Hands Down Best Bongs of 2022

7 of the Best Bongs and Water Pipes You Will Find Today (2022)

(Our Team Put Fire To Flower to Find You the Best Bongs of 2022)

The last time my bong dropped and shattered, so to did the pieces of my heart.

If you’re in search of a new bong then today is your lucky day. We reviewed and tested various leading industry water pipes to find you the best bongs of 2022.

How smooth and cool were the bong rips? Was filtration optimal? Was the bong truly made from premium borosilicate glass? We tested everything so you can buy the highest quality bong.

Tree Perc


Best Overall

Freeze Bong


Best Premium
Water Pipe

Glass City

best bong

Best Budget

If You are New to the water pipe world then we recommend you skip below in this article to learn: what is a bong, also check out our article on how to clean a bong.

Looking for More: Our best water pipe recommendations didn’t quite do it for you? We also tested to find the best silicone bongs, best ice bongs, alien bongs, and even gas mask bongs.

Looking for something more portable than you may want a hammer bubbler or a weed pipe! If health is your primary concern then you are going to want to focus on water filtration and honeycomb bongs and ash catchers are perfect for the health conscious smoker.

Finding the Best Bong comes down to personal preference. Here at Cannassentials our team gets dozens of bongs shipped to us every month for a chance to make this list. Finding the best bongs on the market is no easy feat.

We look for the best water bongs, smoothing hitting bongs, and even which brand has the best percolator bong as well.

We factor quality, design, price, filtration, cooling, and even THC delivery. Keep reading below to find out the best bong and water pipes of 2022.

Best Bongs Index

Best Bongs of 2022

In order for a bong to truly be the best, there are a lot of factors that come into play. We are looking for true 100% borosilicate glass that was built to last. We also are looking for unique features that give an unparralled bong rip experience. Take a look at the winners for 2022 best bong:

Our New Favorite Bong 2022

Tree Hitter


Pulsar has done it again! This “Tree Hitter” is the best bong of 2022 and for good reason. 11.5 inches tall with and ice catcher and an ultra intricate tree percolator that gives you an ultra smooth smoke with power packed terpenes.

Product Highlights

  • Tree Percolator
  • Powerful Rips
  • Smooth Rips
  • Ice Pinch

Best Bong 2021 and 2022 (Budget Option)

glass bong

Glass City Bong


Far from cheap and our best budget bong for two years running is the infamous Glass City beaker bong. Durable, reliable, equipped with ice pinch, and best of all extremely affordable! 10 inches of high-quality borosilicate glass with a black keck clip to hold your downstem.

Product Highlights

  • Ice Pinch
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • Keck Clip
  • Best Price

Smoothest Bong Two Years Running

cool bongs

The Coolest Bong


Freeze Pipe has been one of our favorite bongs to recommend and for good reason. While most of their glycerin coil bongs can be a bit pricey this water pipe is  extremely affordable. This beaker bong forces the smoke to travel through a glass coil surrounded in frozen glycerin, giving an ultra smooth rip. 

Product Highlights

  • Smoothest Rip
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • High Quality Glass
  • Best Bong 2021-2022

Best Water Bong For Filtration

glass water pipe

Jelly Fish


This jelly fish bong has a unique system of water filtration and cooling. Pushing the smoke through a tree percolator and then an inline percolator delivers a bong rip that is as smooth as air. Extremely well balanced and built from sturdy borosilicate glass, this was made for the true bong nerds.

Product Highlights

  • Tree Percolator
  • Inline Percolator
  • High Quality Glass
  • Powerful Bong Rips

Best Durable Thick Borosilicate Bong

best bong 2022

Thick Boy


Built to last, this 16 inch tall glass bong extremely durable with 9mm glass tubing. This is a hand blown work of art, and every piece is unique. Equipped with an ice pinch and premium downstem, bowl, this bong was mean to have a long shelf-life.

Product Highlights

  • Water Filtration
  • Easy Packing/Lighting
  • 9mm Thick Glass
  • Helix Funnel

Best Bong 2022 - Terpene Enhancer

best bongs 2022

Pulsar Dual Matrix


Enginnered by the masterminds at Pulsar, this unique dual matrix bong was designed to amplify flavor while delivering a milky smooth rip. Equipped with a splash guard and two layers of matrix percolators that gave us one of the most unique bong rips ever.

Product Highlights

  • Double Matrix Perc
  • Enhance Terpenes
  • Splash Guard
  • High Quality Build

Best Engineered Bong (Great Price)

best water pipe 2022

Disc Percolator Bong


Looking for a bong with premium features but priced affordably? The enginering on this bong is amazing as the smoke is first forced through a direct channel to the dic percolator. Enjoy a smooth rip on a very sturdy and well built bong with a maria rings in the neck to add extra smoke rotation.

Product Highlights

  • Disc Percolator
  • Maria Rings
  • High Quality
  • Great Price

3 Reasons A Glass Bong is The Best

The best bongs are made from borosilicate glass which is a premium type of glass composed of silica and boron trioxide. Let’s take a look at 3 amazing benefits of a glass bong that you probably never heard!

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1. Borosilicate Glass Bongs are Thermal Shock Proof

The best water bongs have a bit of a secret.

High-quality bongs usually have about 15% boron trioxide, which is the premium ingredient that changes the chemical properties of a bong and makes it thermal shock resistant.

This means you can pour boiling water into your bong and throw it right in the freezer and your water pipe will not crack.

We are constantly putting water, fire, smoke, and ice into our bongs and if the boron trioxide count is low in your glass then chances are your bong will begin to crack far too early. 

If you are looking for the best water pipe you will want one that can stand the test of time and thermal shock.

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2. The Best Bong is Resistant to Chemical Leaching

Borosilicate glass bongs have another awesome advantage.

The glass is less soluble because of the boron trioxide, which means the glass itself prevents unwanted chemicals from leaching into the glass.

This is very important as dirty bong water can house very nasty germs. It’s good to know that when you clean your bong that it will be in fact chemically clean as well.

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3. Glass Bongs Actually Taste Better

Not only is borosilicate glass resistant to chemicals and acid degradation, but they also make everything taste a whole lot better.

Compared to metal pipes, acrylic, and even silicone nothing gives you a more natural flavor with your weed.

The best water bong (clean of course) helps you enjoy those terpenes without any interference.

Pro-tip: If you are looking to keep your bong water ultra-clean then we suggest trying an ash catcher bong.

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Best Bong on the Market

Pulsar is known for making exceptional bongs with expert craftsmanship. We tested this Tree Perc bong and it took our number one spot for best bong of 2022 and best percolator bongs. Let’s see what our experts had to say:

How was the quality of this Tree Perc Bong? Made from durable boro glass. This bong was built to please as the base and neck have a color choice of brown, grey, or blue, and the center focal point of the tree perc the glass is clear. This unique approach focuses the eyes on the filtration process making every sesh an artistic and beautiful experience.

How Was the Smoke? The heated smoke travels first through a diffused downstem for cooling and then forced up a tree percolator for extra filtration and even more cooling. This dual-layer filtration process gives this bong an exceptionally cool and smooth rip.

The Verdict: With a perfect 5-star review this Tree Perc bong is priced extremely fair (under $100) but smoked better than the $200 dollar bongs we tested, and of course looks better than the $300 bongs we tested. Hands down a winner and a gem if you are lucky to get your hands on one.

Definitely pick this if you want an affordable bong that smokes like a premium bong. If smooth rips and beautiful bongs are your thing this is a no-brainer.

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Best Bong for Flower

glass water pipe

This is still our best budget bong after two years! Glass City created the “simple bong” for those of you that just want a beautiful beaker style water pipe that gets the job done, but with some extra add-ons.

How was the quality of this budget bong? At first glance, this bong seems very simple and a little bland, but everything about it just feels right. From the weight to the quality in glass, and oh don’t forget the ice pincher and comfortable mouthpiece.  This bong was built for those of you that want to move your bong around a bit as the keck clip holds the downstem and bowl in place and the size is extremely travel friendly.

How Was the Smoke? Most bongs this size deliver a pretty harsh rip, but the ice pincher located near the bottom neck allows you to get a good three to four ice cubes in helping you to cool the smoke drastically. So this little bong actually smokes as smooth as many high end bongs.

The Verdict: Sometimes bong shopping can be intimidating with all the extra bells and whistles you don’t really know what you are getting. This is the classic bong with extra features and one of the best prices you will ever see. 

Definitely pick this if you want an amazing bong at the lowest price point without sacrificing quality.

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Smoothest Hitting Bong Hands Down

best glass bong

Freeze Pipe is known for creating some of the best glycerin bongs on the market. While some may be pretty damn expensive (over $200) this premium bong has taken our premium best bong for two years running, let’s see what our experts had to say.

What was the quality of this Premium Bong?  Freeze Pipe is the epitome of quality when it comes to craftsmanship. From frosted glass, beautiful designs, and the best-built glycerin chamber, this bong screams high quality at an amazing price.

How Was the Smoke? The heated smoke first travels through a diffused downstem for your basic cooling and filtration. The smoke then travels through a spiral glass tube that is surrounded by frozen glycerin, which smooths the smoke even more without any water. Water is known to reduce THC, so this gives you a second layer of cooling with no reduction in THC.

The Verdict: This is probably one of our favorite bongs ever. We smoke this one daily and if you have issues with coughing, asthma, or just don’t like harsh hits you will love this bong.

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What is a Bong?

There are dozens of variations of a bong but when it comes down to it a bong is a large water pipe. You light the dry herb and as you pull from the bong the bong begins bubbling. The bubbles and water works as a filtration for the smoke, reducing harmful toxins and also cooling the smoke. So by the time the smoke travels through the bong into your lungs it is cool, filtered, and smooth.

How Does a Bong Work?

A bong’s primary purpose is to filter out toxins. 90% of toxins from tobacco is filtered out from a bong from the water filtration. The goal of a bong is to filter the smoke for toxins and then cooling the smoke as it travels from dry herb to your lungs through water, bubbles, and ice. Think of the water, bubbles, and ice as cool surface areas that the bong must travel through before reaching your lungs. The cooler the smoke the less harsh the hits and the less coughing will occur.

How to Use a Bong

Using a Bong is Easy:

  1. Place dry herb in bowl chamber
  2. Make sure recommended water is filled in beaker base
  3. Light dry herb while inhaling (watch the bong fill up with smoke until desired amount is achieved)
  4. Lift the bowl (where dry herb is placed) up 
  5. Inhale all the smoke from the bong into your lungs

What Makes a High Quality Bong?

If you couldn’t find a bong you loved in this article no worries! This section is to help our readers find out just what it is we look for in a high quality bong so you can be equipped with everything you need to make a smart purchase for yourself.

Borosilicate Glass is a Great Measurement for Quality Bong

Borosilicate glass is what science-grade glass equipment is made from. It is thermal resistant so it can handle fluctuations of intense heat without any damage. Many bongs made from China and then sold in America are not 100% borosilicate. You can tell if your bong was cheaply made by how it shatters when it falls. High-quality material will not shatter but instead “split” in half. Try to get at least 4 mm or up in thickness for borosilicate glass. While 3 mm or lower will still work and will be much cheaper, if you want a bong that will last years then we recommend going 4 mm thickness in glass.

Efficiency of Filtration in a Glass Bong

The sole purpose of a bong is filtration! You want to filter out all the toxins so you deliver primarily THC. The cannabis industry doesn’t have as strict regulations as the tobacco industry yet so we expect to see more regulations as far as filtration. A bong needs great filtration through water, avoid smoking from a dry bong at all cost. Always find a bong that can hold water and not only that but the downstem has slits or holes so it creates bubbles for more filtration and cooling.

How Well Does Your Bong Cool the Smoke

Cooling is another huge factor. Cannabis smoking has become increasingly popular over the past few years as more states are beginning to legalize recreational marijuana. The cooler you can make the heated smoke the smoother and less harsh it will feel when you inhale. We have all experienced uncontrollable coughing fits and that is something you really want to avoid. Nobody wins when you cough! It’s not better for you, in fact, it’s not healthy at all. If your bong has an ice pinch it helps to cool your smoke even more. Glycerin coils are the optimal cooling function but a great perc in the water filtration chamber will do just fine as well.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Water Pipe

We reviewed dozens of bongs and bought 10 of the industry’s best water pipes to find you the best bongs of 2022. As your expert cannabis glass bong reviewer, I have curated content and product research for some of the most popular Cannabis brands such as PureHemp, Daily High Club, Resolution, TheDart, and Mooselabs through our unique cannabis SEO strategy. I take time and pay attention to detail when researching and testing products. I have over 10 years of experience with cannabis and the cannabis products.  Whether you are looking for the smoothest bong or the best glass bongs our team of experts will continue to search for the most affordable and high-quality borosilicate glass bongs on the market.

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