Silicone Pipe

A great silicone pipe is just what the doctor ordered. Do you think of yourself as clumsy? Have you broken one too many hand pipes in your day? A silicone pipe is going to get you through on your worst days. We did all the research to find a great silicone pipe with glass bowl so that you don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews!

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Best Silicone Pipe and Deals of 2021

Our team of cannabis experts have tested many a silicone pipe to fill you in on which ones to buy, and which ones to pass! You can read from our knowledge base to find out which silicone pipe with glass bowl will suit you best. We tested airflow and durability to get find you what you’re missing in your silicone hand pipe.

The follow is a list of some of the best silicone pipes of 2021 and we have plenty of research to back it up. Take a look for yourself at these silicone pipes and learn how to clean silicone pipe the easiest, fastest way possible.

Learn More About Silicone Pipes

We love silicone pipes! We love them so much that testing them isn’t even a job, it’s just what we do on a regular basis. We did all the research to bring you everyone’s favorite silicone pipe so that you don’t have to read through so many reviews to find the silicone pipe that right for you.

So Why Choose a Silicone Pipe?

Why choose a silicone pipe? Well, if you love to smoke on-the-go and you don’t want to worry about dropping and shattering your favorite hand pipe, you can choose a silicone hand pipe with glass bowl instead and take it everywhere you go. The silicone pipe is shatter proof so you no longer have to fear shattering your pipe.

Learn What Makes Silicone Pipes So Great

People love silicone pipes for a few main reasons. Our team did our own hours of research on our silicone pipes that we love and some of the ones that were just okay. We have all the news for you here so you can choose your next silicone pipe wisely. Learn what makes a silicone pipe so great.

Tar and Resin Won't Build Up on Silicone Pipes

For health reasons and so that your weed smoke tastes better, choosing a silicone pipe is what you need. With regular old glass hand pipes, you’ll find that tar and resin builds up very quickly. Plus, cleaning a hand pipe is a little tricky because it’s so small and has little hard-to-reach areas.

Easy to Clean Silicone Pipes

Not only will a silicone pipe not need to be cleaned quite as frequently as your other hand pipes, but silicone pipes are super easy to clean. Some you can pop in the dishwasher on your next cycle and you don’t have to do any work there.

Silicone Pipes are Shatter Proof

Get yourself a silicone pipe to save you the headache of shattering a great hand pipe. Silicone pipes are the best for on-the-go use. No need to worry about dropping your silicone pipe and watching it break into a million pieces. The silicone pipes we found withstand the test of time by dropping and bouncing right alone like a tennis ball. Or more like a football.

Why Trust Our Research on Silicone Pipes

We spent the time to research through many a silicone pipe to bring you only the best. If we couldn’t get our hands on the silicone pipe to test for ourselves, our team reached out to many previous customers to get their real experience with their silicone pipes. We did the testing and research so that you don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews.

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