Dosilato Strain:
2023 Buyers, Sellers,
and Growers Guide

The perfect strain for melting stress away

Dosilato strain

The Dosilato Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that marries the genetics of Do-Si-Do and Gelato #41. The primary terpene found in Dosilato is Caryophyllene, which is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties


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Dolato strain

If you are interested in growing, verifying, buying, selling, or smoking the Dolato strain, then this is the guide for you!


Authentic Dosi Lato Strain, bred by In House Genetics, melds a mesmerizing range of colors in its colas, from gentle greens to opulent red wines and vibrant oranges, each bud shimmering with diamond-like trichomes.

Dosilato Strain


THC 23% | CBD .5% | Indica/Sativa

Strain Feel

Terpene Profile

Buyers Guide

Consumers Say

Do Si Lato strain is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, making it the perfect strain to unwind, inducing a stress-free and tranquil state of mind, ideal for a relaxing evening at home.


The Do Lato Strain has a euphoric aroma of pine, earthy notes, and subtle hints of citrus, complemented by the sweet taste of lavender, thanks to the powerful combination of Terpineol and Bisabolol.

Smoking Dosilato
Strain for the First Time

If you are deciding whether to smoke the popular Gelato Dosido strain the quick verdict is: It melts away bodily stress.


In this section we dive into the Dosi Gelato’s strain terpene profile and cannabinoid count and exactly what real users reported from smoking this marijuana strain.

Dolato strain effects
and terpene profile

Dosilato strain

The Dosi Gelato terpene profile:


Caryophyllene .16% (anti-inflammatory)

Limonene .16% (anti-bacterial)

Linalool .08% (serotonin boost)

Bisabolol .18% (mood calming)

Nerolidol .04% (sleep aid)

Why the heck it matters: Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant. While consumers tend to focus more on THC%, we recommend you start shopping based on terpene profile as it truly defines the high.


Dosilato strain’s primary terpene is Caryophyllene which can be found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

Caryophyllene is the only known terpene that also acts as a cannabinoid. The result is this terpene can activate our endocannabinoid system to promote anti-inflammatory effects.


The result: instant relief of bodily stress.


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Dosilato strain
review summary

While the effects of Dosilato hybrid strain can be different for every person, we found a commonality that all smokers shared (based on real reviews).


Do your own thing: Dosilatto unlocks a state of mind where you can simply tune out the world and revel in the moment. One of the most sough-after benefits of this lovely strain is the ability to effortlessly guide you into a tranquil state of being, where you can tune in to your inner rhythm and vibe out your own way.


Powerful but productive: The ultimate companion strain for those seeking to balance productivity and relaxation. The clarity and focus induced by this strain makes it a top choice for those looking to tackle a mountain of work with ease.


Negatives: Users with a lower tolerance to THC reported dry eyes and dry mouth. On rare instances we saw people complain of headaches but this is not common with Dosi Gelato.


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Dolato strain THC
level and cannabinoids

Dosilato Strain cannabinoids:


THC: 23% (high)

CBD: 0.5% (medicinal benefits)

CBG: 0.5% (fights inflammation)

CBN: .15%% (sleep aid)

THCV: 1% (motivated/alert)

The CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (Cannabinol) count in Dosilato strain helps to alleviate the body of inflammation and promote relaxation for sleep.


Do-si-lato also has a pinch of THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) to help the mind feel motivated if you need to be productive, making it a versatile Indica hybrid.


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Strain Verification: Is it
Really Dosilato I'm buying?

About to buy some Dosilato but you aren’t sure if it’s the real deal?


In this section, we will be going over what the authentic lato strain strain should look and smell like. We also share a few tips on what to avoid with a few helpful reference photos. Make sure to check out our fair pricing guide for Dosilatto below.


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How does authentic
Do Lato strain look like?

dosi lato strain

Dosilato Colors: With a subtle kaleidoscopic range of colors ranging for lush hues of light and dark greens (balanced chlorophyll), deep undertones of purple or red-wines (higher amounts of Anthocyanins), and vibrant orange pistols with yellow washes produced from Carotenoids. 


Color Variations: Sometimes horticulturalist drop the temperatures to produce more purples. This is purely cosmetics so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see any purples in your Dolato strain.


Trichomes: Each cola is glistening with an array of diamond-like trichomes. Enough for it to glisten without masking the beautiful colors.


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How does authentic
Do Lato smell like?

Smell: Upon breaking apart the buds, you should be greeted with an alluring aroma of fresh flowers with earthy and fruity notes.


Taste: The smoke exudes a lightness and smoothness, effortlessly delivering the interplay of earthy sweetness and fruity juiciness. You can taste subtle hits of floral essence making it a true masterpiece of sensory delight.


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Avoid Low-Quality
Dosilato Strains

do so lato strain

Whether you are buying from a recreational marijuana dispensary, medical marijuana dispensary, or from the grey market, the quality of your Dolato 41 strain depends entirely on the cultivation practices of your grower.


The above images are examples of Dosi Lotto grown poorly. 


Passable Dosi lato: Sometimes there will be very minor purple and red hues and that’s ok. You want to see a mixture of dark greens and light greens. If the orange pistols are there and you still see a decent amount of trichomes it will still smoke decent.


Dosi Lato you should avoid: Avoid when you see all the buds a bright lime green. It’s an imbalance of low humidity for photosynthesis. This means the plant was overwatered. You will see far less orange pistols which means far less THC.


In the next section we take a look at the highest quality you can obtain for Dosilato and that is by the original breeders: In House Genetics.


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Original Dosi Lato
by In House Genetics

do lato strain

In House Genetics is a cannabis breeding company that specializes in micro-breeding cannabis strains. 


In-House Genetics releases new exclusive strains every month and is known for famous strains such as Slurricane, Animal Pie, Jelly Breath, Platinum, and Platinum Runtz.


The Dosilato strain by In House Genetics is ultra rich in trichomes with deep purples and beautiful orange pistols. The dark and light greens are usually covered by frosted trichomes, packing a powerful 25% THC. 


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The complete growers
guide for Dosilato cannabis

Dalato’s Cultivar profile:


Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid

Difficulty: Experienced

Nutrient Focus: Magnesium/Calcium

Yield Indoors: 18 oz per Square meter

Yield Outdoors: 25 oz per plant

Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

Flowering technique: Photoperiod

Vegetation Lights: 18/6

Flower Lights: 12/12

Outdoor Harvest: October

Grow Style: Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor, Light-deps

Climate: Continental or Mediterranean

Now that you know the basic grow specs of Dolato strain let’s take a closer look at the optimal climate settings, where to find the seeds, and the expected yields.


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Indoor, mediterranean, or
continental grow environment

The recommended growing environments for Dosilato strain are a temperament Mediterranean climate or a sunny continental climate. You can take key points from these climates to introduce into your indoor grow environment as well.


Indoor growing: The optimal temperatures to grow Dosilato strain indoors is 70–79°F. Keep the relative humidity to around 40%  once flowering begins for Dolato. Once the strain reaches the final two weeks of flowering you can drop the RH down to 30%. The Dosilato strain can support great stretches towards increased lighting as the branches grow very sturdy.


Mediterranean:  Mediterranean climates such as Southern California or Central California makes the perfect grow environment for Dosi Lato. Mediterranean climate’s are known to have mild yet wet winters and warm/hot summers that are dry. Under these conditions it’s common to get a harvest of up to 25 oz per plant.


Continental: Continental climates are commonly found in North America, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan. In a continental climate you will experience much colder winters and much hotter summers because of the lack of water bodies to help keep climates milder in winter and summer.


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Where do I find
authentic Dolato seeds?

There are a few credible sources for Dosilato strain seeds. Some of these sources are direct from In-House Genetics and the others are from very credible cultivators.


#1 Dolato Seed Source: In House Genetics

#2 Dolato Seed Source: Kyle Kushman


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Dosilato strain
yield potential

The most ideal harvest will be under a Mediterranean climate like Southern or Central California, resulting in up to 25 ounces per plant.


If you are growing indoors you can expect about 18 ounces for every square meter.


In a square meter you can typically grow up to 3-4 plants, but with a SOG method (sea of green) or SCROG method (screen of green) you can increase your plants per meter.


This would result in a higher yield for Dosilato strain than the expected 17.5 ounces per square meter.


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Fair Pricing Guide for
Dosi Lato strain 2023

gelato dosido strain

Pricing for Dosilato strain depends on the quality of the cured cannabis buds.


As a general guideline you can use the image above which shows the highest quality Dolato strains to the lower quality. Included in the pricing is an eighth of weed, an ounce of weed, and a pound of weed.


Below is the complete fair pricing guide for Do Lato strain in 2023:


Fair pricing on Dosi Lato Strain
$ 60 Premium 8th
  • $70 Authentic Dosi Lato strain
  • $60 PremiumDosi Lato strain
  • $50 Lower Quality Dosi Lato strain


Fair pricing on Dosi Lato Strain
$ 250 Premium Ounce
  • $300 for Authentic Dosi Lato strain
  • $250 for Premium Dosi Lato strain
  • $200 for Dosi Lato strain


Fair pricing on Dosi Lato Strain
$ 3000 Premium Pound
  • $3,200 for Authentic ICC strain
  • $3000 for Premium ICC strain
  • $2,800 for Low Qality ICC Sstrain

Authentic Dosilato: Authentic Dosilato weed will have deep purples as an undertone. You should see dark and bright greens with splashes of yellow. The purples undertone contrast with the greens to give a “Red-wine” look to the entire cannabis nug. There should be an ample amount of trichomes but not so much you can no longer see the colors.


Premium Dosilato: For standard premium Dosi Gelato it’s ok to see less purples. What’s left is the vibrant dark and light greens, with plenty of orange pistols and a nice powdering of trichomes. 


Low-Quality Dosilato: You want to avoid the Lato strain when you see the entire bud is lime green with a lack of other greens. This is due to poor cultivation techniques so you can expect a decrease in THC and terpenes as well. If your Dolato 41 strain looks like this then you don’t want to pay higher prices.


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Dosilato Strain
Summary - Checklist

Dosilato strain is a hybrid dominant cross between two powerhouse strains: Gelato #41 and Do-Si-Dos.


In this guide we delved deep into the Dolato strain terpene profiles to take a closer look at some proven benefits and we discussed the total cannabinoid profile.


Dosilato is the perfect strain to melt away stress mentally and physically because of it’s unique terpene profile, and it’s the perfect cannabis strain for solo evenings or a nice casual conversation.

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