Recycler Dab Rig

When it comes to a recycler dab rig, whether its a mini recycler rig, standard, internal, or klein recycler wax rig, our team of experts have spent the hours testing every type of recycler rig out there on the market, so you don’t have to. We have everything you’ll need here to find the best recycler dab rig for all your needs and more, including how to use a recycler rig and how it can boost your overall smoking experience! 

No more searching aimlessly through online headshops for what you think might work. Save yourself the time and headache of doing research and browse through our top picks that have already been reviewed and tested for quality and durability.  

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Best Recycler Dab Rigs and Deals

A recycler dab rig is the perfect fit for someone who’s looking to up their smoking game and bring it to the next level. Are you someone who could use a recycler rig that delivers ultra smooth hits while maintaining an optimal taste profile? We’ve tested over dozens of different brands and selections of recyclers to figure and filter out only the best of the best so that you can make the most out of your wax concentrates, oils, and dabs. Take a moment to look at the list we’ve compiled for your convenience in order to find the best recycler rig of 2021.

Learn More About Recycler Rigs

Finding the right recycler rig can be tough and exhausting especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With so many different styles and options out there on the market is can get pretty confusing figuring out which one will fit all your needs. This is why it’s vital to not only understand how to correctly use a recycler rig, but to also understand the many functions that each one provides. Explore with us on our expert guides on how to use a recycler dab rig and how a recycler rig works. 

So Why Choose a Recycler Dab Rig

A recycler dab rig has many benefits to offer such as clean and smooth hitting smoke that is optimally filtered through the device. The water that holds the smoke vapors are recycled through the rig as many times as you’d like it to or until the entire mouthpiece is filled with vapor and you are ready to inhale. Typically, recycler rigs come already equipped with percolators at the lower chamber or the base of the downstem which allows for extra filtration to take place, delivering you a clean and tasty hit every time.  Using a recycler oil rig will increase your smoking experience tenfold. 

Learn About the Different Recycler Rigs

We absolutely love recycler rigs due to the amount of benefits it offers. Because of their unique and intricate designs,  all recycler rigs are made to prevent  splashes or spills by having a splash guard. They also have a two chamber system instead of one, so the smoke is filtered twice before hitting your lungs. There are also several options for percolation in terms of which type of recycler rig you choose. Recycler dab rigs also remarkably improve the taste profile of your cannabis, allowing you to get the best out of all your wax concentrates, shatter, and cannabis oils. It’s no wonder recycler oil rigs take the cake for delivering the best hitting smoke. Let’s explore all the options of each one and what they provide. 

Klein Recycler Rigs

A klein recycler rig includes what is referred to as a ‘klein weld’ which is a combination of both a standard and internal recycler or also known as an incycler. The design is similar to that of an incycler rig only except the drain part doesn’t go straight to the bottom. Instead, they are designed like internal recyclers, but the drain tube doesn’t go straight down to the bottom of the rig. It exits the glass piece first and then loops itself back inside the rig. Depending on the design, it can have multiple exit points that all loop back into the recycler rig. This is so that the drain tube does not interfere with the percolator and therefore a ‘klein weld’ is what ensures that from happening. 

Standard Recycler Rigs

A standard recycler rig is also generally referred to as an external recycler. This style rig has a drain tube that connects from the top of the rig to the bottom section. The tube is designed on the outside in the shape of a loop. 

Incycler Dab Rigs

For incyler dab rigs, it is worth noting that there are two different types of designs. In one, water travels through tiny holes at the top of the drain tube instead of going through an external one. The other type of incycler has an external tube which carries water from the first chamber to the second chamber where the other drain tube lays, which is located on the inside of the rig can. 

Why Trust Our Research On Recycler Dab Rigs

Our cannabis experts have tested and tried almost every type of recycler dab rig design and style out there. Optimal smoking experience is a top priority for our customers and we strive to uphold these standards so that you don’t ever fall short on getting the best recycler rigs in the industry. We make sure to provide the most accurate information so that you can have a seamless time finding the right product tailored for your smoking needs. 

We’ve also reached out to over 100 customers who have bought and tried out recycler dab rigs through social media and video comments to understand how they personally felt about recycler rigs in terms of durability, quality, and delivery. These are important key factors in determining just exactly how well these recycler oil rigs function and if they actually fulfill the means of an optimal smoking experience.  

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