How to Clean a Steamroller Pipe (3 Hacks to Get Results Today)

How to Clean a Steamroller Pipe

(Learn the Most Effective Ways to Clean Your Steamroller Pipe)

Knowing how to clean a steamroller pipe is essential for healthy smoking habits and clean hits.

Our team of cannabis experts have tested multiple options for cleaning a glass steamroller pipe, and we found the top 3 best methods for cleaning your steamroller.

If you are smoking with a dirty steamroller pipe, you may notice a nasty tasting hit, tar build up in your steamroller weed, and possibly even a headache after your hit. 

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to clean even if you are dealing with a large steam roller pipe.  Keep reading below to find the best option for you when cleaning your steamroller pipe.

Important-Note: We categorize our guide below into the top 3 methods on how to clean a steamroller pipe. Select the best option for your needs to skip ahead in this article.

DIY House Hold Clean

how to clean a steamroller pipe for weed

Use Household Products (Budget-Friendly)

Heavy Duty Cleaning

how to clean a steamroller pipe

How To Clean Steamroller Pipe Fast (Quickest Clean)

Fastest/Safest Clean

how to clean a steamroller piece

Clean Steam Roller Pipe Safely (Healthiest Option)

A Clean Steamroller Pipe Will Always Deliver Properly

Getting and keeping a clean steamroller pipe will:

  • Reduce Tar build up
  • Reduce Resin build up
  • Protect Lungs for a healthier hit.
  • Produce Tastier Hits from weed smoke.

The importance of knowing how to clean a steamroller pipe is valuable to your health. The issue with dirty steam roller pipes is that tar and resin begin to form and build up in as little as 12 hours. Tar and resin buildup presents danger to your lungs which can jeopardize the integrity of your health.

Cleaning a steamroller pipe and then maintaining a clean steam roller pipe are healthy habits of smoking weed. Additionally, the benefits are that your hits taste better and cleaner. You truly get the full experience of those mouthwatering terpenes. 

If you want to learn how to clean a steam roller pipe, it may be beneficial to first take a look at why it is so important to smoke from clean steamroller pipes. If you are interested in learning how to use a steamroller pipe, we have an in depth article for you as well.

How Often Should I Clean a Steam Roller Pipe?

The common rule for cleaning any smoke device is based on how often you use that specific piece. You never want to allow tar and resin to build up on any steam roller pipe, bong, or weed pipe.

If you use your steamroller pipe every day, you will need to clean it every third day. If you use your steam roller pipe every other day, you will need to clean it after each use. This is due to the exposure of heat to your steam roller pipe which has the ability to kill bacteria before a cleaning. You never want to leave a steamroller pipe untouched for more than 24 hours. This gives bacteria plenty of time to grow.

Tar and resin build up left on smoking devices are breeding grounds for mold and harmful bacteria that is almost impossible to clean if left there long enough.

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Prevent Biofilm from Forming on a Steamroller Pipe

If you’re not familiar with biofilm and the dangers it introduces to your body, allow us to fill you in. Biofilm forms when a moldy bong or steam roller piece is left for too long.
If you’ve ever noticed a white, fuzzy, substance in your steamroller pipe, then chances are you have mold and the risk of biofilm forming has begun. The best thing to do is clean steamroller pipe right away.
Biofilm forms to protect the mold, bacteria, and fungi that has formed, and becomes almost impossible to clean, thereafter.

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Learning how to clean a steamroller pipe and choosing the best method of cleaning a steam roller pipe really comes down to personal preference. 

Are you looking to clean a steam roller pipe now with household products you have, no matter how abrasive? Or, would you prefer a healthier, safer option and don’t mind waiting to order a bong cleaning product? 

Understanding how to clean a steamroller pipe using each method will help you choose the best option for you.

Clean a Steamroller Pipe Index

How to Clean a Steam Roller Pipe with Household Products

how to clean steamroller bong

The most common method that you probably have already heard of is using household products you’ll find in your kitchen cabinets and under your sink.

Using good old Isopropyl Alcohol and Course Sea Salt is known to get the job done. Knocking off tar and resin that has built up over time is difficult but if you use these two products, you shouldn’t have a hard time.

Some weed smokers prefer this method because it is most often available in times of dire need and because it is the cheapest option.

Pro-Tip: It’s important to note that with this cheaper method of cleaning the coarse sea salt is known to damage the integrity of your glass over time. Small chips and indents will cause bacteria growth that is very hard to remove. We suggest not relying on this method as your only method but a few times is no issue.

Household Items You'll Need to Clean a Steamroller Pipe

"This method is great if you're on a budget and need your steamroller pipe cleaned right away."

Jackie G.

The following is a list of everything you will need to clean a steam roller pipe using household items you already have:

1. Ziploc Bag big enough to fit your steam roller pipe.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol

3. Course Sea Salt

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DIY Steps to Clean Weed Steamrollers

Follow these steps to a clean steamroller piece:

Step 1: Place dirty steamroller piece in Ziploc bag.

Step 2. Pour 1 Tablespoon of Course Sea Salt into bag.

Step 3. Pour enough Isopropyl Alcohol in bag to submerge your steam roller pipe. Let it sit for a good 20 minutes. Move the alcohol around so it blends with the salt and into your pipe.

Step 4. Shake the bag until all the tar and resin has come off. Add more salt and alcohol if necessary. You can detail your steamroller piece with a q tip if there is a clog. If the pipe is extremely dirty keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until the desired result is achieved.

Step 5. Rinse your clean steamroller pipe under warm water for 1 minute.

Safety-Tip: Since you are using Alcohol, which is flammable, it is important to be thorough with the rinsing phase. You do not want to immediately bring a flame to a steam roller unless you are positive all the alcohol has been rinsed off.

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Clean a Steamroller Pipe in 1 Minute with a Heavy Duty Cleaner

how to clean large steamroller pipe

Let’s talk about your really filthy steam roller pipe that you haven’t cleaned since you got it. It probably has clogs, huh? We understand. We have all been there. No need to worry, we are going to show you how to effectively clean even the filthiest steamroller piece in just 1 minute.

This option is best if you have multiple smoking devices to use and you don’t mind purchasing and waiting on a bong cleaning product to arrive on your door step.

Pro-Tip: This method is extremely good for when you need to clean a steamroller bong that may have mold or biofilm in it as well.

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Items for Cleaning a Steam Roller Pipe Using Formula 420

The following is a list of everything you will need to effectively clean a clogged steamroller pipe in just 1 minute:

1. Formula 420

2. Pipe Cleaners

3. Ziploc Bag

In the next section, we will go over just how simple and easy it is to clean your steamroller with a heavy-duty cleaner like 420 solution.

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Steps to Clean a Steam Roller Pipe Using Formula 420

"This was amazing. It literally took only 30 seconds and now my glass looks brand new. I was so excited."

Cecilia M.

Cleaning a steamroller pipe should be quick and easy. Follow these steps to clean a steam roller pipe in 60 seconds:

Step 1. Place steamroller pipe in Ziploc Bag.

Step 2. Pour Formula 420 into bag (enough to cover steam roller pipe).

Step 3. Swish the liquid all around the steamroller pipe until all tar and resin break up and falls off.

Step 4. Fine detailing can be done with pipe cleaners.

Step 5. Rinse with warm water and you’re good to go!

Pro-Tip: When dealing with a clogged steamroller pipe, you can hold a flame to the area that is clogged. Doing this will help melt down the build up of tar and resin and make cleaning a little easier for you.

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Safely Clean a Steam Roller Pipe with Resolution Ooze Gel

cleaning steamroller pipe

If you are into the integrity of the environment you live in and you are health conscious in the slightest bit, this option for cleaning a steamroller pipe is the right option for you.

Alcohol and sea salt are harsh and abrasive household products that get the job of cleaning a steamroller pipe done effectively, but can be damaging to the environment, to you, and to your steamroller piece.

In some states, like California, it is illegal to dispose of Isopropyl Alcohol down the drain because it is highly toxic.

If this information is something you do not want to have to worry about and you don’t mind waiting and purchasing an environmentally friendly bong cleaner to clean your steamroller pipe, this is the option for you.

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Items Needed to Clean a Steam Roller Pipe with Resolution Gel

All you will need to clean a steamroller pipe is as follows:

1. Resolution Gel

2. Pipe Cleaners (included when you purchase the Resolution Gel Kit)

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How to Clean a Steamroller Pipe with Res Gel

"I feel better knowing I am using a product to clean my steamroller pipe that is safe for me and for the environment."

Sam F.

Follow the steps listed below to clean your steamroller pipe in a way that is healthy for you and for the environment:

Step 1. Place steamroller pipe in resealable Res Gel packet.

Step 2. Shake bag until tar and resin has been removed from steam roller pipe. Use pipe cleaners for fine detailing your steamroller pipe.

Step 3. Remove steamroller pipe from bag and rinse thoroughly.

Helpful Tip for Res Gel: If your steamroller pipe is not that dirty, you can reuse your Res Gel multiple times!

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Which Option Will Clean a Steamroller Pipe Best?

For the sake of your health and the integrity of your steam roller pipe, it is important to clean a steamroller pipe and maintain that clean. The method in which you choose to go about cleaning a steamroller piece is going to be determined by your budget, how long you wish to wait to clean, and how serious you are about protecting the environment around you.

Luckily, you have options. Your steamroller pipe is waiting for you to choose so that it can get the correct cleaning it deserves.

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