3 of the Best Hammer Bubblers that Will Blow Your Mind

3 of the Best Hammer Bubblers that Will Blow Your Mind

(We Bought and Tested Some of the Industry Leading Hammer Bubblers to Find the Best)

Getting your hands on a hammer bubbler is a game-changer and for good reason.

Even MC Hammer smokes a hammer bubbler when doing his “hammer time” dance. And if he does, we all should, right?

Hammer bubblers are much more portable, efficient and affordable compared to a standard bubbler. And did I forget to mention they hit ultra-smooth?

If you are looking to find the best hammer bubbler, you’re definitely in the right place. With more than 40 hours of testing industry-leading bubbler pipes our top 3 picks for best hammer bubblers are:

Frosted Glass

hammer bubbler

Best Overall
Hammer Bubbler

Glycerin Freeze Coil

hammer bubbler pipe

Best Premium
Hammer Bubbler

Integrated Ice Chamber

glass hammer bubbler

Best Budget
Hammer Bubbler

A Great Hammer Bubbler is like a Bubbler Pipe that Hits 2x Harder

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 hammer bubblers?

  • We Reviewed over 30 hammer bubblers
  • We Bought 15 of the industries leading hammer style bubbler pipes.
  • We Tested the 15 hammer bubbler pipes to find out which ones were the best.
  • We Contacted previous customers to ask how the product was doing.

We tested 15 hammer bubblers of various types from borosilicate, ceramic, silicone to titanium glass hammer bubblers. We made sure to measure how well each one performed by itself first, before moving onto the next bubbler pipe. A whole day’s worth was spent on a single hammer bubbler using the same exact cannabis strain and amount, to ensure we were consistent with variables and results. We used one of our team members favorite strain from CBX White Walker OG that had a total of 31% THC content, 0.19% CBD and a total of 32.48% cannabinoids.

If you are new to hammer bubblers, then we strongly recommend you skip below to learn: What is a Hammer Bubbler? so you can learn the basics and make the best decision when purchasing.

Looking for More: Finding the best bubbler pipe was a tough journey as there were so many great products. If a hammer styler bubbler was not quite what you were looking for and a smooth hit is important than you can try out a glycerin coil bong or ice bong! If filtration is everything you can look into a honeycomb bong or add extra filtration through an ash catcher.

If portability is important and a hammer bubbler is just a bit too large then you can try a weed pipe or silicone weed pipe. For the smallest option for stealth then a chillum is awesome. 

Finding the best hammer bubbler really boils down to personal preference and needs. To keep things simple, we did not test for hammer bubblers with more than 3 or more percolation features, as anything more than these are usually for the intense avid smoker and is not a general or standard hammer bubbler pipe.

In our research, we put all of the reviews and personal experiences that we compiled and put them to the test to see for ourselves. Take a look at the results for the best hammer bubblers of 2022 and make sure to check out the research behind the testing so you can find out for yourself just which bubbler pipe is right for you!

Best Hammer Bubbler Index

Best Hammer Bubbler of 2022

For a hammer bubbler to function efficiently, it must have a quality percolator or diffuser at minimum, a decently sized glass thickness,  and a properly proportioned design that allows smoke to be distributed evenly and thoroughly. We had a blast testing these hammer bubblers and is happy to be able to share with our users ones that we know are worthy of buying. Check out below our top 3 hand picked options for best hammer bubbler of 2022.

Best All Around Hammer Bubbler for Overall Use

hammer style bubbler

DS Hammer Style Bubbler (Colored Accents)


This Grav Labs hammer bubbler is the perfect overall bubbler pipe for those who smoke daily, or for those who need a reliable all around hammer bubbler that won’t fail them.  

Skip below to see our research on Best All Around Hammer Bubbler.

Best Hammer Bubbler on a Budget with High Quality

hammer bubbler with perc

DS Hammer Style Bubbler (Colored Accents)


This EYCE silicone hammer style bubbler is remarkable in its versatile design which allows for flexibility and multiple functions. It has many added benefits and can even be folded in half so you can kiss goodbye to glass breaking.

Skip below to see our research on Best Budget Hammer Bubbler.

Best Premium Hammer Bubbler with Freeze Cool Technology

hammer bubblers

Isell Glass Hammer Bubbler (Freezable Glycerin Coil)


This glass hammer bubbler is truly one of a kind when it comes to the world of bubbler pipes. It has features that allow for the smoothest smoke inhale for every hit no matter how big or small. Not to mention the intricate design and added percolator.

Skip below to see our research on this Premium Hammer Bubbler.

Research Behind Best Overall Hammer Bubbler

  • Easiest to use and clean because the entire product was built as one structured unit.
  • Entire product made from thick borosilicate glass (less prone to breakage and thermal shock)
  • Integrated downstem allowed for optimal water and smoke filtration (Optimally cooled hot smoke)
  • Pricing was very reasonable
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Must clean this device frequently to avoid clogs or build up.

It was a tough choice to make between the 15 hammer bubblers tested, but the reason the Grav Labs hammer bubbler won best overall was because of it’s entire durability and glass quality material in which the Grav hammer bubbler was presented. 

There are also other key factors that are important for determining what makes a quality hammer bubbler, so keep reading below to see how what we tested for.

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A Hammer Bubbler that is Efficient

"Great little pipe, delivers beautiful hits. The bowl is big enough for two, but I’m liking this Grav hammer as my solo session daily driver. Extremely impressed with quality and the high it delivers"

Ed B.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience poor quality glass or even poorly made filtration systems. 

This Grav hammer bubbler however, was not only able to deliver exceptional consistent hits, but was also durable enough to not shatter the moment its tipped over. 

Its design makes it so it can easily stand up on its own whether on a table or counter top and small enough to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand which makes for an easy and comfortable grip. 

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How Quality of Glass Effects Your Smoking Experience

We make it a note to stress to our users how important glass quality is when searching for a good hammer bubbler. 

Some may argue that glass will always break and therefore glass quality isn’t all that vital, but we will gladly inform you that while that may be true to an extent, a high quality thick borosilicate glass will last longer by far than a 2mm thick glass bubbler pipe. 

That 8mm borosilicate glass will definitely have a longer longevity than the 2mm glass that shatters upon tipping over. This colored Grav Labs hammer bubbler was the perfect amount of thickness to ensure durability and lasting features that allow you to use this hammer bubbler pipe as frequent as you’d like without pointless damage. 

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Why a Portable Hammer Bubbler is Necessary

Though majority of all bubbler pipes are typically small and portable, there are still ones that are easier to carry and move around with than others. 

We found that this Grav hammer bubbler was big enough to produce strong vapors and smoke but still small enough to be discreet even when holding in your hand. 

This was an important factor to us because the sole purpose of a bubbler pipe in the first place is so that you can easily take it with you when needed while still reaping the benefits of the water chamber that is integrated within all bubblers and hammer bubblers.

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How Well Did The Grav Labs Hammer Bubbler Smoke?

"I am enjoying my new bubbler and this is my new go to pipe. It is smooth to draw and you can taste the bud. I would recommend this product, it is well worth every penny!"

Dennis R.

Well what can we say, it seems we can always trust Grav Labs with their beautifully designed and frosted style glass as well as there overall performance and functionality. 

With a simple device such as this hammer bubbler, it is truly remarkable how well they function to deliver the strongest and smoothest hitting highs for every user. 

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Why This Silicone Hammer Bubbler Pipe was the Best Budget Pick

clear hammer bubbler
  • The silicone material made it super easy to clean.
  • Entire product is virtually indestructible with silicone material.
  • Integrated ice chamber allowed for the smoothest and cleanest rips
  • Pricing was exceptional for the quality
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Device came equipped with a steel poker (Helps emptying bowls)
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Small capacity for water so user needs to be cautious when filling the chamber

Finding the best budget hammer bubbler was a little difficult just because while there were many available choices, all of the cheapest options were reflected in its poor quality design. 

We wanted to stray away from these no matter if they were at a lower price point, because quality is more essential to us than anything. That’s when we found this EYCE silicone hammer bubbler, and man were we satisfied with this particular product. 

For the price value, it was definitely a steal and according to our tests, it exceeded in quality for what it was priced at.

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Integrated Ice Chamber

"I have never seen an ice chamber in a bubber before and woah does it make a difference! It has now became the only method in which I will smoke when using this device and I love how it already comes with a downstem, so the smoke was super smooth and tasty!"

Collin G.

Just when you though a hammer bubbler couldn’t get fancier, they added a built in ice chamber for an even cooler and smoother smoking experience. 

As if the water chamber wasn’t enough, their ice chamber made it so there was never any harsh hitting smoke or inhales no matter the bowl size. 

For such a small device, this hammer bubbler hit exceptionally well when compared to others we tested. With this added benefit, It was no doubt, our winner for best budget pick.

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A Hidden Storage Compartment?

This EYCE silicone hammer bubbler really changed the game when they added a hidden compartment feature to their bubbler pipe. 

This made it so you can easily travel with both your smoking device and your delicious herbs everywhere you go. We were able to fit a little over a gram of our Luke Skywalker cannabis strain, and thought it was such a simple but witty idea that gave us extra value which makes having this hammer bubbler feel a little more special than the others.

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Affordable Hammer Bubbler that Exceeded Expectations

"I absolutely fell in love with this piece! You definitely get a lot of benefits for such a small price tag. Hits like a champ and I've had this piece for a little over 6 months and its still going strong. Certainly my go to piece for all my smoking sessions and I will be buying another one in a different color!"

Merci B.

Both the team and myself, thought this specific hammer bubbler was definitely a unique one that provided a lot of value and benefits without hurting our wallets. 

The price was shocking to us for the quality that it delivered when it came down to smoke production, percolation, filtration, and smoothness of hits. Their hammer bubbler came equipped with a steel poker so you can easily clear your bowl chamber without making a mess and due to its silicone material, cleaning was an absolute breeze! 

Not to mention it’s super portable and lightweight so you can take this bad boy with you on all your travels. 

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Research Behind Best Premium Hammer Bubbler with Glycerin Freeze Coil

best hammer bubbler
  • Equipped with a freezable detachable glycerin coil (added cooling feature for smoke)
  • 6 arm tree percolator for added water filtration
  • Optimal airflow and circulation
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • All previous customers were happy
  • Price is high.
  • Must take extra precautions when traveling with this device. (small parts and attachments are prone to breakage.)

Searching for the best premium hammer bubbler was very exciting as we were able to test some very high performing bubbler pipes. 

We had many close candidates for the best place winner but the detachable glycerin coil won us over as soon as we tested it. 

Key components like smoke production, performance, and consistency was a big priority for us, so keep reading to see how we tested this glass hammer bubbler for overall quality.

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Let's Talk About the Detachable Freeze Coil

"I can honestly say this has been the ultimate bubbler pipe i've ever bought! The coil stays cold for over an hour and freezes very quickly. Most of the time it didnt even feel like i was taking a hit, thats how smooth my tokes were! Very very happy!!"

David B.

There are many fun and intricate style bubblers out there on the market, but it’s not everyday you come across something like this glycerin coil percolator that uses freeze technology in order to deliver you the most exceptional and smoothest feeling inhales. 

A hammer bubbler pipe, despite having a water chamber, can still have slightly harsh feeling hits and that’s why something like this detachable glycerin coil completely enhances your smoking experience, so that you can have quality hits every toke.

We wanted to get the full effect of the impact this glycerin coil had on our smoke inhalation, so we decided to test smoking with it and again without it, in order to feel the difference. 

We found that the distinction was obvious in which experience we preferred. Without the coil, and smoke was still smooth due to the tree arm perc, but still had slight discomfort if the hit was inhaled too strongly. 

With the coil and no matter the size of the hit, we couldn’t even feel the smoke hitting our lungs until we exhaled. Hits were so smooth it almost had a menthol like feel to it upon exhaling.  

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6 Arm Tree Percolator Design for Optimal Smoke & Water Filtration

As stated earlier, a basic water chamber isn’t enough to get the best cooling smoke. This hammer bubbler not only comes with their infamous glycerin coil perc, but it also includes an integrated 6 arm tree percolator for an even more smooth experience. 

Thats 2x the percolation and filtration in a single portable bubbler pipe which is outstanding when compared to other standard designs.

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The Smoothest, Strongest, and Coolest Hits

"Glycerin coils are new to me and I am so happy I discovered this gem. I'm a heavy smoker so I generally love and prefer bigger hits if my cannabis supply allows for it and there was nothing better than smoking out of this bubbler piece! Smoothest hits ever! and I prefer it over all my other glass bongs"

Neil S.

We mentioned just how much of a difference the detachable glycerin coil was when compared to not using it. With that said, we strongly suggest always using the glycerin coil when possible, for optimal effects. 

When I say I was blown away by how smooth my tokes were, I was completely surprised by how much of a difference it was to have a feature such as this detachable percolator. It made me just want to keep smoking over and over again just to feel how easy it was to inhale. 

It managed to maintain taste profile so not only were hits clean and smooth but they were also very tasty and delightful upon smoking. 

For the final round of testing we always love to finish with a bang and pack a whopping full gram bowl to hit, and this device made it so the inhale went down exceptionally easy and there was never any irritation on the lungs.

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What is a Hammer Bubbler?

A hammer bubbler is indeed a bubbler pipe or as some may also refer to, as a small water pipe, that takes the shape of a hammer, hence, the name, and is a more portable alternative for those who are on the go or are looking for a better gripping glass piece.

 The long handle functions to provide more space so that there can be a proper smoke distribution. Hammer bubblers that come equipped with integrated percolators function even better to ensure that you get those smooth, clean, and non harsh hitting smoke inhales every time.

How to Use a Hammer Bubbler

Using a Hammer Bubbler is very simple:

  1. Fill hammer bubbler pipe with enough water to cover diffuser or downstem
  2. Pack bowl with desired amount of cannabis.
  3. Cover carb hole if one is present
  4. Light and release carb hole upon inhalation.

If there is no carb hole present, then you may light and inhale as usual.


How to Clean a Hammer Bubbler

Cleaning a Hammer Bubbler is very easy:

  1. Fill hammer bubbler with one cup of isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Add in 1/4 cup of sea salt.
  3. Stir or mix solution for approximately 5 minutes. 
  4. Rinse with warm to hot water. 
  5. Let hammer bubbler sit out to dry.

If there is still residue remaining, use a pipe cleaner to remove leftover build-up and then proceed to rinse.

What Makes a High Quality Hammer Bubbler Pipe?

With so many hammer bubbler pipes out there, it can start to get a little overwhelming if you don’t know how to safely narrow down your options. 

There are fancy and cool designs on the market that can make it enticing to buy, but you get shorted for quality and terrible reliability. 

If you still don’t fully understand how and what to look for when it comes to determining a high quality hammer bubbler, then keep reading below to see the vital core components we scan for when searching for a quality bubbler pipe. 

Overall Functionality and Design

Of course when it comes down to determining a quality bubbler pipe boils down to the fundamentals, which is the structure and design itself. If the glass piece is properly designed and blown, then the functionality of it should match its quality. 

There’s no point in buying a giant maze looking pipe if it’s going to come crashing down into a million pieces due to uneven weight distribution. 

Unless you’re a glass collector, how the glass is made along with how well the functionality of it is, should exceed its basic expectation and purpose. We look for hammer bubblers that function at a quality level every single use and we check to see if the overall design works in favor for the smoker such as glass spacing and airflow. 

Smoke Consistency is Everything

Consistency is so vital that even if a bubbler hit well the first few times, if it was slightly off on the 5th or 6th hit, then we would mark that down as a minus one for consistency.

 We strive to make sure each hammer bubbler was not only doing its job of delivering a smooth hit, but also doing it consistently no matter the amount of uses, no matter the size of the bowl. Once a bubbler pipe was able to deliver the same quality on a number of repeated times, we then qualified it as a high quality performing device.

Filtration and Other Percolator Attachments for Enhanced Cooling and Flavor

Not all bubblers or hammer bubblers come with an added diffuser or percolator, but the ones that do are worth mentioning and looking at. 

They not only enhance your smoke quality, but your lungs will be thanking you for no harsh hitting inhales. Depending on the type of percolator style you have, will depend on your airflow, circulation, and overall quality, but nonetheless, having one present is a huge difference.

If you care about a more smooth and cleaner hit, a hammer bubbler with perc is the way to go! Not only does it enhance flavor profile, but you can be rest assured you’re getting the most out of your terpenes in your dry flower.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Hammer Bubbler

As your reviewer for finding the best hammer bubbler, I can happily say that it was such an exciting endeavor. The entire team had a ball with testing all the different styles and we were all baked by the end of our testing sessions. 

It’s really neat to be able to test the different designs and really see for ourselves how these beautiful pieces performed on a consistent level. After putting all our reviews we’ve gathered to the test, going through each spec was fun for the team including myself. 

As we go down the list of each smoking device, we ourselves gain insight on just how these smoking methods are helping or not helping users and how exactly they enhance overall smoking experience. 

As a constant and avid daily smoker who has spent over $4000 on different smoking devices, it has always been a long term goal of mine to make sure people are getting their moneys worth and are buying products that are actually worth the price tag.

 Nothing’s worse than purchasing a glass piece that ends up causing you more of a headache than a high. 

That’s why I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work here at Cannassentials, and helping aid people to shop smartly and comfortably with only the best products that match their claims.

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