Hands Down Best Bongs of 2021

3 Truly Amazing Bongs and Water Pipes You Will Find Today (2021)

(We Bought 10 of the Most Popular Bongs to Find Which One Truly Was the Best)

The last time my bong dropped and shattered, so to did the pieces of my heart.

If you’re in search of a new bong then today is your lucky day. We reviewed and tested various leading industry bongs to find just which were the best.

How smooth and cool were the bong rips? Was filtration optimal? Was the bong truly made from premium borosilicate glass? We tested everything so you can buy the highest quality bong.

Grav Labs


Best Overall

Freeze Bong XL


Best Premium
Water Pipe

GC Beaker Ice

best bong

Best Budget

A Well Designed Glass Bong is a Stoners Best Friend

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best bongs?

  • We Reviewed over 40 Industry Leading Bongs
  • We Bought 10 of the best water pipes.
  • We Tested the 10 glass bongs to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their bong held up.
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We Tested 10 of the industries best bongs. We know what’s important for a great bong so we look at important functions of your waterpipe such as downstem-to-bubble functionality, the thickness of authentic borosilicate glass for heat resistance, and cooling surface area and travel time before the smoke travels to your lungs. For a bong to truly be the top bong then all the functions must perform at an optimal level together

If You are New to the water pipe world then we recommend you skip below in this article to learn: what is a bong, also check out our article on how to clean a bong.

Looking for More: Our best water pipe recommendations didn’t quite do it for you? We also tested to find the best silicone bongs, best ice bongs and even found the smoothest hitting glycerin coil bong.

Looking for something more portable than you may want a hammer bubbler or a weed pipe! If health is your primary concern then you are going to want to focus on water filtration and honeycomb bongs and ash catchers are perfect for that

Constant Variables: In our research we tested each of the 10 bongs on 10 separate days to ensure that we had clear research on tolerance when testing how well these bongs delivered as far as a high is concerned. We used .25 grams per bowl with CBX Cannabiotix White Walker OG (indica). The strain is a 31.04% THC and .19% CBD with 32.48% total cannabinoids. We allowed for any ice feature in our testing.

Finding the Best Bong really comes down to personal preference. When reviewing bongs we found some truly awesome expensive bongs that were priced over $700 but we had to keep in mind practicality. So we tried to choose only bongs that were reasonably priced as well as readily available. We also chose to test only glass bongs and primarily glass beaker bongs. We did not test any silicone bongs, ceramic bongs, vortex bongs, as we performed our own individual test on these niche products.

Some of the bongs that we saw that had such great potential in features were sold out and we were not able to test or recommend these products.

We wanted to find the best bong, best value choice, and also the best cheap bong so you can have a recommendation that fits your needs. Keep reading below to find out the best bong and water pipes of 2021.

Best Bongs Index

Best Bongs of 2021

In order for a bong to truly be the best, there are a lot of factors that come into play. We are looking for true 100% borosilicate glass that was to last. We also paid great attention to how well the diffuser worked and how optimal the filtration and cooling was. Take a look at the winners for 2021 best bong:

Best Bong: The Grav Labs 16 Inch Beaker Bong

water pipe

16 Inch Glass Beaker Bong


The Grav 16 inch Glass Beaker Bong was our best overall pick. With high-quality craftsmanship and 100% premium borosilicate glass, this bong is meant to endure. We loved how smooth this thing pulled, and with the ice pinch’s unique geomettric shape it acted as a splash guard too! How creative are the Grav Labs team! Awesome job on this one guys.  Skip below to see our research on best bong

Best Budget Bong: The GC Glass Ice Beaker Bong

glass bong

Beaker Bong with Ice Chamber


This 10 inch bong may be our budget choice but as far as quality and functionality it’s a clear champion. We loved the ice feature and how powerful the bubble filtration was. The wider beaker base allows for more filtration of the smoke and the pull on this water pipe was awesome.  Skip below to see our research on best budget bong.

The Best Premium Bong: Smoke Cartel Thick Boy Bong

cool bongs

Freeze Bong XL


The Tesla of bongs! The Freeze Bong XL was amazing. They have glycrin coils you can freeze and, boy oh boy, this was the smoothest smoke I ever got from a bong! It has an amazing double perc in the filtration chamber and the bubbles are just exploding within the water pipe. The coils are much larger for increased air flow, I truly feel like the Freeze Pipe team made the ultimate bong here.  Skip below to see our research on this nectar collector.

Why Grav Labs 16 inch is the Best Bong of 2021

glass bongs
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Powerful Water Filtration
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Ice Pinch Features
  • Geometric Ice Pinch Works as a Splash Guard
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Fairly Large Bong Make Sure You have Room

Finding the best bong was quite an adventure. It was a tough call to make as we only bought the industries best bongs to test against one another. Grav Labs is notorious for extremely well made bongs so it was not a surprise they took one of the top spots in our research. Take a look at some of the notable mentions in our research.

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Highest Quality Glass and Craftsmanship in a Bong

"...perhaps the most important reason to use silicate glass for making bongs, is that it is much more resistant to extreme temperatures and thermal shock (quick temperature changes)... Another great advantage of borosilicate glass is that it has a high resistance to corrosion"

Reference: https://www.bongify.nl/en/bongs-borosilicate-glass

Borosilicate glass is the highest standard of glass for bongs. This Grav 16 inch is made from true premium glass. As we held this bong you could feel the weight and see the expert craftsmanship in the joints and welding of the glass. You can just tell that this bong was meant to last! We tested the bowl area and kept the glass lit under fire for a minute straight and there was absolutely zero warping, crackling, or damage. The thermal shock resistance on this bong was absolutely amazing. We contacted many owners of this bong and they mentioned to store it properly. Make sure it has it’s special spot that is away from any potential knock overs.

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Great Functionality, Geometric Ice Pinch, and THC Delivery from a Bong

The first unique thing we noticed about this bong was the geometric ice pinch. This is a 2-in-1 design in which it allows you to stack ice cubes in the tube to help cool down the smoke. This bong has powerful filtration which creates a ton of bubbles for more surface area the smoke will hit to cool off. The geometric ice pinch also works as a splash guard to protect you from accidentally pulling water into your mouth from all the bubbles. It had a very easy pull, super smooth hit, and the ice helped cool the smoke off where we had zero issues with harshness of smoke. As far as THC delivery the large bong allowed you to really fill up the smoke before releasing the carb to take a truly powerhouse does of THC with optimal cooling levels.

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Past Customers Loved this Bong, Find Out Why

"I got this as a gift .. I think maybe like spring 2020. It got me through the entire year of drama. It still works great and don't have any complaints. I did drop it once but not from a great height and it did not break"

Candice K.

We reached out to Candice via hashtag search on social media. She purchased this product almost a year ago and has mentioned it is working just fine. She even had an accidental drop (not from a high drop point) and said that it did not damage. We did not find one previous customer that did break this (an exception of someone losing the bowl end). With that being said, this water pipe truly will stand the test of time as long as you store it properly away from edges.

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The Bong Should be Equipped with a High Quality Diffuser

Finding the best bong was quite an adventure. We considered over 50 water pipes before buying the 20 best bongs we felt would be great for our testing. Just a note, we only tested standard water pipes and not silicone bongs, mini bongs, recycler bongs, percolator bongs, or any other variation. Just your standard glass bong with water filtration. We put fire to our test – literally – and we tested all bongs with dry flower and more dense flower as well. We compared air flow, filtration, coolness of the smoke, and many other variables.

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Why Smoke Cartel's "Simple Guy" Bong is the Best Budget Bong

glass water pipe
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Powerful Water Filtration
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Ice Pinch Features
  • Wider Beaker for more Bubble Cooling
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Shorter Travel Time so the smoke wasn’t as cool as the taller bongs

The problem with most budget bongs is that they are, in fact, just cheaply made bongs. Four of the bongs we tested were the standard white-labeled bongs that major retailers got from China and just slapped their company name on them. The truth is these bongs function just fine but we wanted to find a budget bong that had a great price tag but did not sacrifice quality. While this GC Ice Bong was a bit thinner and lighter than the other premium bongs we recommended it truly shined as far as quality and features go for it’s price range.

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How Well Did this Glass Beaker Bong Smoke?

"Larger bongs will give you slightly weakened flavor because the smoke isn’t as concentrated, and more air has filtered it."

Reference: https://www.vaporizerchief.com/blog/large-vs-small-glass-bongs/

The truth is that the larger the bong the weaker the flavor. So we loved that this bong was almost half the size of the other premium bongs but still held it’s ground on filtration and cooling features. This bong did beat the premium bong as far as flavor goes when smoking. As far as THC delivery it did pack a punch but this bong was not as smooth and cool as the premium bongs recommended. Don’t get me wrong, the filtration and cooling was still great, just not as good as the premium choices.

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High Quality Glass Beaker Bong for a Great Price

Having real high quality borosilicate glass is important. Very important! Did you know that if your bong is not using 100% borosilicate glass the water pipe will emit toxins such as lead, BPA, and allergens. This budget bong was indeed made from 100% borosilicate glass. Not only that the downstem length compared to the widened beaker base made for some powerful water filtration. Water bongs are said to filter out almost 90% of the toxins. We loved how well the diffuser did alongside the wider beaker base water chamber. It’s like the positioning of the downstem just worked perfectly and we loved seeing that result in such a smooth pull from a smaller bong.

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How Are Past Customers Doing with This Water Pipe?

"I got this about 4 months ago. It's a really good bong dude ... I mean no real complaints it gets the job done and I use it just about every day. Just don't drop it obiously"

Jeremiah H.

We reached out to Jeremiah via comments and he was happy to send us information about his expereince with this bong. Every customer we contacted were happy with the bong but we did find 2 customers where this bong broke. One customer dropped the bong in the first week outdoors on concrete and another customer banged the bowl onto the sink handle and it shattered. Besides these two we never had one complaint about the actual bong itself. Everyone was very happy with how well it performed for such a great price.

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Why Smoke Cartel's "Thick Boy" Bong is the Best Premium Bong

best glass bong
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Glycerin Coils for Optimal Air Flow
  • Glyricn Coils can freeze for the coolest smoke ever
  • Double Perc for maximum water filtration
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Ice Pinch Features
  • Geometric Ice Pinch Works as a Splash Guard
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Fairly Large Bong Make Sure You have Room

I may be biased but I just absolutely love anything that Freeze Pipe makes and for good reason. It was just an absolute pleasure testing this thing. Here at Cannassentials we really try to avoid reviews on mediocre products. We want to find the best cannabis products, at the best price, make sure it’s readily available, and if we can we try to always find the most unique and amazing products as well. This Freeze Bong XL is absolutely amazing as far as features, quality, and even price point goes for a premium bong. Keep reading to see some of the notable research finds.               

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The Coolest Bong that Delivers Ice Cold Hits

"Water pipes lower the temperature of smoke, making it easier to inhale."

Reference: milehighpipeandtobacco.com

It’s all about the Glycerin Ice chambers. You freeze the coils and they act as a sort of tubing where the smoke gets funneled through before it enters your lung. With a normal ice pinch not all of the hot smoke touches the ice but with these glycerin coils, the smoke is forced through a frozen chamber, giving you the coolest and optimal smoke possible. Not only that guys the bottom of the bong has double percs (sprinkler perc and inline perc) which makes the bottom portion of the bong bubble up like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Remember, the more bubbles the more cooling surface area the heated smoke will travel through. So the smoke must travel through water, hundreds of bubbles, and then the frozen glycerin coils! I have never experienced a smoother smoke before. I believe this will be the future of bongs right here!

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High-Quality Borosilicate Glass with Artistic Craftsmanship

It’s not often we get the amazing quality glass and beautiful and innovative craftsmanship. For the most part, even professional glassblowers generally design their bongs to look all the same. There is something unique about the design of this bong that just screams “premium” but the beautiful design is backed by powerful bones because the structure of this pipe is truly amazing. The weight of this bong was solid and the joint weldings were excellent. This bong just felt really good to hold. It was heavy in the hand, but more so in a secure weight type of feel. We know if you buy this bong you will treat it like your baby, I know that’s how we feel here at Cannassentials.

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How Did These Bong Smoke and What did Past Customers Say?

Great bong, I have asthma and haven't been able to take bong tokes without choking and coughing for years. Now I can take BIG rips. Smooth, Ice cold almost no coughing, also love the design. The black glass accents look dope and there is a lot of care and detail that went into the design and manufacturing, If I didn't need to freeze this thing I would leave it out on display! The packaging is also excellent, my only complaint would be that I wish you could order replacements for the plastic clips I'm definitely losing those at some point. 5 stars!


It was not hard to find great reviews, while we did find awesome reviews on the website we did, in fact, find many customers who have purchased this product months ago. Every single customer gave us ecstatic reviews. This is the unicorn of bongs, you just can’t say anything bad about it! As far as THC delivery you feel like sometimes you are not getting full hits because the coils cool the smoke hundreds of degrees. Fair warning, don’t take rip 2 and 3 thinking the first rip was not enough. It absolutely got us high but you just expect harsh hits because most bongs don’t cool at this level. Take one rip and let it settle in, this bong is next-level stuff.

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What is a Bong?

There are dozens of variations of a bong but when it comes down to it a bong is a large water pipe. You light the dry herb and as you pull from the bong the bong begins bubbling. The bubbles and water works as a filtration for the smoke, reducing harmful toxins and also cooling the smoke. So by the time the smoke travels through the bong into your lungs it is cool, filtered, and smooth.

How Does a Bong Work?

A bong’s primary purpose is to filter out toxins. 90% of toxins from tobacco is filtered out from a bong from the water filtration. The goal of a bong is to filter the smoke for toxins and then cooling the smoke as it travels from dry herb to your lungs through water, bubbles, and ice. Think of the water, bubbles, and ice as cool surface areas that the bong must travel through before reaching your lungs. The cooler the smoke the less harsh the hits and the less coughing will occur.

How to Use a Bong

Using a Bong is Easy:

  1. Place dry herb in bowl chamber
  2. Make sure recommended water is filled in beaker base
  3. Light dry herb while inhaling (watch the bong fill up with smoke until desired amount is achieved)
  4. Lift the bowl (where dry herb is placed) up 
  5. Inhale all the smoke from the bong into your lungs

What Makes a High Quality Bong?

If you couldn’t find a bong you loved in this article no worries! This section is to help our readers find out just what it is we look for in a high quality bong so you can be equipped with everything you need to make a smart purchase for yourself.

Borosilicate Glass is a Great Measurement for Quality Bong

Borosilicate glass is what science grade glass equipment is made from. It is thermal resistant so it can handle fluctiations of intense heat without any damage. Many bongs made from China and then sold in America are not 100% borosilicate. You can tell if your bong was cheaply made by how it shatters when it falls. High quality material will not shatter but instead “split” in half. Try to get at least 4 mm or up in thickness for borosilicate glass. While 3 mm or lower will still work and will be much cheaper, if you want a bong that will last years then we recommend going 4 mm thickness in glass.

Efficiency of Filtration in a Glass Bong

The sole purpose of a bong is filtration! You want to filter out all the toxins so you deliver primarily THC. The cannabis industry doesn’t have as strict regulations as the tobacco industry yet so we expect to see more regulations as far as filtration. A bong needs great filtration through water, avoid smoking from a dry bong at all cost. Always find a bong that can hold water and not only that but the downstem has slits or holes so it creates bubbles for more filtration and cooling.

How Well Does Your Bong Cool the Smoke

Cooling is another huge factor. Cannabis smoking has become increasingly popular over the past few years as more states are beginning to legalize recreational marijuana. The cooler you can make the heated smoke the smoother and less harsh it will feel when you inhale. We have all expereinced the uncontrollable coughing fits and that is something you really want to avoid. Nobody wins when you cough! It’s not better for you, in fact, it’s not healthy at all. If your bong has an ice pinch it helps to cool your smoke even more. Glycerin coils are the optimal cooling function but a great perc in the water filtration chamber will do just fine as well.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Water Pipe

We reviewed dozens of bongs and bought 10 of the industry’s best water pipes to find you the best of the best. As your expert cannabis glass bong reviewer, I have curated content and product research for some of the most popular Cannabis brands such as PureHemp, Daily High Club, Resolution, TheDart, and Mooselabs through our unique cannabis SEO strategy. I take time and pay attention to detail when researching and testing products. I have over 10 years of experience with cannabis and the cannabis products. 

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