Nectar Collector

If you are looking for a more portable and efficient version of a dab rig then the nectar collector is perfect for you. Our dab experts have tested many nectar collector’s so you can find the best one for your personal needs. Whether you are choosing a silicone nectar collector, electric nectar collector, or a classic layered glass nectar collector our product concentrate experts put premium dabs to the test to find the best for you.

nectar collectors

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Best Nectar Collector and Deals

When it comes to nectar collector’s there are a lot of options. Find out which product went through our 6 step review process and stood out as the best nectar collector of 2021.  

Whether you are on a budget or want the highest quality, our product researchers have taken the guess work out for you so you can find your next favorite nectar collector.

Learn More About Nectar Collectors

A nectar collector is a unique dab tool that truly excels in efficiency when it comes to concentrates. Learn everything you need to about a nectar collector from how to load the dish, how to smoke a nectar collector, and just how to clean it. Check out our articles below to get a crash course in nectar collector education.

So Why Choose a Nectar Collector?

If you don’t want to travel with a bong a bowl or a pipe is a great alternative. Dab rigs can be large and cumbersome so it’s no wonder the cannabis industry has evolved and given us a much more performance driven concentrate tool such as the nectar collector. While the pipe is not as portable as a one hitter, the nectar collector is much more efficient, spill proof, and travel friendly compared to dab rigs. Not to mention they look pretty damn cool.

Learn About Different Nectar Collectors

We love bongs! We love them so much that testing them isn’t even work for us, it’s daily life. We are experts with using bongs so we made sure we shared everything we knew with you here. If you want to understand how a bong works from how the smoke first is created to how it travels through the bong we have got you covered. Explore all our expert guides on how to use a bong.

Glass Nectar Collectors

What can we say? Glass is beautiful. There is nothing like a beautiful glass nectar collector in which you can see how the smoke travels through each layer. There is always the risk in glass breaking, of course, but unlike other materials such as acrylic you preserve the quality of smoke and taste when using a nectar collector made from glass.

Silicone Nectar Collectors

Silicone has taken a surge of popularity from artistic expression through design and affordability. Silicone nectar collectors not only look awesome with their unique designs but are also virtually indestructible. If you are travelling just chuck your silicone nectar collector in your suit case and you are good to go. Silicone is easy to clean and you can leave your nectar collector in the freezer so when it is time to dab it up it adds an extra layer of cooling for your rips.

Electric Nectar Collectors

An electric nectar collector is relatively new and works just as you would think of a THC vape pen. Instead of pulling oils it pulls from concentrates. There are many variations of an electric nectar collector but when it comes to easy and on the go smoking the electric nectar collector is the champion. 

Why Trust Our Research on Nectar Collectors

Our team of cannabis experts have a special department where we solely test products on concentrates. We follow a 6 step review process in which we test nectar collectors for quality, function, and efficiency. Not only that, we reach out to previous customers to see how the product lasted over a duration of 6 and 12 months.

We take a look at over 100 reviews to find out all the praises and complaints about each product and test against these reviews as well to make sure we give  you the most accurate and trusted resource on nectar collectors so you can make the smartest purchase for yourself.

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