3 of the Best Honeycomb Bongs that Stack Bubbles (2023)

3 of the Best Honeycomb Bongs that Stack Bubbles (2023)

(We Tested 10 Honeycomb Bongs to Find the Best)

Trying to find the perfect honeycomb bong can be difficult and quite the journey if you don’t know what to look for.

With an immense amount of honeycomb bongs being released out there on the cannabis market, it can be strenuous not knowing which one is right for both you and your wallet.

For 2023 our cannabis expert team has decided to review over a dozen of the industry’s top rated honeycomb bongs in order to provide you with only the best premium honeycomb bong, the best budget honeycomb bong, as well as the best honeycomb bong for overall daily use.  

Straight Honeycomb

honeycomb bong

Best Overall
Honeycomb Bong

GRAV Honeycomb

honeycomb bongs

Best Premium
Honeycomb Bong

Bronze Honeycomb

double honeycomb bong

Best Budget
Honeycomb Bong

A Honeycomb Bong is like a Bong With 3x the Percolation

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 honeycomb bongs?

  • We Reviewed over 25 honeycomb bongs.
  • We Bought 10 of the industries leading honeycomb bongs.
  • We Tested the 10 glass honeycomb bongs to find out which ones were the best.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.

We tested 10 of the industry’s best honeycomb bongs and have reviewed over 25 in order to find our users the best quality glass for all their needs. We’re going to fill you in on how well they filtrate and percolate both smoke and water, in order for a smooth and clean smoking experience. Keep reading below to see the best honeycomb bongs of 2023.

If you are new to honeycomb bongs, we strongly recommend you check out our section on what is a honeycomb bong.

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Best Honeycomb Bongs of 2023

It was a vigorous and difficult choice for us to come to a verdict of the best honeycomb glass bongs for 2023. Of the dozens of honeycomb bongs we tested and reviewed, we found and obtained a list of our favorite honeycomb bongs for everyday use, the best-valued honeycomb bongs, as well as the highest-tier premium honeycomb bongs. Take a look at the winners for 2022 and 2023 best honeycomb bongs:

Best All Around Honeycomb Straight Tube Bong

honeycomb perc bong

Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong


Finding the right honeycomb bong for everyday use was difficult but fun and exciting for our cannabis team. This honeycomb perc straight tube bong from Toker Supply is the perfect glass bong for everyday use due to its simplistic and classic design.  You will love the following features with this honeycomb water pipe:

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Best Budget Honeycomb Bong

cheap honeycomb bong

9'' Honeycomb Straight Tube Glass Bong


We went through many honeycomb bongs in order to find an affordable one that still delivers quality and smooth hits without paying a fortune. This PuffingBird honeycomb perc bong was amazing for the price. Look below to see why.

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The Best Premium Honeycomb Water Pipe by Grav®

single honeycomb bong

Straight Tube Honeycomb Water Pipe


After searching and comparing dozens of honeycomb bongs, we found this unique straight ice bong with an equipped honeycomb disc and tree perc. You will love the following features with this honeycomb water pipe:

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Why Toker Supply's Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong is the Best Honeycomb Bong For Overall Use

single honeycomb bong

Our team of cannabis experts have tested and examined the best honeycomb bongs that Toker Supply had to offer and compiled a list of the finest ones that we saw fit to our standards of what makes an outstanding everyday bong. We then put those honeycomb bongs up against each other to find the ultimate daily honeycomb bong. You can be rest assured shopping from Toker Supply won’t steer you in the wrong direction. So let’s take a moment and go through the vital elements to look for in the best honeycomb bong for daily use. 

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The Best Daily Honeycomb Bong Produces Cool and Smooth Hitting Smoke

"When I first received this bong it looked like your average or typical glass piece but upon smoking it I quickly realized just how different it is from just any regular water pipe. It literally felt like I was inhaling pure air and could hardly feel the hit. This is now my daily piece for good reason."

Montell H.

A honeycomb bong is one that is very distinct but rather special when compared to other standard bongs. The ideal honeycomb bong has a honeycomb percolated disc which has dozens of tiny holes all allowing plenty of bubbles to form and stack on top of each other for optimal smoke and water filtration. However, it is important to note that not all honeycomb bongs are made equal. In fact, there are online headshops that sell honeycomb bongs that have little to no holes present which takes away from the purpose of using a honeycomb bong in the first place. Smoke will not be smooth and instead be harsh without a properly designed honeycomb disc. Look for signs of poor design when searching for honeycomb bongs on the market, for if you aren’t careful, your glass piece will produce the equivalent smoke of a regular bong with no added percolators. For a honeycomb bong to be the best for everyday, it must produce cool and clean hitting smoke , and in order to do so, it must have the proper composition without any faulty designs.

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An Everyday Honeycomb Bong Should Have Optimized Air Flow and Circulation

The best honeycomb bong should and always have optimal air flow and circulation in order for not just a good smoking experience, but for a clean and smooth inhale. Lung irritation can occur from poor low quality air support within your glass piece. A honeycomb bong should never have restricted or blocked airways that make it hard for smoke to travel through and make its way into the mouthpiece. Vapor should be filtered and instantly inhaled without intense pressure to ensure for a good tasting hit. You will know if your honeycomb bong is lacking in this element just by simply looking at the honeycomb percolator design. High quality construction and hole arrangement of a honeycomb percolator disc equals high quality optimized air flow and circulation. This is especially important if you are a daily smoker. 

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Borosilicate Glass Quality Should Be Thick and Sturdy

"I have broken more bongs and glass pieces than I would like to admit, and this glass is by far one of the best ones I've bought. I have roommates and they have tipped the bong onto the floor a couple times any there were no scratches or damage to the bong at all! I am happy with my purchase and my new favorite honeycomb bong. I may not be reliable but at least my honeycomb bong is!!"

Karentema C.

Borosilicate glass is the most popular and commonly known material used for honeycomb bongs or glass bongs in general due to their unique capabilities and qualities to regulate and maintain thermal shock from occurring. Essentially, this will make or break (literally) whether or not your glass piece will withstand the test of time. It’s worth mentioning that even if a honeycomb bong is listed as borosilicate glass, it does not mean that the glass is high in quality or design. There are tons of cheap, poorly made honeycomb bongs that have little to no support when it comes to glass function. We found over dozens of thinly made borosilicate glass which are highly prone to breakage and damage. We also found places that presented their glass as 100% borosilicate when our research showed otherwise, and that it was misleading due to multiple other materials being used in conjunction with the borosilicate. You can test the quality of glass by looking at the diameter of the thickness and how seeing for yourself the density of the glass. Thicker glass equals higher quality performance, durability, and reliability, all factors in which benefit a daily smoker.

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A Daily Honeycomb Bong Should be Equipped with a High Quality Diffuser

As mentioned previously, a honeycomb bong is a bong that has a disc percolator with numerous holes that allow for optimal smoke and water filtration to take place. Though this is important for overall smoke experience, it’s also important to make sure your honeycomb bong comes equipped with a downstem as well which adds an extra water diffuser in your glass piece. A high quality honeycomb glass diffuser has multiple slits at the base to allow bubbles to form and filter before hitting the honeycomb disc.

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Why Puffingbird's Honeycomb Perc Bong is the Best Affordable Honeycomb Bong

what is a honeycomb bong

Grasscity carries plenty of high quality honeycomb bongs for the best prices. These honeycomb glass bongs do not come cheap and are typically listed in the higher tier price range. Our studies showed that not only did they offer affordable selections, but they also provided extraordinary quality for their prices. This is why we chose the honeycomb disc and tree perc bong as the best budget honeycomb bong. Let’s take a further dive into the important factors to look for in a quality honeycomb bong without hurting your budget. 

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The Best Honeycomb Bong Should Be High Quality in Design For The Price

Quality is everything when searching for the perfect honeycomb bong. Glass material, percolator design, and airflow are all principle factors when looking for a good piece. Just because you’re on a budget, it shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good quality honeycomb bong. The winner for best honeycomb bong on a budget was chosen because it exceeded the standards for a typical honeycomb glass piece without falling short on high quality borosilicate glass, properly designed percolator, and a seamless airflow. 

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The Best Budget Honeycomb Bong Should Have an Exceptional Percolator

"I have more than 3 other percolator bongs some with multiple chambers, but this one perc honeycomb disc by itself made my hits better than my other pieces that have more than one filtering system. I think that says a lot when buying from a reliable source. In other words, all because your bong has many percolators it doesnt always mean it'll hit better if its cheaply made!"

Donni F.

A honeycomb bong is already equipped with a honeycomb disc percolator which functions to filter out harsh hitting smoke and allows the smoke to be cooled down before reaching your lungs. An ideal honeycomb bong may also already come equipped with a downstem or tree perc even if it’s a basic diffuser. This allows for optimal airflow support and double the filtration so that you never have to experience a hard hitting smoke, even if you’re on a budget, but it is not always the case. This honeycomb bong in particular does not have a diffused downstem but the honeycomb perc by itself filters both smoke and water so efficiently you couldn’t even tell the difference.

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The Best Budget Honeycomb Glass Bong Should Be Durable, Reliable and Heat Resistant

"Usually the bigger a bong is, the more prone it is to breaking which for me has happened one time to many. I have owned this honeycomb bong for more than 6 months now without any issues or problems with it. Glass was definitely good quality."

Germani P.

Durability is absolutely essential in determining whether or not a honeycomb bong is worth the money. Again, just because you have a price limit, it shouldn’t come at the expense of a poor quality hitting honeycomb bong. Making sure that your glass piece is made from 100% borosilicate glass and that it is thick and dense to the touch, will ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Whether you’re paying $200+ for a honeycomb bong or less than $100, these are the basic requirements that you should look for before making a purchase. 

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Why Cali Connected Honeycomb Straight Tube Bong is the Best Premium Honeycomb Bong

best honeycomb bong

A premium honeycomb glass bong is the most ideal for those who are looking to amplify their smoking experience tenfold despite the higher price range. Quality is a determining factor in what differentiates a premium quality honeycomb bong to a standard honeycomb glass bong. As mentioned earlier, you can still find great quality honeycomb bongs for a lower price, but if you have the means of paying a little extra for your glass piece, it will be well worth the spend.

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A Premium Honeycomb Bong Should Have Exceptional Air Flow and Circulation

All honeycomb bongs should have optimal airflow and circulation, but even the majority end up giving out as time and consistent use of the glass creates wear and tear. When paying for a premium honeycomb bong however, it should be the highest tier quality in ensuring that your glass piece will withstand deterioration and damage from constant use. With that said, a premium honeycomb bong should have the most optimal seamless airflow and flawless smoke circulation.

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A Premium Honeycomb Bong Should Have the Highest Quality Glass Design

"Firstly, the design as a whole with this piece was amazing to me because it was so simple yet hit so strong! I personally prefer ice in all my bongs no matter the type and every hit was as wonderful and powerful as the last. Secondly, the glass was thick enough to take away my paranoia of breaking my glass. Lastly, I love GRAV products and it was no different this time around. I will be buying more glass pieces from you guys. Very happy!"

Hyleana L.

Recognizing a high quality glass design is fundamental for a premium honeycomb bong. Without an exceptional glass design, you’re bound to lose your bong piece to damage, breakage, and poor heat resistance which will lead to overheating or even under heating your smoke. Steer clear of thinly made glass or glass this is mixed with other materials other than borosilicate.

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A Premium Honeycomb Glass Bong Should Have Outstanding Water and Smoke Filtration

"I can remember when I first started out smoking and it was from a straight dry pipe with no water. Looking back, my have I gone a long way. Ever since using percolators I have never gone back. Downstems are great too but nothing beats having a bong with this honeycomb percolator. Every hit feels like I put ice in it even when I don't use it. Absolutely loved this product"

Orlando H.

If you’ve decided to put in the extra loot in for a perfect honeycomb bong, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t have a flawless water and smoke filtration system. This is a core factor in whether or not your honeycomb bong will deliver a smooth, clean, and tasty hit without any signs of harshness in smoke. A premium honeycomb glass bong should have the highest level percolator disc design for optimal cooling of the smoke vapors and proper bubble formation. Your smoke should be filtered efficiently resulting in the best smoke experience for both you and your lungs. 

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What is a Honeycomb Bong?

A honeycomb bong is a water pipe that comes equipped with a built in honeycomb percolator. It is a very distinct style of percolator that functions to filter and cool down hot hitting smoke, so that you can inhale smoothly and cleanly. A honeycomb perc has numerous holes that very much resemble the look of a bee hive, and works exceptionally well to enhance your smoking experience. Honeycomb percs in particular filter and stack bubbles so exceedingly well that it can in fact, cause water to spill over into other chambers if not carefully inhaled. It all boils down to size, style, and how the overall design of the bong was made. If you get yourself a well glass blown honeycomb bong, you can expect to have a seamless and effortless inhale that is smooth and tasty. 

How to Use a Honeycomb Bong

Using a honeycomb perc bong is simple:

  1. Place the cannabis in the bowl chamber 
  2. Fill with water until the honeycomb perc is covered or submerged.
  3. Grip fingers and palm around the middle to lower base of your honeycomb water pipe.
  4. Light up the cannabis and inhale. 

How to Clean a Honeycomb Bong

Cleaning a honeycomb perc bong is extremely easy:

  1. Fill honeycomb bong with one cup of isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Add in 1/4 cup of sea salt.
  3. Stir or shake for 3 minutes..
  4. Rinse out with hot water.
  5. Let your glass honeycomb bong dry. 

What Makes a High Quality Honeycomb Bong?

We can’t stress enough how significant it is to fully understand the importance of  knowing what makes a high quality glass honeycomb bong. Without proper knowledge on what distinguishes a high quality from a poor low quality glass iece depends on three key factors. Let’s go over these points down below. 

Borosilicate Glass is a Great Measurement for Quality Honeycomb Bong

Borosilicate is the best glass for temperature control and structural durability. A poorly made borosilicate glass, or one that is not 100% borosilicate, can result in bong breakage or damage in a short amount of time. Wear and tear will cause your honeycomb bong to malfunction and break out on you much quicker and sooner than one that is made with top notch quality. Borosilicate glass is also easy to lean and because of the material in which it’s made, build up and residue is less than other materials such as ceramic or acrylic.

Efficiency of Filtration

Filtration whether smoke or water is absolutely vital to your smoking experience. Nobody wants a harsh stale hitting smoke when using your honeycomb bong piece. A smoke and water filtration system can make all the difference in your smoking experience so be sure your beautiful honeycomb bong is equipped with one or more percolators, water diffusers, or downstems. 

How Well Does Your Honeycomb Bong Cool the Smoke

How well your honeycomb bong cools the smoke has to do with your smoke and water filtration system. Last thing you want is to be inhaling hot smoke which will irritate your lungs and also cause you to cough up more residue. This is from lack of a water filter such as a downstem or added perc such as a tree perc. Most honeycomb bongs are already equipped with their honeycomb disc perc but having an extra percolator will ensure for the best and smoothest possible smoke inhalation.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Honeycomb Bong

Our team of cannabis experts make it their top priority to find the best honeycomb bongs out there in the cannabis industry so that you don’t have to spend countless hours and wasted money on products that aren’t up tp par.

Here at Cannassentials, we’ve reviewed and tested all honeycomb bongs to find all the ins and outs of honeycomb bongs whether good or bad, in order to determine which ones are worth the mention. We’ve contacted reviewers through social media as well as other online sources and forums to discover and reveal all there is to know about honeycomb bongs in the online headshop world. 


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