The Best Silicone Bongs That Will Make You Quit Glass (2023)

10 Truly Amazing Silicone Bongs
that will Make You Quit Glass 2023

Silicone bongs are literally the cleanest bongs in the world (silicone prevents pathogen growth).

A silicone water pipe never shatters, is easy to clean, and has some of the cleanest bong water – hands down.

The best silicone bongs on this list are made from ultra-dense platinum cure, making the average life time of your bong over 10 years compared to glass shattering in the first year.

Did you know you can freeze a silicone bong for ultra frosty hits. Skip below to learn why I choose silicone waterpipes over glass (hint: it’s cleaner).

The best rubber bongs you can buy right now 2023

Matte Black Beauty

best silicone bong

Best Overall
Silicone Bong


silicone bong

7 Freaking
Products in 1!

Compress into 3 inches

silicone water bong

Best Outdoor
Silicone Bong

Best Silicone
Bongs of 2023

Glass is nice and all, but only silicone bongs can have ultra rich matte colors, fully intricate art details, and can fold down for travel.

There are tons of cheap options but we found the best silicone bongs, that I truly felt hit the mark. Each silicone water pipe is a bit different from mini to percolators, so take your time to find which one fits your cannabis needs.

Best All-Around
Silicone Water Bong

silicone bongs

Life Time Guarantee

Eyce is one of the most established brands in Cannabis history, and their products sold in over 8 countries world wide.

The ultra dense platinum cured silicone is medical grade, and built to last a lifetime.

They are so sure of this that they have a Life Time Guarantee on all of their silicone bongs (yes they will replace it for free) !

This made our #1 best silicone bong because, not only is it beautiful, it packs tons of amazing features: ice catcher, poker, and secret stash jar.

Don’t take my word for it, check out our research to get a closer look at this product in use.

Best Cheap Silicone Bong
that Is Far From Cheap in Quality

silicone water pipes

Roll Silicone Bong


This is actually the first silicone bong ever to hit the market and still has a cult following.

Owning this bong is like owning a piece of cannabis history!

Standing 8 inches tall, this silicone roll up bong can literally compress down and fit into your pocket.

This makes it the best silicone bong for outdoor smoking, travels, picnics, vacations, hiking, and so much more.

It is made from BPA free materials and does not support any micro-bacterial growth making it cleaner than glass!

My favorite part is the spring loaded bowl. No more banging bowls to empty, just push down and the bowl pushes out all the ash into your ash tray.

Best Premium Silicone Water Pipe
with 4 in 1 Features

Indecisive? Choose this one


This silicon water pipe can transform into 4 unique products! (7 if you count the dab rig forms)

  1. You can use it as a double percolation bong (super smooth hits)
  2. Transform it into a standard single percolation bong (reduce water filtration for stronger hits)
  3. Change it to a full on hammer bubbler (for laid back couch smoking)
  4. Finally it can transform to a nectar collector (for portable and easy dabbing)

This 4 in 1 is extremely affordable and easy to convert, clean, and is one of the smoothest hitting silicone bongs on the market.

Take a look at our testing as we break down all the features below.

The zero cough
silicone water pipe

silicone and glass bong

Jelly Fish Silicone Bong


If you struggle with coughing or asthma this gives you the smoothest rips due to a triple water filtration system.

Coughing happens due to the heated smoke entering your lungs, but in this silicone bong it has to travel through:

  1. First the ash catcher filters out impurities and cools smoke
  2. Next smoke travels through bong chamber where bubble filtration further cleans and cools
  3. Finally smoke travels to UFO percolation for some of the most powerful cooling

This has been one of the best silicone bongs on our list for over two years because of how clean and smooth the rips are.

And if you feel like laying back on the couch binging shows you can detach the ash catcher and convert it into a bubbler (small pipe).

Best silicone bong for
large rips with a smooth hit

best silicone bong

Perfect for ultra large rips


This silicone water pipe uses the science of a water fountain to help cool your smoke.

The water filtration chamber is in the bottom but once filtered the smoke spills out of the fountain in the middle chamber just like a water fountain.

As it flows down and then up the smoke vortexes in the center for a second waterless filtration.

The result: a smooth rip with minimal THC loss. This is prefect for anyone that wants to take ultra large rips without it being too harsh.

Best priced silicone bong
with premium features

best rubber bong

Premium features budget price


Yes it looks like a Pineapple. 

No, this is not a joke, this made our top silicone bongs list because it’s packed with premium features for a fraction of the cost.

This rubber pineapple bong prevents splash back, has a inline percolation chamber, magnet to suspend your lighter, and a secret stash jar compartment in the bottom.

Cured with medical grade non-stick silicone that is completely BPA free, the wide body shape allows you to hold more water for a nice filtered smooth rip.

If height matters for you
pick this silicone beaker bong

silicone beaker bong

Tallest silicone bong


If mini silicone bongs aren’t your thing I got you.

Height does matter. The taller your silicone bong is the further the smoke has to travel cooling it down drastically.

This monster is 14 inches tall and is literally a fraction of the cost when compared to a 14 inch glass bong.

This silicone bong has amazing bubble action (showerhead diffuser) for a nice and smooth beaker rip. Best of all it is V1 platinum cured and extremely temperature resistant allowing it to stay cool with back to back smokes.

Perfect for parties and the household sharing a silicone bong that need back to back rips!

Fine art details only
a silicone bong can pull off

cool silicone bong

A cult classic remix


The glass honey bear bong has been a cult classic for some time, so we loved the amazing remix: the skeleton honey bear.

Here is silicone bongs boasting what glass can’t do: fine art details and matte color waves.

This is a mini silicone bong, perfect for travel and on the go and besides the amazing art the water is filtered, cooled, and the lid prevents splash back!

It’s affordable, beautiful, and dish washer safe!

Best discreet silicone bong
that is 100% water proof

rubber bong

Smoke in the bath tub


Trying to hide your bong?

This Rubber Ducky silicone bong is perfect for discreet smoking and so much more.

It’s the first fully submergible water-proof silicone bong. Smoke in the bathtub, pool parties, or the hot tub.

Inhale from the duck’s mouth (or bill) and once you are done close the cap for a smell proof and water proof silicone water pipe!

This cool silicone bong can also convert for a full length bowl holder for smoother hits at home.

The coolest silicone bong
that has a smell proof tail cap

mini silicone bong

Smell proof bowl cap


It’s not often where you see cute done right in a silicone water pipe.

You can’t help but to smile when you see this little guy on your desk.

Silicone bongs bring full color and art range into the cannabis world. It’s the perfect companion to sit on your desk and the tail acts as a cap making it smell proof.

Not a fan of nasty looking bongs on your counter? This will be a rubber bong you will love leaving out.

Remove the tail to light your herbs and inhale through the horn. Put the tail over to save the weed in your bowl without stinking the house up!

Just how did we find the best silicone bongs?

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. We may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, but in no way does that impact the testing and results. So just how our team test to find the 10 best silicone bongs of 2023?

  • We Reviewed over 20 Industry Leading Silicone Bongs by reviews, sales frequencies, and social media engagement.
  • We Bought 15 of the best silicone water pipes.
  • We Tested the 15 silicone water bongs and only 10 of them made the cut.
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their silicone bongs held up

We tested for portability, durability, cooling, filtration, how well did it smoke compared to a glass bong, quality of silicone, and freezing potential. There were tons of very thin, factory made, tin silicone. Tin silicone is a much cheaper version of silicone and does not provide the bacterial resistance that platinum cured silicone does. Only platinum cured silicone can be skin safe and medical grade. Every silicone water pipe we recommend are platinum cured medical grade silicone.

If you are new to the silicone bong world then we recommend you skip below to learn how to use a silicone bong with some cleaning tips. If you are trying to make a choice between a silicone bong and glass bong then learn 3 things you probably didn’t know about silicone water bongs. From it’s molecular structure that resist temperature and to it’s pathogen free surface levels, we got some cool facts about why silicone bongs are much cleaner than glass bongs. 

If silicone bongs aren’t what you wanted then make sure to check out some other awesome recommendations such as: ice bongs, glycerin bongs, glass bongs, or alien bongs! If you are brand new then check out our guides on how to smoke weed and how to inhale weed.

3 things about silicone bongs
you probably didn't know

Why do I feel like silicone bongs are the best?

I use them personally at home for a number of reasons such as the obvious: they are shatter proof and are more affordable.

What you probably didn’t know was that platinum grade silicone (two types) promote zero micro-bacterial growth.

Let’s go over 3 things you didn’t know about silicone water bongs.

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Zero Micro-bacterial
growth in silicone bongs

Medical grade silicone (which is platinum cured) is widely used for it’s antibacterial properties.

This type of silicone is highly resistant to oxygen, ozone, uv light which are all variables for bacterial growth.

Most pathogens cannot even stick to the silicones surface.

Silicone bongs have the surface science to battle microbes such as E. coli and MRSA which can be found growing in unclean glass bong water.

Silicone water pipes are far from cheap, the are made from the same material as an artificial heart – yes it’s that clean!

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You can freeze
a silicone water pipe

If you have a 100% silicone bong (non glass hybrid), then you can dump the water and put it in the freezer.

After about 1 hour it’s ice cold, and can help cool down heated smoke, giving you a much smoother and easier rip.

So doesn’t matter if you have a mini silicone bong or a large beaker silicone bong, you can add an extra frosty smooth hit for free!

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The Si-O bond inside
rubber bongs are amazing

Silicone bongs are made of the Si-o bond and it’s a very special chemical bond.

It is a very difficult to attack bond, making have a very high resistance to chemicals. Meaning nothing nasty can leach into your rubber bong.

On top of that the Si-O bond allows for an outstanding resistance to low and high temperatures

This means a silicone water bong stays cooler than glass hit per hit. This is a huge factor in keeping the hits smooth.

On top of that the silicone rubber is extremnely tensile and felxible.

This means you can dump the water, toss it in a plastic bag, and into your backpack and go anywhere without worry of it damaging.

It’s not indestructible because it’s rubber, it’s indestructible because of the Si-O silicone bond.

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Engineered master piece:
#1 Best silicone bong

silicone mini bong

Using less silicone makes it cheaper to manufacture, so companies make their bongs so thin they become transparent and flimsy.

The reason why the Eyce mini beaker is the #1 best silicone bong is because of the craftsmanship.

They chose the highest medical grade platinum cured silicone and the walls of this bong is three times thicker than most other rubber bongs.

silicone bong vs glass

This is a family owned and American made cannabis brand sold in over 8 countries.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, if anything ever happens to this little guy they will replace it no questions asked!

Besides the superior build this silicone water pipe also comes with some premium features:

  1. There is an ice catcher for you to get about two ice cubes in for super smooth rips.
  2. A poker that snaps into the side to clear your bowl and keep the rips super strong.
  3. The bottom comes out and works as a smell-proof and air tight stash jar keeping your buds in the perfect conditions.

Let’s look at how these features actually worked during testing.

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A silicone water pipe
that keeps your buds fresh

silicone stash bottom

I never thought much of the bottom compartment until I actually began using it.

I ground an eighth of weed up and placed it in the stash bottom.

What I didn’t realize was that it was smell proof and kept the buds fresh.

Cannabis degrades due to UV lights (kitchen lights), oxygen, humidity, and heat.

This bottom compartment is airtight, dark, and cool because it’s right under the water chamber.

This feature alone takes stash boxes and stash jars completely out of the equation – saving you money and space.

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Finally a poker designed
to work with the glass bowl

bongs silicone

I see a ton of pokers attached to silicone bongs.

Have you ever tried any of them?

Usually they are far too thin for the hole, so you end up having to poke and swirl to clean.

The poker and the bowl in this silicone bong was designed to work hand and hand.

Without this feature I would be banging the bowl against an ashtray and asking everyone in the house to find a needle.

The poker locks into the side of the rubber bong and trust me it’s not going anywhere.

Zero bowl clogs because of this wonderful feature – thank you.

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One of the best bowls
in a silicone water bong

silicone bong review

So it’s a silicone bong with smooth hits (ice catcher) and a stash jar to keep your buds fresh.

The one thing most companies don’t take their time with is the bowl.

This literally determines the quality of your smoke.

It has two ergonomic plates that let you grip and remove it easily (which is a hassle usually with silicone water pipes)

On top of that the bowl goes deep, so it encourages the flame to “flash hit” the cannabis.

This is the best way to get a cherry started so you are inhaling less lighter fluid and letting the cherry do the work.

I test dozens of bongs a month and if you don’t decide to get this product at least buy the bowl because they are the best hands down.

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Research Behind Roll Uh Bowl Best Cheap Silicone Bong

The iconic, first ever, silicone bong.

Whether you are taking a spontaneous road trip or a weekend trip to vegas, this is hands down the best portable bong on the market.

Long story short: this collapsible bong can compress and fit into your pocket or purse, downstem and bowl!

Enjoy water filtration and powerful hits anywhere life decides to take you!

collapsible bongs for sale

The ridges on the wall allow this rubber bong to collapse.

It’s widely known as a “slinky bong” and while I don’t appreciate super thin walls I do understand that’s what makes it so portable and travel friendly.

My favorite feature however is actually something I wish every silicone waterpipe had: a spring loaded bowl. Let’s talk about that.

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Best silicone waterpipe
with spring loaded bowl

pop up bong

So the bowl is made from metal and is spring loaded.

Think about it: if the bowl were glass it wouldn’t be very travel friendly. 

We often bang our bowls to try to clear the ash, but you can just push down and clear your bowl in seconds.

This works indoors and outdoors and keeps your hands clean.

Oh yeah, this bowl can also convert into a banger for dabs as well – pretty damn cool.

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How Portable is the Roll Uh Bowl Bong?

roll a bong

This is truly a quality silicone bong, because the inventor thought about the compression design very deeply.

I mean, the entire bowl and downstem fits snug. 

While compressed you can leave it in your glove department, backpack, purse, or even a jacket pocket.

This is the worlds most portable silicone bong and it’s made from medical grade BPA free silicone.

The surface doesn’t support micro-bacterial growth and that makes this extremely clean as well.

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This silicone bong is
actually 7 products in 1

I’ve had this silicone bong for quite some time.

My favorite thing about this 4-in-1 is that it’s a space saver.

Whether you are a super host or you just like to switch your style of smoking with the seasons, you get a ton of products in just 1.

best 4 in 1 silicone bong

Correction: With the bong and dab rig set up you actually get 7 products for the price of 1:

  1. Double percolator silicone bong
  2. Double percolator silicone dab rig
  3. Standard silicone water pipe
  4. Standard silicone dab rig
  5. Silicone bong blubber
  6. Silicone dab bubbler
  7. Silicone dab pen

The crazy part is the price point is dirt cheap. If you were to buy all of the above the cost would be astronomical.

Save space and money – no brainer. 

None of the above matters much unless we talk about how it actually smokes. 

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Triple cooling system
for minimal to no coughing

silicone bong with percolator
My testing on the best silicone bong

The reason why this made our top 3 best silicone water pipe is because of the triple cooling system.

This is perfect for anyone with asthma or struggles with coughing fits.

  1. The heated smoke first travels through the water chamber to filter and cool.
  2. Next the smoke enters the mid percolation chamber for some major cool down and further filtration.
  3. Finally the smoke spirals around in the vortex chamber allowing a final cool down before entering your lungs.

It won’t be as smooth as a glycerin bong or an ice bong but it’s smooth enough to keep coughing to a minimal.

I struggle with asthma as was able to smoke this setup without any issues .

silicone bong with lighter magnet

It’s the small finishing touches I appreciate so much.

Face it, there are tons of steps when smoking cannabis. From grabbing nugs, grinding, packing bowls, and finding that damn lighter.

There is a magnet on the silicone bong and it keeps your lighter in a nice cozy grip.

The beauty of this is the placement. Put the bong to your mouth, remove the lighter and light, then place it right back while your inhaling.

The positioning on this is perfect and the movements become second nature- you will never lose your lighter again.

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Testing the silicone bong
and silicone bubbler formats

silicone bong water fillter

The big question we all asked was: why the heck would you remove the mid-percolation chamber?

Removing it will turn this into a standard silicone water bong or rig.

I went ahead and tried this format for 3 days and found a few things out:

  • Hits are harsher but high was stronger (less water less THC loss)
  • No glass made me care less so I took it everywhere in the house (shatter proof = care free attitude)
  • Very easy to travel with (just take it apart and you can fly with it because it doesn’t look like a bong disassembled). 
silicone bong bubbler

I thought the silicone bubbler format was just sort of a wild way to add another “feature”.

But on a lazy day, oh it’s perfect!

Smoking from a standard silicone water bong you usually have to smoke on a counter standing up.

It’s all about positioning. The bubbler format allows you to smoke sitting or reclining with full visibility as you light. 

Compared to regular bubblers this base is much bigger, making it sit on your coffee table with ease (prevents spills).

So if you love lounging and smoking, this is perfect for the couch lock potatoes (bless those terpenes).

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Testing the dab straw
and silicone cleaning

silicone bong dab

This isn’t the best nectar collector there is but it’s worth talking about.

We put the titanium nail under the torch to dab some wax and was pleasantly surprised.

You basically heat the nail, and once the nail is hot enough if it comes in contact with dabs it vaporizes it and pulls the vapors through for you to inhale.

Think of it as a portable silicone dab rig. The vapors were a bit hot but I was able to pull some powerful rips in just under 60 seconds!

It’s not the highlight of the product but definitely a bonus.

cleaning silicone bong

Last but not least the cleaning.

I usually don’t talk about this in my reviews, but I had to here.

Never before have I been able to clean any cannabis product to this level of perfection.

It’s simple really: the entire silicone water pipe comes apart and rarely any bongs silicone or not can do this.

This allows you to get into those tough to reach areas with ease.

With some warm water and soap I got this looking brand new in less than 3 minutes.

How to Use a Silicone Bong

Using a silicone bong is actually fairly simple. You just have to understand that silicone cannot be in contact with any fire for a longer periods. Fire won’t melt silicone immediately but after some time it will begin to change shape.

So don’t worry if your lighter flickers on the surface of your silicone bong.That is why the bowl, banger, and downstream are usually some form of glass or metal. 

How to Smoke a Silicone Bong

Smoking a silicone bong is simple:

  1. Make sure the silicone pipe is filled with water (check for the appropriate amount)
  2. Put dry herb into bowl
  3. Light the dry herb while you pull (inhale smoke into bong chamber) from the bong 
  4. Notice the water pipe fill with smoke as the pipe bubbles
  5. Next remove the bowl and inhale all the smoke into your lungs

How to Clean a Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are extremely easy to clean. What I like to do is place the rubber bong into the freezer for a few hours without any water. This consolidates and freezes the resin particles, and you can simply scrape all this into the trash can.

Next follow these simple steps when cleaning your silicone bong:

  1. Place silicone bong into the washer and remove any glass 
  2. Wash everything in the washing machine 
  3. Remove and detail any resin left with q-tips
  4. Clean with a towel and you are good to go!

If you want to dry your silicone water bong then a hair dryer works perfectly fine! Alcohol pads are ok too!

What Makes a High Quality Silicone Bong?

Silicone water pipes can be a bit confusing when it comes to quality. I will break it down the simplest way possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components of what makes a really great silicone bong and what makes a cheap knock off one (giving silicone products a bad name).

Tin silicone or platinum cured silicone?

There are two types of silicone used for making silicone bongs.

Tin cured silicone – is the cheapest and is often found in cheap factory made rubber bongs from over seas.

Platinum cured silicone– is much more expensive, tensile, and is often used in medical grade and food safe equipment like kitchenware.

Whenever people talk about food grade, V1- BPA free, or medical grade they are talking about a type of platinum cured silicone.

There are many types of platinum cured silicone that have different certifications for food safe or medical grade.

Our list of best silicone bongs above are all made from medical grade platinum cured silicone. So it’s completely safe to smoke from, and is in fact cleaner than glass.

The best silicone bongs have filtration

It’s always important no matter acrylic, ceramic, glass, or silicone that you have some form of water filtration.

The entire point of a bong is to use the water to filter and cool the smoke. Make sure your silicone cannabis bong has some form of perc, bubbler, or water chamber to filter and cool the smoke.

Silicone dowstems aren’t known for producing great bubble filtration so I like to buy a glass downstem to use instead to add much more filtration.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Silicone Bong

Finding the best silicone bongs was fun. I have engineered silicone bongs and personally smoke from them because they are cleaner and healthier than glass for many reasons.

Silicone bongs can do many things a glass bong cannot. They can provide full range art details, they can have full matte color ranges, and best of all a silicone water pipe can freeze to help give a frosty smooth rip.

Silicone beaker bong does not shatter compared to a glass bong, making it the more economical choice. You wouldn’t live in a glass house, why do we keep smoking from giant glass bongs? They are just too easy to break.

Best of all mini silicone bongs are easy to travel with and many of the designs make them ultra discreet. 

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