The Best Dab Rigs of 2023 for Beginners and Dab Experts

10 of the Best Dab Rigs for
Beginners to Seasoned Dabbers (2023)

Dab rigs are amazing, but I highly recommend only using the cold start dab method. 

This ensures you never over burn or under burn concentrates when using a rig. If you are looking for more precise temperature control then check out our best electric dab rigs or learn how to use a dab rig.

Here are the best dab rigs of 2023 (photos of testing below):

  1. Best dab rig with automated torch: RIO Matte
  2. Best dab rig that’s least likely to break: The Cerebus
  3. Best dab rig for zero coughs: The Freeze Rig
  4. Best dab rig with amazing design: Atomic Nucleus
  5. Best dab rig with amazing price: Recycler Rig
  6. Best dab rig under $100: Eyce Sidecar

#1 Best dab rig
with built in torch

dab rigs

Torching your dabs
is now hands free

best portable dab rig

Dabbing requires a ton of steps and it would seem a third hand.

Rod Santos engineered the first ever all-in-one dab rig, and because of that you get a consistent dab!

What do I mean? Torching by hand is tricky as your angle and distance always change, resulting in inconsistent dab yields.

This dab rig went through extensive testing to find the perfect angle, in which the torch sits under the banger.

Holding a torch and the angle of the torch is now completely automated to give you the best dabbing experience, everytime! See my testing below.

Best dab rig that is
least likely to break

dab rig

Ultra Thick
Accident Friendly


Glass matters, and Dopezilla is an American made brand that engineers all their dab rigs with medical grade borosilicate glass.

If you want the best dab rig that won’t break, has an amazing price, and hits ultra smooth this is it.

I dab for breakfast – literally. I get anxious using delicate and intricate looking rigs. This is the most breakproof glass dab rig on the market because of the base, design, and thickness of glass. 

Oh and it also has the largest ice chamber capacity in the list so expect frosty smooth hitscheck out my testing with photos below.

Best dab rig for NO
more coughing ever


Huge dabs
Zero coughs

best rigs

If you want monster hits, and I mean giant vapor dabs, but tired of the coughing fits this glycerin dab rig is a god send.

Full disclosure: the dabs feel like air. This makes you think you didn’t have enough but trust me you did. Give it a minute.

Hot smoke causes painful coughing fits. This rig forces hot smoke through bubble filtration, recycler filtration, and finally it must travel through coils surrounded by frozen glycerin.

The result: one of the smoothest, cough-free, dab experiences ever, no matter how large of a dab you take!

If you want to reduce lung stress this is the smoothest hitting dab rig on the list! See my testing on the best dab rig for no coughs.

Best designed dab rig -
Affordable artistic glass

First glass dab rig
you won't be hiding

best beaker dab rig

Artistic glass can cost an arm and a leg.

If you want a beautiful dab rig that is also practical this is it.

With an amazing price point, wholesome filtration, and a sturdy accident-free structure – I really took a liking to the simplicity of this wax rig.

If you don’t know what to buy and prefer something that looks nice, doesn’t take up room, smokes well, and is easy to use – this is it.

I would say this is one of the most beginner friendly dab rigs and a perfect gift for first time dabbers.

A premium glass dab rig
with unbelievable price

best glass dab rig

Torching your dabs
is now hands free


I thought this recycler dab rig was a steal!

It has all the premium features but the price is freaking amazing.

This is the best dab rig for ultra smooth and tasty dabs due to it’s double recycler features.

How does it work? Your dab vapors filter in the base first, travels up the tube, then falls back down again to filter in the base (recycling). 

This happens over and over until you decide you’ve had enough cooling and release the banger to inhale.

The recycler feature gives you ultimate control on filtration and cooling and prevents harsh or stale vapor builds up.

Cleanest wax rig
that will never break

Life time guarantee
Will never break

best wax rig

We are a huge fan of silicone because on a microscopic level the surface is much cleaner than glass.

This is literally the dab rig I leave on my patio. It’s water proof, shatter proof, and prevents pathogens from forming in the bong water.

I love the rotating arm.

Move it lower when you want do dab reclining back or raise it higher for standing up.

Also this is the most affordable dab rig with a life time guarantee. It breaks, they replace – no questions asked!

Best wax smoking rig
with the least steps

portable dab rig

Press a button
and dab (no torch)


When most people think of dabbing they think “complicated“.

That’s because there are just way too many steps from the dab jar, wand, torch, the list goes on.

While this isn’t a traditional glass rig it is worth mentioning for those of you that didn’t know it could be this easy.

You simply load your dabs, press a button to turn on, and begin inhaling – that’s it!

Priced the same as many of the shatter rigs on this list, I felt this was the best dab rig with the least steps involved.

Best mini dab rig
built to last the ages

Finally a mini dab rig
That's built to deliver


Gravs has a unique team of engineers that design some of the highest quality glass dab rigs in the world.

Hand blown from medical grade borosilicate glass, this oil rig is a power house at an affordable price.

After 14 years of dabbing I grew tired of large dab rigs because of how much space they took up. Smaller rigs usually have harsher hits and are easy to break.

This little glass dab rig is a tank in build but a beauty on the eye.

It’s sturdy, saves space, built for longevity, and the filtration gives me super smooth dabs.

Best rig for extra
large dabs (smooth like air)

best dab rigs

For the largest
dabs ever (no cough)


Similar to our #2 best dab rig, this one just has a bit more premium features.

This one is for the seasoned dabber who is aiming to take giant dab rips but want to skip the coughing. 

This dab rig also works well for a house hold of dabbers that want to take back to back rips without the glass heating up.

I only pushed this to the bottom of the list because of the heavier price tag, but still very fair in my eyes.

This glass dab rig has 3 cooling features. The Klein recycler is the most coveted found in $1,000 glass rigs – but you pay a fraction for that here.

Best concentrate rig
for the office setting

Beauty of glass
Icky resin is hidden

cool dab rigs

So many people work from home now and sometimes you need a nice concentrate rig to accompany you in your home office.

If you love the look of glass but hate how dirty it gets this is perfect for you.

The frosted surface hides all the dirtiness that otherwise would be displayed by a glass rig.

It’s equipped with a shower head percolator that filters smoke with bubbles, giving you a smooth dab.

What is a dab rig
and how do I use it?

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying an intense concentrate high from taking a delicious dab.

One hit of a dab rig is equal to three bong rips – oh and it’s healthier.

Dabbing can be confusing and so are all the choices when trying to decide which wax rig to buy.

On top of that you have all the dab accessories such as the dab wand, dab nail, banger, carb cap, dabbers, dab mats, and even dab dishes. (read our full guide on dab tools)

The two most common types of rigs are the standard dab rigs and recycler dab rigs.

Let’s break down the difference between the two and show you exactly how to use a dab rig with the safest method known as cold starting.

How to use a dab rig (always cold start)

how to use a dab rig

Follow the image above with the guided steps below:

  1. This is known as a banger or bucket. Use a dab wand to scoop your concentrates and they go into the bottom of the bucket. Start very small as concentrates are very strong.
  2. By placing the dabs in first this is known as “cold start” method and the best way to prevent over burning and under burning concentrates. Torch the underside of the glass bucket (from the outside), and as you torch you will see vapors produce in the bucket. 
  3. As vapors produce begin pulling from piece #4 (the mouth piece). This will move the vapors from the bucket/banger into the water chamber. Water and bubbles will filter and cool the vapor making it much easier to inhale without coughing.
  4. Once the chamber (#3) is filled with smoke, remove the banger (#1) (the little bucket will slide out), and now you can inhale all the vapor from the filter chamber into your lungs.

If you still have concentrates left repeat steps 2-4 until there is no more concentrates left. This works for shatter, wax, rosin, resin, and live rosin all the same.

The difference with most dab rigs is the type of filtration in the water chamber. 

All that means is more bubbles or less bubbles. The more bubbles is more surface area for the smoke to move around and cool down – giving you a smoother cough free hit.

  • Dab rigs with standard downstem: this has standard filtration with minimal bubbles (semi- smooth)
  • Dab rigs with shower head or disc percolators: this creates much more bubbles and that means more cooling (smooth dabs).

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Anatomy of a recycler dab rig

So what the heck is a recycler dab rig?

Recycler is a function in more premium glass dab rigs that allows full control on filtration and cooling.

Basically in a standard wax rig the vapor filters and cools and then goes straight into your lungs.

In a recycler dab rig, the vapor filters and cools in the bottom chamber, but then moves up to the second chamber only to fall back down to the first.

As long as you keep the banger inserted, this will go on and on until your heart is content.

This allows you to get your dabs crystal clean and remove all the heat making it a cough free smooth experience.

Once you remove the banger you will be able to inhale the dab.

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How to never overburn or underburn concentrates

Dab rigs are usually accompanied by a butane torch and torches reach a temperature of 2,610 °F.

When you heat your banger or bucket you are transferring the heat from the butane torch to dab banger. Once the bucket is hot enough the dabs will begin vaporizing making it smokable.

There are a ton of precious cannabinoids that all have unique melting points.

Here are all the goodies in your dabs that you want to make sure you vaporize. 

  • Cannabichromene (CBC) vaporizes at 428 °F
  • Cannabichromene Acid (CBA) vaporizes at 212-293 °F
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) vaporizes at 356 °F
  • Cannabidiol Monomethyl Ether (CBDM) vaporizes at 288 °F
  • Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA) vaporizes at 248 °F
  • Cannabielsoin (CBE) vaporizes at 365 °F
  • Cannabigerol (CBG) vaporizes at 390 °F
  • Cannabinol (CBN) vaporizes at 365 °F
  • Cannabinol Methyl Ether (CBNM) vaporizes at 365 °F
  • THCv Vaporizes at 428 °F
  • Cannabinol Acid (CBNA) vaporizes at 365 °F
  • Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 350 °F
  • Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 315 °F

By using the cold start method in the steps above on how to use a dab rig, you are incrementally burning from lowest to highest.

This means you will safely vaporize all cannabinoids safely without over burning the lower temperature sensitive compounds such as CBC, CBA, and CBD.

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The ultimate dab rig
that just made dabbing easy

all in one rig

I loved this all-in-one dab rig and you’ll see why it made our list for #1 best wax rig of 2023.

Full disclosure: this product seems small in the photos but it isn’t. It’s fairly large, but the design is perfect for saving space compared to other tall, intricate, and delicate wax rigs.

high quality dab rig

This high end dab rig is the first ever with a built in torch and while that seems like it would just be a convenience – it’s not.

It’s freedom.

Freedom from ever worrying about if your torching right, or are you torching wrong, and why is your dabs not hitting?

And that’s because it’s not about the torch, but instead the angle the torch sits.

Let’s talk more about that.

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Your butane torch at the
perfect angle and distance

concentrate rig
Close up on flame and angle (sorry photos blurry)

Depending on the angle and distance of your butane torch your dabs will vaporize differently each time.

Rob Santos and his team did extensive testing to find the perfect distance and angle of the torch.

The difference this makes in your day-to-day dabbing is literally night and day.

I’ll put it like this: if you want a device where you just want to get good dabs every time without trying, this is it!

Notice the blue part of the flame in the image above (known as the inner core and has a temperature of 1,670 degrees) sits directly under the banger.

The blue flame is the sweet spot of your butane torch and it’s how you should light your banger for a high production dab.

I don’t know how they did it but the torch is angled perfectly to give a powerful and even distribution of heat for dabs – every time.

dab banger
Core reactor hockey puck in dab banger

On top of that, the dab nail (banger) also has what is called a core reactor.

This is the hockey puck shape at the bottom of the dab nail.

The angled torch heats the core reactor directly.

The core reactor has a much higher heat retention, so even after lighting the first time you can keep dropping dabs on to smoke without re-lighting!

It’s a tiny feature that goes along way.

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A portable dab rig with
a beautiful travel case

new dab rig

I loved the travel case.

The entire unboxing experience had me drooling because I’m a sucker for colors.

The dab rig even comes with two water-proof plugs so you can just put the rig in the case with water and all!

Everything fits super snug and, yes, you can also get away with putting a few dab jars in as well.

The case is sturdy enough to throw in with luggage and now worry about anything breaking.

Most rosin rigs claim to be travel friendly, but it’s not just the case but the narrow design that allows this to be truly a portable and travel friendly resin rig.

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A Proper Filtration System

best wax dab rigs
My resin rig pumping bubbles during testing

My only complaint about this device was the water chamber.

In my mind it’s not enough water, but whether their team planned this or not the bubble production is insane.

The shower percolator that sits in the bottom of the water chamber gives you gigantic bubbles.

If you didn’t know, bubbles create more surface area for the hot smoke to glide across.

As the smoke does this it cools resulting in a smoother hit for you. The bubbles pop and new one forms giving more cooling.

So while I wanted more water for cooling, the large bubbles really did a good job.

Was it the smoothest hit ever? No. But it was enough to want to cough but not have to.

If your looking for a cough free experience then check out our #3 best rig.

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Refill your butane torch
in under 60 seconds

high end dab rig

So this beautiful dab rig is easy to use, travel friendly, and has amazing filtration.

The cherry on top would have to be the slide out butane chamber.

I though it would be much more complicated because when I think refilling butane my mind sort of freezes.

It’s simple: just press a button, slide the butane reserve out, and refill it by sticking a nozzle in the end and apply pressure.

Then all you do is slide it back in and you are good to dab again!

Dabbing rigs are extremely complex and this is the first to really just give you a no-brainer experience.

The ultimate dab rig in my opinion.

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The best dab rig perfect for beginners

best dabbing rig

I’ve been dabbing for over 14 years now.

I’ve bought a ton of glass dab rigs in my life and broken just about everyone of them.

That’s because most of them are insanely thin and cheap glass (cutting corners).

The reason why this made our #2 best rigs for dabs is:

  • This glass rig is least likely to break (thick medical grade glass)
  • The price is amazing
  • Even with the lower price you get premium filtration and cooling

So it’s least likely to break, beginner friendly, and packs some premium features that deliver a frosty smooth hit.

Let’s talk about that honey comb percolator in the base.

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Best honey comb
percolator in a wax rig

resin rig
Testing the honey comb percolator stacking bubbles

Dopezilla never sacrifices in quality and you can see it in the medical grade honey comb percolator.

Lesson: The smaller your rig the harsher the smoke.

Since this dab rig isn’t too tall I was initially worried that the hits would be too harsh (not a fan of coughing).

The first place your dab vapors go is the honey comb perc chamber where the water and bubbles filter and cool.

The more bubbles the more cooling and the more cooling the smoother the hit.

Take a look at the photos we took of the amazing multi-layer bubbles produced from the honey comb percolator.

Next the cooled down vapors have to pass through the ice chamber for a final cool down.

Let’s talk about that next.

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Best dab bong
with large ice chamber

rosin rig

I love ice chambers.

Most commonly found in ice bongs it’s an area in the neck of the water pipe that allows you to drop in ice cubes.

Remember: Never place ice cubes in dry, always wet them about to remove any ice shards.

There is literally no dab rig on the market with this size or build that allows you to place this many ice cubes in.

Concentrate rigs this size usually only fit 1 ice cube in, you can get about 3-4 depending on the size of the ice cubes.

The honey comb percolator has already cooled and filtered the dab vapor, now it must glide across all the ice cubes cooling the vapor drastically.

This results in a very smooth concentrate rip which means the chances of coughing are slim to none.

While this dabbing rig doesn’t have tons of fancy features, it has the perfect amount of features with the perfect price.

Giving you the best dab rig for beginners that’s built to last the ages.

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The best concentrate rig
that eliminates coughing

Hot vapors hurt your lung.

Literally it stresses your lungs out and that’s one of the main reasons we cough.

Coughing fits suck and there are a few of us at the office that actually struggle with asthma.

This is the first glass dab rig to completely eliminate coughing and lung stress.

We’ll dive into the how in my testing’s below, but first a quick public service announcement on the packaging!


high quality glass rigs

The packaging was amazing.

I’ve tested a few Freeze products and they all come in a leather style box. 

While it’s not a full proof travel box, what I do recommend is you save a spot for the box in your freezer.

I always leave my Glycerin coil in the box and put it back in the freezer.

This is what I do with all my Freeze products and years later I’ve never broken one glycerin coil #knockonwood.

Ok, so let me first explain how this thing eliminates coughing from your dabbing life, forever.

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Three stage cooling
for smoothest hitting rig

wax dab pipe
My testing on the best silicone bong

Peter (one of our staff) has asthma and he also recommended the weed pipe version of this product as best zero cough pipe.

The Freeze brand focuses on one thing and one thing only: how to provide the smoothest hit.

A smooth hit simply means you don’t cough and your face doesn’t recoil in pain from smoking.

To understand how it cools so well let’s follow the journey of the hot vapor. (follow image above)

  1.  When you torch your dabs hot vapors will produce. The hot vapors first go into the percolation chamber where bubbles and water filter it.
    1. There is also a double chamber that recycles the smoke back and forth for more cooling and stale vapor prevention
  2. Finally the vapor must travel through coils surrounded by frozen glycerin (FDA approved), which further cools an additional 300 degrees.

The result is an air like dab without any cough or pain.

My first time dabbing with this device I honestly thought I didn’t get enough. That’s how smooth it is.

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The double recycling
percolation chamber

oil smoking rig

This part is a bit confusing but is a huge win for us.

Essentially what is happening here is two things.

  1. There is a percolator at the bottom creating bubbles which cools and purifies the dabs.
  2. There are two domed chambers that forces water to crash and smoke to move .

Let’s talk about #2 because it’s important.

The double chamber basically tries to force water and bubbles up but they fall back through the slits – over and over.

This water fall back creates a water crashing effect. Take a look at the photos from my testing above where bubbles are swirling and crashing around.

Yes, the whole thing is cooling your smoke but there is something so much more important happening.

The shape and movement is preventing any stale vapor production.

Stale vapor is when any smoke gets caught somewhere in your wax rig and sits idle. This means it’s not cooling and the hit is extremely harsh, nasty, and unpleasant.

The bottom base forces all of the dab vapor to move around, cool, and prevents stale smoke 100%.

And of course next it has to move through the frozen glycerin chamber.

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Glycerin coil reduces
dab vapor 300 degrees

best perc for dabs

Finally, after all that filtration, cooling, and stale vapor prevention we get to the bread and butter of this rig.

The freaking frozen glycerin chamber!

If you don’t know about glycerin it’s found in all types of products we used. It’s a gel like substance that is FDA approved.

The confusion is we think the smoke interacts with glycerin – it does not.

The dab vapors travel through glass coils surrounded by frozen glycerin. This means the glycerin has zero contact with any of the smoke.

This is a form of waterless cooling, and that means it gives you more terpenes (taste yummy) and more THC (water dilutes THC).

This is the dab rig I use to take gigantic vapor dabs without any coughing or lung stress.

But if you just want to take some regular dabs this thing will feel like air.

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Core reactor dab nail
for second and third helpings

dab banger

Not every glass dab rig has this but it should.

The Freeze dab rig’s quartz banger has a tiny hockey puck in it.

This is called a Core Reactor.

You will want to torch directly under the core reactor as it has a much higher heat retention.

Traditionally you torch then dab, torch then dab, pretty simple right?

The core reactor allows you to light once, and take multiple dabs after.

This is perfect if you live with multiple people that dab or you like to take back to back dabs.

It’s a tiny added feature that just makes the over all experience so much better.

No wonder this is our #3 best dab rig on the market!

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What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a method for smoking specifically cannabis concentrates such as live resin, rosin, shatter, wax, badder, or budder. It is meant to only be used for oil based solvents that are pure THC extract, making them one of the most potent ways to get high with lasting effects. Is it definitely not one for the smoker who has just started out, for they will be in for a shocking and overwhelming intense high that will most likely cause a huge amount of uncomfortableness. With that said, for those who are more familiar or transitioning, it can be the perfect switch to ensure you are getting the best and cleanest types of highs without the need for much product to be used. A dab rig needs to be heated by method of a torch in order to reach the optimal smoking temperature to melt the dab or concentrate.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Using a dab rig is simple:

  1. Fill water just enough to cover the percolator holes or openings.
  2. Prepare your cannabis concentrate with your dab tool or wand.
  3. Hit the nail on your glass dab rig with a torch till it turns red.
  4. Wait 30-45 seconds to allow for the glass to cool down to optimal smoking temperatures.
  5. Take your dab tool or wand with the concentrate, and place dab wand into the exact area in which the torch lighted. 
  6. Take a deep breath and inhale your delicious tasty wax, shatter, live resin, or budder. 
Please remember that there is no need to take monstrous hits with a dab rig, since you are already inhaling 100% pure THC extract. Tread with caution when smoking concentrates, especially if you are new to the game. The resulting high is no joke! 

How to Clean a Dab Rig

Cleaning a dab rig is extremely easy:

  1. Remove all water and extensions from your rig and place to the side.
  2. Fill your dab rig with isopropyl alcohol and 1/4 coarse sea salt.
  3. Give your rig a nice 30 second shake to allow residue to fall off.
  4. Add warm to hot water into the rig and continue stirring or shaking for another 30 seconds.
  5. Use a pipe cleaner to remove any remaining residue or build up and rinse completely with hot water. 
  6. Place dab rig on a paper towel and let it sit and dry. All extensions or add ons from the dab rig can be cleaned using this same method.

What Makes a High Quality Dab Rig?

Dab rigs are a uniquely designed method of smoking that entails slightly more work than a dry herb pipe or bong, but produces up to 3-4x the high intensity as compared with dry cannabis flower. There’s no shock as to why many are making the switch from a standard water pipe to a dab rig. Not to mention wax rigs are a great alternative for getting the best bang from your buck since a little goes a long way with these concentrates. But what exactly makes a high quality dab rig, and what are important things to look for when finding a quality oil dab rig? Follow along with us below to see what we test for in a high functioning quality dab rig.

Using Thick and High Quality Evenly Blown Borisicliate Glass

Thickness in glass is an important factor in determining high quality glass dab rigs. It is literally the foundation for your piece and if your glass dab rig is poorly designed with cheap material, it won’t matter what other kind of specs or features the oil rig includes, for it will be a matter of time before your wax rig will go breaking on you. The type of material that the nail is made of is also vital, as this is what is being heated. If the glass is not designed properly, it will fail in terms of heat retention or possibly even shattering as it gets torched. Not fun. As stated earlier, dab rigs are not a device or glass piece that comes cheap, so why waste your time and money on a rig that isn’t reliable? If you are going to make the move or decision to use a dab rig, take the time to make sure the glass is of quality. 

Having a Built in Percolator Feature within the Wax Rig

Not all dab rigs come equipped with a percolator or even a basic diffuser such as a downstem, and some may even argue that due to the nature of concentrates, a percolator isn’t necessary for obtaining a smooth hit. We want to be the first to tell you that while not absolutely essential, it is without a doubt, extremely beneficial to your overall smoking experience. Percolators are purposely designed with the intention and capabilities of reducing hot smoke while producing bubbles that allow for both water and vapors to be filtered. So just when you thought your dab couldn’t be any smoother, a percolator will enhance that effect tenfold. What cough? There won’t be any of that happening if you get yourself a quality percolator. 

The Consistency of Each Hit, Use, and Smoke Quality

Consistency, consistency, consistency. It is stressed throughout this whole article because of how much it really matters when referring to what makes a high quality glass dab rig. If you can’t rely on a consistent hit every time, what’s the point of even using such a device or glass piece? I know for me, someone with over 15+ years of smoking experience, would hate to roll the dice every time I want to take a dab on whether or not my hit will be smooth or just like the last. This is why we make sure to not only test these wax rigs once, but numerous times back to back, over and over again so we can have the most accurate results for ensuring a glass dab rig is doing its job. 

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Dab Rig

I’ve been using and smoking dab rigs for over 14 years now. From resin rigs, shatter rigs, rosin rigs, you name it – I’ve tried it.

After testing all these glass dab rigs I found a few that surprised me. After a month of happily dabbing on these rigs I’m happy to recommend my top 10 best dab rig list to you!

From accident friendly rigs to intricate glycerin wax rig, I feel like no matter who you are there is a gem in here for you.

I’m always on the hunt for the ultimate dab rig so if you have any recommendations feel free to contact our office!

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