The Best Smoking Pokemon Pipes of 2023

The Best Smoking
Pokemon Pipe of 2023

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

These are your choices, Ash“, gesturing to the Pokeballs.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, but you can only choose one to be your first Pokemon on your journey.”

                    -Professor Oak

pokemon pipe

Unleash your inner Pokemon Master with these beautiful handmade Pokemon pipes, launching in April 2023.

While Ash had to choose just one companion, you can catch them all and elevate your smoking game with these one of a kind Pokemon smoke pipes.

The best Pokémon smoke pipes
you can buy right now

#1 Pokemon weed pipe

pokemon pipes

Hand Poured
Bulbasaur Pipe

#2 Pokemon Weed Bowl

pokemon smoke pipes

Hand Poured
Charmander Pipe

#3 Pokemon Smoking Pipe

pokemon smoking pipe

Hand Poured
Squirtle Pipe

The best Pokémon pipe
you can buy today

While Nintendo has no plans to cater to the Pokemon stoner community, a few brave renegade artists are bringing our favorite pocket monsters to life with their incredible Pokemon pipe creations.

Show your support for their craft and embrace the intricate details and craftsmanship and let these pipes be a part of your journey as you explore the world of Pokemon like never before.

Here are the top 6 Pokémon Pipes of 2023:

"Bulba Bulba" - The Bulbasaur Pipe

bulbasaur pipe

Hand colored, mixed, and poured

Elevate your Pokemon collection with this stunning Bulbasaur pipe. With it’s impressive blend of Grass and Poison, Bulbasaur is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield and with your cannabis.

Discover Toy Pipes – a group of talented artists and engineers who have created a stunning Bulbasaur pipe that is both visually flawless and delivers an exceptionally smooth smoking experience that rivals the best weed pipes.

Oh yeah, there’s also an internal ash catcher … Ash Catchem … Anyway, skip below to see the testing I did on this Pokemon pipe.

"Char Char" - The Charmander Pipe

charmander pipe

Pokemon Smoke Pipes


Charmander fans rejoice! With its powerful abilities such as Flamethrower and Fire Punch, Charmander can unleash an inferno of flames that leaves its enemies scorched and defeated.

This Charmander pipe captures the essence of this beloved Fire-type Pokemon, with authentic details to bring you back to your Pokemon Red days.

Made from medical grade silicone with a high-quality borosilicate glass bowl, this thing smokers smoother than glass, cooler than glass, and stops all ash and particles from entering your mouth.

"Squirtle Squirtle" - The Squirtle Pipe

squirtle pipe

Squirtle Pokemon Pipe


Introducing the Squirtle pipe, a must-have for any true Pokemon stoner fan! This adorable Pokemon pipe boasts a beautiful light blue color and an unmistakable lounging Squirtle that captures the essence of the beloved water-type starter.

Made from platinum-grade medical silicone and engineered to feel and smoke like a standard glass pipe. The only issue is you can never get these colors or level of details with glass.

Finally a Pokemon smoking pipe that actually looks like the Pokemon we grew to love.

The Snorlax Pipe

snorlax pipe

The Perfect Pipe for Cornering


Get ready to snooze your way into a world of Pokemon magic with the Snorlax Pokemon pipe! Don’t miss out on the chance to add this sleeping giant to your collection.

This Pokemon weed pipe is made from platinum medical-grade silicone and is equipped with an internal ash-catching system that not only cools and slows the smoke down, but also stops any particles from entering your mouth.

Easy to clean and only 100 of these will be hand made, so catch them while you can!

Gengar Pokemon Glass Pipe

pokemon glass pipe

Pokemon glass pipe


Introducing the notorious and elusive Gengar Pokemon Pipe – a spectral pipe that strikes fear in the hearts of all cannabis buds.

This captivating Ghost/Poison dual type Pokemon pipe boast a beautiful fumed texture with authentic Gengar stencil art.

This pipe is bigger than it looks, priced beautiful, and is 100% handmade!

Glass Blown Pikachu Pipe

pikachu pipe

Pikachu Pokemon Pipe


Here is a cute little hand made Pikachu pipe. While glass blowing actually Pokemon shapes is very hard, I did love how he got all the colors spot on. 

From the Pokeball handled pipe to the authentic Pikachu colors in the glass face, there was a lot of time and care put into this hand-blown Pikachu pokemon pipe.

The best part is the price point is extremely affordable.

Testing behind the Bulbasaur Pokemon Pipe

pokemon weed bowl

Toy Pipes is launching in April 2023 just in time for 4-20! They were kind enough to send over a few Pokemon pipes for our team to test and I just have to say we are in love.

Let’s start with my favorite Pokemon weed bowl of them all: The Bulbasaur Pipe.

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Let's talk about the art on this Pokemon Pipe

weed bulbasaur

Toy Pipes is the first cannabis brand to bring a full range of color and artistic details into cannabis smoking gear.

Each pipe is hand made and you can see the amazing craftsmanship and details put into this Bulbasaur Pokemon weed pipe.

Check out the beautiful bulb on his back, spot marks, fangs, and all the details. Everything is 100% Bulbasaur. To get this level of detail with glass is impossible and upwards of thousands of dollars. 

Everything from the mixing of the color to the artistic sculpting was very well thought out.

I guarantee it will be the first pipe you will actually want to display proudly.

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How did the Bulbasaur Pokémon weed pipe smoke?

I’ve smoked a ton of cannabis pipes and one thing they all have in common is the smoke is fairly hot which results in a pretty uncomfortable smoking experience.

Not only that you can sometimes get a mouth full of ash – not fun.

Toy Pipes engineered their pipes to have a very forced smoke channel. What this does is it filters out the smoke from any particles and the internal ash catching system duals as a system to cool your smoke down.

The result is a super smooth and controlled hit with zero coughs. This unique engineering is the same you will see with pipes such as the Maze X and the Genius Pipe (which both boast waterless filtration).

While the Bulbasaur Pipe may look amazing it also smokes really well.

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Testing behind the Charmander
Pokemon Smoking Pipe

pokemon weed pipe

Toy Pipes sent over their handmade Charmander pipe and I’m stoked. Toy Pipes will officially be launching in April 2023 and only 100 of these Pokemon pipes will be made so hopefully if you are a Charmander fan you get your hands on one of these because they are amazing.

Charmander fans rejoice!
It's All in the Details

charmander weed

Made from platinum-grade medical silicone, the colors in this pipe were actually mixed by hand. The artist from Toy Pipes stated, “we wanted to give Pokemon fans an authentic feel but still mix colors that had a modern touch to it”.

The orange looks so good you sort of want to bite into it. Charmanders details from his tiny claws, and his flamed tail, are all there to perfection.

If you think Charmander looks amazing wait until you see all three (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle) together.

Smoking the Charmander Pokemon weed pipe

While these Pokemon pipes truly shine when it comes to color and authenticity of detail, what really tops it off is the engineering behind the product.

Toy Pipes has a team of cannabis engineers that know their stuff.

Silicone pipes are usually hollow (that’s why you can bend them in half). This results in a very poor smoking experience with stagnant/stale smoke left in corners.

Toy Pipes engineered their pipes to allow the smoke to move through just as a glass pipe would. The only difference is that these Pokemon pipes force the smoke through an internal ash-catching system.

That means this Charmander pipe smokes just as smoothly as a glass pipe, but with zero particles or ash flying into your mouth.

A Charmander pipe that looks beautiful and smokes like a $100 pipe is amazing. It can 100% be your daily smoker.

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Testing behind the Squirtle
Pokemon Weed Pipe

pokemon bowl piece

Toy Pipes is launching in April of 2023 and they were nice enough to send over their Squirtle pipe. This was actually the first of the Pokemon pipes I actually smoked and tested and the verdict is: it’s awesome. 

Let’s dive in but remember there are only going to be 100 made (according to Toy Pipes) so get your hands on one while you can.

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A closer look at the insane Pokemon details

squirtle weed

You will never find your favorite Pokemon with this level of artistry on any pipe or bong.

Each Squirtle Pokemon pipe is uniquely handmade. That means the color was hand mixed, the model hand sculpted, and of course, each poured and made by hand.

From Squirtles curly tail, smooth shell, and three fingers, the details are all there!

If you love Squirtle you will love this Pokemon pipe – hands down.

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How well did the Squirtle Pokemon weed pipe smoke?

Toy Pipes engineered all of their Pokemon pipes to smoke, unlike anything you ever experienced. It smokes smooth as a glass pipe, yet has filtration that prevents particles like ash from entering your mouth (something glass hasn’t quite figured out).

While this Pokemon weed pipe does have a carb hole, because of the internal ash-catching system the carburetor’s impact is reduced slightly.

So if you are looking for super strong shot-gun hits this pipe may not be for you. This Pokemon pipe gives a very smooth and controlled hit with zero coughing.  

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Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Pokémon Pipes

Hopefully, you enjoyed our picks for the top Pokemon pipes of 2023. When it comes to a Pokemon smoking pipe, we definitely recommend any of the options in our list. Make sure to check their entire inventory out as they have many more smoking Pokemon options. 

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