The Best Hammer Bubblers for Bubbles Galore 2023

Best Hammer Bubblers 2023

We test a wide variety of hammer bubblers each year here at Cannassentials, and while many of them are amazing you can’t buy them all.

So to help you with your purchasing decision I’ve found the top 5 best hammer bubblers that can accommodate you no matter if you’re looking for premium glycerin cooling that can prevent coughing or powerful percolators for solid water filtration.

Whether you’re looking for durable borosilicate, glycerin, or indestructible silicone, I’ve got options for you. 

If you are new to hammer bubblers learn if it’s right for you.


hammer bubbler

Best Overall
Hammer Bubbler


best hammer bubbler

Zero Cough
Hammer Bubbler


silicone hammer bubbler

Best Portable
Hammer Bubbler

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. Finding the top hammer bubbler was a bit tricky due to so many products seeming pretty identical in value. My viewpoints come directly from my experiences when testing these glass pipes. If you buy from a link we may earn a commission at no cost to you, this helps fund our efforts to try to find more amazing products.

Looking for More: If a hammer styler bubbler was not quite what you were looking for and a smooth hit is important then you can try out a glycerin coil bong or ice bong! If filtration is everything you can look into a honeycomb bong as well but you are losing portability as honeycomb bongs are much bigger than hammer bubblers. If you want something smaller but without the hassle of water then I would go with a weed pipe.

Top 5 hammer bubblers

For your hammer bubbler to function efficiently, it must have a quality percolator or diffuser at a minimum to cool your smoke. Hammer bubblers have a smaller water capacity and this leads to harsher hits that can cause you to cough.  While most of the hammers we tested generally had the same quality build, what separated the good hammer bubblers from the best was the filtration and cooling. 

1. Best for most people

hammer bubbler

Voted best overall


Who this is for: You want a handblown glass hammer with the finest craftsmanship that delivers consistently smooth rips.

Why it’s the best: The Marley Natural pipe boasts a globe percolator that stacked bubbles so hard I could hear them popping off the glass. This delivered me a very terpene-rich and smooth hit, similar to the strength of an actual bubbler (larger).

It’s all in the details. The beveled boro mouthpiece felt amazing on my lips, and I could really purse to get some strong pulls without the worry of smoke stream loss. The carb hole is positioned directly where the pressure of the water filtration system is pulling so when I released I got a very powerful pull of terpenes and flavonoids. This hammer bubbler also converts into a dry pipe and is super easy to screw apart and get into the nooks and crannies for cleaning. 

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2. Most innovative kit

silicone hammer bubbler

24 Color Options!


Who this is for: If you are prone to accidents, hate handling glass, and you want a hammer that can travel with you and still deliver smooth hits – this is it.

Why it’s the best: Innovation and convenience. In the body of this pipe is a built-in stash jar and a magnetic poker making this an entire kit, not just a pipe. Toss this in a travel bag and it’s good to go anywhere you go.

You can convert this hammer to a concentrate bubbler as well, by swapping out the borosilicate bowl for a 10 mm titanium dab dish. For most bubblers, especially glass, you have to pour the water through a thin spout. I was able to just pop the top off and pour water easily, and that also makes clean up very easy. Good news is silicone is anti-microbial and cleaner than glass so you won’t be needed to clean this as often.

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3. Zero coughs period

best hammer bubbler

Cools smoke by 300°


Who this is for: If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, and hate coughing from hot smoke.

Why it’s the best: The Freeze bubbler uses frozen glycerin to cool your smoke by 300 degrees, delivering rips that feel like air for no coughing or throat irritation.

When you inhale your hot smoke must first travel through a 6-tree arm percolator that stacks bubbles and cools your smoke tremendously. Next, the smoke travels through a spiraling glass coil surrounded by frozen glycerin. The result was I could take one of the largest rips without any coughing. I could taste the terpenes and actually enjoy smoking for once with this hammer bubbler.

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4. Handmade classic

hammer bubblers

Increased water chamber


Who this is for: If you want an all-glass hammer bubbler as your daily driver at home.

Why it’s the best: Quality. This is hand-made from medical-grade borosilicate glass, and the water capacity is larger than most hammer bubblers which gives you a much smoother smoke.

It’s not enough just to have filtration for smooth hits. If your water chamber is narrow then your percolator can’t really do its job. The result is minimal bubbles and pretty harsh hits. The G-Spot hammer bubbler has a deep and wide water chamber that tapers inwards in the center. This gave me an increased amount of bubble production which cooled the smoke significantly. Best of all, I didn’t have to change the water every few days like most of the Hammers on this list.

5. Amazing Price

best hammer bubblers

Quality for under $25


Who this is for: You want a classic hammer bubbler for under $25 that delivers powerful hits.

Why it’s the best: Build. You get the same quality and build as some of the more expensive hammer bubblers on this list but for a fraction of the price.

The glass is thicker than most hammer bubblers that are priced in this range. Famous Brandz is known to beef up the thickness of their borosilicate glass, which just made this pipe feel solid and weighty in my hands. The ergonomic grip feels great when holding and I got fairly smooth rips equivalent to some of the other options on this list. The only downside is the cooling is a bit sub-par.

Testing the Marley
Natural Hammer Bubbler

Marley hammer bubbler

We received the Marley Natural Bubbler and the package arrived in about 4 days. 

The unboxing experience will be a bit unique primarily because the pipe comes in 4 separate pieces whereas most hammer bubblers come whole.

What we loved

Each piece uses a brass ring connection, so when I was screwing you could really feel that air-tight pressure. The wood is actually real wood from black walnut trees and it looks amazing and feels great in your hands.

I’ve bumped this piece many times and the glass is just A-grade thick. When I flick it with my finger you don’t get that hollow feel like most glass.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

There is a bit of maintenance here. While this is one of the easiest pieces to clean because I can literally take it all apart, you want to be careful with the brass rings especially with Isopropyl alcohol. I was not careful and the alcohol degraded the adhesion to the brass rings. When cleaning with alcohol just use q-tips to detail and don’t drench this piece.

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Testing the Eyce
Hammer Bubbler

eyce hammer bubbler

The unboxing experience here wasn’t much to unbox. Besides the shipping box, expect this product to arrive with no branded packaging. With the beautiful colors, it would have been nice to give customers a little more but I’m just being picky here.

What we loved

The colors. You won’t get any type of matte, solid, or marbling colors quite like Eyce products. With over 20 color options there is a hammer bubbler here to fit your unique and personal style.

I appreciate the fact that I could really handle this piece. Dealing with glass can be a very tedious process, and with this piece, I can really press my fingers in and grip the piece in anyway I want. No matter how many times I bump or drop it I never even had the slightest worry about it breaking – and that’s a luxury with almost all cannabis products.

If you want to just take a spontaneous day drip you can literally just toss this in a bag and it’s good to go. The antimicrobial silicone keeps your water cleaner than glass, and there is even a stash jar at the bottom to carry a few nugs.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The water chamber is fairly narrow, so even though I couldn’t see the bubbles (the material is not translucent), I was able to hear and feel the filtration and it didn’t quite stack up to the more premium options on our list like the Freeze bubbler. The hits were still very smooth and tasty, but I found a way to increase the smoothness by freezing this pipe for 30 minutes before using it. The result is a reduced smoke heat which gives you a smoother pull and much less irritation to the throat.

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Testing the
glycerin hammer

freeze hammer bubbler

This is by far my favorite hammer bubbler. The product arrived in a little under a week and the unboxing was a beautiful experience. Expect a rigid travel case with Eva foam inserts to hold and protect your hammer bubbler. The pieces come disassembled so take your time to assemble it correctly as some of the components require clips to attache securely.

What we loved

I’m not sure why this is but every Freeze product I tested (glycerin bongs) always has a sort of mesmerizing aura. This piece is unlike any other hammer bubbler just due to its sheer size. 

As someone that struggles with asthma, I was finally able to take large rips and not have to cringe fighting off that nasty cough. Yes, you can still feel the heat, but it’s almost as if all the pain and throat irritation is numbed out. Instead of fighting coughs I’m not just enjoying the flavonoids and terpenes.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

While the product looks amazing and feels amazing it is definitely not portable and is pretty delicate (thinner glass). I recommend keeping the product in the box after each use and sliding that box inside of your freezer. That way you are only handling this piece when you need to. 

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Understanding your
hammer bubbler

First, it’s important to understand if a hammer bubbler is even the right piece for you.

A hammer bubbler is somewhere between a weed pipe and a bong as far as size and cooling.

So if weed pipes are too harsh due to lack of water filtration the next size up would be a hammer bubbler.

If a bubbler is too big but you still want that water filtration the next size down would be the hammer bubbler.

The hammer bubbler is best for people that want a smaller smoking device that can still deliver water filtration for smoother hits.

Here are some of the key qualities I look for when trying to find the top hammer bubblers:

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Water chamber size

How does the water chamber actually deliver smooth hits?

When you combust the marijuana (light it) the smoke is still very hot. Smaller devices means the hot smoke has less travel distance to cool it. The result is you get fairly hot smoke in your lungs which leads to coughing.

The larger the water chamber the more bubbles will stack. Hot smoke will graze along the surface of every new bubble, cooling the smoke for smoother rips.

While hammer bubblers can look pretty similar on the exterior, you want to actually feel inside the water chamber to get an idea for how much room there is. The bigger the water chamber the smoother your pulls will be.

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Percolation for smooth rips

If water chamber size helps increase bubble yields how are bubbles made?

Usually there is a thin borosilicate glass straw that touches the bottom of the water chamber. There are tiny slits at the end of this glass straw and that’s what is called a downstem. When you inhale the tiny slits creates bubbles in the water chamber.

The more bubbles the more effective the cooling is. When I look for hammer bubblers I try to find upgraded downstems.

These are usually called percolators as they have many more slits to create bubbles. Some popular percolator upgrades are tree arm percolators, disc percolators, and globe percolators.

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Practical use

While this doesn’t seem to be a fancy feature, it’s on of the most important elements that separates a mediocre hammer bubbler from the best.

When I’m testing and handling hammer bubblers, I’m asking myself this simple question: which one makes my life easier.

Does the design include “feet” so it can sit sturdy without tipping over. Was the angle of the mouthpiece and bowl easy on the neck for lighting. Was the glass bowl too high where I couldn’t see my buds or my cherry?

While some hammer bubblers may look amazing online, how it functions in your daily life is a true indicator to me whether or not it’s truly amazing.

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Final Thoughts

Many categories of cannabis products have been seeing amazing innovations such as bongs and dab rigs. While hammer bubblers haven’t really pushed that threshold yet, I was able to find a few that provided value beyond what a typical hammer bubbler delivers.

From glycerin hammer bubblers to travel-friendly pieces we hope our picks for best hammer bubblers of 2023 will bring you as much joy as it did us. 

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