Weed pipe’s are awesome. They are simple to use, easy to travel with, and very affordable. Weed pipes come in many different shapes and sizes and we have tested many of the best cannabis pipes out there so you can find your next perfect pipe.

Whether you are looking for a one hitter, chillum, spoon pipe, steam roller pipe, silicone pipe, bubbler pipe, or a more nostalgic gandalf pipe, we test the products so you can see if performance and quality is to your standards.

weed pipes

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Best Weed-Pipes and Deals

Our team of cannabis experts have tested many marijuana pipes and trust me it was fun. While there are so many pipes to test we rounded up some of the industry favorites and truly put their design, function, and smokability to test. 

Find out how well these cannabis pipes held up after 6 months to a year and browse through what we found to be the best weed pipes in 2021.


Learn More About Weed-Pipes

Weed pipes can be used for many things in the cannabis world. Whether you are a stealth smoker, budget smoker, microdoser, or you are working on lowering your tolerance the marijuana pipes are a fan favorite. Check out all the research in our weed pipe educational articles so  you can learn how to clean, smoke, and use your cannabis pipe.

Why Trust Our Research on Weed Pipes

Our team of cannabis experts have been smoking from weed pipes as far back as when there were still lunchboxes and report cards. It was truly a pleasure to test all the different weed pipes for functionality, stealth, carb hole strength, filtration, and how smooth a rip can be. We spent hours testing different strains and from dry to more moist weed against the industries leading weed pipes.

Not only did we test the product we reached out to previous customers to see how well their weed pipes stood the test of time from 6 months to one year. We looked over 100 reviews from each pipe to find out just all the praises and complaints and tested against all of these reviews to make sure that the next weed pipe you purchase is worth the spend.

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