7 of the Best Ice Bongs On The Market (2022)

7 of the Best Ice Bongs On The Market (2023)

(We Tested to Find the Best Ice Catcher Bong for Ultra Smooth Rips)

An ice bong is one of the best ways to get an ultra-smooth rip every time with zero coughing.

When it comes to cannabis freeze tech an ice catcher bong and a glycerin bong are the best for cooling smoke.

While you do get much more comfortable rips to the lung, there are some critical steps to take to avoid inhaling ice shards (learn how to prevent this below).

We tested over 10 ice chamber bongs for ice pinch quality, and how well the smoke flowed through the ice. Here are your top 3 picks for the best ice bongs of 2023.


ice bong

Best Overall
Ice Bong


ice catcher bong

Best Premium
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Best Budget
Ice Bong

Best Ice Bongs of 2023

Ice bongs are perfect for anyone that suffers from harsh coughing fits. Learn more ways on how to not cough when smoking weed.

Below our our top 7 best ice bongs of 2023:

Best ice bong for overall use

best ice bong

Bougie Beaker Bong


This beautifully designed ice bong from Famous Brandz just has a lot of depth to it. You will have to have this ice bong on your table to understand. From the beautiful octagon shape to all the artistic oceanic color palettes you just can’t take your eyes off of it. There are a ton of features such as a roll stopper, ultra-thick boro glass, and extra filtration and cooling on top of the ice pinch.

Skip below to see our research on Best Overall Ice Bong.

Best budget ice catcher bong

bong with ice catcher

Famous X Ice Bong


Not trying to pay an arm and leg for your next ice catcher bong? You don’t have to sacrifice quality or function because the Famous X ice chamber bong has premium features, height, yet is half the price of all the other ice bongs we tested. Not sure how they price it so low as nothing about this pipe speaks” cheap”. Don’t take our word for it check out what our experts had to say when testing.

Skip below to see our research on Best Budget Ice Bong.

Best premium ice catcher with percolator

best bong for cooling

Envy Bong With Ice Catcher


If you suffer from harsh coughing from smoking maybe an ice pinch is not enough. Then what you need is an ice bong with percolator, as this gives you two very powerful cooling paths for your smoke to travel through. The Envy Ice Bong actually crackles as smoke and water filters through it, this was hands down the smoothest ice bong we tested by far. While the price point is a bit higher, you will get air-like rips everytime with this ice bong.

Skip below to see our research on Best Premium Ice Bong.

Best triple ice pinch bong

ice chamber bong

Three-Pinch Ice Catcher Bong


Looking for a very fairly priced, well-designed, ultra-smooth ice bong? Pulsar creates reliable cannabis products unlike any in the game. We love the amazing design, and the ice pinch feature works extremely well with zero blocks on airflow. Add that cooling with a removable diffuser downstem we got insanely smooth rips.

Smoothing ripping ice bong (tall)

ice water bongs

LA Pipes Ice Chamber Bong


LA Pipes released yet another amazing bong with ice catcher. The price point is insanely low for an ice bong with so many features. You get 17 inches in height for ample ice cubes, plus a shower head pec, and diffused downstem. That’s three layers of cooling, resulting in air-smooth rips. Made in the heart of Los Angeles, if you are looking for a premium pick without paying premium prices this is an amazing option.

More Ice Catcher Bongs Tested By Our Experts

bongs with ice catcher

Iridescent Ice Chamber Bong


She’s a beauty ain’t she? Pictures can’t do this beautiful ice catcher bong zero justice, as the design of this ice bong changes depending on where you are and how the sun hits it. Standing at 12 inches tall, there is plenty of room here for ice cubes plus downstem filtration making this one of the best bongs for cooling.

Best minimalist ice bong

ice bong for smoking weed

Pulsar Beaker Ice Bong


The “Simple Big Guy” is exactly what it sounds like. An ultra-sturdy, ultra tall, ice bong for smoking weed. Ultra tall, sitting at 18 inches, you can load ice cubes until your heart’s content. The 3 pinch ice catcher was well crafted to prevent air flow issues. If you are looking for more cooling, bigger rips, and an ice bong that will stand the test of time bet on this one.

Using a Quality Ice Bong Is Like Inhaling Air

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best ice bongs?

  • We Reviewed over 40 industry leading ice bongs
  • We Bought 10 of the best ice catcher bongs.
  • We Tested the 10 glass ice bongs to find out which ones were the best

If you are new to ice bongs, we recommend you skip below to learn: what is an Ice Bong.

Looking for More: Our picks for the best ice bong are not quite what you were looking for? If you are looking for the smoothest possible hits we do recommend a honeycomb bong. If filtration is important you can always attach an ash catcher to your ice bong for a cool but ultra-filtered hit.

We tested hundreds of products to find you the best water pipe, best silicone bong, gas mask bong, alien bongs, and even the best smokeless bong.

How to Use an Ice Bong Safely

why put ice in a bong

So why would you put ice in a bong? 

Simple. By placing ice cubes in the neck of your ice chamber bong, you give more surface area for the smoke to travel through. This automatically cools the smoke, and since it’s ice cubes it will cool much more on top of that.

The end result is an ultra-smooth rip and is perfect for those suffering from coughing or asthma.

In this section, we go over how to use an ice bong but more importantly how to avoid inhaling ice shards!

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Steps on Using an Ice Catcher Bong

how to use an ice bong

Using a glass ice bong is the same as smoking any standard bong. The only difference is you are using ice cubes.

Follow these simple steps on how to use an ice bong:

  1. Start by rinsing your ice cubes
  2. Place the ice cubes down the neck of your ice water bong
  3. Load your bowl and light and smoke as you would a standard water pipe.
  4. Make sure to watch your water levels as the ice melts adding more water to your ice bong.

Ice bongs are awesome, but they are simply a design in the neck of your pipe. This “pinch” in the neck is what allows you to use ice. Now that we completely took the magic away from ice catcher bongs let’s break down how to avoid inhaling ice shards.

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Ice Catcher Bong Safety Tip: Avoid Inhaling Ice Shards

Ice catcher bongs are great, but the most common mistake stoners make is placing ice cubes directly from the freezer into their glass ice bong.

Ice from the freezer generally has shards (they look like tiny fragments of ice), and if you place them into your bong with ice catcher you increase the risk of inhaling ice shards.

Avoid this mistake by taking your ice cubes and rinsing them with cool water.

Another trick is to load the ice cubes in the neck of your ice bong and let it chill for a good 5 minutes to promote melting of the ice fragments.

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The Best Ice Bong is an Octagon Master Piece

The Best Ice Bong Should Allow For Optimal Smoke Circulation

The Famous Brandz ice bong is the most ideal choice for those looking for a cooler and smoother smoking experience.

Inhaling heated smoke with this glass ice bong is extremely easy on your lungs and makes huge rips a breeze since there is minimal to no coughing.

The more ice present, the better and smoother your tokes will be, and not all bongs allow sufficient room for ice to be held but this glass ice bong was 12 inches in height and had ample room for three large ice cubes.

What we loved about this ice bong was that it seems the circulation of smoke traveled differently in the octagon shape before flying through the ice cubes.

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Any Equipped Downstem Must Produce An Abundant Amount of Bubbles

"I transition between two bongs that I love and they BOTH have a bomb downstem. When I purchased this piece, I was blown away by how well the downstem worked. It felt like I was using a percolator because of how smooth my smoke came out! I am soo happy I bought this piece and it will now take the place of my two other bongs."

Izaiah U.

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles. This awesome ice chamber bong definitely pumped out plenty of bubbles for added filtration and cooling.

The more bubbles that are formed and produced, the better your smoke will feel entering your lungs. It’s a core purpose and function of a  diffuser such as a downstem.

The diffused downstem in this water bong with ice catcher allowed for the submersion and resurfacing of bubbles which force them to interact with each other. It is important to note that keeping the bubbles as separate as possible works in your favor to deliver the smoothest and cleanest smoke.

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High Quality Borosilicate Glass Is An Absolute Must

"When it comes to glass bongs or pipes, Im not exactly the greatest at maintaining it for long before breaking or shattering it. Thats why I loved this bubbler in specific because I don't ever have to worry about it coming apart into a million pieces. I also love how easily portable it is and I bring it with me almost everywhere."

Korye L.

It is absolutely essential for your glass quality to be thick and ideally 100% borosilicate glass.

Not only was this ice bong extra thick  but it was properly designed for stability and durability with the Octagon base. This glass thickness was unbeatable and therefore our favorite pick for best overall ice bong. Due to the thickness of glass, this one of a kind piece is perfect for longevity and definitely worth the investment for the long haul.

Anything 5mm and up is always preferred or recommended, however, if you you happen to have one that falls under those numbers, as long as it is not below 3mm, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. Although 3mm or less in thickness is still prone to breaking, anything less than that is an absolute no.

Save your money and look elsewhere, or just buy this beauty and save yourself the time! This glass ice bong is built to last and you can feel the weight of it as it sits on your table.

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Best Budget Ice Bong For Half the Price

A durable and reliable performing ice bong is always preferred especially if you want to have an enjoyable smoke session. That’s why our cannabis team took the time and effort to find the highest quality ice bong for all you marijuana enthusiasts out there. We talked about airflow, but durability and performance is also key factor for an exceptional smoke experience. Continue below to see how we checked and tested for these requirements.

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The Best Ice Bong Should Have Sufficient Surface Area for Smoke to Travel

There are many bongs out there that may look really nice with all of its intricate designs and styles, but lacks in air support. In other words, it comes down to making sure the bong is properly designed in order to ensure there is enough space and surface area inside the bong itself for smoke to be efficiently circulated.

This ice bong from Famous Brandz hit it right on the money for making sure there is plenty of room (but not too much, or else smoke runs stale) for smoke to circulate.

We had zero issues with any air flow blocks, and a ton of powerful rips over the 10 days of testing this bong with ice catcher.

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The Best Ice Bong Should Have A High Quality Grade Diffuser

"I must have broken at LEAST 3 downstems already and have replaced my current one because of how often it got clogged. I was much happier after transitioning to this bong as I have yet to have one clogging problem when smoking. Design itself is beautiful and I LOVE that I can put ice in it. Thanks guys! "

Gabriella I.

Percolators and diffusers typically go hand in hand although they are actually two different features that serve essentially the same purpose, to filter water and smoke. With that said, making sure you have a high-quality diffuser such as a downstem is important.

There are downstems out there that only have 1 slit or hole for water and smoke to enter and pass through. That’s barely enough to serve its function as a filter since there is minimal space and surface area for smoke to move around. Make sure your downstem has a minimum of 2 holes or slits but anything 3 and above is recommended for optimal filtration.

The downstem in this ice bong had 6 long slits, that stacked bubbles in the water chamber very well. With the ice and the extra cooling from the bubbles we got insanely smooth hits with this ice chamber bong at half the cost!

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An Ice Bong That Produces Consistent Smooth Smoke

"This ice bong was actually a gift from my brother and I immediately fell in love! I always prefer to use ice as I tend to cough a lot when smoking. This bong was super smooth and my hits were chilled from all the ice. I absolutely love this bong and the design is also beautiful!"

Macy O.

We were surprised that an ice bong this size created some amazingly monstrous smoke while delivering smooth tokes. After filling up with ice and water, we let the rest do its magic and man were we satisfied.

We thought without a percolator there would still be some roughness or harshness to the smoke, but that wasn’t the case at all. This straight tubed ice bong hit like a champ and the diffuser with the ice was all you really needed for a bomb high. If you find your hits are easy to inhale and release, congrats, you’ve found the right ice bong. With this specific glass piece, you can be sure you’re getting more for the price you’re paying.

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The Best Premium Bong With Ice Catcher and Percolator

bong with ice catcher and percolator

Having a premium quality filtration in place is an absolute must if you want a remarkable smoke session every time. In addition to a filtering system, it’s also important to make sure you have consistent quality hits. An ice bong is considered premium if it reaches all the standards of what is required for an exceptional bong. It must not only have the basics, such as a downstem, but it should also give you more value in terms of reliability and extra features such as percolators. Keep reading below to see how we tested in the premium pop rock perc ice catcher bong.

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Finally a Bong with Ice Catcher and Percolator

"Wow wow and wow. This matrix bong has become my ultimate go to for the mornings and right before bed because of how strong it hits. I've never personally tried a matrix percolator before but I was blown away by how well it worked to give me the cleanest rips! Ya'll really did it on this one. I am VERY happy with my piece!! "

Ja'siah P.

A quality percolator present is very important when determining the quality of your hits and smoking experience. Percolators are a step up from a downstem and enhances the cooling factor for smoke. Without one, your hits will be harsh, hot, and most likely will irritate your lungs so it is advised to choose a bong that already has one to ensure a smooth tasting rip.

We loved how this ice bong with percolator stacked the cooling from the perc and the ice catcher, delivering the smoothest rip possible.

When it came to testing all 10 ice bongs, this was hands down the smoothes

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What The Heck is a Pop Rock Percolator?

I get it, you aren’t here for the perc you are here for the ice pinch. But what if I told you it was a pop rock perc?

You heard it right, when smoke and water filter through the perc it crackles and somehow the end result is an ultra-smooth hit.

It wasn’t the pop-rock feature that was amazing it was how well the percolator worked. Bubbles stacked upon bubbles with great distances in between cooled the smoke even without ice! (yes we tested)

Throw three ice cubes in and you got an ultra-smooth, ice-chilled rip.

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The Best Ice Bong Should Have More Than One Filtration System

"Theres nothing like having both a percolator and a downstem when smoking cause of just how smooth my hits are! The ice in the bong is always a bonus and I have been using this piece for the last 3 months with no issues. Very happy with product!"

Mansonele H.

Most stoners are looking for a bong with ice catcher because they want cooled smoke.

And if they want cooled smoke, I’m guessing they are tired of coughing like crazy after every rip.

If you want to purchase an ice catcher bong that will deliver ultra-smooth rips with zero coughing then you are going to want to give the Envy a go.

The smoke is first cooled through the downstem, then through the percolator, and finally from the ice cubes. The smoke was so smooth, you sometimes don’t think you got a good rip until you exhale.

Yes, it’s that good.

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What is an Ice Bong?

A steamroller pipe is cannabis pipe but the carb hole is placed at the opposite end in which you inhale from, and the steamroller bowl is right at the end where the carb section is. This allows for you to smoke and fill the entire pipe, and when you release the carb cap you clear the entire pipe and deliver a potent hit of THC. 

How to Clean an Ice Bong

Cleaning an ice bong is extremely easy and is the same steps as cleaning a bong.

  1. Place glass ice bong on table and fill with one cup isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Put in 1/4 cup of sea salt.
  3. Shake or stir contents so that entire interior of bong is cleaned of residue and build up.
  4. Pour out contents and rinse with warm to hot water.
  5. Detail with Q-tip any remaining residue and rinse with warm to hot water.
  6. Let ice bong dry.

What Makes a High Quality Ice Bong?

A high quality ice bong should be measured by three vital points, airflow and circulation, smoke and water filtration, and coolness of the smoke. These thee factors define an exceptional ice bong, for if it is lacking in any of these factors, you can count on a mediocre smoking experience. You can’t rely on an ice bong if it isn’t properly filtering and cooling your smoke,  

Percolation Design Is A Great Measurement for A Quality Ice Bong

Having more percolators doesn’t necessarily mean your ice bong will be better, however, a high quality percolator even if it’s one, is a good indicator of how well your smoke will hit. Having too many percs in your ice bong can restrict the amount of airflow that travels through your bong, as well as create more of a drag when you inhale. As long as there is a quality percolation system in place, you can be sure your hits will be smooth and clean. You can still have an adequate smoke sesh without a percolator due to the ice chamber, but we recommend having one present, as it will increase your experience tenfold.

Efficiency of Filtration

Filtration and percolators tend to go hand in hand, but a filtration system can also refer to diffusers. Any of the two will decrease and reduce harshness and staleness of smoke so you can have a clean hit every time. It’s vital to have a feature that filters your smoke and water since without it, you would be inhaling hot vapors which irritates your lungs. An ice chamber by itself will typically cool the smoke, but there will still be some harshness from the absence of a proper filter such as a downstem at minimum, or a percolator. 

How Well Does Your Bong Cool the Smoke

There are tons of ice bongs out there, and all because you can add ice to your bong, doesn’t mean you’re getting the upmost quality in your smoke. Yes, there’s no doubt ice will cool your smoke down, but it also depends on other varying factors such as the amount of ice your bong can hold, how much space and room there is for smoke to pass through, and if there is another filtering system in place. 

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Ice Bong

It’s our mission here at Cannassentials to provide our users with the best knowledge and understanding of all the different types and styles of cannabis products out there, so you can shop comfortably without doubt. We do extensive research and testing in order to see the products for ourselves and cypher out all the good and the bad. 

With 10 different ice bongs tested, we’ve provided you with only the best results that we found so you don’t have to waste any time or money on bongs that don’t suit you. You can be rest assured, you are getting the best bang for your buck no matter if you are buying a premium or lower tier ice bong. All information provided has been backed up by our studies, so now all thats left to do is finding one you love!

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