First Time Smoking weed? (See the 7 Best Ways to Smoke Weed)

Ultimate Guide For Total Noobs On Smoking Weed

So it’s 2023 and it’s going to be your first time smoking weed? #lifegoals.


You may be wondering:


What if I get too high the first time smoking weed?

Why are there so many strains, products, and different ways to smoke weed?

How do I smoke weed in the first place?


Worry not, my friend, we wrote the ultimate guide for total beginners on how to smoke weed. We cover the elementary cannabis basics all the way to advanced expert weed tips.


Pro-Tip:  If you don’t know quite where to start we have a handy short cut menu below to help you pin point where to start. If you already have your cannabis ready to smoke then read: how to inhale weed properly.

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Brand New to Smoking Weed?

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Best Way to Smoke Weed

What Do I Smoke With?

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Different Ways to Smoke Weed

Smoking Weed for the First Time

Whether your state just legalized cannabis or you are interested in all the medicinal benefits of marijuana, any day is always a good day for smoking weed for the first time.


You may hear amazing stories, embarrassing stories, and even very bad stories about your friend’s first time smoking marijuana.


Either way, if you equip yourself with a bit of accurate knowledge we guarantee you can have an amazing experience smoking marijuana for the first time.


It’s important first to discuss some important details about cannabis because it’s extremely vital you choose the right type of cannabis for you!

Understanding Cannabis and The Products You Buy

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Cannabis is a plant with a psychoactive compound known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ) and  THC is what causes you to get that amazing high!


THC is only one of the 113 total cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, and as the cannabis industry evolves more and more types of cannabis products are being created. 


At first, this may seem confusing but in reality, this allows more options to custom fit anyone’s needs.


Let’s run through 3 of the current trending cannabis products in 2023.


Current Trending Cannabis Products of 2023:


1 – Standard Marijuana (delta-9 THC) is cannabis you typically see on the cover of HighTimes magazine or in movies. This form of cannabis is not legal in all states. When thinking of “cannabis” we are generally thinking of delta-9 THC but we just call it marijuana.


2 – CBD is a non-psychoactive extract that focuses on removing the psychoactive THC and only preserving the medicinal benefits of marijuana. So when you see CBD products just think: you won’t get high but you get the medicinal benefits.


3 – Finally, delta-8 THC is the new kid on the block! This is the process of degrading cannabis until the THC properties are so low that it becomes within the legal limits. So when thinking of Delta-8 think that it’s legal in most states but it has a much weaker high than typical cannabis.


Like most people, if you are interested in smoking cannabis for the first time you are going to want to go for some regular cannabis that will give you the classic “high”.


In most dispensaries this is just known as “flowers” and as long as you don’t ask for CBD or Delta-8 you will be getting standard marijuana.


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Understanding Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains

what's the best way to smoke weed

Once the product selection is determined, the next thing you are going to want to understand is that when your cannabis is grown there are three types of plants that produce marijuana: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.


Since this is a beginners guide think of it like this:


Indica gives you a more mellow, laid-back, and lights-out type of high.


Sativa gives you a more energetic and productive type of high.


A hybrid is a mixture of both Indica and Sativa, so if your dispensary says “Indica dominant hybrid” you know that it’s more of a mellow/relaxed feel. And if it’s a “Sativa dominant hybrid” you know it will be more of a productive and energetic high.


This is very important because if you are someone that wants to smoke to relax and unwind you may want to aim for Indica strains or Indica dominant hybrids.


Or say you want to smoke at night to get ready for bed you want to avoid smoking Sativa, as you may find yourself up all night cleaning the house.


Either way, most strains are going to make you feel out of this world. The most common effects are giggles and mental and bodily stimulation. It makes you want to do funny things, talk to your friends, and laugh. It will also make you crazy hungry, so good snacks are mandatory for a good smoking experience.


Now that you have an understanding of cannabis plant types, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: strain names don’t matter.


There are thousands of strains that just end up confusing people and when it really comes down to it all that matters is the THC % and whether it is Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.


This is strictly speaking for beginners, as more experienced cannabis smokers later start delving into terpenes, CBD %, but that’s not important for your first time smoking weed!


In the next section, we will be focusing on the THC % specs on the label.


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What % THC Should I Pick When Smoking The First Time?

So after you have determined what type of cannabis strain you want, the last thing you will see is the THC % on the label.


THC % generally ranges from 15%-32% and obviously the higher it is the stronger the weed will be.


If it’s your first time smoking weed then we recommend you start with a lower %.


A safe % of THC to start with is 20% and a medium-range is 25% and for people looking for the strongest will go above 30%.


So if you are new and want to try out weed for the first time in a relaxed setting, then go for 20% range with an Indica dominant strain.


If you are on vacation and want to get high and stay active all day then smoke a 25% THC Sativa dominant strain. Pretty easy, right?


So now you are equipped with all the information so you can order cannabis correctly. This ultimately helps decrease your chances of having a poor experience when smoking weed for the first time!


Pro-tip: If you don’t know what size you should buy we wrote an article on weed measurements. Or if you want to save trips and buy bulk learn how I save $200 by buying an ounce of weed.


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How to Smoke Weed: Grinding, Inhaling, and Smoking

So you’ve gone down to the dispensary and picked up your first 8th of cannabis. Hooray!


Now it’s time to understand how to smoke weed. Similar to tobacco, marijuana can be smoked in a number of ways and each way will impact you slightly differently. Unlike tobacco, marijuana comes usually in bud form and is not broken down.


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How to Prepare Your Cannabis for Smoking

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When you purchase marijuana from a dispensary generally they come in “nug” form.


You never want to light up an entire nug at once, you are going to have to break your bud down either with a grinder or by hand. Check out our guide on how to grind weed to get optimal results. Our team of experts actually tested dozens of cannabis preparation tools to find you the best grinder and best electric weed grinders.


Breaking down your cannabis is extremely important, if the pieces are too small they will fly right through your bong into the water chamber, if the pieces are too large and chunky it restricts airflow. This applies to weed pipes, blunts, joints, and bongs.


The process of grinding your weed can also be a bit messy so you want to make sure you have the proper rolling tray to catch any tiny particles that would otherwise be wasted.


You take the broken-down cannabis and place it into whatever smoking device you are using (skip below to see the different smoking tools and how to use them).


After you have prepped your cannabis you are now ready to learn how to smoke weed for the first time!


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How Much Cannabis Should I Smoke for the First Time?

Every person reacts to THC differently, especially the first time when smoking marijuana.


You can take one hit of a blunt, and not feel anything for 15 minutes, and the next person can smoke the same blunt and feel something within 30 seconds.


For your first time smoking weed, I highly recommend you take the smallest hit possible and wait a good 20 minutes before taking another one.


First-time cannabis smokers may absorb the THC much slower.


This is to make sure you don’t accidentally take too many hits thinking you didn’t have enough when in reality the effects of the first hit you had is coming right around the corner.


For your first time smoking weed it’s better to be less high and gradually work your way up, rather than being too stoned.


Pro-Tip: When inhaling weed make sure to inhale deeply into your lungs and hold for no more than 1.5 seconds, as there is no need to hold any longer than that.


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How to Smoke Marijuana (The Basics)

Learning how to smoke weed for the first time is actually a simple process.


The complications arise because there are so many different ways to smoke weed.


It’s easy to think of marijuana just like tobacco in which you can smoke from a pipe, hookah, or even rolling papers.


By igniting the cannabis and inhaling the smoke, the THC travels through to your lungs. Your lungs have millions of alveoli, which are like miniature air sacs which make it easy for THC to enter  your body.


Pro-Tip: Make sure to check out our guide on how to inhale weed which breaks down a simple formula for inhaling 95% of THC.


When it comes to smoking marijuana for the first time, the true question is: what type of smoking experience are you looking for?


Here are the 7 most popular ways to smoke marijuana and if you click any of the links you will skip below in this article with a full guide to show you how to use each device when smoking cannabis for the first time.


Pick based on your personal preference on how you want your smoking experience to be:


1 – Bong: smoking cannabis with a bong offers smooth but powerful hits with maximum filtration.


2 – Pipes: smoking weed from a pipe allows portability, smaller hits, but no filtration.


3 – Steam-Rollers: These are larger pipes that offer no filtration but deliver some of the strongest hits of THC.


4 – Papers: Whether you use blunts or joints, this requires a bit of skill to roll but it has a very classic feel and is much better shared. Filtration can be added depending on how you roll.


5 – Bubblers: Smoking marijuana from a bubbler is like a smaller bong but with much more filtration (bubbles) for smoother hits.


6 – Chillums: These are the smallest pipes that are travel-friendly and easily hidden. They deliver small hits of THC but offer no filtration.


7 – Odd-Balls: There are other fun ways to smoke such as using gas masks or even coffee mug pipes, if you are feeling adventurous you can explore these options.


Pro-Tip: If the list above seems a bit intimidating you can read the next section which focuses on the best way to smoke weed. 


We will be discussing what smoothness means, filtration, carbs, and more terms that will help you find the best tool for smoking cannabis. This will be a deeper dive to help you understand which product is right for you when smoking cannabis for the first time.


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What is the Best Way To Smoke Weed in 2023?

So what’s the best way to smoke weed? Well, my honest opinion is that every method of smoking cannabis is pretty awesome depending on the situation.


If you are traveling then small portable devices are key. If you are on a budget then you may want to go for silicone, and if you have some money and want the smoothest, filtered hits then you can splurge on a bong!


Before deciding you have to ask a few important questions: are you looking for the healthiest way, the strongest, the smoothest, because all of these things matter, and certain cannabis products are designed to deliver unique experiences.


Let’s break some simple specs down so you can understand the benefits each provide .


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Understanding The Specs of Your Cannabis Products

how to smoke weed for the first time

You are going to hear a lot of fancy terminologies when trying to buy your first cannabis tool for smoking.


We are going to break down some of these specs to better help you understand what they mean in a much simpler way.


When you hear terms like percs or “percolators” (showerhead perc, inline percs, tree percs) this is known as filtration and helps to cleanse the smoke entering your lungs and at the same time cool the smoke for a smoother hit.


So when you hear the word “filtration” think cleaner smoke and smoother hits (no coughing) – most commonly found with bongs and bubblers.


When you see the word carb it is known as a “Carburator” and is a function used to deliver stronger hits. So any cannabis tool with a carb well give you the option of enhancing your smoking experience by delivering stronger hits. 


So when you hear the word “carb” think: option for stronger hits when needed – most commonly found with pipes and steam-rollers.


When you hear someone say the word “bowl” it’s just a way of describing the glass cup where the grinded cannabis is placed. 


So when thinking of bowls, they are where you place your cannabis to be lit for smoking and are commonly found in all devices except for blunts and joints.


So if you are someone that has sensitive lungs you would want to focus on something with filtration. If you are someone that you feel will have a high tolerance you may want stronger hits that can be offered through carbs.



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Easiest Way to Smoke Weed

If it’s your first time smoking weed then you may want to aim for the easiest way to smoke marijuana.


Some of the easiest tools to use for beginners are weed pipes and chillums.


They are simple because there is no filtration which requires no water and measuring of the water like bubblers and bongs.


They also require no rolling skills like joints and blunts.


And on top of that, they are much more affordable than other smoking tools and on the plus side if smoking marijuana for the first time is not something you want to share with the world, these devices are easy to hide.


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Super Cool Ways to Smoke Weed (Literally)

When you ignite the cannabis the smoke is actually pretty hot when it hits your lungs and this causes coughing fits.


So the smaller your cannabis device is the hotter the smoke delivered to your lung will be. This is because the time traveled from the device to your lungs is a shorter distance.


This causes people with sensitive lungs to cough and it’s never a fun experience to cough from smoking weed for the first time.


I wrote a guide on how to not cough when smoking weed full of tips and tricks if you have sensitive lungs.


So if you are looking for a cooler hit you can use any of these options:


  1. Bongs have water filtration that allows for cool and smooth hits.
  2. Ice bongs allow you to place ice cubes in the neck of the bong so the smoke travels over the ice making for a very smooth air-like hit.
  3. Glycerin Coil Bongs are freezable bongs that deliver the smoothest hits possible, best for people with asthma.
  4. Bubblers are a smaller version of a bong but focused heavily on filtration through bubbles. The smoke travels over all the bubbles and it creates super-filtered and smooth hits.


The awesome part about a “smooth” hit is that not only is it more comfortable it also means that it has filtered out a lot of the tar and resin that would have otherwise entered into your lungs!


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Creative Ways to Smoke Weed with Silicone

easiest way to smoke weed

We are living in a beautiful age where marijuana is finally becoming legal and more and more unique products are being created.


Silicone products have become increasingly popular and it’s a very creative way to smoke weed.  Most products that are made from glass are much more expensive and can break just from one accidental drop. You can opt to purchase instead a silicone product.


Silicone products are pretty much indestructible, easy to travel with, and extremely easy to clean! On top of that, they have some of the coolest damn designs that really help match your personality.


Here are some popular silicone products that put a super creative twist on classic cannabis products.


  1. Silicone bongs are bongs but made from silicone. They are cheaper, shatterproof, and you can freeze them before using them for smoother hits!
  2. Silicone pipes are just like regular pipes but cheaper, breakproof, and can be frozen for smoother hits, unlike standard pipes.


These products are great for your first time smoking weed and are much more affordable.


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Weed Tips and Tricks

So you may be worried about a few things when smoking weed for the first time. We thought it would be nice to shoot out some of the frequently most asked questions from our readers to give you the best weed tips and tricks for your first time smoke.


Do you get high your first time smoking weed: Yes, if you inhale the cannabis correctly then you will get high. People that do not get high usually take shallow inhales and do not fully allow the THC to enter their lungs. When inhaling try to inhale into the lungs not your mouth and hold for no longer than 1.5 seconds.


What Happens When You Smoke Weed for the First Time: You will experience a body high and a head high. You will notice your body will be relaxed, you may laugh much more, and sometimes you will have much more clarity and focus.


What if I get too high from weed: It’s not uncommon when smoking weed for the first time to get too high. There is a simple trick for this and that is to have some CBD ready on the side. CBD counters marijuana high so if you find yourself stoned to uncomfortable levels simply smoke some CBD to level yourself out! Other tips and tricks are to eat a nice big meal as food brings your high down fairly quickly.


How to Get Really High With Cannabis: While we do not recommend doing this your first time if you want to get more high than you pack more in your bowl and use less filtration. Water filters out not only tar and resin but also THC properties. So smoking a blunt with no filter all by yourself is one of the best ways to get really high with weed.


What are some first time smoking weed tips: Make sure you pick a proper THC % level. 17-20% THC is a safe place to start. Make sure you do not pack the bowl with too much cannabis. A simple pinch of weed is enough for your first time. Make sure you inhale deeply into your lungs and don’t hold it for more than 1.5 seconds. And finally, make sure you wait 20 minutes before taking another hit to give your body time to absorb the THC to its fullest extent


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The 7 Different Ways to Smoke Weed

So you picked out the perfect cannabis strain, got the weed ground, and now you want to learn how to smoke it exactly with a specific product.


Here we will be going over 7 different ways to smoke weed with a guide on each device.


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How to Smoke Cannabis from a Bong

easiest way to smoke weed

Smoking from a bong isn’t as hard as it looks!


You want to first make sure you put water into the water chamber where it fully submerges the downstem. The downstem is the glass tube that should be going into your water chamber which is a percolator (Creates tiny bubbles).

Once you have the proper water levels you put about two good pinches of cannabis into the bowl.


Next, you will want to light the weed with a lighter (tap the flame to the cannabis for better results rather than pushing the entire flame on the flower).


You will then inhale strongly as the cannabis is lit, and you will notice no smoke will be entering your mouth and instead your waterpipe will begin bubbling and the water chamber will fill with smoke.


This is the filtration process, so the more bubbles you create the more cooling and filtering will take place. Once the chamber is filled with smoke you can then lift the bowl up and now inhale all of the smoke.


So remember when it comes to smoking weed for the first time with a bong ti’s a two-step system where you inhale first to fill the bong with smoke and then remove the bowl to inhale the smoke directly into your lungs.


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How to Smoke Weed From a Pipe

weed tips and tricks

A weed pipe is a great tool for smoking cannabis especially for first-timers on a budget.


Your pipe will have three functions, the bowl, the carb hole, and the end from which you inhale.


First, you want to load your cannabis (about two pinches of ground cannabis if it’s your first time) into the bowl. Next you will light the cannabis while holding the tiny hole on the side known as the “Carb”.


Once the cherry (orange ember) has died out in the bowl and the cannabis has turned to ashes you remove your thumb from the carb hole and inhale all the smoke!


It’s a very easy process, but you will notice without filtration the hits are much harsher, but no THC was filtered so that’s the benefit to no filtration.


Be careful not to grind your cannabis too fine or the ashes will fly through the pipe into your mouth. If the harshness of the hit is an issue you can always buy a silicone cannabis pipe, and freeze the pipe before using it for a much cooler hit.


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How to Smoke Marijuana with a Steam-Roller

smoking marijuanaa for the first time

If it is your first time smoking marijuana, and you know from your experience with alcohol or medicines that you generally have a high tolerance then you may want to invest in something that can hit much stronger.


A steamroller pipe uses no water filtration and one giant carb hole at the end of the pipe to produce a very powerful, unfiltered hit.


They generally look like a cylinder with two open endings.


One end is where you inhale from and the other end is where you place your hand over as the smoke builds.


There will be an obvious bowl where you place your marijuana, and then you light the cannabis by gently tapping the flame into the flower.


Once the cannabis is lit, you will inhale first to draw the smoke into the steam-roller. Once the cannabis is burnt out to ash and the cylinder is completely filled with smoke you then remove your hand from the carb opening and inhale the smoke.


Just to note the smoke will rush in very fast, so you may want to start with a much smaller amount of cannabis especially if it’s your first time smoking marijuana.


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How To Smoke a Blunt for the First Time

Learning how to smoke a blunt for the first is fairly simple.


There are a few important things to note and that is that rolling a blunt for the first time is not something most people get right. So you will want to have a friend help you if possible.


There are two types of blunts and that is filtered and unfiltered.


Filtration of a blunt makes for a smoother hit but does also filter out THC which reduces your high.


So if you are smoking a blunt and it’s your first time smoking cannabis you will want to make sure you get a filter in there to reduce that high.


First, you want to light one end of the blunt and make sure that you see an orange ember known as a “cherry”. Then you place the unlit end into your mouth and take a few small puffs into your mouth (not your lungs) to get the cherry stronger and get a nice even burn to the blunt.


Now you are good to go! Blunts are best shared with more than one because usually, a blunt will hold an entire gram of cannabis so you definitely don’t want to smoke all of that by yourself your first time.


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How to Smoke a Joint for the First Time

Learning how to smoke a joint for the first time is very similar to blunts. 


THe mai difference is blunts are rolled with larger and thicker papers than joints. Joints are rolled from very small and thin sheets.


Blunts are better shared and joints are better for perosnals.


The same steps apply for smoking weed for the first time with a joint, and that is you first light one end until the cherry is lit. You can place your mouth on the opposite end to take a few shallow inhales into your mouth (not your lungs) to get the cherry rolling.


Once a nice smooth burn starts you can then freely toke on your joint, inhaling deeply into your lungs.



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Smoking Weed from a Bubbler

cool ways to smoke weed

Learning how to smoke marijuana for the first time with a bubbler is actually pretty fun!


These devices are somewhat like smaller bongs that have heavy filtration through bubbles. When you inhale with this device the water chamber produces a fury of bubbles that acts as cooling surface for the smoke.


So the end result is smoke that is filtered and cooled off for an extremely smooth hit.


If you’re smoking weed for the first time with a bubbler you will want to start by placing cannabis into the bowl. Next, you want to light the flower by gently tapping the flame into the marijuana until a cherry is lit (orange ember).


Once the flower is lit you will inhale and notice as you pull with your mouth the smoke swirls around the chamber with the water and bubbles. Keep pulling and creating bubbles until the cannabis emeber fades away. 


Now that the chamber is filled with smoke, you lift the bowl out and your next inahle will be for the filtered and cooled smoke to enter your lungs.


Pretty easy, right? 


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Smoking Cannabis with a Chillum

how to smoke marijuana

If you are smoking marijuana for the first time a chillum is a great way to start. They are super affordable, easy to hide, and delivers THC in very small and manageable doses.


In this pipe you will notice there is one end that is a bit bigger and this is the bowl end, and the other end will be a smaller hole and this is where you inhale from. There are no carbs or extra fancy features so you simply place some cannabis into the bowl area, light the marijuana, and inhale through the other end.


Be careful not to grind your cannabis too fine or the ahses will fly right through the pipe into your mouth. If your cannabis pieces are too chunky it will block airflow and you will not get a full hit, so this takes practice in grinding the perfect consistency for your pipe.


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Fun Ways to Smoke Weed with Odd-Balls

IF you read a few of the sections above you might be starting to see that smoking weed for the first time no matter what device you use is pretty similiar.


There are now a lot of new ways to experience cannabis and some of them are just downright crazy.

A gas mask bong has grown in popularity from Seth Rogan and while it may seem like a novelty item, our team of experts tested these products to find out they produce stronger hits than standard bongs, and you save money from losing less smoke (slip stream). While this is not for beginners we thought it was worth mentioning for those few brave souls.


Another awesome way to smoke cannabis for the first time is by trying a coffee mug pipe. This is a hybrid between a coffee cup and a pipe. So you can sip on some delicious coffee and take a few tokes. This works exactly the same way as a pipe would with no water filtration.


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Smoking Weed For The First Time - Checklist

For a quick summary on your first time smoking weed:


  1. Before smoking weed understand cannabis strains, THC%, and the product type.
  2. If it’s your first time smoking weed start with a smaller % and smoke less.


For a quick summary on the best way to smoke weed:


  1. Filtration delivers smoothness and filtered smoke.
  2. The easiest way to smoke weed is by using pipes.


Understand the different ways to smoke weed.


  1. There are 7 popular methods for smoking weed for the first time.
  2. Make sure you pick the best item suited for your needs.


I have been smoking cannabis for over 14 years and my team has curated some of the top-ranking cannabis content for major brands like Daily High Club, The DART, Mooselabs, and Myster. Through our unique cannabis SEO strategy, we fully research our topic thoroughly and combine it with our experience to give you the best and most relevant information on smoking marijuana for the first time.


This guide was written for total beginners and we will be writing much more advanced guides focusing more on topic ranges of terpenes, CBD, trichomes, and more advanced weed tips and tricks.

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