Bubblers are fun pieces that come in many shapes, colors, and designs. Like bongs, bubblers are similar in that it too, has a water filtration system to allow for smoke to be cooled and filtered before making its way up and out of the mouthpiece.  Whether it’s a multi chamber, double mouthpiece, honeycomb, silicone, or mini bubbler, our team of experts have tested and tried each type of design out there in order to give you feedback on only the best ones on the market. 

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Best Bubblers and Deals

Are you searching for a glass piece that is portable, convenient, and high quality? We’ve reviewed tons of different bubblers and designs in order to filter out the best ones so that you can save time deciding which ones are worthy of purchasing. 

There is a bubbler for each person out there that will fit all their smoking needs and experience. Take a look through all the bubblers we’ve tested and reviewed to see which bubbler is the right one for you! 


Learn More About Bubblers

Did you know that all bubblers are travel friendly and make for a perfect on-the-go piece? They are small and compact in size which makes them easy to hold and carry around. Their water chamber allows for a smooth hitting smoke experience and because they are typically made from glass, they do not leave an after taste unlike other materials. Take a look through the list we’ve compiled of the best bubblers on the cannabis market and their many different functions. 

So Why Choose a Bubbler?

You might be wondering why a bubbler might be right for you as opposed to other smoking alternatives, and the answer is simple. Bubblers are the perfect piece for everyday use or if you’re smoking with friends. They are small, lightweight, and easy to use and maintain. They have plenty of different designs and funky colors, making bubblers an awesome add on to your glass collection. 

Learn About the Different Bubblers

Now that you know what a bubbler is, it’s time to go into depth with the different type of styles and designs out there and the benefits they provide. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are many different style bubblers that offer different functions. So read along to find out which bubbler is right for you!

Mini Bubbler

A mini bubbler is exactly what the name implies, mini. Naturally, bubblers are already small, so a mini bubbler is even smaller, making them even more travel friendly and an ideal handheld piece to have. Just like standard bubblers, mini bubblers come equipped with a water chamber for smoke filtration. 

Double Bubbler

With a double bubbler, you get double the benefits. Unlike a typical or standard bubbler, a doubler bubbler offers a two chamber water system that allows for twice the smoke filtration and water diffusion. This one of a kind piece delivers an ultra purified, smooth, and clean tasting hit every time, making it a must have for those who are looking to amp up their smoking experience. 

Double Mouthpiece Bubbler

This unique double mouthpiece bubbler is the absolute go to when sharing with others. Both parties can hit from the same bubbler since the smoke will be equally distributed and delivered to both smokers, making this quite the fun party piece. This style bubbler is perfect to bring to the table during a group sesh to spice things up. If you’re looking for an entertaining style bubbler, this ones for you. 

Honeycomb Bubbler

A honeycomb bubbler works wonderfully for both dry herbs and concentrates. The stem goes in what is called the ‘honeycomb disc’ which is generally located at the bottom. This makes it so that there is plenty of room for the bubbles to form and stack. It also works much like a percolator only the design resembles the look of a beehive, hence the name honeycomb bubbler. 

Multi Chamber Bubbler

A multi chamber bubbler contains 4 separate water chambers that all connect to each other and the mouthpiece. This allows for smoke to be diffused 4x more than your regular or standard bubbler. The 4 chambers also adds 4x the cooling for vapor as it passes through each section, delivering an absolute smooth and clean hit. This is the perfect piece for those looking to receive the highest quality tasting hit from a bubbler.

Hammer Bubbler

A hammer bubbler comes in the shape of a small hammer and has a longer handle and narrow tube that allows for more space and more smoke to form. This type of bubbler is better than your typical bubbler due to the fact that it has what is called a shotgun hole or also commonly referred to as a carb hole which lets the air mix in with the smoke and then cleared after a nice strong pull. This makes it so you can get a powerful bong like hit but with the convenience of a bubbler, which is smaller and easier to handle. Though there are times in which other bubblers carry a similar function, such as bubblers with fixed bowls. 

Showerhead Bubbler

A showerhead bubbler generally has a bent neck like shape and possesses a thick percolated disc at the bottom of the bubbler. The thick slitted holes prevent any clogging that may occur from ash or weed particles getting in and also serves as a wonderful smoke diffuser so that more bubbles can form to cycle the smoke as you inhale. Showerhead bubblers come in many different colorful designs and styles to choose from so you aren’t stuck to just one specific look. 

Why Trust Our Research On Bubblers

Our team has tested the many different style bubblers in the cannabis industry, in order to fully understand and narrow down only the best ones out there for your convenience. We’ve reviewed over 100 negative and positive reviews with different types of bubblers and put all their feedback up to the test.

Each bubbler was tested individually for durability, air flow, functionality and how well their glass withstands to heat and thermal shock. We’ve found and selected the best bubblers on the market that are the most heat resistant and delivers the most optimal smoking experience all for your choosing. 

You can be rest assured our team’s product research will provide the most accurate information in order to help you find and buy the best bubblers out there in the cannabis market. 

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