The Best Silicone Bong of 2022 That Will Make You Quit Glass

3 Truly Amazing Silicone Bongs that will Make You Quit Glass

(We Bought 10 of the Most Popular Silicone Bongs to Find Which One Truly Was the Best)

When it comes to a silicone bong, what’s not to love?

Silicone bongs have amazing design, super affordable prices, are easy to clean, are travel friendly, and did we forget they are almost indestructible?

After 55 hours of testing 10 different silicone water pipes our top 3 picks are:

Ooze Kettle

best silicone bong

Best Overall
Silicone Bong

Jelly Fish

silicone bong

Best Premium
Silicone Bong

Roll Uh Bowl

silicone water bong

Best Budget
Silicone Bong

A Well Designed Silicone Bong Will Never Break, Shatter, or Leave You

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best silicone bongs?

  • We Reviewed over 40 Industry Leading Silicone Bongs
  • We Bought 10 of the best Silicone water pipes.
  • We Tested the 10 Silicone water bongs to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their silicone bongs held up.

We tested silicone bongs only from trust online headshop sources and also we tried to keep a practical price range even for our premium purchases.

We reviewed over 30 silicone bongs before deciding to buy the 10 we believed would test very well. We tested for portability, durability, cooling, filtration, how well did it smoke compared to a glass bong, quality of silicone, and freezing potential.

If you are new to the silicone bong world then we recommend you skip below to learn: what is a silicone bong.

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In our research for best silicone bong we also tested for downstem efficiency, ease of pull, percolation efficiency (if any), and how functional the design worked together as a whole.

We also did ample research on hundreds of reviews and videos and jot down the primary complaints and praises of each product. We then took this data and tested against all positive and negative statements to see just how well each silicone bong stood.

You can take a closer look at our in depth research behind best silicone bong below.

Best Silicone Bong Index

Best Silicone Bongs of 2022

There were hundreds of silicone bong options. We only chose to test products that were made from 70% silicone. There were many bongs made from borosilicate glass and then wrapped in silicone, so we chose to exclude these type of hybrid glass/silicone bongs. Take a look at our top 3 picks for best silcione bongs.

Best All-Around Silicone Water Bong

best silicone bong

Kettle Bong


The Ooze Kettle is definitely our favorite. This silicone bong is a 2 in one and can also be used as a silicone dab rig. Not only that the design is beautiful and extremely functional. You simply pull the water chamber out in less than a second making it very easy to clean and fill. Not only that if you decide to dab it has a magnetic holder for your wand. Brilliant design by the team at Ooze!  Skip below to see our research on best silicone bong

Best Cheap Silicone Bong that Is Far From Cheap in Quality

silicone water bong

Roll Silicone Bong


The Roll Uh Bowl has been around for quite some time and for good reason. The grooves in the straight silicone tube were designed to “fold” sort of like a slinky coming back together. This means you can compress the entire bowl into a 3-inch height making it extremely easy for traveling. With a great price point and extreme reliability, this silicone water bong is an easy win.  Skip below to see our research on budget silicone bong

Best Premium Silicone Water Pipe with 3 in 1 Features

silicone bong review

Jelly Fish Silicone Bong


The Jelly Fish bong is an absolute winner when it comes to silcione water pipes. This amazing bong has a built in bubbler, perc chamber, and ash catcher – need I say more? This silicone bong gave us the cleanest, coolest, and smoothest smoke out of all the pipes we tested.  Skip below to see our research on best premium silicone bong

Research Behind Best Overall Silicone Bong

rubber bong

We tested various silicone water bongs but we absolutely loved this bong for a number of reasons. We reached out to past customers and were pleasantly surprised at how much every one still loved their Kettle bong. Let’s take a look at the notable highlights in our research.

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How Easy Was the Ooze Kettle Silicone Water Pipe to Use?

"At first when you buy it online you don't realize how easy it is to remove to water holder which was so awesome. It literally just comes out when you pull it but it holds really well. Super easy to use and just looks much better than glass IMO."

Jamie M.

We reached out to Jamie through social media hashtags and asked just how easy it was to use this silicone water bong. Just like his positive review we felt the same in our testing. This bong is so simple to smoke, handle, and clean it’s just an all around winner. We did notice a ton of reviews claiming it was no good for smoking flower or that it tasted different, but we felt those reviews were fake and this is why we do what we do here at Cannassentials! We didn’t notice anything wrong with the taste nor issues with smoking flowers. The water chamber comes out very easily and filling the water is just as simple. We did freeze the silicone to see if it improved the cooling and it definitely doubles the cooling and smoothness of the smoke for a much less harsh hit.

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How Well did Water Filtration Work with this Silicone Bong?

The issue with smaller bongs is that there is less distance for the smoke to travel from the bowl to your lungs. This results in much hotter smoke which is the culprit for coughing fits. It’s important for the water to filter effectively in order to compensate for the shorter distance the heated smoke travels.

So just how well did the water filter? The thicker downstem allowed for maximum bubble filtration to cool the smoke. The hits were not ultra-cool but as we mentioned above, you can freeze the silicone (not the glass chamber with water), and when you are ready to use just pop the water chamber back in with fresh water, and the frozen silicone with the water filtration truly gave this bong an ultra-smooth and cool rip.

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Is this Silicone Bong better than Most Glass Bongs?

There are a lot of silicone bongs on the market and some just don’t compare to glass bongs. This hybrid Ooze Kettle we feel does stand well against glass bongs. The silicone helps protect this bong from accidental drops. 

We drop-tested this bong from average heights onto the carpet and even a 4 ft drop from the kitchen counter and it held up just fine even with the water chamber inside. 

This silicone water bong really is great in a lot of ways. It’s a hybrid so it allows for dabbing as well. For travel purposes, you just remove the water chamber and the silicone portion can fold into your luggage easily making this much more convenient than glass bongs. Keeping the two separate (glass water chamber and silicone mold) most people won’t even know it’s a bong.

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Research Behind Roll Uh Bowl Best Cheap Silicone Bong

silicone water pipes

Roll uh Bowl has been around for a long time and there is a reason why it’s so popular even until this day. Sometimes you just want a cheap no-hassle bong that you can take with you on your next trip. This is the perfect budget bong that is extremely portable and travel-friendly. 

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How Portable is the Roll Uh Bowl Bong?

So think of a slinky. When this silicone bong is extended out it’s like a slinky stretched out. The bong was designed to be able to compress into a small, flat, disk shape making it extremely portable. Most people use a 3-inch tall mason jar to put their entire bong, bowl, and downstem in which is absolutely amazing.

This is the type of silicone water pipe you can just throw into your luggage without thinking twice about it and you won’t have to worry once that it will break like a glass bong or even acrylic.

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We Love that it's Portable but is the Quality of the Bong Good?

"A lot of people cry that it's flimsy but to be honest I've had this bong for over 4 years and I use it all the time. It gets the job done and it saves you hundreds of dollars in the long run compared to buying cheap and overpriced glass bongs."

Keyu C.

At first glance when you have this bong on the table it feels like anything can knock it over. So yes, in that sense it looks cheap but we realized as soon as you put water in it holds to the table just fine. The bowl is springloaded and of high quality. 

As far as quality, overall this thing was designed to be squeezed, crushed, dropped, and just downright mistreated. So in that sense, it is made with high-quality silicone and we believe that for such a great price you do get a great quality silicone water bong.

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Research Behind Premium Silicone Water Pipe

silicone bongs

Ok, get ready ladies and gentlemen this silicone bong is unlike any we ever tested. There are not a lot of reviews about this bong nor is it sold in many places. This bong was submitted by one of our readers to test for and we are absolutely thankful that David T. sent the request for this silicone bong to be tested and reviewed (shout out to David). Let’s go ahead and go over the high light points of our research on this silicone bong.

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What makes this the Best Premium Silicone Water Pipe?

"Hey Cannassentials team, I know you have your recommendations for the best silicone bongs but I have to say that I purchased a bong called the "Jelly Fish" and I really feel it's the best bong I ever tried (glass, acrylic, silicone, etc). Just thought you guys might want to test it."

David T.

We haven’t quite seen such an intricate silicone bong as the Jelly Fish. With a built in ash catcher, percolation chamber, and bubbler chamber this thing was built for efficiency. 

We tested this bong and because of the bubbler and perc chamber the smoke was ultra-smooth and cool (no freezing required). Not only that but you save a ton of money with a built-in ash catcher that works efficiently as well. This bong has a ton of premium features for a very fair price. In fact, we felt the price was actually undervalued so even though this is our premium pick for what this silicone water pipe has to offer we feel it can actually be a value pick as well. It’s a clear winner!

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How Good was the Smoke with the Bubbler, Perc, and Ash Catcher?

The hits on this bong is ultra-cool and we felt it was actually the smoothest and coolest out of all the silicone water pipes we tested. 

The height of this bong allows for ample travel time for the heated smoke to cool off. The smoke also has to travel through water and tons and tons of bubbles which delivered a very smooth hit. Every team member that tested this bong felt it smoked the smoothest and coolest out of all the silicone bongs we tested.

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How to Use a Silicone Bong

Using a silicone bong is actually fairly simple. You just have to understand that silicone cannot be in contact with any fire. That is why the bowl, banger, and downstream are usually some form of glass or metal. Some people complain that silicone distorts the taste so that is generally why you see that the water chambers are glass. 

How to Smoke a Silicone Bong

Smoking a silicone bong is simple:

  1. Make sure the silicone pipe is filled with water (check for the appropriate amount)
  2. Put dry herb into bowl
  3. Light the dry herb while you pull from the bong
  4. Notice the water pipe fill with smoke as the pipe bubbles
  5. Next remove the bowl and inhale all the smoke into your lungs

How to Clean a Silicone Bong

Cleaning a silicone bong is easy as 4 steps:

  1. Place silicone bong into the washer and remove any glass 
  2. Wash everything in the washing machine 
  3. Remove and detail any resin left with q-tips
  4. Clean with a towel and you are good to go!


What Makes a High Quality Silicone Bong?

If you could not find a silicone water pipe that you felt was right for you we made a list of things to look for so you can find the best silicone bong for you! A high quality silicone piece will include the following three:

The Type of Silicone Material

There are a lot of types of silicone and you want to make sure you have high quality silicone. Push for medical grade silicone. The cheaper silicone will emit toxins in the water or distort the taste of the smoke. Some cheaper silicone will gradually accumulate a harsh smell but if you select more premium silicone you will avoid this entirely!

Extra Cooling and Filtration Features

It’s always important no matter acrylic, ceramic, glass, or silicone that you have some form of water filtration. The entire point of a bong is to use the water to filter and cool the smoke. Make sure your silicone cannabis bong has some form of perc, bubbler, or water chamber to filter and cool the smoke.

High Quality Bowl and Downstem

Silicone must stay away from fire at all times so of course, the bowl must be high-quality material. Look for quartz, borosilicate glass, titanium, or stainless steel. Make sure the downsteam is also of high quality because your bowl or downstem is cheap and loses its integrity fast than that defeats the purpose of buying a silicone bong: longevity.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Silicone Bong

Our team of cannabis experts have more than ten years experience with smoking cannabis and using it with various products. We are behind the success behind some of the leading industry cannabis companies such as Daily High Club, Moose Labs, Pure Hemp, Resolution, and The Dart Co when it comes to well researched expert cannabis content. 

We love finding the best cannabis products and testing them so you can make the best purchase with your hard earned money. We reviewed dozens of industry leading silicone bongs and bought and tested 10 of what we felt were the best silicone water bongs so you can find the best of the best! We hope our research helped you to find your next favorite silicone bong.

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