7 of the Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2023 (Portable, Smart, No Cough)

7 of the Best
Electric Dab Rigs of 2023
(Portable, Smart, and More)

I made the switch from a dab rig to an electric dab rig because of one simple reason: 

The best electric dab rigs don’t evaporate and waste concentrates and is one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed.

Resin, rosin, shatter, wax, are all expensive and with the best E Rigs you get precise temperature control on the e nail (which means you never waste a drop of cannabinoid!)

I tested seven of the best electric dab rigs of 2023, so make sure to check out my full review below on cannabinoid extraction, terpene enhancements, portability, and even the best electronic dab rigs based off UX and UI.

Best E Rigs You Can Buy Right Now

Best Erigs

electric dab rig

Best Electric Dab Rig
for Sensitive Lungs

Best E Rig 2023

best e dab rig

The iPhone of
Electric Dab Rigs

Halo Smart E Rig

portable electric dab rig

Best Portable Electric Dab Rig

Best Electric
Dab Rig of 2023

The best temperature for heating your dab nail to vaporize concentrates is 350°F – 500° F (kind of hard to do with a butane  torch). With an electronic dab rig, however, you can set an exact temperature like 450°F, which is our magic dab setting here in the office. (learn more on the 450°F temperature below).

Not only that, smoking any dry herb with fire combustion actually destroys 75% of THC, where as if you want to learn how to get more high an electric dab rig conserves more than 75% THC.

This allows full control on how your concentrates vaporize, whereas a standard dab rig, doesn’t have the proper heat retention to vaporize your concentrate, and as a result, you have what is called reclaim or a puddle of leftover wax.

Because of the versatility e nails and electric dab rigs offer, they are no doubt the preferred alternative to smoking for many 710 dab lovers. Check out our recommendations for 2023 best electric dab rig. 

The Absolute Best
Electric Dab Rig of 2023

electronic dab

Never Over Burn Your Wax Again

Invented by Roger Volodarsky who is considered the “Steve Jobs of Cannabis”. His genius invention is the first ever Smart Electric Dab Rig.

It is the iPhone of electronic dab rigs where simplicity is key. Press a button, wait, and inhale your dabs!

No rotating and fidgeting carb caps and the vapor production is dense and buttery smooth.

But what made it the best e-rig is the 40% larger quartz bowl with induction heating, that allows you to never over burn your dabs which means you never waste any concentrates!

Best Dab E Rig For
Tasty Hits with Zero Coughs


The Tastiest Delectable Dabs Ever

Reviewed by famous youtuber Yola, he said quite simply, “These cold start dabs will F you up”!

Cold dabbing allows you to never over burn and waste your dabs, and at the same time has a gradual burn incline which gives you some of the yummiest tasting dab hits with out all that nasty coughing.

If you want a powerful dab, amazing high, and to taste every drop of terpenes this is the best electric dab rig on the market with an extremely fair price point.

Rated the second best e rig of 2023. (the #1 is the Puffco Peak Pro W2.) If you suffer from asthma or bronchitis I definitely recommend this e-rig.

Best Portable Electric
Dab Rig & Lowest Price

best affordable electric dab rig

Travel Friendly Portable E Rig

The Hale Smart E Rig was the best portable electric dab rig we have seen on the market, With the lowest price point and pistol grip feature makes this perfect for traveling. 

The quartz nichrome coil was designed to heat very fast, and for a budget priced e rig, the vapor production is still great but doesn’t compare to the top 2 recommendations in our list.

The slim and flat design makes this truly the most travel friendly and portable eleectric dab rig on the market!

Skip below to see our research on Best Budget Electric Dab Rig.

The Fastest Heating
Electric Dab Rig

electronic dab rig

Best Electric Dab Rig 2023

The Exseed Dabcool W2 electronic rig, was the perfect choice for a quality electric dabber. The design itself makes this unique portable electric dab rig travel friendly, easy to clean, and easy to use with just a single button operation that controls everything you’ll need for a smooth tasting hit. This is ideal for daily use due to its longevity and the simple fact that it wont go tipping or falling over on you thanks to their rubber grip placed at the bottom.

Skip below to see our research on Best Overall Electric Dab Rig.

Best E Dab Rig with
Self Regulating Heat Sensor

electronic wax rig

Electronic Dab Rig with Heat Sensor

If you are a tech nerd then the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is definitely the pick for you. The EVO has a built-in temperature control sensor that actually regulates heating of your dabs.

This allows you to pull extremely large vapors, large bowls, and ginormous dab rips without wasting any dabs!

Most electric dab rigs do not regulate temperature and mistakes can happen. With the EVO you reduce the chances of overturning your dabs. If you are looking for consistent vapors with zero hassles this is by far the best e rig.

1,000°F Power in a
Budget E dab rig

dab rig electronic

Best Priced Electronic Wax Rig

This was a unique test for us, as this model is much slimmer and to be honest looks a bit funky. The price point on this was the second best price so if cost is a factor this e rig is much cheaper. The Pulsar VS 3 was one of the only electric dab rigs to let you dial in heat settings ranging from 650°F to 1,000°F. For anyone looking to get huge vaor this is the e rig for you.

Best Electric Rig for
Dabs and Dry Herb Flowers

self heating dab rig

Portable Electric Dab

This electric dab rig is popular for it’s versatility of being able to dab concentrates and smoke dry herb flower by simply swapping out the coil!

The coil-less quartz cup atomizer was designed to heat up remarkably well and help improves terpene profile.

What I do love the most is the air flow path which resembles the same air flow a bong would. The vapor is pushed down into the water filtration chamber where a showerhead disc percolator ensures a smooth rip.

Interested in how we tested for the best e rigs?

Here at Cannassentials we bought our electric dab machines from  trusted online headshops. But how did we test to find these top 3 best electric dab rigs? Well …

  • We Researched over 40 industry leading portable electric dab rigs by scouring the internet and social media.
  • We Bought 7 of the best electric dab rigs based on popularity, specs, innovation, UX (user experience), UI (user interface), and so much more.
  • We Tested the 7 electronic dab rigs over a few weeks to get real world experience. Each of the e rigs we tested have been used by our team members so we have plenty of insight into real world use of the e-rig.
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their electronic dab rig held up.
  • If you Purchase any products we recommend we will earn a commission at no extra cost to you! This income helps us to continue making the best reviews on cannabis products for you. 

We tested 10 of the best e dab rigs from various brands and styles from portable dab rigs, large vaporizers, to standard electric dab rigs. We measured how well the device was able to regulate temperature control, deliver smooth hitting vapors, overall functionality, as well as set up time and cleaning.

In our search for the best erigs we focused on finding e nails that could evenly burn the concentrates without over burning and wasting any hash. Induction heating through magnetic metal plates gave us the best results due to even electromagnetic currents helping to burn the concentrate evenly and slowly. 

If you are new to an electric dab rig, then we highly recommend you skip below to learn: How to use an electric dab rig. Erigs are also the best device for smoking DMT (click to learn more).

Looking for More: The best electric dab rigs can get quite costly so if you are looking for a cheaper and more portable option we recommend checking out our top picks for nectar collectors and silicone nectar collectors.

If electricity truly tickles your pickle then you may also want to see other popular devices that have gone electric like an electric weed grinder.

Constant Variables:  We tested for the best e rig of 2023 with Ice Cream Cake Strain rosin) in order to maintain consistency. You can make your own rosin simply by using a rosin press as we did!

How to Use an
Electric Dab Rig

best electric dab rig

Learning how to use an electric dab rig is fairly simple, but depends on what e rig you purchase.

A self heating dab rig can range from simple to much more high-tech features such as an app to program temperatures. Essentially, all electric wax rigs are the same as you do not need a butane torch, and the atomizer self-heats to precise temperatures. 

Having precise temperatures is critical if you plan on getting the most out of your concentrates. In most cases, an electric dabber consists of three components: the e nail, the atomizer, and the filtration process before you inhale through the mouthpiece.

The e nail self-heats (replacing the need to use a butane torch to heat a banger), once optimal temperatures are achieved you can dab now without guessing the heat level of your nail. Everything else functions the same as a standard rig, as you inhale the vapor through filtration and then to your lung.

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Steps on
Smoking Electric Dabs

how to use an electric dab rig

While most electric wax rigs are very different in designs and features, they all generally work the same way! Follow these steps on how to use an electric dab rig:

  1. Select Dab Temperature on E Rig
  2. Wait for the electric rig to heat up (device will prompt you when ready)
  3. Once e nail is heated you can then place concentrates onto nail.
  4. Concentrates will turn to vapor for you to inhale
  5. Pull vapor through filtration into lungs and exhale.

While some of the electric dab rigs we tested were a bit complex in features, after a few tries you get the hang of it – sort of like when you buy a new phone.

Technology is advancing rapidly especially with self heating dab rigs and while the steps above cover the basic principals of using an e rig, you will want to watch the manufacturers videos on the specific electric dabber you decide to purchase, as there are tons of tricks and tips to enhance your dabbing experience.

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3 Amazing Benefits
of an Electric Dabber

best e rig

There is a reason the best electric dab rigs are becoming increasingly popular as more and more users make the swap from analog to electric.

In this section, we are going to talk about 3 benefits of an electric wax rig you may not have known.

From enhancing terpenes to extracting all cannabinoids, and even saving you money and concentrates, keep reading to learn more.

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An Electric Rig
Can Enhance Terpenes

A popular form of dabbing known as cold start dabs, allows you to heat your concentrates at lower temperatures, just enough to burn all cannabinoids but also low enough to not over-burn the terpenes.

Cannabis terpenes are all the flavors the cultivators worked so hard to achieve, and by choosing lower temperatures such as 428 degrees.

Using an analog rig is very hard to achieve these temperatures as most dabbers commonly heat the nail to a fiery orange and then let it cool. One day you may get some nice flavor profile and the next day nothing.

Using a self heating dab rig allows you to always consistently taste the lovely terpenes in your concentrates.

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Achieve Precise Temperatures
to Dab all Cannabinoids

electric wax rig

Most people heat their nail and dab thinking that’s all there is to getting the perfect dab. Your concentrates is loaded with tons of precious cannabinoids from psychoactive to medicinal.

Take a look at all the different cannabinoids and the ideal temperature to achieve vaporization.

  • CBC vaporizes at 428 °F 
  • CBA vaporizes at 212-293 °F
  • CBD vaporizes at 356 °F
  • CBDM vaporizes at 288 °F
  • CBDA vaporizes at 248 °F
  • CBE vaporizes at 365 °F
  • CBG vaporizes at 390 °F
  • CBN vaporizes at 365 °F
  • CBNM vaporizes at 365 °F
  • THCv Vaporizes at 428 °F
  • CBNA vaporizes at 365 °F
  • Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 350 °F
  • Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 315 °F

The best electric dab rig can consistently achieve optimal temperatures, we recommend a setting of around 450 °F to burn all cannabinoids and terpenes efficiently.

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The Best E Dab Rig
Saves You Money and Dabs

If you have ever smoked from an analog rig you know that there are times you under burn or over burn (evaporation) your wax, shatter, rosin, live resin, budder, or whatever type of dabs.

This is because it’s impossible to gauge temperatures without a terp timer – so essentially you are winging it and hoping for the best.

With a self heating dab rig you are minimizing these risks and because you get the most out of your dabs with an electric rig, you are getting higher with much less. This saves you dabs and ultimately saves you money in the long run.

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The Best E Rig
for Sensitive Lungs

best electric dab rig

With most electric oil rigs and electric dab rigs out there I’ve never quite come across a device focused on cold form dabbing.

There are tons of benefits of cold start dabbing, but nobody really speaks about the benefits for someone like me with asthma and bronchitis.

This device is a god send for sensitive lungs. If you can relate here then definitely check out my article on how to not cough when smoking when smoking weed.

e rig for dabs
Amazing packaging with travel pelican case

I will be focusing on how this device helped me get some of the tastiest and strongest vapors without irritating my lungs like other devices.

The entire experience truly made me feel this was the best electric dab rig, and not for reasons you may think!

From the beautiful packaging to the amazing portable travel pelican carry case, Ispire truly made a remarkable product. Let’s dive right in!

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My Lungs Love
this Electric Oil Rig

best dab e rig
Powerful, tasty, and no coughing - yes please

And this is what most electric dab rig reviews don’t talk about.

If you have asthma or bronchitis which machine causes the least irritants to your lung?

You don’t have to sacrifice vapor production, you can have powerful tasty rips with minimal to no coughing!

By using the cold form method of dabbing and by placing your finger on the carb cap and controlling the hits (see image above): you truly get a super smooth and clean dab which has little to no coughing even for someone with sensitive lungs like me!

The design of the glass chamber also allows for a very clean filtration as resin slams against the first path and then into the water chamber. 

Whether Ispire knew it or not, they designed the best e rig of 2023 for anyone with sensitive lungs and I really do appreciate that!

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The First Ever Cold Start
Electric Dabbing Experience

Temperature settings are very very important when dealing with concentrates and dabs.

Set your nail to the wrong temperature and there goes your precious shatter, wax, rosin, resin or budder.

You can be sure that deliciousness is either completely vaporized into thin air, or if it’s not hot enough, and now you have a puddle of concentrate sitting in your nail.

This problem is solved entirely but switching over to cold dabbing.

best dab rigs electric
The cold dabs tasted extremely good and was super smooth

The cold method means you load your dabs first into the bucket or atomizer, and then heat the erig.

While it’s heating gradually you begin dabbing the vapor as soon as agitation occurs.

This allows for you to fully experience every drop of terpenes from the ant-anxiety citrus Limonene to the antibacterial mangoes flavored Myrcene!

This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me it is.

Because you don’t accidentally over burn or under burn your cannabinoids you literally get the most productive vapors – saving you money in the end. But my favorite part actually was how easy it was on my lungs, more on that in the next section.

Is This Electric Dab
Device Travel Friendly?

best portable electric dab rig
Ispire went above and beyond with just about everything

Electric dab rigs are wonderful, but it’s even better when it’s portable and easy for on the go travels.

The Ispire has a pelican travel case and a dab mat with instructions. When I fly into LA or Vegas I can literally go to the local dispensary and buy some concentrates and everything is good to go!

There are a few portable electric dab rigs in our picks, but if you want the highest quality erig and portability then honestly the Ispire is it!

I don’t like cheap products and I love travelling with this electric dab machine mainly because it has the best travel case design. Yes the case is bigger than most but it really doesn’t take up much room in your luggage and the foam keeps it super snug.

I have flown with this device twice and everything is always snug where I left it when I open it back up.

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Why the Halo was
The Best Portable Dab Rig

electric oil rig

Designed and developed in the US, the Halo Smart E rig boast a ton of awesome features, a compact size, and the best price points out of all the 10 best electric dab rigs we tested. Let’s get into what our experts had to say after testing this electronic dab rig for 10 days.

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Testing this Electric Dabber
For Optimal Vapor Production and Airflow

The Halo took a little time to get used to, especially the tapping of the buttons to turn on and adjust heat settings. With the quartz bucket, we were able to pull beautiful vapors back to back. 

I definitely recommend not using the ceramic bucket as we didn’t get great pulls.

The quartz bucket however gave us insane vapors, back to back, with zero harshness. 

All of our experts loved how powerful the hits were with such a compact and portable e rig. So if you are worried that the price is so low, don’t worry this back still rocks!

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Best Electric Rig Should
be Easy and Mess Free

When looking for the best electric dab rig, we realize that all the rigs were going to very different on a tech level.

Was the Halo mess-free? Very much so. The quartz buckets allow easy placement of dabs and with no butane torch to deal with it was very clean with zero headaches.

A slight complaint however is the tap button. You have to tap 3 times, 5 times, to turn on, lock, and things like that.

This makes things much simpler, but we found that you can’t tap fast. You have to be very deliberate or this electric wax rig won’t register the taps.

This made for a very confusing start-up as we felt we were tapping but weren’t getting the functions we needed. It took us 20 minutes to figure it out, but other than that this portable electric dab rig is definitely worth the price.

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Electric Oil Rig
Concentrate Vapor Quality

The Halo comes hardwired with three temperature settings: (480F, 600F, and 750F).

We loved how they gave options for lower heat settings as some of the other electric wax rigs started heat levels much too high.

The 480-degree setting is perfect for terpenes and still extracting all the cannabinoids. We had a ton of success also with the 600-degree setting.

Just a little warning, the Halo does notify you when the nail is heated to optimal temperatures, we messed up and placed the concentrates in a bit too early.

For such a low price point we wanted to make sure that this portable electric dab rig could still produce vapors like the other best e dab rigs, and sure enough it can.

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The Future of Dabbing:
Smart Electric Dab Rig

electric oil rig

The best e rig of 2023. Hands down.

The many steps of dabbing is honestly off putting and how sensitive concentrates are to over burning and evaporation is my biggest pet peeve.

best e rigs
Beautiful Travel Case with Top Notch Accessories

But this is the first device that puts all of my irrational dab fears to rest.

Finally a beautiful and portable smart electric e rig that turns the entire dabbing experience into one simple step.

Press the button and dab – that’s it!

No carb caps, no rotating the dome, no torch, just the perfect rip with zero wasted dabs. Let’s dive into the nitty gritty!

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40% Larger Atomizer Chamber
Prevents any Over Burning

My favorite part about this electric wax rig is the 40% increased atomizer chamber.

Through induction heating and magnetic plates, an electromagnetic current creates a magnetic field which heats the atomizer up very fast and more importantly:

The chamber heats up evenly.

This results in the most productive and efficient agitation to the concentrates which leads to the perfect vaporization and zero over burning or wasted dabs!

electric dab

Smart App: Program Custom
Dabbing Temperature Profiles

Another reason this is the best e rig is because Puffco made an amazing smart app and I was able to program custom settings for my wax, batter, rosin, and live resin.

There are tons of forums on the best dab heating temperatures so you can find tips because not all concentrates burn the same!

best electric rig
Easy Button Click to Activate Custom Temperatures

Simplicity is hard to find with a self heating dab rig.

The app has a beautiful User Interface where you can program the precise temperatures you want to agitate and vaporize your concentrates.

I personally just set my primary dab temperature to 450F on blue and when I need to dab I just press the button once on the machine and the e rig lights up blue to let me know my custom blue setting is activated.

Just wait 30 seconds and it alerts you when it’s ready and make sure to take a gradual and gentle puff because it gives you the densest yet smoothest vapor production I’ve ever experienced.

The Oculus carb cap has a viewing chamber where you watch the dabs vaporize without having to tweak with any domes or carb caps. Thank goodness.

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A Stunning Concentrate Pipe
with Stoner Grade Performance

best portable electric dab rig

The new Smart Puffco W2 is actually the second release of the famous Puffco models.

It took over three years to develop and man oh man is this thing beautiful.

A stunning matte finish body that leaves zero finger prints to the touch. The device is weighty and has an amazing pistol grip ergonomics.

It’s the only electric concentrate pipe where you can dab with one hand!

The glass wall has a tapered edge that allows for more water capacity.

More water means more filtration, smoother hits, and that means less coughing!

best electric dabber
Smart app can change to any RGB Color

This may not be a huge factor for many but was a huge highlight for me.

From the smart app you can program this e-rig to any color you want through the “Lantern Mode”!

Not only that this is a portable dab rig so when I travel and I need to take a quick dab in the hotel (not recommended) I turn on Stealth Mode to turn of all the lights and sounds.

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The First Electric Oil Rig
With a Boost Mode for Large Hits

e rig for dabs
Activate boost mode to increase temp for set amount of time

The market for electric dab rigs has a long way to go but when it comes to this e rig the e nail is just a power house.

The smart app also has a Boost Mode which you can activate by hitting the button twice.

This adds a  custom + temperature for a set duration of time (see image above).

So if you want to dab gigantic hits, this is the only electric dab nail that can pull it off on the market.

I’m talking power house rips with a smooth inhale, very little irritation to the lungs and reduced harshness compared to classic rigs and other models.

So whether you are going for simplicity, design, vaporizing, terpene profile, or huge rips this is hands down the best electric dab rig of 2023.

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What did we look for in
Finding the best electronic dab rig

Figuring out what differentiates a high quality electronic dab rig vs a standard e rig is based many variables such as performance, speed the e nail heats, atomizer quality, induction heating, and vapor quality. Keep reading below to see what these key points are in determining what makes the best electric dab rig actually the best.

The best e rigs have amazing
functionality as a product

The best electronic dab rig should provide an amazing experience and that’s exactly what we looked for.

You want a reliable device that wont give out on you. The design is also important, for if it’s not stable or sturdy, you can count on your precious electric oil rig to tip over and water can spill out or dabs can be knocked out as well. Not fun. Another factor to check for is if the piece is able to deliver the same consistent smoke and inhale upon every hit without any inconsistencies. Many knock off products we found had inconsistent vapor pulls and that’s due to cheap materials being used.

Every recommendation in our list of best electric dab rigs of 2023 have amazing functionality and customer experience.

The best electric dab rigs
should produce dense and cool vapors

The smoke (or vapor) should never ever be extremely harsh or hot upon inhalation. If that occurs, it means your e rig is not up to par with even the basic standards such as water filtration or a large enough air pathway of borosilicate glass. Many of the models we recommend for best electronic dab rigs have amazing water filtration with percolation to help for added surface areas through bubbles.

Vapor should not only be extremely cooled, but hits should feel like you’re taking a breath of fresh air. It should be easy, smooth, and tasty since you are getting all the terpenes in your concentrates, giving you the perfect taste profile possible with your dabs. 


The Best Portable Electric Dab Rigs
Have a Wide Range of Custom Temperatures

Having and maintaining optimal heat settings is vital for your dabbing experience. Too low of a temperature will result in reclaim or a puddle of wax to form in your nail, too high of a temperature and you can kiss goodbye to all that sweet wax oil, because it will most definitely be vaporized (and not in a good way). E rigs have temperatures that range from as low as 300°F to anywhere as high as 1000°F, though we strongly suggest you maintain ideal temperatures between 350°-450°F.  You can set your e nail or electronic dab rig to other higher temps such as 500°F but we cautioned users to give and allow enough time for the nail to cool slightly before hitting to ensure best results.

The recommendations for best electric dabbers in our list have a wide range of temperatures. Some of the cheaper electric dab rigs have preset temperature and some of the more premium e rigs such as the Puffco and Ispire allow you to get very granular on temperatures and even preprogram it!

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best E Dab Rig

After intense review and testing to find the best electric dab rig devices, we found the top 3 that we felt was the best electronic dab rig for a wide range of consumers from tech savvy, lung sensitive, or travel dabbers we got you covered in our top 3 list. Gathering all the data we could from trusted reviewers throughout social media and other online platforms such as forums and even personal videos, we put all their feedbacks to the test, comparing both the advantages and disadvantages of using an e rig. 

I personally spent quite some time reveiwing and researching these products before reaching out to purchase or get a sample sent. I hope my experience in looking for the best e rig of 2023 can help you as well. Take my recommendation with a grain of salt and do your research as well. In the end we just want everyone to find the best e-rig device for them! The best electric dab rigs was truly a fun test which took months of work for our 2023 recommendations and we hope they help you find your new favorite e-rig!

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