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There is nothing, and we mean, absolutley nothing, that sets the foundation for a good sesh like a weed grinder that performs exceptionally and gives you the most perfect consistency of fresh, dry flower.

Leave the hours of testing to the experts! Whether you’re looking for an old fashioned wooden weed grinder, a brand new aluminum herb grinder, an electric weed grinder, a hand crank herb grinder, 3 piece weed grinder or 4 piece weed grinder, we’ve got you covered!

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Best Weed Grinder and Deals

Our team of cannabis experts have tested all these weed grinders so you get to read all about them. You’ll get the most information on every herb grinder so you can choose the best weed grinder of 2021.¬†

Here’s a number of our expert team’s researched weed grinders! Find which one you’ll add to your weed collection next.

Learn More About a Weed Grinder

We believe it’s important to start a sesh off with a weed grinder! We believe in them so much that testing them came from true life experience with each herb grinder. We are experts in which grinder gives weed the best consistency and we chose to share all of our knowledge and experience here.

If you want to understand more on marijuana weed grinders read all of our guides by the experts!

So Why Choose a Weed Grinder?

In order to roll the perfect joint, you need to first grind your weed to a perfect consistency. In order to pack a chillum, you need a weed grinder to grind that weed just right. When breaking down a blunt, nothing does it better than an herb grinder. No matter which method of smoking you choose, an herb grinder is key prior to rolling or packing. Trust our expert advice and tips on which weed grinder to purchase next!

Which Type of Weed Grinder is Right For You?

Looking for that vintage style with a wooden weed grinder? Or maybe you prefer a slice and dice to your weed so you need a metal weed grinder with teeth that cut with just one twist. No matter your consistency preference, we’ve got all the best weed grinders here for you!

We did the research to help you choose the best option for you.

Aluminum Grinder

The most common and most popular of the weed grinder bunch. An aluminum grinder begins a good pack of a bowl, bong, or joint. If you prefer to give your weed grinder one or two good twist, and that’s it, an aluminum grinder is what you’ll want to use!

Wooden Weed Grinder

Some weed smokers prefer to use a wooden weed grinder. The consistency provided by a wooden grinder is that that you would get from breaking up the buds using your fingers. So if you prefer a thicker grind to your weed, or if you prefer smoking blunts, you will want a great wooden weed grinder!

Plastic Weed Grinder

If you’re looking for an inexpensive weed grind that is durable and won’t break, a plastic weed grinder is what you’ll want to choose. When choosing a plastic weed grinder, the colors seem to stand out the most! If you find yourself being clumsy from time to time and dropping your herb grinder, a plastic weed grinder is your best bet.

Electric Weed Grinder

Are you lazy like we’re lazy? We found an electric weed grinder to be a fan favorite of ours! With the click of a button, some electric herb grinders can grind up to 2.5 grams at once! How’s that for an efficient grind? Grind with ease using an electric¬† weed grinder.

Hand Crank Herb Grinder

Take it back to the 90’s! Before electric pencil sharpeners came out, you would sharpen your pencils by cranking. The same goes for the hand crank herb grinder! With less effort than a regular twist weed grinder, a hand crank herb grinder only requires a circular movement of the hand. Choose a hand crank weed grinder for your next grinder.

3 Piece Weed Grinder

A 3 piece weed grinder is the most common weed grinder you will see. Every function you could need for a weed grinder is done with a 3 piece. A place to grind the weed, a place to catch the ground weed, and then a ever loving kief catcher chamber. Perfect for saving up for a kief rip!

4 Piece Weed Grinder

Want a little extra sifting through the pollen? Well then, you’ll want to choose a 4 piece weed grinder. The extra weed grinder chamber gives you everything the 3 piece grinder does but adds a little extra sifting of kief for you! If you are really serious about your pollen, choose a 4 piece weed grinder.

Why Trust Our Research on Herb Grinders

Nothing starts a good high off quite like grinding your weed to that perfect consistency. No matter which method of smoking our team is on, we always use an herb grinder to get things rolling. From testing each other’s favorite weed grinders and voting on who’s best, to checking in with real customers on social media, we did thorough research on weed grinders so you don’t have to!

We spent hours on testing the top herb grinders that are on the market and compared every single one’s ground weed side by side to be sure we were getting the perfect consistency. When shopping for your next weed grinder, you can trust our grind and our hustle!

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