Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is a wonderful add on to your bong piece or water pipe. They catch unwanted ash and weed particles that may have otherwise landed into your water chamber, allowing buildup to form more easily. 

May it be a tree perc ash catcher, honeycomb ash catcher, or percolator ash catcher, we have assessed and examined different types of ash catchers from numerous brands in search of the best ash catcher on the cannabis market for you to browse through. 


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Best Ash Catchers of 2021

Is your glass piece starting to look dirty after just a few uses? Do you see black specks and residue floating around in your water chamber? Take a look at all the best ash catchers of 2021 that we’ve approved and find the best ash catcher for all your bongs and water pipes. 

Learn More About Ash Catchers

By using an ash catcher you’ll find that you wont be needing to clean your bong as frequent or regularly. A dirty bong is a common problem for most, even if you aren’t an avid smoker. That’s why it’s important to understand how to use an ash catcher and why it’s important to use one. Learn everything you need to know about ash catchers down below. 

So Why Choose an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is ideal for maintaining a clean bong and water pipe. All ash and small weed particles that make its way into your glass will be caught in the ash catcher, allowing  you to smoke more cleanly, keeping residue and unwanted debris out. Ash catchers are usually removed or added on where the bowl piece would go. The bowl will be swapped out and the ash catcher will take its place. The bowl can then be placed on top of the opening of the ash catcher where you will then smoke as you normally would. 

Learn About the Different Types of Ash Catchers

We’ve broken down the sole purpose of an ash catcher, but did you know there are different ash catcher styles and features? They offer added benefits and boost your overall smoking quality with their intricate characteristics. Each ash catcher is uniquely designed to increase your smoking experience, especially if they have added features such as a percolator.

Percolator Ash Catcher

A percolator ash catcher is an ash catcher that has a water chamber that allows for smoke to be filtered out all while still keeping out the bad stuff like ash and other small particles that makes its way inside the glass piece. When using a percolator ash catcher you get both the benefits of not just a clean bong but a smooth hitting smoke. 

Tree Perc Ash Catcher

A tree perc ash catcher is a percolator that has a slitted disc for water and smoke filtration to take place. They are typically located towards the bottom of the glass piece where the water chamber is present. By using a tree perc ash catcher, you can be sure your smoke will be cooled before hitting your lungs, allowing for a smooth toke. 

Honeycomb Ash Catcher

A honeycomb ash catcher has multiple holes in what looks like a disc to ensure optimal smoke filtration. They typically will resemble a beehive due to the hole shapes on the disc. Honeycomb percolators allow for the water to efficiently stack and the multiple holes function extremely well in forming numerous bubbles that deliver a remarkable smooth clean tasting rip every time. 

Why Trust Our Research on Ash Catchers

We know there are over a dozen styles and types of ash catcher percolators out there in the cannabis market, so our team has taken the time to go through each and test them for quality, durability, and performance. What we found was majority of these ash catchers failed in terms of glass quality and design.

Our team of cannabis experts have also reached out to over 100 online reviews through social media as well as cannabis forums in order to find out what their thoughts were on each individual product. This was vital for us in order to understand all the ins and outs including the flaws in design and functionality of the brand. After intense study and personally trying the product out ourselves, we were able to then compile a list of only the best ash catchers in the cannabis industry. 

You can be rest assured all of our top picks have been tested and reviewed for your benefit so you can decide what ash catcher will be right for you! 

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