How to Recover From Edibles
Hangover in 3 Easy Steps

Written By: Jay Hyung
Bong Engineer

How to sober up from edibles today!

If you are still high the next day after edibles you may be experiencing spinning, fatigue, headaches, nausea, brain fog, or lethargy.


Don’t worry, taking too much edibles is common and in this guide I will show you how to recover from edibles in 3 easy steps.

Solution: If you want to learn how to stop dizziness from edibles, right now, start with some high fat foods. Research shows that fatty foods help increase the absorption rate of CBD by up to 14 times which can help you recover much faster (learn more below).


Let’s dive in to learn how to get edibles out of your system today.

How to sober up
from edibles right now

Still high the next day after edibles?

how to get rid of edible high

Can edibles make you feel high for days: yes, absolutely!


You can feel lingering edible side effects, depending on your bioavailability, endocannabinoid system, weight, and the edible dosage you took.


Whether you are too high, trying to come down, or just trying to recover from edibles the three steps below will help get the edible high out of your system by the end of the day!

Step 1 - Start with
high fatty foods

How to stop dizziness from edibles

how to recover from edibles

Eating food will help level out that high if you are feeling dizzy.


If you’re resistant to solid foods at the moment, I recommend Saltine Crackers as it’s much easier to eat when nauseous.


As your appetite gets better I recommend eating high fatty foods as soon as possible to help with the recovery of the edible hangover.


Eating fat foods will actually help your body absorb CBD at 14 times the normal rate (research here).


CBD is one of the most common ways to sober up from weed and by eating fatty foods you force your body to absorb the CBD from the edible you already took.


Don’t worry, CBD isn’t going to make you feel more high, in fact it helps with anxiety, reduces psychoactive components of THC, and just makes you feel relaxed.

Step 2 - Hydrate and
Drink Ginger Tea for Nausea

How to stop nausea from edibles

edible hangover

Hydration is important for headaches and cleansing your body of any cannabinoids to bring down that edible hangover.


Drinking water alone is great but the results for recovery are a bit slow. I recommend drinking water and ginger tea.


The National Library of Medicine found that Ginger tea was a safe and effective way to treat nausea and vomiting, and it’s the go-to edible hangover remedy.


Remember, drink water all throughout the day to purge your body of THC, and drink on Ginger Tea periodically to neutralize any dizziness from edibles lingering.

Step 3 - Rest
(THC promotes deep sleep)

How to come down from edible high

how to sober up from edibles

Finally, after you have eaten some fatty foods and got good hydration it’s time to find a safe place to rest.


Sobering up from an uncomfortable edible high takes time, and while we all want to feel better instantly there is nothing that works as well as a great nap.


Get in bed, lay back, and turn the lights down.


Trust me, cannabis promotes sleep, so as crazy as you feel if you close your eyes and get comfortable chances are you will fall asleep and wake up feeling so much better.


Whether you sleep or not, let your body physically rest by laying down.


Once you feel better it’s time to refresh! Hop in the shower, make a cup of coffee, and continue eating and moving.


If I could sum up how to recover from edibles hangover it’s simply: eat, drink, rest.

How to recover
from edibles naturally

Popular organic methods

Learning how to sober up from edibles depends uniquely on your experience.


While fat foods, ginger tea, and napping will absolutely help get rid of an edible high it never hurts to try more organic methods.


Exercising: Often what happens during an edible hangover is an inactivity of muscles because you just want to do nothing. By exercising this can enhance neuroplasticity in the brain which protects against neurodegeneration. In laymen terms: exercising helps remove that fogginess in the brain!


Stretching: According to physical therapist Suzanne Martin, stretching affects not only our muscles but also our neurological system. Stretching tells the brain to  relax and secretes hormones to help maintain mood, metabolism, and emotions.


Green Tea: Studies show that green tea helps restore brain function. So if you are feeling foggy some green tea can help.


Massage: When it comes to recovering from edibles a massage can do wonders. Massages are golden for an edible hangover because it improves circulation from head to toe of oxygen, blood, and fluids.

Can you wake up
high after an edible?

Waking up high from edible is common

Absolutely, in fact this is very common if you took an edible in the evening.


An edible high can last longer and hit much stronger because edibles are eaten not smoked.


When THC edibles pass through the digestive system, the THC converts into what is called 11-hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC).


11-OH-THC is four times stronger than regular THC, and depending on your body you may metabolize edibles very differently.


So if you take edibles in the evening, your body may not finish processing the cannabinoids throughout the night only to wake up feeling high.


When you sleep the digestive tract slows down immensely, which results in the THC not being processed fully.

Can edibles make
you feel high for days?

Less common but possible

For those of you that feel high for days after taking a cannabis edible, that’s a tough one.


This high may feel more like a “residue” of the original high, but none the less you are not 100% yourself.


If you are still feeling high after a few days, and it’s uncomfortable you can actually go to the hospital.


They have plenty of safe treatment methods such as an IV drip to help you flush out all the cannabinoids from your body.


No matter what, if you keep hydrating, eating, and resting your body will return to it’s normal state.


A common error is that you feel bad during the edible hangover stage and instead you eat less and drink less, which prolongs the high.


Eat, drink, and rest as much as you can.


Edibles side
effects next day

Edible hospital visits are common

Here are some common side effects of dosing more edibles than your body can handle.


  1. Nausea
  2. Paranoia
  3. Anxiety
  4. Panic Attacks
  5. Fatigue/ Lethargy
  6. Vomiting


If you experience these uncomfortable symptoms for more than a day,  make sure to seek professional medical attention.


Dosing too much with edibles is actually extremely common so there is nothing to be ashamed about!


In fact, a new study found a very high rate of hospital visits for people that dosed edibles incorrectly, compared to vape and smoking dry herbs.


It’s a common mistake to dose edibles incorrectly.


When it comes to learning how to sober up from edibles just know you are safe and while it may feel terrible it will pass.

Final thoughts on how
to sober up from edibles

How to recover from edibles summary

Edible hangovers are extremely common due to how hard it is to accurately dose edibles. Every person’s body chemistry is very different and how that reacts with the THC edible through your liver determines how strong the edible high is.


In this article we discussed how to recover from edibles with three easy steps.


  1. Eating fat foods help to stop the dizziness and spinning.
  2. Drinking ginger tea and hydrating helps stop nausea
  3. Rest is how you sober up from edibles the quickest (THC promotes sleep).


If you ate too many edibles we hope this guide has help you to sober up and come down as fast as possible.



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