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Dab rigs have been becoming much more popular over the years as cannabis users are making a transition from dry herb to wax concentrates. The difference is remarkable, since oil concentrates provide a cleaner and tastier hit. A dab rig can come in many shapes, sizes, and designs so you can have a ball deciding which one is best for you.

Whether choosing a mini rig, ceramic wax rig, silicone oil rig, or a honeycomb dab rig, you can be sure to count on an extraordinary smoking experience when using a glass piece with versatile functions.

dab rigs

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Best Dab Rigs And Deals Of 2021

Our team of cannabis experts have tested numerous dab rigs from over a dozen brands so you can be sure to get only the best rigs on the cannabis market. We tested all dab rigs for optimal airflow, heat resistance, functionality, durability, and if the cleaning process was difficult or trouble free. 

 We have put together for your benefit, the best dab rigs of 2021 with plenty of research to back it up. Take a look for yourself at all the options and selections to choose from so you can find the perfect piece tailored for your needs. 


Learn More About Dab Rigs

Our team has a strong love for dab rigs and all of its variations due to how well they perform and deliver in terms os quality smoke. We loved them so much that we’ve tested dozens of rigs on the market in order to find the best ones out there so you can be confident you’ll be getting the most flawless dab rig piece for all your favorite concentrates. Take a look and explore our expert guides down below on the best dab rigs of 2021. 

So Why Choose a Dab Rig?

The unique plus about using a dab rig is that they are designed to provide and deliver exceptional smoke and taste quality for all your wax concentrates, shatter, rosin, budder, and wax oils. Smoke is never harsh when using a rig and flavor is always maintained so that you can enjoy the most out of your high. Who wouldn’t want to appreciate such an experience? 

What also makes dab rigs a perfect choice is the versatility it offers in terms of add ons such as percolators which help air flow and circulation run much smoother so you can get that instant high with little effort. 

Learn About the Different Dab Rigs

There are tons of dab rig styles out there on the market that range from small to large and come equipped with built in percolators and chambers. Thats why it’s important to understand and know the differences in each and how they will effect your smoking experience. Read below to see the different options and what their functions are. 

Mini Dab Rig

A mini dab rig is an oil rig that is small or tiny in size making them travel friendly. Aside from their portability, it’s not uncommon for them to be preferred over others since the smaller the rig the more you will get out of your concentrate flavors. Since oil resin tends to be stickier than tobacco, the more glass that is present, the less you get from an inhale in terms of flavor and vapor. 

Honeycomb Dab Rig

Using a standard dab rig is already enough to deliver a smooth smoking experience. However, a honeycomb dab rig is an extra added feature that can allow your smoke to be even smoother and cleaner while still maintaining the terpenes and flavor profile. The honeycomb shaped holes act as a water filtration system that creates bubbles and makes them ‘stack’ on top of each other in order to optimally cool down the smoke.

Ceramic Dab Rig

We love bongs! We love them so much that testing them isn’t even work for us, it’s daily life. We are experts with using bongs so we made sure we shared everything we knew with you here. If you want to understand how a bong works from how the smoke first is created to how it travels through the bong we have got you covered. Explore all our expert guides on how to use a bong.

Portable Dab Rig

A portable dab rig is generally referred to as the mini rig however it does not always have to be the case. Typically, you wont find large sized rigs since this type of glass was not designed huge hits. Oil concentrates are meant to be instantly inhaled at the most optimal level which means less room or glass equals more flavor quality and smooth hitting smoke. The bigger the wax rig, the more you increase your chances of stale hitting smoke and less flavor. With that said, you can expect medium sized rigs or even your standard sized dab rig to be portable and travel friendly so you can easily take it with you for on-the-go travels. 

Why Trust Our Research On Dab Rigs

Dabs rigs are a huge fad for those marijuana enthusiasts who are amping up their smoking game to achieve the highest of the highs. We know how important it is to find a piece that is durable, functional, and high in quality when mentioning rigs, so we’ve dedicated the time to put as many brands as we could find to the test. 

After reviewing over 100 different reviews from online sources and social media, we’ve broken down each pro and con as well as personally bought and tested the products ourselves in order to narrow down only the best dab rigs in the industry. From how well glass withstands heat to how durable they are within a 6 month time period, we’ve came up with a list of our top picks and favorites.

You can be rest assured you will be getting only the finest dab rig pieces out there so you can shop effortlessly and smoke comfortably knowing you’ve got your hands on the dopest of the dope. 

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