat. 

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The smoothest bong rip you ever had

coil condensor bong

This thing is tall.

Like really tall. If this glycerin coil bong played basketball it would be the Yao Ming of coil bongs.

We laughed, we poked, but once we smoked it made us true believers.

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Double Laser Cut Percolation and a Glycerin Chiller

If you are suffering from issues with coughing and asthma, you are going to love this thing.

We found so many people reporting that they could not smoke flowers or any dry herbs even with a fully stacked ice-bong and that this was the glycerin bong that saved the day.

When we say “laser cut” what we mean is that they found a way to get more and more holes into their percolator. That means that when this thing bubbles up it’s not like typical water pipes, it’s like a tsunami inside the water chamber. This freezer bong has two of these chambers the smoke has to travel through!

Then after the smoke has made its way through all of that it needs to spiral through the ice-cold glycerin coils. 

I kid you not, the phrase repeated all day was, “this was like smoking air”. This glycerin bong has officially made its way as our #1 smoothest water pipe on the market.

Another bonus here is that the UFO percolator in the center is a highly sought-after perc not found in many water pipes. They are much easier to clean and have very little drag to your hits. Meaning you don’t have to pull as hard for the filtration process. That means when you inhale weed you don’t have to pull that hard which means less chance of coughing.

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Transform this bong to your needs

Don’t let the height of this thing intimidate you. This thing actually breaks down into three separate pieces that make it very travel-friendly.

That means you can break it down to a much smaller standard bong when needed.

I found this convenient on lazy days when I forgot to freeze the coils. You can just use it as a standard bong. Keep in mind, another element that makes this glycerin bong smoke so smooth is the height. The height of this bong increases the travel distance in which the hot smoke has to travel. The longer smoke travels the more time is has to cool down as well.

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Flower and dabs without coughing

freezer coil bong

Oh, it’s definitely our premium pick. If you have the money it’s a sound investment.

It’s sitting in the center of our shelf like a prized trophy. If you want to buy the perfect present for a stoner but don’t quite know their smoking habits this glycerin water pipe covers it all!

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Terpene enhancing water system

Growers spend so much time mastering their craft.

Why spend the money on premium organic terpenes-enriched flowers if you can’t taste the damn thing?

This glycerin bong was designed to keep water levels minimal (which increases THC transfer rate) and uses an intricate recycler loop that waterfalls back ontop of a mini laser head shower percolator.

The positioning of this filtration system causes minimal disturbance to the smoke while still pushing for cooling as the hot smoke glides across the stacked bubbles.

The result is you get a super smooth hit with the terpenes preserved for some beautiful flavor profiles.

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This was designed for flower and dabs

This frozen bong wasn’t just designed for terpene rich flower hits but also dabs.

You know how some companies design a water pipe, and then just throw a quartz banger in the mix and say “hey it’s also dab rig”. Not the case here.

This was engineered to enhance terpenes for both concentrates and cannabis flowers.

A low-level water system helps truly push up the flavor profiles in dabs, and offsetting the lack of water with the glycerin coil truly was a perfect balance.

The price is well worth it knowing that if you bought a rig, a water pipe, and a recycler separately it would cost way more and take up way too much space. 

Not to mention this thing is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass possible. So it may be the premium option but honestly, it’s a steal when you consider all that you get.

Oh yeah, you also get cozy to put around the glycerin chiller, and it helps to keep the viscous glycerin stay colder much longer, which means it’s great for a house setting or social smoking.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a glycerin coil bong, it’s probably because you heard that it can reduce the harshness and coughing fits that are common with bong rips. Bong rips force you to take much more combusted smoke than you traditionally would in a weed pipe or a chillum and because of that your lungs are taking in an enormous amount of heated smoke.

We found the best glycerin bongs that force your heated smoke through a glass coil surrounded by frozen glycerin. This results in 300 degrees cooling, but we found if you wanted to eliminate coughing entirely you needed to enhance filtration systems ontop of the glycerin. All of our recommended glycerin bongs do just that, they are the best of the best when it comes to eliminating coughing and providing a much smoother experience with bong rips.

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