Best Double Bong for Lovers, Couples, and Besties 2023

Best Double Bong for Lovers, Couples, and Besties 2023

(We Bought and Tested to Find the Best Double Mouthpiece Bong)

We all can agree, everything is better when shared with a loved one.

There’s nothing like making up after a fight by smoking out of the same bong at the same time.

The problem is that there are so few double mouthpiece bongs out there, and there’s the concern with how awkwardly close you two might actually have to be due to how close the mouthpieces are to each other.

We found the best double bong that is couples-approved! If you are looking for more fun smoking devices you definitely want to check out the coffee mug pipe and gas mask bong.

Mav Glass Small

two person bong

Best Overall
Double Bong

Mav Glass Original

double bong

Best Premium
Double Bong

Double Joint Attachment

double mouthpiece bong

Best Budget
Double Bong

Nothing Bonds Us Like A Double Mouthpiece Bong

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 2 double bongs?

  • We Reviewed true double mouthpiece bongs (truthfully, there were not many options).
  • We Bought every 2 person bong and double attachments we could find.
  • We Tested them against each other.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.

We tested the best double bongs on the market to fill you in on the best way to smoke as a couple.

If you are new to double hitter bongs, we recommend you skip below to learn what is a two person bong.

Looking for More: A double bong is not quite what you thought but you were looking for something new, fun, and exciting in your stoner journey? We tested hundreds of products to find the best bongs and other common ganja products. If you are looking for more interesting options you can always try out a smokeless bong or for ultra-smooth hits make sure to see our review on the best glycerin coil bong or best ice bongs. Looking for bubbles but like an excessive amount of bubbles? Then check out our testing to find the best honeycomb bongs

Constant Variables: To be able to get the most out of a two person bong, there are a number of things that were tested to be sure the functions ran smoothly together. To have a great bong is one thing but to have a great double bowl bong that works beautifully requires separate research. Do the bowls produce smoke at the same time and allow for an even pull from both partners? We tested using the same strain of cannabis with each double bong. We used the CBX Ice Cream Cake strain with a THC percentage of 31.04% and CBD percentage of .11%. Our staff also tested with various other strains such as RS11 strain, Truffle strain, Dolato Strain, and Gumbo strain.  New to cannabis? Read our guide for the first time smoking cannabis.

Finding the best two person bong is going to depend on you and your partner’s personal preference. In the next section we will discuss our top pick, and then summarize our research on why the following two piece bongs were selected and talked about as a relationship-saver. 

We found that if you’re having a rough day, or a your relationship is on the rocks, there’s no better way to apologize than with a freshly packed bowl in a double hitter bong.

Looking to up your stoner gear? Make sure to check out our review on best stash box and best weed grinders.

Best Double Bong Index

Best Double Bong of 2023

Whether you’re looking to get high with a bud (see what we did there), or you’re trying to smooth things over with your wife after an argument, the double sided bong solves it all. Take a look at the winners for 2023 two person bong:

Mav Glass 'Bestie' 2 Person Bong Small

2 person bong

Bestie Double Bong


Once Mav Glass saw the reaction of the Bestie Two Person Bong Original, they knew they had to make it again! This time, smaller, and more portable, so you can smoke together on-the-go! You will love the following features of this multi person bong: Skip below to see our research on best bestie bong.

Mav Glass 'Bestie' 2 Person Bong Original

double hitter bong

Bestie 2 Person Bong


Mav Glass knew what they were doing when they designed the only true double mouthpiece bong on the market, two people can get high simultaneously! You will love the following features of this double hitter bong: Skip below to see our research on best bestie bong.

Daily High Club Double Joint Attachment

double bowl bong attachment

Male Double Joint


Daily High Club decided if you’re looking for a double mouthpiece bong, you’re probably looking for a double joint attachment, too! Smoke twice as much cannabis, at once. All you have to do is insert this male attachment into a female bong. Check out the features of this two person bong attachment: Skip below to see our research on best bestie bong.

Why You Need Mav Glass Small Double Bong

bestie bong
  • Unique 2-person bong design
  • Allows two rips at the same time
  • Downstem included
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Ice Catch
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Ice catch is tricky to work with at first

Finding the best two person bong was a bit of a challenge seeing as there are only two true double mouthpiece bong on the market. For those smoking with their best friend on-the-go, the Mav Glass Small is a great portable two person bong.

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The Only Two Person Rip Bong

"Fast service. Responsive staff. Good price, fun great bong."

Desiree F.

When all you want to do is smoke and get high with the one you love, how else can you do it? The Mav Glass 2 person bong is the best and only option for smoking with your friend or significant other at the same exact time. This double bong is a great gift idea for the love of your life.

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Great Functionality of a Double Bong

The great question when researching these super rare double bongs was, will this two person bong function equally for both smokers when smoking at the same time? And we were fairly pleased with the results. We found it’s easy to fully put your mouth on the mouthpiece at the same time as your friend or lover. Plus, we found that when you both pull gently at first, you will be getting the same airflow. Just remember not to inhale super fast or hard.

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2 Person Bong Great for On-The-Go

This two person bong is the only portable double bong. If you wish to smoke with a friend at the park, the small Mav Glass bestie bong is the best way to get it done. The Mav Glass Original is great but it is too large to bring in public and especially isn’t recommended in states that have not legalized marijuana yet. This small bestie bong is the way to go when smoking outside.

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Double Bong is Great for Making Up After a Fight

"I love this bong! It’s great for couples. My girlfriend and I love it. I use a banger on it too it’s great for dabs!"

Heath G.

When you really want to rekindle the love, especially after a fight, what better way to do it than smoking together, at the same time. Just imagine your girlfriend being mad at you and all you have to do is bring her the two person bong with a bowl packed, ready to smoke with her. Suddenly, there’s nothing more to be upset about!

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Why Mav Glass Double Bong is the Best 'Bestie' Bong

mav double bong
  • Amazing Design
  • Entire product made from high-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Ice Catch
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Hits Two People At Once
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Must melt ice down to size it can fit into mouthpiece

Finding the best two person bong was a bit of a challenge seeing as there is only one true double mouthpiece bong on the market. Once we got our hands on the Mav Glass ‘Bestie’ Double Headed Beaker Bong, the only thing left to do was test how well it functioned with two people using it at once.

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The Double Bong Should Rip Two at the Same Time

"This bong is really cool it’s a 2 person bong and it hits amazing and the functions are outstanding it’s a beautiful bong and worth the money!!!!"

Lizzie S.

With a bowl big enough and a double mouthpiece, this allows for the function of two people hitting the Mav Bestie Water Pipe together, at once. With the ability to hit a bong with a friend or your partner, at the same time, is a sure way to bring you closer together. A great double bong must have two mouthpieces for it to be a true double hitter bong. 2 girls, 1 bong, anyone?

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A Double Hitter Bong Should Have Equal Air Flow

The Mav Glass double hitter bong has raved reviews saying it functions just as any beaker bong would. There has been no claim stating that since there is a double mouthpiece that it stands in the way of smooth, easy, airflow. As long as your partner isn’t ripping twice as hard as you, the airflow should be even between the two of you. We recommend pulling a slow rip at first to equalize the airflow between the two mouthpieces until you get just the right amount. Once the two of you get the hang of it, you can both rip away.

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A 2 Person Bong Glass Quality Should be Thick

Between you and your friend there, depending on who is clumsy of the two, will appreciate the quality and thickness of this two person glass bong. Plus, the shape of a beaker bong being 4.5 inches, helps because the foundation is there.

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A Two Person Bong Should Be Comfortable to Hit Together

"Love this bong! My housemates and I refer to it as the snong because it looks like a snail. So fun and a definite conversation starter."

Natalie R.

One of the issues we were concerned about, before testing the double bong was, is it going to be awkward and uncomfortable to hit one bong at the same time with someone else. In our research, we found that everyone who had tested this bong with their partner said that it was a comfortable smoking experience, “magical” even. When we tested ourselves, we found that it was just like ripping a bong, by yourself, but THAT much better, with your partner.

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What Makes Daily High Club Double Bowl Bong Attachment So Great?

bong with two bowl
  • Amazing Design
  • Thick Glass
  • High-Quality Bowl
  • Twice The THC
  • Great Attachment for Bestie Bong
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Little hard to clean

We tested the Daily High Club Double Bowl Attachment before recommending it and we found it to be the best for numerous reasons. We wanted to see how much weed we could fit into the two bowls to test just how high we could get. A double bowl attachment is a great addition to the two person bong.

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A Double Bowl Attachment is a Great Addition to a Two Person Bong

"Holes to pull through we’re alittle small to clean after use but overall good item. Definitely would buy another."

Leander S.

To really make this double bong the best two person bong, add a double bowl attachment and get more bang for your buck. You can fill both bowls to the brim with dry herb and then both you and your partner can light, smoke, and get high, simultaneously. Our research shows the double bowl attachment can hold up to 2 grams of dry flower. There is nothing that will bring you closer than this 2 person bong.

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Efficient Way to Smoke Two at a Time

There is literally no other way to smoke with two people at a time than with a double bong with a double bowl attachment. Sure, you can pass a blunt back and forth but you aren’t getting high at the exact same time. Smoke the same amount of weed at the same exact time with a double bong and a double bowl attachment.

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What is a Double Hitter Bong?

A true two person bong is a bong that has a double mouthpiece. This allows for two people to hit from one bong at the same exact time. This is great for lovers, friends, or for lovers and friends making up after a fight. Bring the love with a two person bong.

How to Hit a Double Mouthpiece Bong

Using the 2 person bong is simple:

  1. Place the cannabis in the bowl chamber 
  2. Place your mouth on mouthpiece, and have you friend or lover do the same
  3. Light the cannabis and fill the double hitter bong with smoke
  4. Pull the joint up and out of insert to clear the double bong smoke into your lungs

What Makes a Double Bong High Quality?

A two person bong that adequately cools smoke and offers a smooth hit is what makes a double bong, high quality. Additionally, a dual beaker bong that has thick glass will provide the most durable material and construction to provide enough security to ensure you and your bestie won’t break it, easily.

Offers a Smooth and Cool Hit

Once you and your partner have figured out how to put the ice into the double mouthpiece bong, you’ll see you get just as cool and smooth a hit as you do from your one person bong.

In our research, we found if you melt your ice down just enough in a cup of warm water, you can get ice to fit into the ice chamber.

Glass Thickness

The thickness of the glass is a great way to tell the quality of a two person bong. Just like with any bong, you can really tell the quality of it by touching it and feeling the weight in your hands. We held this bad boy in our hands and were able to see for ourselves right away the quality of this 2 person bong.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Two Person Bong

We searched far and wide to bring you the results of the best two person bong that is a true two person bong that is on the market. The results showed that with the double bong bowl attachment, there is no other bong that gives you and your friend the same smoking experience at the exact same time. We did the research so you didn’t have to.

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