Bong Filters 101: Prevent
Tar, Resin, and Coughing 2023

Why would you need a bong filter if your bong’s already has a water chamber to “filter”.


Contrary to popular belief, the percolation chamber (water chamber in your bong) is primarily meant to cool the smoke. 


“Sure, a small amount of the bad stuff might get filtered out in your bong. But it’s not enough to make much of a difference.”  – Healthline, fact medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D.

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Did you know that more tar is found to be deposited in cannabis smokers compared to cigarettes?


Bong filters were designed as an extra layer to help prevent tar, resin, particles, and other contaminants from entering your lungs.


Let’s break down exactly how a filter for bong works, and we will show you which is the best that is proven to prevent tar and resin from entering into your lungs.

The Holy Grail of Bong
Filters: Carbon Filter Bong

Carbon filtration is generally used to filter airborne particles, dust, dander, and helps trap odors through a process called adsorption. An innovative cannabis inventor came up with a unique carbon bong filter that can easily attach to any size bong. Let’s break down how this carbon filter for weed really works.


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The MouthPeace
Bong Carbon Filter

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The Mooselabs MouthPeace is an ingeniously designed marijuana carbon filter.


The design was meant to fit literally any size water pipe from mini to large, and can even fit recyclers, dab rigs, and weed pipes!

It’s made from silicone which promotes no micro-bacteria growth.


Inside of this rubber cone sits a carbon activated filter which catches resin and tar like no other.


You can see how much impurities the bong filter catches every time.


Inside of this”Mouth Peace,” there is a filter designed from activated carbon which has antibacterial properties that absorbs resins, toxins, and tars. 


The unique design does not prevent airflow or block your intake at all. They have been reported widely to actually enhance terpenes.


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Does a Carbon Bong
Filter Actually Work?

carbon filter bong

So we bought and tested Jay’s Moose Labs bong filter just to see how well it really did.


I was the perfect candidate as I suffer from asthma and depend entirely on ice to cool hits to prevent coughing. Using a Mooselab bong filter was like night and day.


We still used an ice bong, but also used a bong filter on top of the cooling. It was the coolest most comfortable smoke I ever had. Zero heat, zero coughing, and just much more “clean”.


Remember the activated carbon actually absorbs odors. Your bong water generally gives off an odor and the filter catches all those smells allowing you to actually taste the terpenes in your cannabis.


My favorite part about the Mooselabs carbon bong filter is that you can see it working.


After three days of using the bong filter, our carbon filter roll was completely caked to the point we could not pull from it anymore. Can you imagine all that gunk in your lungs?


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Benefits of a Carbon Bong Filter

As more and more states legalize cannabis in the United States going into 2023, we can expect a better smoking experience all around.


Bong filters in the water chamber have been around for hundreds of years, and combining that with a carbon bong filter was featured in our staffs pick for the healthiest way to smoke weed (check out more tricks for safer smoking).


Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a carbon filter for smoking weed.


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A Bong Filter
Prevents Coughing

Nobody loves the harsh hits, burning in the lungs, and heavy dry coughing that comes after a bong rip.


If the water filtration and smoke cooling is not enough, a charcoal filter bong is exactly what you need. The activated carbon absorbs all of the tar, resin, and containments giving you the cleanest smoke possible.


So if coughing is an issue you are definitely going to want to try out a carbon filter for weed.


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Carbon Filter for Weed is
Good for Asthma Users

I have chronic asthma and actually got it in my later years (going into my 30’s). I could never really find my happy medium when smoking weed.


It wasn’t just the coughing that was an issue, it was the constricted breathing for almost up to an hour after smoking. The coughing occurs when tar and resin particles enter your lung and land on the lung tissues.


This can trigger asthma symptoms almost immediately. When using a cannabis carbon filter I get a much cleaner experience. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better, that’s for sure.


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What is a Water
Filtration Bong Filter?

Bong filters in the water chamber are accessories attached to the pipe such as a downstem.


At the moment this form of bong filtration in the water chamber is less of filtration and more designed to take that heated smoke and cool it off before it hits your lung.


In addition, they help prevent the water from splashing into the smoker’s mouth when they inhale smoke from the bong. 


Let’s break down all the common bong filters that are in your bong and just how they work.


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The Different Types of
Bong Filter Percolators

There’s a lot that goes on in the water chamber of your bong. Depending on how your glass was cut (generally how many slits or holes) determines the number of bubbles created when you inhale.


The more bubbles the more cooling. In our experience, we found the cleanest smoke possible was with a Mooselabs carbon bong filter, ice, and a powerful water filtration system.


Take a look at all the different types of bong filter systems you can have for cooling.


  1. Downstem: This refers to a generally small glass tube with slits that allow the creation of bubbles. In some cases, the portion with slits is submerged underwater inside the bong. 
  2. Inline: This type has many holes placed in a linear pattern. Inline style is believed to offer a more heightened flavor because of the dispersal of the smoke when it passes through the holes.
  3. Honeycomb: This perc typically comes in pairs. Yet, it’s also offered in multiples. Its filtration and colling properties depend on the number of chambers in each pair. 
  4. Tree: This type is made of tubular arms that branch out like a tree. Many tree types emit a lot of small bubbles. Its downside, however, is its fragility. 
  5. Showerhead: This perc has a long tube attached to the main chamber. It has several slits in control of the quality of diffusion. Furthermore, the number of diffusions defines the quality of hit it may produce. 
  6. Swiss: This type has a complex set of holes and an unlikely design that allows powerful diffusion. In addition, it enables users to take smooth hits. 
  7. Matrix: This perc has a cylindrical shape and focuses at the center of the bong’s base. It has horizontal and vertical slits, allowing greater diffusion. 
  8. Barrel: This type has a barrel-like appearance and more holes than most percs. It’s known to provide deep diffusion. Generally, they’re positioned vertically. However, they could be adjusted sideways in bongs with open downstem. 
  9. Cross: It uses a downstem filtration and cross-shaped tubes designed like the tree type. In many sips, it allows better airflow and avoids splashes. 


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Final Thoughts on Using
Bong Filters in 2023

The emergence of new bong filters and other attachments has paved the way for better and healthier cannabis smoking. We hope this g guide on bong filters has helped you find a more optimal smoking experience as it did for myself and my sensitive lungs.


A carbon bong filter has helped reduce my coughing and asthma symptoms by tenfold. While the trend is fairly new, we hope every stoner eventually discovers the amazing things a carbon filter for weed can do.


If you have any recommendations on another bong filter please let us know so we can test.

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