Cannabis Marketing – Why Cannabis SEO is the Best Strategy in 2022

Cannabis Marketing - Why Cannabis SEO is the Best Strategy in 2022

(The Full Guide to Marijuana Marketing and Cannabis SEO)

Cannabis marketing is a very broad and intricate topic.

My team has been the secret sauce behind some of the most successful cannabis brands in the industry.

For the first time, I will be breaking down how to properly market your marijuana business with cannabis SEO and other powerful marijuana marketing strategies.

MMJ marketing consists of a wide array of methods such as cannabis SEO, marijuana branding, cannabis advertising, and many more we will discuss in this article.

The key to a successful cannabis marketing campaign is learning how to combine multiple strategies and to know what to avoid. That is why this ultimate guide was written.

Let’s get started!

Learn Cananbis SEO and Marijuana Marketing

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Cannabis Marketing
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Why Cannabis SEO
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Why Trust Our Research? I have years of cannabis marketing experience from owning my own Cannabis SEO agency with some of the most driven partners you can imagine. Our cannabis marketing agency has achieved great success due to our unique marijuana SEO strategy, our powerful technical SEO, and our innovative approach to Shopify and Word Press cannabis SEO. The strategies that I created has excelled some of the top Cannabis brands into page 1 rankings of Google with an explosive increase in revenue and traffic. Cannassentials website is only 3 months old and has blown right past the  “Google sandbox” phase and into healthy organic traffic with page 1 rankings in just 2 weeks of indexing. While I have plenty of years of experience I can’t promise you the same results, but I can promise that this article is the best guide on cannabis marketing and marijuana SEO without a doubt. Read this article as many times as you can and begin trying to implement the strategies to build out a healthy campaign for yourself.

Cannabis Marketing Table of Contents

Cannabis Marketing - Breaking it Down

So you created a cannabis service or product and you want to connect the right people to your business, right?

That is what marijuana marketing is all about. Focus keyword: the right people.

You can go onto Fiverr right now and pay $90 and send 150,00 users into your site, but with no conversions it’s pointless. (Please don’t do this)

MMJ Marketing

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is especially when it comes to marijuana marketing.

Marketing cannabis is uniquely different as all 50 states’ laws differ when it comes to regulations on the use and marketing of marijuana (more on this in the next section).

The truth is when I started I had very little knowledge. 

I had to learn the hard way as far as finding the best cannabis marketing strategy to invest in. I wanted “quick” results, and that just doesn’t exist without a heavy price and a long list of conditions.

For example, if you have a dispensary in say Washington DC, you can pay around $7,000 for a premium position listing.

They were number one in Google when you searched for anything with buying weed in the DC area in 2019. Thousands of users would search these terms and land on the Wheresweed page and find your business.

The problem with depending on other platforms is the value they give is only as good as how well their site traffic and rankings are. After a few months, WheresWeed lost its rankings and the premium listing lost a ton of traffic.

So for the businesses that depended on this as their only means of client acquisition, it was a rude awakening.

I highly suggest you focus 70% of your cannabis marketing strategies on assets you own (I’ll go into greater detail).

But first, let’s break down all the methods of marijuana marketing and the limitations, so you know what not to do.

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Marijuana Marketing Limitations in 2022

As of 2022, there are some heavy restrictions on cannabis advertising.

It makes sense, you wouldn’t want your kids searching things on Google or scrolling the newsfeed of Instagram and for them to see cannabis ads everywhere.

Some of the most powerful platforms to advertise on is Google ads and Facebook/Instagram ads.

The downer is currently, you cannot run marijuana advertisements on any of the above platforms. (with the exception of topicals)

Sure you can get away with it for a bit but it’s just not worth getting your Google ads account banned

With Google ads and Facebook platform out of the picture, you can try other ad platforms (we have a list of cannabis-approved ad networks below) but I have a slight bias against ads as your primary marijuana marketing objective.

You see those gurus telling you the millions they made off ads on your newsfeed, right?

While it is probably true, my issue is it’s not consistent and it’s not common.

You may craft the perfect ad and your cannabis business will see amazing results. You hire and begin scaling only to be hit with declining revenue and layoffs.

What happened?

It’s called ad fatigue.

Remember how funny Geico commercials were? Now after 5 years they keep running the same style of humor ads and it makes me cringe every time I watch it.

People get tired of ads so the successful million-dollar ad campaign you might get lucky to hit has to be recreated every few months.

That’s a very hard task!

Another thing is these gurus have years of pixel work in the back end building their ad campaign and Facebook then shows their ads to the top tier bracket, while the rest of us start with the snicklefrits.

I do recommend leveraging cannabis advertising in your marketing strategy but only as a supporting element.

Here is a list of platforms that are Federally governed and you will not be able to run cannabis ads with:

  • Google Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • All Social Meda Ads
  • TV Commercials (some are possible)
  • Print Cannabis Advertising (if the audience is proven older than 21 years old)

So now that we know what you can’t do, let’s dive into some great cannabis marketing options that are currently not restricted.

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Understanding Your Cannabis Marketing Options

cannabis marketing

With so many restrictions on cannabis marketing, what are some of the available platforms that are easy for beginners?

  • Youtube Content
  • Instagram Content
  • Pinterest Content
  • Reddit Content
  • SnapChat (yikes)

 Are you noticing a trend?

It’s all content.

You will have to make an account, grow your followers or viewers, and attempt to get your likes, pins, upvotes, and views.

Like anything you work diligently on you will see success.

But after working with more than 50 Cannabis brands , I have never seen a youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, or Snapchat campaign bring in more traffic and revenue as steadily as cannabis SEO has.

Sure we have months where we see an influencer pop in and go head to head with the revenue SEO achieves, but it’s not consistent.

If you want a stable business you are going to want consistency and you are going to want growth.

Marijuana SEO is exactly that.

When it comes to available options where I have seen consistent high ROI for marijuana marketing my favorite combination so far is:

  • Cannabis SEO
    • Cannabis Email Marketing (Supporting element)
    • Cannabis Ads (Supporting Element -And Done Right)
    • Instagram (Supporting Element – And Done Right)

Notice how Cannabis SEO is the main marketing strategy and everything else is just a supporting element.

And again, this isn’t gospel but this is what has worked time after time for all of our cannabis clients.

Let’s get into why.

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Why Cannabis SEO is the Best Marijuana Marketing Strategy

cannabis seo

SEO (search engine optimization) is the unique skill set of optimizing your website for best results with Google’s algorithm. The goal is to get your targeted page to the top of Google.

And not only that you want to target keywords that have very high monthly volumes. If you are ranked #1 on a keyword that brings in 50,000 users a month you will get this traffic for free every single month.

That’s a very powerful investment.

One of our clients sells Bong filters. They were making about $5k in monthly sales.

We wrote an article “How to Inhale Weed Properly” and ranked number 1 in Google.

This blog brings them in 6,000 new users a month every single month for two years running.

After 7 months of working with this client, we brought them from $5,00 a month to $170,000 a month by ranking highly targeted keywords.

The SEO efforts also built their branding as thousands of new users came in and learned about their product. 3 months later they are well over $240,000 a month in just organic revenue.

This is not counting direct search, referral search, ads, email marketing, and social media, this revenue was only from cannabis SEO.

All the content we create is like automated sales machines, giving users value and ultimately leading to conversions.

This is something that you can learn as well for your own cannabis brand.

Marijuana SEO is currently the best option for marketing cannabis for good reason, and we will dive into those reasons in the next section.

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Currently the Marijuana SEO Space is Not Highly Optimized

The cannabis marketing space is still fresh.

This means that most of the competitors are not hip yet to what cannabis SEO even is. 

There are hundreds of easy keywords to rank for and best of all the page 1 landscape (all the search results on page 1) is not being clouded by advertisements at the top. 

Try searching for wine gifts, the entire top of the google search results is littered with advertisements.

That means even if you do rank #1 for wine gifts you will have to split that organic traffic with the Google ads at the top.

Since cannabis google ads are not allowed this frees up the search results to display only organic results. (basically saying if you were to rank a cannabis SEO page you are not competing with ads at the top).

Look at the image below and you will see the difference between general sales keywords versus cannabis keywords and how there are no ads competing at all.

We ranked the keyword for Bong #1 for 2 straight years and just this one keyword brought our client over $50,000 a month of organic revenue.

Our client invested heavily into cannabis SEO with us, and now they own the assets (webpages we ranked) so there is much more control versus advertising on directories and trying to craft the perfect cannabis ad.

This traffic then poured in and help build their Instagram and Facebook followers to well over the hundreds of thousands and their branding search and email marketing.

Starting to see why Cannabis SEO is the foundation of all marijuana marketing?

If there was ever a perfect time to get into cannabis SEO now is that time. Don’t wait 5 years from now when every keyword is ultra difficult and brands have filled up the spots.

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Cannabis SEO is Low Risk with Very High ROI

The reason I personally love marijuana SEO is for the simple fact that it is extremely low risk.

It’s like the simple tale of the rabbit who raced the tortoise.

SEO efforts may be slow, but in the end, it will win and it will win by a landslide.

The get-rich-quick mentality of the current e-commerce generation is making for a very lazy industry. #fakegurus

This is good news though. 

Most people don’t want to put in the time and effort to do SEO and while they are busy trying to “growth hack” the system you could be building a bulletproof marijuana marketing plan through SEO.

If you are willing to do the work you can see amazing results with very little overhead. Pure sweat equity and a little investment for your website can get you results.

The issue is not a lot of people want to do the work, so if that’s the case you are going to want to hire and if you can afford it then I highly recommend you do so.

I learned cannabis SEO from trial and error and you can too.

Just this year alone I have personally ranked over 7,000 cannabis keywords onto page 1.

While I can’t give you all the strategies I created for marijuana SEO, because it could fill a book, I can teach you some very powerful tips to get you started on the right path to ranking your cannabis business to the top of Google.

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Weed SEO Marketing is like an Army of Automated Sales Agents

Most people get confused when they try to get a clear answer on what cannabis SEO is. Search engine optimization has over 300 variables to consider when ranking a page. 

Some of these variables are in vastly different fields. Backlinks, schema, technical SEO, alt tags, interlinking, are just a few examples.

But in my experience with cannabis marketing, there is one variable that trumps the rest and that is content.

While some people like to call it blogs, the SEOs like to refer to it as content marketing.

To simplify cannabis SEO think of every page on your website as “content”.  Your blog, home page, about, collections, product page are technically all “content”.

Your goal is to write content that is optimized for Google’s algorithm so that the content can rank to the top of Google and bring in hundreds or thousands of new users a month.

Think of Google as a robot that scans your article and judges how well it’s written, what keywords were used, and how people interact on this page.

This judgment determines whether or not you deserve to be in a higher or lower position in the search results.

For example, if you search “Most Efficient Way to Soke Weed” you will see my content as number 1 in Google.

This article was written to help users find the most efficient way to smoke cannabis, and not only that it was written distinctly to help my client sell their product.

Every month this content brings in hundreds of new users to my client’s site and brings them conversions as well.

There is no ad to manage, no salesperson to pay, just a content-generating income on autopilot.

Imagining setting up hundreds of pieces of content that are generating your cannabis business daily revenue. If one content falls it’s not the end of the world because if you have done it right you will have set up keyword rankings on multiple pages.

This is the power of cannabis SEO and why some of our clients have over 500% gain in revenue in just one year.

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Why Does Marijuana SEO Take So Damn Long

The problem with most cannabis businesses is they may have been recommended to do marijuana SEO but they didn’t like the thought of waiting 7 months for their ROI.

Why in the world does cannabis SEO take so damn long?

Well for multiple reasons.

Google spends billions of dollars on its algorithm so that it can provide users with the best results when searching.

We take it for granted when we search for recipes, best products, and directions.

We get the best answers when we search Google and that’s because Google has a very rigid guideline before its algorithm can trust a website to rank it #1.

Because if they show a poor quality site to their users, eventually people will stop using Google and go back to AskJeeves and Yahoo.

Google wants to see that you are consistently pumping out relevant and high-quality content before it even begins to start ranking your content.

Google starts by giving you very weak and low volume keywords as a test to see how users respond to your content and your website as a whole.

This is why it can take months to rank.

Not only that, every new cannabis website has a set “Crawl budget“.

The crawl budget is the number of dedicated robots that will crawl your site a month.

The higher a crawl budget you have the more your site will get crawled per month, and the faster you will rank.

As your site gets more traffic your budget increases, so this is also why most news sites suffer from ultra-slow rankings on cannabis keywords.

The proper way to perform a powerful marijuana SEO strategy is by using the “dry months” where no rankings are achieved as a time to plant down foundational keywords so when your site does gain trust from Google all your keywords will move up naturally and support one another.

cannabis market research

Cannassentials is a brand new site I created earlier this year.

It’s normal for most cannabis sites to take about 9-12 months before it achieves its first page 1 ranking after indexing.

Take a look at the chart above. Cannassentials acquired its first page 1 ranking in just 2 weeks.

We were able to get almost 5,000 visitors to the website in just three months.

The results above are very rare, and only because I was able to apply the best SEO practices to this site from the ground up.

This proves that you can speed up the rankings of your cannabis website if you apply correct SEO principles.

And I will show you how to set up the proper foundation to rank your site to the top of Google.

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Marijuana SEO - Understanding Google's Algorithm

marijuana seo

Google is a tough nut to crack.

You see, Google does not reveal any information about its algorithm.

Not only that Google is constantly evolving its algorithm multiple times a day and every year a major update occurs that can literally tank businesses overnight who applied bad SEO practices (commonly referred to as black hat SEO).

Check out how Dankstop owner Louis Congilio saw his bong shop go from $15k a day to half that over night.

So this is where you have to decide what type of marijuana SEO you will be doing.

You can either do white hat or black hat SEO.

White hat SEO is where you use ethical practices focusing on giving your website traffic the best possible experience possible.

Black hat SEO is where you use very sneaky tactics to try to rank that Google is constantly on the hunt for.

Black hat tactics can get you results faster but in my many years of experience, I have never seen it last.

White hat SEO is much slower but when you finally pass a certain threshold the return is so tremendous and literally unstoppable.

Meaning if you weren’t ready for $100,000 monthly revenue you better get ready.

So when it comes to understanding Google’s algorithm the simplest way to put it is: Google’s algorithm is assessing if your site will give the best experience possible for the given search query.

If someone searches “Best Weed Pipes” will your page give the best possible user experience for the person typing in that query?

Google’s algorithm is constantly trying to find black hat tactics and to ban them from the search results.

Think of Google’s algorithm as a software that scans your website to measure how well you wrote about a topic.

It is measuring your competitor’s content against yours, their user experience, and asking: are users going further into your website, are users returning, and are users leaving too quickly?

Google weighs this and many other variables to calculate where you deserve to be in the SERP (search engine results pages).

SEO is all about trying to make the best decisions on your webpage so you can trigger Google’s algorithm in a positive manner.

But remember, nobody knows how Google’s algorithm really works so only through trial and error can you make the most calculated decisions. 

Any successful cannabis SEO agency has gone through a lot of trial and error to build their unique strategy, ours included!

So just what can you do to optimize your page for SEO best practices, let’s go through some of the basics in the next section.

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How Do I Optimize My Website for Cannabis SEO

Time for the juicy stuff!

So what are some changes you can make on your site right now so that is has the strongest foundation for rankings?

Think user experience first!

Make sure your page looks beautiful, loads fast, and is very easy to navigate.

These seem like obvious things but each are unique variables in Google’s algorithm. A good looking site is directly linked to user experience. Google can tell if users are happy with a site or not so make sure your site is designed well. 

I spent an awful lot of time crafting the design of my pages. Cannassentials has an engagement rate of 71% and the industry average is 30%.

This is because I took careful time in planning how a user would move and I asked myself “how can I make my cannabis content the most user-friendly?”.

Cannabis SEO is all about making your live traffic extremely happy!

marketing cannabis

And because my engagement rate is so high I have a CTR (click through rate) of 60% and the industry average is 3%.

Users are happy on my site and because of that I hit multiple variables in Google’s algorithm for my rankings to climb higher.

If you think of user experience first you will be miles ahead of the competitors.

Think about how you can use images to help users scan your article, think about your headlines, and think about how you can organize topics on your page. This is all considered to be in the realm of “user experience”.

  • How can you use images to help my your content more scannable and digestible?
  • Think about using headlines to break up and organize your content in ascending order of what you think readers want to read.
  • Make sure you are assigning the proper alt tags to your images.
  • Optimize your Title and meta description with 1-2 valuable keywords that page intends to target.

Alt tags and meta and title/meta descriptions are very basic SEO procedures the gurus will teach you.

To be quite frank they are not going to rank you any keywords. So many people think they can download Yoast or Rankmath and just follow all the advice the plugins tell you and they will rank.

SEO is so much more than that.

It’s common place to start with keywords and just throw them everywhere on site. Do not do this! (more on this later)

That is not how you do cannabis SEO. You want to be very calculated with everything that you do.

One of the most important things you can do right now for your SEO is defining which pages are going to rank for what keywords.

For simplicity’s sake, if I had to choose two there very important elements to focus on out of the 300 variables I would say that it is your URL structure, content, and using your keywords correctly on-page and site-wide.

Let’s dive into proper URL structure when setting up your cannabis website.

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Setting Proper URL Structure with Your Hyperlinks

For any new site this will probably be the most important section you will read.

Setting up your URL structure properly is one of the fastest ways to rank your cannabis business in Google.

Google is just an algorithm and it crawls a website and tries to organize all your website data so it can rank the appropriate pages.

If you have a poor link structure you will have a very hard time ranking.

If you can avoid Shopify I highly recommend you do so.

Shopify forces you to have certain link structures that are just not beneficial to marijuana SEO.

For those of you on a budget, WordPress is much better when it comes to choosing link structure.

So what’s the big deal about link structure? 

Well for one thing it tells Google what your site is about very clearly.

For example, if your home page is and you had a blog it should look something like this:

“title-of-blog” is the actual blog. So as you publish more blogs it will look like this:

This is what is called a Hub and Cluster. The Hub is (/blogs/) and the cluster are the blog titles (my/third/blog).

What hub and cluster mean is you are telling Google robots that there is the main page (the hub) and all content created that is linked to this hub is about that given category.

So when thinking of topics and categories for your site you want to think of hub and clusters.

I never try to get my link structure to go more than 3 pages in. A 4-page link structure would look like this:

This is something that Shopify forces you to do .

This is way too much work for robots to be moving this far into pages to crawl.

Another very important reason you want to hub and cluster is if one blog ranks well, everything within that cluster will begin to rank.

So if you were trying to rank a very difficult keyword like “bong” you would want to cluster other much easier articles to rank about bongs.

It would look something like this:  (the primary bong page you want to rank – the Hub) (A blog that is clustered to the primary Bong page) (A blog that is clustered to the primary Bong page).

If you were to rank the two blogs it would help rank the keywords for the Hub much faster.

Here are some common pages to have:

  • (home)
  • (contact page)
  • (about page)
  • (shop page)
  • (blog collection page)

Here are some more advanced link structures to think about:


I see client websites that are literally structured like this:


The issue with the above is they set the home page as the hub and they have thousands of blogs, products, and news pages pointing to the home page.

You would think this is an efficient strategy as you are hub and clustering the entire site, but you forgot about one thing!

The Google Algorithm!

Your job is to make it easier for the Google robots to crawl your site and know exactly what your site is about.

Clustering every topic from contact, about us, strains, how-to-guides confuses the hell out of Google’s algorithm and you can expect very chaotic rankings.

Make it very clear to Google what every part of your page is about by organizing pages with link structure.

This is foundational cannabis SEO that helps tremendously in the long run.

So think long and hard about how to plan your URL structure, because once you set it you cannot change it unless you are willing to lose your rankings.

If a page has a URL structure and holds rankings, and you change one letter in your URL structure you will lose all your rankings overnight for that given page.

So if you are one of the lucky ones, set your URL structure up correctly and you will have a much easier time ranking when it comes to cannabis SEO.

If you set up your URL structure incorrectly don’t worry.

80% of my clients have set up poor URL structures and I just have to work around it. If I can rank 7,000 cannabis keywords in just this year, you know it’s possible to rank even with a poor URL structure and even with a Shopify site.

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Cannabis SEO and keyword

The section you have all been waiting for.

Nothing speaks about marijuana marketing more than cannabis SEO keywords!

Keywords are the bread and butter of the algorithm language.

The issue is most people don’t realize how far advanced Google’s algorithm has become.

Back in the day, you could throw a bunch of keywords up on your page and rank to the top of the SERPS.

It got to the point where people began stuffing keywords into articles where they read extremely unnatural.

Now Google will penalize you for using too many keywords, and if you don’t use enough then you will most likely never rank.

What a conundrum, right?

So let’s dive into the basics of cannabis SEO keywords.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the actual text inputs users are typing into Google search bar.

If someone wants to buy a dab rig they open Google and type in “dab rig” in the search bar.

Our client is currently ranking #1 for this keyword and it has a monthly search volume of 50,000.

That’s 50,000 new users every month searching for the keyword “da rig”.

If you were to rank position 1 on Google search results for a dab rig product page, you could make a very healthy revenue stream, because 50,000 users would trickle into your site and purchase your dab rigs (more like 30,000 as position 2 and 3 take a small % of the pie).

So you get the picture right?

Find keywords with large volumes, right?

Not so simple.

Keywords also hold another metric to it and that is KD (keyword difficulty).

Dab Rigs has a KD of 38 which means that is pretty difficult to rank for. KD  goes from a scale of 0-100 (100 being the most difficult and 0 being easy).

So if you went after a keyword like Dab Rig it could take up to a year to rank even with best SEO practices.

So the trick with any powerful marijuana SEO campaign is to do your keyword research and make three different categories.

  • Easy KD (find all keywords with a KD of 0-10)
  • Medium KD (find all keywords with a KD of 11-25)
  • Hard KD (find all keywords with a KD of 26 and up)

Our company uses Ahrefs which uses the metrics KD (keyword difficulty) and is where you can search keywords very efficiently.

You can start Ahrefs for a fairly decent low-cost trial.

I like to group keywords this way so I have a triple-layer objective.

I may write content for the hard objectives but I publish it and leave it on the side and I then roll out my medium objectives, and then I lay out the easy objectives and put all my focus in ranking the easy objectives.

The reason why is the easy objectives are much faster to rank for, and once you do rank you can prove to Google’s algorithm that users are having an amazing experience on your site on that given topic. 

This will begin to allow Google’s algorithm to trust your site much faster.

The more position 1 rankings you obtain on easy keywords you will begin to notice the medium keywords will begin to move up naturally and become much easier to rank.

This is where I then target the medium pages to improve the content and once I rank those it’s only a matter of time before I rank the hard objectives.

So when doing keyword research make sure you are grouping your keywords into three objectives: easy medium, and hard.

If you are brand new to cannabis SEO, you are going to want to signup for Ahrefs or SEMrush.

These are the two most trusted SEO tools and I personally use Aherfs. 

  1. Once you sign up click “keyword explorer” at the top
  2. type in a potential keyword you think fits your brand
  3. Once you find a keyword ahrefs will show you other recommended keywords, questions users ask with the keyword and various longtail keywords

Wait what is a longtail keyword you ask? That’s a really good question.

When it comes to marijuana SEO, you need to understand keywords in 2022 are much more now than they used to be.

When you are talking about keywords there is always a primary keyword, long-tail keywords, and LSI keywords.

Knowing how to put all three together is how you successfully rank content.

So first you think of how you are going to organize your website based on topics through hubs and clusters.

Then through keyword research, you define what each page is going to target based on the article you will write, and next is on each targeted page you need to find your correct keywords.

More on that in the next section.

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The Science of Cannabis Keywords

To understand how to properly use keywords in the content you need to first understand the difference between LSI keywords, primary keywords, and longtail keywords.

This topic alone could have been a 12,000-word article but I will do my best to break it down for you.

The primary keyword is generally the strongest keyword you are trying to rank on that given page. For example “Dab rig” would be a primary keyword.

The primary keyword always needs to be in the title of the article (the H1), and usually in your intro, conclusion, and scattered throughout the article.

If you attempt to rank “dab rig” on a given page you must make sure that you are not also including this keyword on another page

This is extremely important.

Do not write 10 different articles targeting the Dab Rig keyword, there should only be one page!

You can mention dab rig on different pages 1 or 2 times which is normal but do not target a keyword on more than 1 page.

What targeting means is placing that keyword various times on any given page.

This doesn’t mean you can’t target keywords with dab rigs in them.

For example, one page can target dab rig and all singular dab rig keywords, another piece of content can target “how to clean a dab rig” and another page can target “how to use a dab rig” as long as you are making sure you define this by writing the correct keywords in the headlines, intro, conclusion, and increase density strength.

Organization of keywords is key to fast marijuana SEO rankings.

What happens if you create 10 different pages that are all full of the keyword “dab rig”?

This is something I see clients always asking me to do and I have to explain that it’s a detrimental mistake.

Google will get confused and try to rank all 10 pages and this is what is known as “keyword cannibalizations”.

This is where multiple pages fight for one keyword and all pages end up suffering.

So when thinking of a cannabis primary keyword there can only be one page.

The next thing you will want to do is build a list of cannabis long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are long-form variations of the primary.

For example:

  • cool dab rigs
  • best dab rigs
  • best dab rigs 2021
  • wax rig
  • concentrate rig

You will generally want to have a pretty decent-sized list. Sometimes my keyword list goes past 200 for very difficult objectives and around 30 for easy objectives.

Google is hip to keyword stuffers.

So you want to be switching interchangeably between primary and longtail keywords whenever you can when writing a cannabis article.

Good places for long-tail keywords are in the body text and other headlines in your article.

The last type of keyword to understand is LSI keywords.

This is relatively new as Google improved its ability to rate content as high quality or not, and it was done solely through LSI keywords.

Some may argue that LSI keywords are almost more important than longtail but I feel they are all equally important.

It’s not about each individual type of keyword but more so how you combine all three together in your cannabis content.

An LSI keyword for dab rig would be:

  • carb cap
  • wand
  • dabs
  • wax
  • shatter
  • budder
  • rosin
  • THC

You get the picture, right?

These are keywords that are related to the topic of a dab rig. The more LSI keywords you have the more Google will rate your content as high quality.

It’s like if you are going to write an article about “Cars” where the article only used the keyword “car” over and over.

But if the article had LSI keywords like transmission, pistons, radiator, exhaust, horsepower, google’s algorithm would know the content is of much higher quality.

So the art of using keywords in any cannabis marketing campaign is about:

  • Placing the right amount of primary keywords in
  • placing the right amount of primary keywords in
  • Placing the right amount of LSI keywords in
  • Placing the correct keywords in the headlines
  • Knowing how often to use your keyword in a density scale from top to bottom
  • Knowing how to power up a certain section with keywords

This comes with a lot of trial and error. While I can’t give you the secret sauce our company has created I can give you some helpful tips to start: 

  • always place your primary keyword in the Title and intro and conclusion
  • Try to switch between primary and longtail as many times in the body text to keep the cannabis content reading more “natural”.
  • Aim for a minimum of 1,000-word articles and if you can push it higher.
  • Never write to just increase word content, always try to have interesting topics in your article
  • Organize your content with headlines so users can scan through your article and find what it is they are looking for.
  • Plan where your CTA (sales pitch) will be in your article and build it up very naturally
  • Write professionally but never write too eloquently as internet readers prefer writing styles at a 7th to 8th great reading level.
  • Break up your long paragraphs into easy-to-read sections and sentences.

Cannabis SEO is trial and error. It took our company years to develop our strategy which I believe is one of the strongest marijuana SEO strategies out now.

We know this because our strategy has worked time after time for all our clients.

I invite you to take that journey and explore how you can test where to place LSI keywords, primary keywords, and long-tails in your content to get maximum results.

Don’t be afraid to publish content and then wait a month to rewrite it, add to it, and optimize it to push your rankings higher.

The strategy I created I use a specific three-step system that has always push my cannabis content to page 1.

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In 2022 If You Aren't Doing SEO You Are Not Properly Marketing Cannabis

Cannabis SEO is currently the best form of marketing. It’s not regulated and it’s not saturated. There are only a few companies that can actually perform Marijuana SEO properly so that means many businesses are still attempting to do their own SEO!

So if they can do it that means you can too.

If you were attempting to rank a medical or real estate business I would tell you that this is not something you can do yourself as these niches are extremely competitive and you need a professional SEO to handle it.

Cannabis marketing is starting to get more competitive but only on certain keywords. If you take a look at any successful cannabis brand you will see that they used marijuana SEO in their strategy.

If you show me a successful cannabis brand just off of email marketing I guarantee their brand can 5X or 10X from cannabis SEO.

If you are just starting out on your journey of creating your cannabis business, I absolutely recommend you pursue cannabis SEO first, because if you read everything above you understand that marijuana SEO does feed into the branding, email marketing, youtube, and social media platforms naturally.

If you pursue email marketing, cannabis ads, and social media first you will have a very long uphill battle.

Start with cannabis SEO first because it may take a year to get there but the results are undeniable and you can do it yourself.

If you have the budget and you want more aggressive results then I highly suggest you hire a reputable SEO cannabis agency.

You can email us here and I can recommend you to the top three cannabis SEO agencies that have bulletproof strategies.  

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MMJ Marketing Combinations

marketing cannabis

MMJ marketing is anything you want it to be!

But I have worked with dozens of cannabis clients and we see the same strategy working over and over.

Use cannabis SEO to bring in organic traffic, and then optimize your website to funnel this traffic into your email, youtube, and social media accounts. You can of course use ads as well to gain that bit of extra ROI.

Ads, email, youtube, and social media all do one thing and that is building your brand. The more people that try your cannabis product or service and end up loving it, the more they will tell other people and return to you.

Let’s take a look at combinations you can perform when marketing cannabis businesses. Keep reading to learn more.

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Marijuana SEO Plus Cannabis Email Marketing

When thinking of cannabis marketing, you want to plan for your entire MMJ marketing campaign before you roll it out.

Cannabis email marketing is tried and true. It’s not regulated and it works!

We see our clients generating very consistent revenues with their marijuana email marketing campaigns.

You will be using cannabis SEO to funnel a lot of consistent traffic into your site.

There are a ton of ways to capture their emails. If you sell products then in the checkout you can opt them in for “updates, new product sales, discounts, etc”.

You would be surprised how many people say yes in the checkout compared to a pop-up.

Or when users land on your content and they pass a certain time-on-page you can trigger a pop-up that tells them “we see you are loving the content if you want more we can email you new product alerts first”.

Notice how I did not recommend you just blast them with a pop-up for email capture right when they land.

Most people do this when they try to do their cannabis email marketing but it’s a huge no.

Remember Google is tracking a user’s “page experience” and if you hit them with a pop-up so early they may get annoyed and close it and leave your page.

This ultimately will impact your bounce rate and penalize your SEO rankings.

So this is where you have to think of your cannabis SEO and marijuana email marketing together.

If a user has stayed on the content past 40 seconds then you can safely assume they are enjoying the content.

So a pop-up that fits their current temperament will be much more powerful.

This is how you build a successful cannabis marketing strategy with SEO and cannabis email marketing.

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Marijuana SEO Plus Weed Advertising

I never use weed advertising just for the sole hope it will grow my business.

Marijuana advertisements can help bring your business a bit of extra cash flow but there are ways to use cannabis ads to help push up your rankings.

If you are an e-commerce business one of the biggest tell-tale signs of success is your conversion rating. If you are trying to rank your product page it could take months before you get any organic traffic.

Using marijuana ads to send users to your product page can show that your product is something users do love. This can help speed up that trust process with Google a bit. 

I rarely use this strategy but just wanted to mention it because if your product page is close to ranking it is a nice trick to use to help push those rankings higher to capture that organic traffic.

Another very powerful strategy I do use with clients is when a blog article is getting organic traffic, I use the pixels to retarget this traffic with our client’s product and we have a very high success rate here.

I’ll be discussing this more below and with which exact approved marijuana advertising networks.

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Cannabis Instagram Plus Cannabis SEO

Instagram is awesome.

Facebook has been dying back a bit and Instagram has taken over as the new social media platform standard.

Parents, grandparents, teenagers, and kids use it now.

Understanding Instagram’s algorithm that I dive a bit deep below.

If you are setting up a powerful marijuana marketing campaign you will want to build a very beautiful cannabis Instagram account.

If you are selling a cannabis product on your product page you can upload your Instagram and feed pictures directly to your product page. So when users click the pictures they are sent to your Instagram and this is where you can get a follow!

Not only that, the main reason you want to do this is as your Instagram followers grow you are triggering another very important cannabis SEO variable that Google holds in a very high light, and that is E-A-T.

E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google had a huge issue with websites dishing out very sensitive information such as financial and health topics written by people that had no actual financial and medical experience. 

So you had people googling things about medical and financial facts and believing it all to be true.

Google set out to find only the most trustworthy pages possible to rank on the top for sensitive information.

So E-A-T is a very great thing and when you plug in a social media account that has active and positive followers (yes Google has the power to crawl the Instagram page and its comments), you are boosting up your SEO cannabis campaign as well.

The primary reason I use Instagram is for the purpose of E-A-T for my marijuana SEO strategy.

Cannasentials is still very much a new site so when I implement the growth of Instagram I will be writing an article on how to properly do this and influence the Instagram algorithm for maximum results.

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Mix Up Your Cannabis Marketing Efforts for Maximum Results

A powerful marijuana marketing strategy is one that is planned very carefully.

Map out on paper (we love a large marker board) and see how every different cannabis marketing strategy will tie in together.

Cannabis SEO will bring the traffic.

This traffic then can help build your email marketing, your Instagram, and your youtube. 

In turn, your Instagram stories, your youtube videos, and your email marketing can send traffic back to your website which then boosts your cannabis SEO strategy.

It all works hand and hand!

On top of that, if you are hitting any budget constraints you can use cannabis ads to help get you some much-needed ROI to help you while you are in the process of building out this monster cannabis marketing strategy.

Marketing cannabis is about having a game plan and seeing that game plan very clearly in your mind before you execute.

The success of our cannabis SEO campaigns is fully in our front-end research – the planning.

So plan carefully and plan purposefully when marketing your marijuana brand.

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Marijuana Branding - What it is and How it's Done

marijuana branding

I have a  simple measurement that tells me the success of any given brand when it comes to marijuana branding.

Go into ahrefs and type that brand’s name in. You will see the monthly searches that the brand has in Ahrefs.

One of our clients started at 300 monthly searches for their brand’s name. After 6 months they are at near 12,000 searches. 

What happened? Where did the growth come from? It was from how cannabis SEO content we created and executed.

We created dozens of informative articles.

How to do XYZ, why XYZ is important, and so on and so forth.

While these articles aren’t intended to convert they do plant seeds in prospective clients’ minds and later when they are ready to purchase they come back and do so.

Also, the cannabis marketing strategy in full is helping to bring so much live traffic to the website that a large % of that traffic will be happy with the brand and want to return or tell a friend.

Branding is a very powerful thing, it’s the end game of any powerful cannabis marketing strategy!

Why do you ask?

It’s simple.

If you were to stop cannabis SEO, turn off your email marketing, cannabis ads, and your social media platforms you would still have thousands of users searching for you regardless.

So the goal of it all in the future is ultimately cannabis branding.

And weed branding is something that happens naturally with cannabis SEO!

Starting to see the power of marijuana SEO now?

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Cannabis Branding and How Marijuana SEO Builds It Naturally

Weed branding is done naturally through cannabis SEO.

To try to do this effectively you want to plan out a list of keywords users are searching for related to your brand.

For example our client was selling a weed filter for a bong and we targeted content topics like:

  • How to inhale weed
  • Best Way to smoke weed
  • Chest Pains from Smoking weed
  • Tar in Marijuana

Most people would not target these keywords but we knew that the objectives were much easier and we could bring thousands of users to their site much faster.

While they may not convert as well as sales keywords the seeds are planted for them to know the brand and later come back to buy when they are ready.

So it works together well because you write these articles to get your site live traffic, this, in turn, helps you rank your medium and difficult keywords (easier keywords are given to you first), and at the same time, it builds your marijuana branding very well.

After 8 months your site will be ranking on cannabis keywords and your branding will have grown tremendously.

So what topics are related to your cannabis niche that you could be attempting to rank for now to build your marijuana branding?

What problems does your product or service solve?

Try to find keywords around these topics.

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Marijuana Logo and Cannabis Brand Name

When you dive into the SEO world I know you will be tempted by the volume of some of the valuable keywords, to name your brand after a keyword.

This is a huge mistake.

I have seen cannabis businesses name their brand and sites after keywords.

For example: “”

They think that this is a solid plan but when have you ever seen a major brand in the world named after a targeted keyword.

Is there an insurance company called “best insurance rates” or a vitamin company that made it big with  “best vitamins for men”.

No way.

People will order from your site and forget because you gave them a mediocre experience with your branding.

And cannabis businesses are ever-changing and always evolving.

What if you find out later you want to sell rolling trays as your primary product. It will cause disorientation when users land on a site about one-hitters and see rolling trays and rolling papers as their lead product.

So take some time and think of a name that you feel would have branding power. 

Then take your time to really think about how you want your marijuana brand to feel.

Is your site color popping, pastels, watercolor, dark and soothing, or very professional?

Study some of the top names in the game and also think “how do I want my prospective clients to feel” when they land on my page.

Hire someone to create a weed logo that will fit well with the entire look and feel you are going for.

This does wonders with your cannabis SEO strategy as it enhances the overall user experience.

I have seen so many cannabis brands reach out for us to review their cannabis product but their weed logo looks like they were made on Microsoft Paint and their company name was not well thought out.

The page is all different colors and this instantly causes users to feel subconsciously distrustful when landing on their page.

So if you get your weed logo and marijuana branding correct you can expect very great results in user experience and this, in turn, boosts your cannabis SEO results.

We get emails all the time about how people just love the general look and feel of our site.

This is because we spent an entire month thinking of it all before actually executing it.

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5 Cannabis Advertising Hacks You Need to Try

cannabis advertising

Cannabis ads are very restricted on major platforms but there are definitely still options that have proven to have fairly decent ROI’s.

These recommendations are based on our client’s experience and not speculation.

Understand though that the success of your ad depends on your knowledge of copywriting (the skill of writing to make users perform an action) and your actual skill set of advertisement in the first place.

So take all the recommendations with a grain of salt, and do your research on what a successful ad really looks like before investing your hard-earned money here.

Weed advertising should not be your primary focus but just a supporting element to your cannabis SEO and marijuana marketing campaign.

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Weed Advertising with Mantis Ad Platform

Mantis is an ad platform that has a multiide of sites that approve cannabis ads to be run.

Or in less words, it is a marijuana advertising network.

So you don’t have to worry about accounts being banned.

We have seen success in a lot of Mantis ad campaigns for our clients, but they also had amazing products that were disruptive enough for a user to stop reading what they were reading and click.

Can your service or product be described in a way that will disrupt them from their actual focus because you have to understand they did not go to the given website to see your ad.

People’s brains are trained to ignore ads so you really want to think this through before spending your hard earned money.

These ads will be placed in articles and targeting users that have an interest in cannabis, but we do see a lot of issues with ad fatigue here as well.

So make sure to plan for 5 different cannabis ads to switch to at the first sign of ad fatigue. 

Also, the most successful campaigns in the Mantis platform are the retargeting ads. Where you use pixels to retarget users that went to certain pages of your website.

So if you wrote many informative articles for your cannabis SEO strategy and these pages are getting the traffic you want to retarget those users with ads and the chances of conversion are much higher.

In simpler words, when a user lands on your blog, you track them through pixels (cookies) and you can use this tracking system to retarget them with advertisements.

That’s the same reason you may click on something in Instagram or facebook and start seeing it pop up everywhere.

Just-to-Note: Mantis does have a pretty heft fee to use their platform. Many cannabis marketing agencies have Mantis so you can save more money by going through them and their account. Our agency uses Mantis as well and you actually save money by going through an agency because you don’t have to pay for using the actual platform.

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Run a Weed Ad on a High Traffic Cannabis Sites

There are so many ways to marketing marijuana brands and one of the most common ways in the past was to find the cannabis site getting the most traffic and ask them to advertise your brand,

Leafly, Weedmaps, HighTimes are all big names in the game.

Contact them and ask for their media package, which is a very long PDF that shows the prices of all their advertising positions on their website.

It makes sense that these users would convert much more than placing your ad on a general niche site.

Your cannabis ads will only be shown to people reading cannabis content so they will not seem so disruptive.

Make sure to assess the CTR (click-through rate) of the given platform so you can actually judge your ads based on the average standard performance.

If the weed ad you created on their platform does not perform well, often times this can be fixed with simple copywriting and a new sales pitch.

For example one of our clients had a very successful bong cleaner.

Their pitch was “all-natural” but users were not responding well to it. Our team assessed all the major benefits of the product and found that the bong cleaner worked in just 58 seconds.

We didn’t want to say “one minute” so instead we said “Crystal Clear Bong in Under 60 Seconds”, this became their new marketing pitch on all content and CTR increased drastically.

Take your time to assess all your product benefits and see if you can find that unique pitch or angle that only your product has!

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Cannabis advertising with Match2One Ad Platform

Match2one is another advertising platform that has sites that allow cannabis ad placements.

The difference with Match2one is they use a lot of programming power to help automate and grow your ads.

We run this platform for some clients, and we do see more success through pixel retargeting.

Their system is very intelligent and very user-friendly so if you are a beginner with cannabis ads this is a great place to start!

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Run Cannnabis Social Influencer Campaigns

If and only if you have a budget to do this, using influencers is a very healthy practice.

There are so many cannabis influencers with a loyal following you can reach out to, especially on Instagram and Youtube.

The issue with the internet is you start with zero trust with all new users.

An influencer builds the user’s trust immensely before they land on your page, so it’s like they are much likely to convert or stay on your page, which in turn helps with your SEO rankings.

I do suggest if you make this investment in your marijuana marketing strategies, that you do not send the user to your home page but instead create a custom landing page.

Talk to the influencer about who the audience is, what they like, and how they are going to recommend your product and build out a landing page directly for these users.

Successful weed advertising is all about getting into the psyche of your users and giving them the best possible experience.

You aren’t trying to sell to the user you are trying to solve one of their problems with your product or services!

You can use social media influencers to build your followers, bring additional traffic to your site, create brand awareness, and boost your cannabis SEO or your marijuana marketing strategy as a whole.

When users land on the landing page you can capture emails as well. The options are endless here.

Explore the cannabis brands on Instagram and find influencers. You may not be able to afford Seth Rogan, Whiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dog but you can find influencers that are much cheaper.

Pro-Tip: When looking at potential influencers be very careful as buying followers and likes is very easy to do in 2022. You want to check if the followers match the actual likes and comments. 

If you see an account with 200k followers and 20,000 likes, but very few comments then you know the followers are bought and the likes were bought. 

Find an influencer where the comments are well past the hundreds and they have other successful platforms such as a thriving youtube.

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Market With a Cannabis Directory if Applicable with Your Business

Another way to bring a ton of traffic to your cannabis business is by finding a directory. 

A directory is a webpage that has a list of businesses like yours.

So if you were looking to buy some high-end cannabis strains such as Blue Dream you can go to Leafly, right?

Their directory can help you find what dispensaries are in your location because those dispensaries pay Leafly for that listing.

Or if you sell bongs you may want to find the blog ranking on page 1 for “Best Bongs” and reach out to see what you can do to get your products featured there.

Again this is only if it’s applicable to your marijuana business because it depends entirely on what your services or products are.

These directories are successful because of cannabis SEO so you may also want to think, “how can I get a bit of that traffic as well with some good marijuana SEO content myself”.

If you were looking to buy weed in DC, Leafly, and Weedmaps took all the top spots in 2019.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have many clients in that area and now our clients control all the top positions, and Leafly, Weedmaps, and Wheres Weed are pushed out of the page 1 landscape.

So yes, you can use cannabis SEO to even beat the giants, we have on numerous occasions.

These giants have a large budget but it doesn’t mean they hired the right SEO team, so you have a lot of ways to beat anyone on any rankings.

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Cannabis Email Marketing - Why You Should Start Now

cannabis email marketing

Email marketing has been around for a very long time.

People doubt if it’s even relevant but from all of our clients that are running a powerful cannabis email marketing campaign, they are getting huge returns with very little overhead.

Once your site is beginning to build traffic and you have the bandwidth to start email marketing you should right away.

Let’s get into the reasons why a healthy cannabis email marketing strategy is so vital.

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Why I love Email for Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis email marketing is very powerful for many reasons.

First, it’s something that you own. Once you have the emails you have them forever.

So if Instagram shut down and even Google shut down and you had a powerful email list you could still grow!

Another reason we love cannabis email marketing is that it allows you to connect directly with your audience and if successful you can send them back to your website.

Every time you release new content as part of your cannabis SEO strategy you can have your email list help boost additional traffic into the article.

When writing cannabis content, it can take months before the article ranks for any keywords.

By sending traffic to it through your email list you give that content a bit of a boost to show google people are reacting very well to the content.

There are so many email marketing tools but you can get started for free with MailChimp.

For more premium features you can use Drip, Klaiviyo, and Aweber. Our cannabis SEO agency always recommends any of the above.

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Instagram Weed Marketing - Is it Worth It?

Instagram weed

Instagram weed marketing is definitely a viable option!

The only thing is if you are posting a lot of “adult content” such as marijuana photos or you smoking you could get reported and either the post or the Instagram account can get shut down.

Many of our clients do it and have zero issues but I just thought to give you a warning that best practices are to keep your cannabis Instagram account very “child friendly” as a vast amount of their audience are minors.

Let’s dive deep on how Instagram’s algorithm works and how to build a successful cannabis Instagram strategy.

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How to Not Get Your Cannabis Instagram Shut Down

To keep your Instagram weed account from getting shut down we recommend the following:

  • Avoid using adult content type photos
  • Instead of showing strains show the product inside its jar or packaging.
  • Do not piss your audience off with controversial topics such as politics, racism, and things of that nature.
  • Focus more on the visuals and less on the details. You could get carried away with the details and include text that triggers their algorithm for banning you.

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Understanding Instagrams Alogirthm

Instagram has a fairly simple algorithm. They are judging a few things just how Google does for cannabis SEO.

The primary goal is for your post to show to all of your followers. It’s so simple that so many people overlook this and focus more on acquiring followers and less on taking care of their current followers.

What is the point in having 10k followers if you post something and it never appears on their news feed?

The trick with their algorithm is to get your followers to like or comment on your post. As soon as they do their algorithm then places your post in their feed whenever you do publish.

So reach out to users, comment on their post, like their post, anything you can do to get them to comment or like back.

There are great programs for this such as Kicksta which will follow brands you set in and even like and comment on their post.

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It's Not About Followers It's About Engagement

While Followers are important it is somehwat of a vanity metric.

Engagement is the true measure of success.

Why is it that one Instagram page that has a million followers only gets 2,000 likes per post and 100 comments but another Instagram account with 100k followers can get 10,000 likes and 500 comments per post?

It’s because these cannabis Instagram accounts took the time to invest in their engagement and response rate.

Respond to everyone that comments, respond to every like in the fastest manner possible and Instagram will reward your account and place your post much higher in your followers feed.

This in turn will bring you more likes and more comments. 

As you grow this way Instagram will begin recommending your Instagram to anyone that is interested in cannabis Instagram accounts.

Engagement is the priority when trying to grow your Instagram Weed account!

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Cannabis Backlinks Plus Marijuana Domains You Need

marijuana domains

Cannabis backlinks are super important if you want to excel in your marijuana SEO efforts.

For difficult keywords, writing content is sometimes not enough.

Especially if everyone on page 1 has hundreds of backlinks pointing to their domain.

Let’s get into what a cannabis backlink is and why it’s important for your rankings.

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What is a Cannabis Backlink and Why is it Important?

A backlink is when another website places a “do-follow” link on their page to your page.

This tells Google that another cannabis website trusts your cannabis website enough to link to it.

It’s almost like a popularity vote, the more cannabis websites pointing to your site the higher that page ranks.

Google see’s the page as trusted.

Are you starting to see that trust is an important factor with marijuana SEO?

So if you wanted to rank a page on “Dab Rigs” you would want to get backlinks from other websites pointing directly to the page you want to rank for the keyword Dab Rig.

But not all backlinks are made equal.

You can’t just go out and get backlinks from a bunch of spammy sites that sell them.

Link building is an art and a very technical one at that.

You want to make sure you are getting cannabis backlinks from credible cannabis domains.

A simple way to track this is by going to  DA checker and type the URL of the website you want the backlink from.

MOZ will spit out a metric called “Domain Authority” that will tell you how powerful this link is.

A healthy DA is around 30 and above 40 is really good. 

Ahrefs also has their version of DA which is DR (Domain Rating) and some may argue that DR is becoming the more dominant metric force in a website’s authority and power of a backlink.

You want to make sure if you are attempting to get a cannabis backlink that the DA and DR are above 30. A metric of 20 is still ok but you definitely want to avoid spammy cannabis backlinks and we will discuss this in the next section.

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Beware of Cheap and Spammy Marijuana Backlinks

You can go on Fiverr now and pay just $50 for a million backlinks.

Sounds pretty tempting, right? 

The truth is backlinks especially cannabis backlinks are pretty expensive.

That’s because if you get a link from a powerful cannabis domain you can boost your rankings very fast.

And these cannabis domains know it so they know that users should be paying. The only thing is purchasing backlinks is technically “black hat SEO”. 

The proper terminology these days is “guest posting”.

This is where you write an article that is published on another cannabis domain’s site and that site charges you a publisher’s fee for it.

So just keep this in mind when you attempt to ask for the link .

Spammy backlinks are sites that have zero traffic and their DA or DR is in the 0-10 bracket.

We use a mixture of cannabis domains with DA/DR in the 20-60 margins. You will find you have to pay in the thousands of dollars just to get a cannabis backlink from top brands such as High Times or Leafly.

If you do buy a ton of low DA cannabis backlinks what you are showing Google is that you have hundreds of spammy sites pointing to your site which actually will hurt your rankings.

This is also not gospel as now there are much more advanced backlink strategies where you do a mixture of low and high to simulate a much more natural cannabis backlink profile

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Top Marijuana Domains You Should Get Backlinks From

Here are some of the top places to submit marijuana guest posts so you can obtain a high-quality do-follow backlink.

Yes, we offer cannabis guest-post but we are very strict on what topic and what keywords are used.

We only want to create articles that rank in Google’s algorithm so that means we intend to rank the article that is pointing to you.

The most powerful cannabis backlink you can get is a link from a high DA/DR and traffic from that page.

  1. (DR:68 and DA: 58)

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Checklist for Marijuana Marketing

Congratulations you made it to the end of this ultimate guide on cannabis marketing. Marketing marijuana brands is a very intricate subject and if you read every topic you can now probably see a more clear path to your goals.

  • We broke down the basics of marijuana marketing and the limitations of marketing cannabis brands.
  • We talked about what cannabis SEO is and why using marijuana SEO is the most foundational and powerful strategy there is when it comes to MMJ marketing.
  • We talked about cannabis branding and how to name your brand and how to put extra thought and care in your brand feel, and your marijuana logo.
  • We talked about hybrid marijuana marketing strategies and how to combine them with your SEO efforts.
  • We discussed 5 weed advertising methods with some marijuana advertising networks and some other hacks for marijuana ads.
  • I showed you how why cannabis email marketing is powerful and something you do want to pursue right now.
  • I dived deep into my personal Instagram weed strategy and how IG’s algorithm works.
  • I showed you what a cannabis backlink was and the top marijuana domains you want to obtain a link from

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Why Trust Our Research on Cannabis SEO?

I own my own cannabis SEO agency that has accelerated some of the biggest cannabis brands into their current success. I have ranked clients in the background and built entirely my very own unique cannabis SEO strategy. All information in this article is from real-world experience working with dozens and dozens of marijuana businesses. If you are interested in a consultation or hiring a cannabis SEO agency with a proven track record feel free to reach out so we can recommend some of the top agencies.

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