7 of the Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2022 (Portable, Premium, and More)

7 of the Best Electric Dab Rigs of 2022 (Portable, Premium, and More)

(We Bought and Tested all The Leading Industry Electronic Dab Rigs)

If electricity tickles your pickle then you are going to love an electric dab rig.

We know there’s no better way to get the highest of highs other than wax concentrates, but what about the tedious setup and mess from dabbing even with the best dab rig?

An electric dab rig is a much more efficient, cleaner, and zero-hassle tool for dabbing all your delicious concentrates, without wasting a drop of your resin, rosin, shatter, budder, or wax. 

On top of that, an electronic dab rig can heat the nail to optimal temperatures to extract all cannabinoids, enhance terpenes, and can even save you money! See our top picks for the best electric dab rig in 2022.

Dabcool E Rig

electric dab rig

Overall Best
Electric Dab Rig

Dr. Dabber Switch​

Best Premium E Dab Rig

Halo Smart E Rig

portable electric dab rig

Best Portable Electric Dab Rig

An Electric Dab Rig is Your Concentrate's Soul Mate

Here at Cannassentials, we test cannabis products only from trusted online headshops. How did we test to find these top 3 best electric dab rigs?

  • We Reviewed over 40 industry leading portable electric dab rigs.
  • We Bought 10 of the best electric dab rigs.
  • We Tested the 10 electronic dab rigs to find out which ones were the best
  • We Contacted previous customers to see how well their electronic dab rig held up.

We tested 10 of the best e dab rigs from various brands and styles from portable vaporizers, large vaporizers, to standard electric dab rigs. We measured how well the device was able to regulate temperature control, deliver smooth hitting vapors, overall functionality, as well as set up time and cleaning.

If you are new to an electric dab rig, then we highly recommend you skip below to learn: How to use an electric dab rig?

Looking for More: Maybe our best electric dab rig picks just didn’t quite do it for you. If you are looking for a classic way to smoke your concentrates check out our list of best dab rigs.

Electric dab rigs can get quite costly so if you are looking for a cheaper and more portable option we recommend checking out our top picks for nectar collectors and silicone nectar collectors.

If electricity tickles your pickle then you may also want to see other popular devices that have gone electric like an electric weed grinder.

Constant Variables:  To be sure we obtained the best and most accurate results in finding the best electric dab rig, we used the same cannabis strain with the same amount of concentrate (Ice Cream Cake Strain rosin) for each trial in order to maintain consistency. You can make your own rosin simply by using a rosin press as we did!

Finding the best electric dab rig on the market was easier than we expected, as to our surprise, there weren’t a ton of faulty electronic rigs. However, it was still worth differentiating between the different brands and styles and the different benefits they offered. 

In our research, we put all of the reviews and personal experiences to the test by trying it out for ourselves. Take a look at the results for best electric dab rigs of 2022 and make sure to check out the research behind the testing so you can find out for yourself just which electronic dab rig is right for you!

Best Electric Dab Rigs Index

Best Electric Dab Rig of 2022

An optimal temperature range for heating your dab nails are generally advised to be around 350°F – 500° F. With an electronic dab rig, you’ll have the capabilities of selecting numerous different temperature options for a more specified controlled heating.

This allows you to have full access to how you want your concentrates to hit, whereas a standard dab rig, doesn’t have the proper heat retention to vaporize your concentrate, and as a result, you have what is called reclaim or a puddle of leftover wax. Because of the versatility e nails and electric dab rigs offer, they are no doubt the preferred alternative to smoking for many cannabis lovers.

Check out our recommendations for 2022 best electric dab rig. If you have another recommendation please feel free to contact us so we can test.

Best All Around Electric Dab Rig for Daily Use

electronic dab rig

Dabcool W2 Electronic Dab Rig


The Exseed Dabcool W2 electronic rig, was the perfect choice for a quality electric dabber. The design itself makes this unique portable electric dab rig travel friendly, easy to clean, and easy to use with just a single button operation that controls everything you’ll need for a smooth tasting hit. This is ideal for daily use due to its longevity and the simple fact that it wont go tipping or falling over on you thanks to their rubber grip placed at the bottom.

Skip below to see our research on Best Overall Electric Dab Rig.

Best Electric Dab Rig on a Budget with High Quality

best affordable electric dab rig

Electronic Torch Dab Rig


The Halo Smart E Rig was the best portable electric dab rig we have seen on the market. With the lowest price point and pistol, grip feature makes this perfect for traveling. We would advise skipping the ceramic and going straight for the quartz because the vapor production was much higher.

Skip below to see our research on Best Budget Electric Dab Rig.

Best Premium Electric Dab Rig

electronic dab

Dabber Switch Electric Rig


Ah, finally the premium electric dab rig selection. This was our favorite pick by far due to its amazing versatility features and how well the vapors were delivered each use. Dr. Dabber Switch is the all in one ultimate electronic dab rig for all marijuana enthusiasts out there! The price may seem high, but let me assure you that this is well worth the investment and will not fail you in terms of a premium quality dabbing experience

Skip below to see our research on Best E Dab Rig.

More Best E Dab Rig Tested By Our Experts

electronic rig

Oura Self Heating Dab Rig


Awarded for “Best Portable Dab Rig” by Vape Critic, this 3000mAh powerhouse has a 5-second heat-up time and four temperature settings. Everything about this product was smooth, and if you are looking for a portable electric dab rig, that goes above and beyond this is definitely the choice.

electronic wax rig

EVO Electronic Dab Rig


If you are a tech ver then the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is defintely the pic for you. The EVO has a built-in temperature control sensor that actually regulates heating of your dabs. Most electric dab rigs do not regulate temperature and mistakes can happen. With the EVO you reduce the chances of overturning your dabs. If you are looking for consistent vapors with zero hassles this is by far the best e rig.

dab rig electronic

Pulsar Electronic Wax Rig


This was a unique test for us, as this model is much slimmer and to be honest looks a bit funky. The price point on this was the second best price so if cost is a factor this e rig is much cheaper. The Pulsar VS 3 was one of the only electric dab rigs to let you dial in heat settings ranging from 650°F to 1,000°F. For anyone looking to get huge vaor this is the e rig for you.

self heating dab rig

Rok Electric Dab


One step up from the slim Pulsar E Rig, this electric dab rig has an upgraded V2 coil and increased surface area for much larger clouds. Our favorite feature was the disc percolator as we have never seen such powerful filtration in an electronic dab rig. This product is also unique as it features a coil-less quartz cup which helps enhance terpene profiles.

How to Use an Electric Dab Rig

best electric dab rig

Learning how to use an electric dab rig is fairly simple, but depends on what e rig you purchase.

A self heating dab rig can range from simple to much more high-tech features such as an app to program temperatures. Essentially, all electric wax rigs are the same as you do not need a butane torch, and the atomizer self-heats to precise temperatures. 

Having precise temperatures is critical if you plan on getting the most out of your concentrates. In most cases, an electric dabber consists of three components: the e nail, the atomizer, and the filtration process before you inhale through the mouthpiece.

The e nail self-heats (replacing the need to use a butane torch to heat a banger), once optimal temperatures are achieved you can dab now without guessing the heat level of your nail. Everything else functions the same as a standard rig, as you inhale the vapor through filtration and then to your lung.

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Steps on Smoking Electric Dabs

how to use an electric dab rig

While most electric wax rigs are very different in designs and features, they all generally work the same way! Follow these steps on how to use an electric dab rig:

  1. Select Dab Temperature on E Rig
  2. Wait for the electric rig to heat up (device will prompt you when ready)
  3. Once e nail is heated you can then place concentrates onto nail.
  4. Concentrates will turn to vapor for you to inhale
  5. Pull vapor through filtration into lungs and exhale.

While some of the electric dab rigs we tested were a bit complex in features, after a few tries you get the hang of it – sort of like when you buy a new phone.

Technology is advancing rapidly especially with self heating dab rigs and while the steps above cover the basic principals of using an e rig, you will want to watch the manufacturers videos on the specific electric dabber you decide to purchase, as there are tons of tricks and tips to enhance your dabbing experience.

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3 Amazing Benefits of an Electric Dabber

best e rig

There is a reason the best electric dab rigs are becoming increasingly popular as more and more users make the swap from analog to electric.

In this section, we are going to talk about 3 benefits of an electric wax rig you may not have known.

From enhancing terpenes to extracting all cannabinoids, and even saving you money and concentrates, keep reading to learn more.

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An Electric Rig Can Enhance Terpenes

A popular form of dabbing known as cold start dabs, allows you to heat your concentrates at lower temperatures, just enough to burn all cannabinoids but also low enough to not over-burn the terpenes.

Cannabis terpenes are all the flavors the cultivators worked so hard to achieve, and by choosing lower temperatures such as 428 degrees.

Using an analog rig is very hard to achieve these temperatures as most dabbers commonly heat the nail to a fiery orange and then let it cool. One day you may get some nice flavor profile and the next day nothing.

Using a self heating dab rig allows you to always consistently taste the lovely terpenes in your concentrates.

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Achieve Precise Temperatures to Dab all Cannabinoids

electric wax rig

Most people heat their nail and dab thinking that’s all there is to getting the perfect dab. Your concentrates is loaded with tons of precious cannabinoids from psychoactive to medicinal.

Take a look at all the different cannabinoids and the ideal temperature to achieve vaporization.

  • CBC vaporizes at 428 °F 
  • CBA vaporizes at 212-293 °F
  • CBD vaporizes at 356 °F
  • CBDM vaporizes at 288 °F
  • CBDA vaporizes at 248 °F
  • CBE vaporizes at 365 °F
  • CBG vaporizes at 390 °F
  • CBN vaporizes at 365 °F
  • CBNM vaporizes at 365 °F
  • THCv Vaporizes at 428 °F
  • CBNA vaporizes at 365 °F
  • Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 350 °F
  • Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol acid Vaporizes at 315 °F

The best electric dab rig can consistently achieve optimal temperatures, we recommend a setting of around 450 °F to burn all cannabinoids and terpenes efficiently.

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The Best E Dab Rig Saves You Money and Dabs

If you have ever smoked from an analog rig you know that there are times you underburn or overturn your wax, shatter, rosin, live resin, budder, or whatever type of dabs.

This is because it’s impossible to gauge temperatures without a terp timer – so essentially you are winging it and hoping for the best.

With a self heating dab rig you are minimizing these risks and because you get the most out of your dabs with an electric rig, you are getting higher with much less. This saves you dabs and ultimately saves you money in the long run.

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Best All Electric Dab Rig of 2022: Exseed

best electric dab rig
  • Amazing Design
  • 20 sec heat up time
  • Powerful THC delivery
  • Single button operation
  • 4 Temperature settings
  • Made with metal & rubber along with sturdy grip on base of rig
  • Carb cap
  • 3 Extra bangers included
  • Splashguard feature
  • Multiple color options
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Limited temperature settings

There are many electric oil rigs and electric dab rigs out there that we found, and it was a tough call to decide which one was the perfect for all around and daily use. The Exseed Dabcool from Smoke Cartel took the cake, due to its high performing quality and functionality that it offered. Keep reading below to see what key points we tested for in order for this piece to make the list. 

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The Best Electric Dab Rig Offers Multiple Temperature Settings

Temperature settings are very very important when dealing with concentrates and dabs. Set your nail to the wrong temperature and there goes your precious shatter, wax, rosin, resin or budder. You can be sure that deliciousness is either completely vaporized into thin air, or if it’s not hot enough, and now you have a puddle of concentrate sitting in your nail. That’s why making sure an electric dab rig offers multiple temperature controls is vital, and not only does it have to offer multiple ones, but they also have to be within the ideal range in order to get the most out of your concentrates. This is why the Exseed Dabcool made the cut, because it gives users the option to choose their preferred heat setting that works best for them. 

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An Electric Oil RIg That Produces Quality Vapor

"Hands down one of the best electronic rigs i've used! I can really taste my concentrates which really make me feel like I'm getting the most out of each dab. Love the design and moreso the highs I get from using this piece."

Sayvon M.

We know that smoking out of a dab rig is one of the cleanest alternatives to smoking marijuana. Now that electric dab rigs are out, it takes away the worry of ever over heating or under heating your nail. Because of this, vapor production should be tip top and nothing but cool and smooth so that you no longer have any harsh hitting smoke. An electric rig that doesn’t provide quality vapor is a big no no, as it raises other concerns such as e nail quality, airflow, and overall functionality. If you can’t rely on an electric oil rig doing its basic function of providing smooth vapors, then it’s time to get yourself a new piece that is worth the time and money. 

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Is This Electric Dab Device Travel Friendly?

"For an electronic rig this thing is super awesome. Its big enough to where I can get a good grip on the whole device without it feeling like I might drop it, and is small enough to take with me when I leave to smoke with friends. Overall a great product and highly recommend this to anyone looking for a dope electric rig"

Makeye W.

Electric dab rigs are wonderful to have and use, but it’s even better when it’s portable and easy for on the go travels. It would suck to only be able to use your beautiful device at home or in one spot, as to being able to carry it with you anywhere and be at your disposal. We made sure the top pick for best overall electric rig was big enough to provide optimal smoke but small enough to fit in your backpack or bag so you can bring your best friend with you everywhere you go, whether you’re sharing or soloing it up. 

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Why the Halo Was the Best Portable Dab Rig

electric oil rig
  • Amazing Design
  • 15 Second Heat Up Time
  • Powerful THC Delivery
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 35 Cycles Per Battery Life
  • 30 Second Dab Mode
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • The tap button is slow to process so you can’t tap fast.

  • The ceramic nail did not produce good vapors (stick to the quartz)

Designed and developed in the US, the Halo Smart E rig boast a ton of awesome features, a compact size, and the best price points out of all the 10 best electric dab rigs we tested. Let’s get into what our experts had to say after testing this electronic dab rig for 10 days.

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Testing The Halo Electric Dabber For Optimal Vapor Production and Airflow

The Halo took a little time to get used to, especially the tapping of the buttons to turn on and adjust heat settings. With the quartz bucket, we were able to pull beautiful vapors back to back. 

I definitely recommend not using the ceramic bucket as we didn’t get great pulls.

The quartz bucket however gave us insane vapors, back to back, with zero harshness. 

All of our experts loved how powerful the hits were with such a compact and portable e rig. So if you are worried that the price is so low, don’t worry this back still rocks!

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The Best Electric Rig Should Be Easy to Use and Mess Free

"This thing is awesome, just takes a bit of time to get used to. Worth it if you realize you are paying half the price compared to other e rigs"

Jamal H.

When looking for the best electric dab rig, we realize that all the rigs were going to very different on a tech level.

Was the Halo mess-free? Very much so. The quartz buckets allow easy placement of dabs and with no butane torch to deal with it was very clean with zero headaches.

A slight complaint however is the tap button. You have to tap 3 times, 5 times, to turn on, lock, and things like that.

This makes things much simpler, but we found that you can’t tap fast. You have to be very deliberate or this electric wax rig won’t register the taps.

This made for a very confusing start-up as we felt we were tapping but weren’t getting the functions we needed. It took us 20 minutes to figure it out, but other than that this portable electric dab rig is definitely worth the price.

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How Well Did The Electric Oil Rig Heat The Concentrates?

"Best Rig I’ve ever used and silly easy to clean. Every time I use it I fall in love all over again. The size and weight are perfect. The heat setting will accommodate any smokers needs .. just get it so you can smile and chill too"

Anonymous (Verified Buyer)

The Halo comes hardwired with three temperature settings: (480F, 600F, and 750F).

We loved how they gave options for lower heat settings as some of the other electric wax rigs started heat levels much too high.

The 480-degree setting is perfect for terpenes and still extracting all the cannabinoids. We had a ton of success also with the 600-degree setting.

Just a little warning, the Halo does notify you when the nail is heated to optimal temperatures, we messed up and placed the concentrates in a bit too early.

For such a low price point we wanted to make sure that this portable electric dab rig could still produce vapors like the other best e dab rigs, and sure enough it can.

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Research Behind Best Premium Electric Dab Rig

electric oil rigs
  • Amazing Design
  • Induction heat technology
  • Powerful THC Delivery
  • 25 Calibrated heat settings
  • Precise temperature control
  • 150 Uses on full charge capacity
  • 60min to fully charge
  • Portable
  • Leakproof
  • Self cleaning mode (burns away residue)
  • Offers warranty
  • Great Pricing
  • Shipping arrived on time and packaging quality was great (Free shipping within the US)
  • Almost all previous customers were happy
  • Pricey

Testing electric rigs that shared similar premium price points was very interesting, as we discovered just how intense an optimally functioning vaporizer or e rig was able to provide extreme quality hits. At first glance, the prices were set much higher than your average smoking device, but after testing and reviewing, we quickly realized just why they were worth the investment and why they were well worth every single hard earned penny. Keep reading below to see what qualities and factors we tested for in the Dr. Dabber Switch.

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A Premium E Dab Rig Should Provide Cool and Smooth Hitting Smoke Every Time

A harsh hitting smoke inhale is the one thing I pray no cannabis user has to experience, especially when dealing with dabs or concentrates. After all, the sole purpose of hitting wax oils or concentrates is so you can have a much smoother hit, so by all means if you find you are experiencing even the slightest of hot smoke, it is time you are due for new piece that allows you to get the most out of every drop of concentrate. Vapors should be inhaled so smoothly that you don’t even realize you took the hit until you exhale. Yes, that’s right. I’m talking exceptionally high quality smooth and clean rips. With Dr. Dabber Switch, not once did we experience any harshness in smoke no matter the amount of uses or the amount of concentrate. We will note that the Dr. Dabber switch is not compatible with resin in specific or other e liquids, which is not entirely a predicament, but definitely worth knowing if your someone who prefers this method of smoking. 

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The Electric Dab Rig Should Have Optimal Temperature Options

"The fact that this electric rig had 25 different heat settings was amazing. I'm not too familiar with electronic rigs so being able to have the option of playing around with all the temps were kind of exciting! I'd say this feature alone makes me feel more comfortable knowing that I'm bound to find a temp that I will love, or even if I want to switch it up! Highly appreciate the versatility on this one."

Austin N.

Again and again, I have stressed the importance of temperature control when dealing with concentrates. It’s absolutely critical to you and your beautiful wax oils to ensure you are within an optimal temperature range. Failure to do so, and you can be sure that delicious oil of yours is instantly evaporated, in which case you might as well be taking a big inhale of just plain air. But seriously though, temperatures should never exceed 500°F and if it does (some models allow up to 600°F) allow time for the nail to cool before hitting your concentrate. Dr. Dabber Switch has 25 temperature settings allowing you to have a specifically custom hit at your desired temperature. Not only that, but heating time is 4-5 seconds before reaching the target temperature setting you want, no matter how high or low! We thought that was absolutely insane considering the industry average was anywhere between 25-30 seconds, making this the absolute choice in terms of temperature versatility, performance, and function.

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Did The Electric Oil Rig Perform Consistently and Efficiently

"Man these rips were super tasty and fantastic! I hit this rig at least 2x a day and am stoned out of my mind every time. I've only been using this electric rig for a week and I am absolutely in love with its design and function. I've been hitting concentrates way before they came out with these fancy electronic rigs but am so glad I made the transition from the classic oil rig to this. Well worth the investment and I would highly recommend!! "

Fahad T.

Consistency is always a must when finding the perfect dabbing device or piece that you are looking for. Electric dab rigs can be pricey, given their functionality and quality designs they offer, and that’s why making sure your e nail or e rig is performing optimally and efficiently every single time is vital. We found that Dr. Dabber Switch never failed once in terms of being consistent in quality and how exceptionally well it delivered and produced vapors. We tested all 25 temperature settings and each single one delivered a smooth and clean inhale that was almost incomparable to most electric dab rigs out there. No matter how low or high the setting was, smoke was easily inhaled with zero harshness and irritation on the lungs, making this our go to for those who want to spend a little extra for the best possible quality. 

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Was The Electric Dab Rig Reliable, Sturdy, and Durable?

There are fancy looking electric rig designs out there, but most of the time, no matter how cool they looked, they were not ideal for durability, therefore, making them quite unreliable. The perfect electronic dab rig or as some would call it, electric bong, should have a base or design that is practical for setting on a table or even for on the go travels. Dr. Dabber Switch has a perfectly rounded sturdy base that allows enough even weight distribution to keep the e rig in place without falling or tipping over. Though slightly bigger in size than your average electric dab rig, it can still be portable if handled properly and carefully packaged. 

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What Did We Look for in Finding the Best Electronic Dab Rig?

Figuring out what differentiates a high quality electronic dab rig vs a standard e rig is based solely on performance and vapor quality. It may be hard to make the distinction at first, but it will be a no brainer after taking the first hit before you can easily tell if it’s of high quality. Keep reading below to see what these key points are in determining what makes a high quality electric dab rig.

Functionality and Design

The functionality of an electronic dab rig is super important if you want a reliable device that wont give out on you. The design is also important, for if it’s not stable or sturdy, you can count on your precious electric oil rig to fall and shatter on you. Not fun. Another factor to check for is if the piece is able to deliver the same consistent smoke and inhale upon every hit without any inconsistencies. 

Best E Rig Should Produce Great Vapors

Smoke should never ever be harsh or hot upon inhalation. If that occurs, it means your e rig is not up tp par with even the basic standards. Vapor should not only be extremely cooled, but hits should feel like you’re taking a breath of fresh air. It should be easy, smooth, and tasty since you are getting all the terpenes in your concentrates, giving you the perfect taste profile possible with your dabs. 

The Best E Dab Rig Should Have a Wide Range of Temperatures

Having and maintaining optimal heat settings is vital for your dabbing experience. As said earlier, too low of a temperature will result in reclaim or a puddle of wax to form in your nail, too high of a temperature and you can kiss goodbye to all that sweet wax oil, for it will most definitely be vaporized (and not in a good way). E rigs have temperatures that range from as low as 350°F to anywhere as high as 600°F, though we strongly suggest you maintain ideal temperatures between 350°-450°F. It was said previously, that you can set your e nail or electronic dab rig to other higher temps such as 500°F but we cautioned users to give and allow enough time for the nail to cool slightly before hitting to ensure best results.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best E Dab Rig

After intense review and testing 10 different electric dab rig devices, we found the top 3 that we thought lived up to our expectations and standards of what makes a worthy electronic dab rig. Gathering all the data we could from trusted reviewers throughout social media and other online platforms such as forums and even personal videos, we put all their feedbacks to the test, comparing both the advantages and disadvantages of using an e rig. 

Providing our users with the most up to date, knowledge, and value possible of our hand picked cannabis products, is a core value here at Cannassentials. We make it a priority to deliver all the information we retain from our tests and studies to ensure all our customers are getting the best of the best while providing a clear understanding of what it is they are getting into or purchasing. We have had the special opportunity to be able to have tested and reviewed other trusted online headshops such as Daily High Club, Dankstop, Toker Supply and many more in order to find the top notch quality cannabis items. You can now shop comfortably and confidently, when buying or searching for the best electric dab rig for all your needs without a drop of doubt or worry.

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