Best Grow Tents for Amazing Yields (Tested 2023)

Best Grow Tents for
Amazing Yields (Tested 2023)

Testing the industry's best grow tents

A grow tent is one of the best ways to start growing cannabis for beginners.

Besides saving tons of money compared to setting up a grow room, grow tents are designed for plug-and-play features that make it much less guesswork as well.

Here are the 3 best grow tents tested by our staff:


grow tent

Best 4 X 4
Grow Tent


grow tents

Best 4 X 8
Grow Tent


best grow tent

Best 10 X 10
Grow Tent

Best Grow
Tents of 2023

Below are the top 3 grow tents for maximum yields. You can get a quick break down or skip below to see the full testing and review behind each grow tent. We tested each of these tents under real cannabis grow conditions so keep reading for tons of grow tent hacks.

Best 4 X 4 Grow Tent: Gorilla Grow Tent

small grow tent

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4


Gorilla Grow tents are by far one of my personal favorites. This is a U.S. based company that has the highest quality standards behind grow tents. If you want to get started in growing around a pound per cycle, I highly recommend a 4 X 4 tent. This 4 X 4 grow tent is a great low risk and low capital start to growing. Where you save in price on this tent I recommend you buy a more premium light. Skip below to see our research on this 4X4 Grow Tent.

Best 4 X 8 Grow Tent: Gorilla Grow Tent

best grow tents

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x8


The Gorilla Grow Tent 4 X 8 had a unique rectangular shape that was awesome for customization and also for SCROG methods. This tent was ultra high quality, extendable for height growth adjustment, and was very easy to to plant work. This is a great beginners tent and packed full of plug and play features that allows you to work in great growing methods such as RDWC and even Sea of Green. We highly recommend this tent if you are looking for double the harvest. Skip below to see our research on this 4X8 Grow Tent.

Best 10 X 10 Grow Tent: Vivosun Grow Tent

large grow tent

Vivosun Grow Tent 10x10


The primary concern of purchasing a larger tent such as a 10 X 10 grow tent is not the size alone but the price tag. Going with a premium 10 X 10 grow tent can cost upwards of $1,500. For just a fraction of the cost, the Vivisun 10 X 10 grow tent gave us everything we needed without sacrificing major quality elements. The tent had great access, amazing harvest out puts, and some of the best air flow set ups we could create with a grow tent. So if you are looking to grow big but save money in start up cost, the Vivosun 10 X 10 grow tent is a great way to start. Skip below to see our research on this 10 X 10 Grow Tent

Research Behind Best 4 X 4 Grow Tent

4x4 grow tent

Testing this 4 X 4 tent was fun. For a beginner with a budget, this is a great way to start up and learn the ropes of growing. I tested this tent inside of a room in a house with supported cooling  (vent pointing directly at top of the tent). There are a lot of amazing features to this tent so let’s dive right in!

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Is this grow tent beginner friendly?

"It was surprisingly a great experience. A lot of friends told me to skip the tent or go bigger but my funds was tight. All in all this tent did really well I think mainly bc I could reach the plants very easily from all sides I really loved that."

Alfred W.

Here is the thing. You would think a 4 X 4 grow tent could just tuck away in the corner of your room and it would be fairly easy to reach all corners when it’s time to prune, de-leaf, or lollipop. 

This is not the case at all. The measurements are that of a square so reaching the far corners of the tent from one side is quite a bit of work. 

Gorilla Grow tent solved this issue in my eyes, by creating multiple entry points. So I recommend using the tent on hardwood floor. I was able to slide the tent from the corner of the room with full flowered plants inside, and access all sides very easily. 

The tent also has an amazing viewing port where you don’t have to open the tent but instead just view through a plastic screen and check on your plants. Gorilla grow tent’s viewing area was much more clear than the other tents we tested.

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Gorilla 4 X 4
grow tent air flow

A great issue with 4 X 4 tents is the air flow. You have to remember that air flow is critical for healthy grow operations. During the seedling and younger vegetative state, higher relative humidity is ok but as the plant grows, you are going to want less and less RH and more cooled air, especially if you want to bring those rich colors out into your buds. 

The 4 X 4 gorilla grow tent has tons of entry points to add carbon filter fan combinations. The tent also has great places to hang clip on fans all around the tent. I don’t recommend pointing the fans directly at the plants in such a small space as this can cause wind burns. 

Instead, point the fan at any area there is no plants and let the wind bounce off the tent back into the plants for a much more natural air flow balance.

Keep in mind also during flowering stage you are going to want to increase nutrients as well as carbon monoxide. You can use a CO2 pump inside the tent, but it is a tight squeeze. 

You will want circulation pushing around the CO2 as well. In my 4 X 4 tent I ran a carbon filter with an inline fan at the top of the tent to help cycle air out of the tent, and I used a stand alone fan at one of the openings of the bottom of the tent to push new air inside. 

I had to adjust my house A/C to help keep the temperatures where I wanted in my grow tent. 

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How well did this
tent trap dank smells?

Depending on where you live and your operation, smell is often a huge concern. As more states are beginning to allow growing marijuana at home, there are still plenty of growers attempting to grow in the classic stealth mode. 

No matter your reason, the entire purpose people buy grow tents is to help mask the smell. 

If you ever seen a 2,000 plant operation at week 8 of flowering, you will understand that the smell is no joke. You can expect with this grow tent that no smell will leak from the tent until about week 3 of flowering. 

As the weeks progress in the flowering stage, no tent on the market can mask the smell. 

The trick around this is to have another scrubber (carbon filter fan) on the outside of the tent. When your tent is sitting idle a scrubber on the outside of the tent is usually enough to help mask the smell. If you open the tent and are doing plant work then expect a lot of that dank aroma to exit the tent. 

Whenever I did plant work I made sure the scrubber was right at the opening with me on full blast and I had another house fan on the ground helping to push air back into the tent while I worked. 

The smell well generally linger for a few hours after but it was manageable and there was no smells outside of the house. If your budget allows, get two scrubbers on the outside of the tent and you will be perfectly fine.

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This grow tent adjusts
for plant stretching

"If you are looking for any tents skip all the brands only go with Gorilla. The height extension truly sets these tents from the rest and I'm able to grow harvest much better buds"

Reviewer Chose to Stay Anonymous

One of the main reasons I feel the 4 X 4 gorilla grow tent is one of the best tents is because it compensates for real issues when growing. 

Depending on your method of growing, the typical plant can generally stretch very tall especially during the last weeks of Veg and the first few weeks of flowering. Many people do not factor this in and the buds stretch too close to the light. 

When the buds are too close this can cause popcorning in your harvest, which is something you want to avoid. 

The Gorilla 4 X 4 allows for an extension that raises the height of the tent. This is an amazing feature that allows maximum control on such a small space. 

Just a warning, in our research we found many reviews where people misjudged the height of their room with the height in which the tent can extend to. Make sure the room you place the tent in can accommodate for the extension.

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Grow options with
this 4 X 4 grow tent

Multiple methods of growing work for this tent. You can SOG (sea of green) but expect a very tight fit and hectic deleafing process. 

Reverse Deep water culture can work well in this setup and actually there is a great video that shows you how to set it up in this exact tent perfectly with the same light that I used. 

Gary from PA Hydrponics put out one of the best videos ever showing how to set up his RDWC waterfall set up. 

Whether you want to monster crop, deep water culture, or sea of green this tent can accommodate on a smaller scale. Whenever possible try to use methods in which you place items outside of the tent if possible. 

For example the fan pushing air into the tent I have it outside of the tent to save floor room and if you have a reservoir or a water chiller, make sure to run it through the tent’s bottom opening and leave these items outside of the tent.

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Let's talk quality for
this 4 X 4 grow tent

The 4×4 Gorilla tent was absolutely high quality when it comes to grow tents on the market. There tent is twice the layer of usual grow tents manufactured in China. 

While many grow tents made from China still work amazing (we tested one below), the Gorilla grow tent you could feel the weight when you picked up the tent to place on the metal frame work. 

Speaking of the metal frame work, these suckers snapped together so fluidly it really makes you feel the confidence in the structure and build of these tents. 

In my entire time growing in this 4 by 4 tent I never once questioned the integrity of the tent. As an extra bonus the top of the tent is made from materials that block the heat signature. 

This is nice for the nosy helicopters trying to measure heat signals. As of this date I have not found another tent that makes this claim.

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What was the yields like?

"Honestly it takes time to get a good harvest out the tent. It's my 5th harvest with this tent and I'm pulling close to 2 lb in this tent so it's possible but a lot of trial and error"

Marc N.

There seems to be a craze in wanting to grow one lb per one light. 

The HLG light we used had a 5 X 5 radius and the tent being used was 4 x 4, so this allowed supporting of the weaker perimeter light spread near the edges, because the extra light spread bounced off the reflective interior of the grow tent and help aid equal light distribution around the canopy of the grow. 

I was able to clone in the tent with ease. 

Vegetative state I was struggling at first with RH conditions being either too low or to high, but once I tweaked the fans and my house temperature I was able to find that sweet spot. 

Flowering stage was a bit hectic as I had a scrog canopy up and it was much harder for deleafing, but this is the same whether in a grow tent or a large operation. We were able to harvest just a little over a pound but this was without the trimming process. 

Also, we were aiming for more speed than weight as we only allowed the cannabis plants to veg for 4 weeks max. 

If you want more harvest we recommend you let your plants veg out longer and also make sure to get the height extension for tent to compensate this growth. 

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Research Behind Best 4 X 8 Grow Tent

4x8 grow tent

There are many reasons I loved the Gorilla 4X8 Grow tent. 

Primarily because it was twice the size of the 4X4 but where the plants meet in the center you can do much more intricate SCROG methods and also allowing for the lights to supplement each other in the weaker perimeter light spread. 

Let’s dive into the research and best practices with using this grow tent in real growing conditions.

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Is this 4 X 8 grow
tent beginner friendly?

"I actually stopped using tents but if you want to start out I think the 4X8 really is better bc its not too much and not too small. It really taught me what I needed to know and all the access points is really dope and made things really easy."

Reviewer Chose to Exclude Name

In the next room (right next to the room holding my 4 X 4 tent) I had a 4 X 8 tent pushed against the long side of my wall. 

You would generally think that you can leave your tent on the wall and maintain all your plants from one side (opening the tent from the front and working on plants in the far back). 

Quality plant work is very important so I found myself having to slide this tent out in order to access the back entry points to work on the plants furthest away from the entry point. So we loved that this 4 X 8 tent had great ease of access on both sides. 

While the 4 X 4 can slide very easily, when the 4 X 8 tent is completely full we recommend you have two people when trying to slide the tent out and that you place this grow tent on hardwood floor, not carpet. 

The viewing panel was excellent and clear compared to other brand tents such as the Vivosun.

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Air circulation in
the best grow tent

Air flow is critical for RH levels and the quality of your buds. In our 4 X 8 tent we had quite a bit of a spider mite issue because these plants were started from clones from my buddies cannabis nursery. 

There are two breeds of spider mites where one thrives in humidity the other in lower RH levels. I had two carbon filter fan combos hanging from the top and one fan pushing air through the side at the bottom. 

I ran four clip fans in each corner bouncing the wind off the tent onto the plants to give a softer natural wind environment and avoid any wind burns. 

After two weeks of measuring RH data I was able to set up air circulation that was stable and became automated. As the cannabis plant goes into flowering you will have to spend another week or two tweaking temperatures.

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4 X 8 tent
and smell leakage

"I was actually shocked but the smell held up pretty well. It did get a bit crazy last few weeks but just get more smell control on the outside and it will be alright"

James N.

Quite honestly, what you can expect from any tent is that the smell period from seedling to veg will never produce much smell to be worried about. 

We had two scrubbers at the top and one larger scrubber on the outside. It wasn’t until mid flowering stage in which the flowering buds produce the rich aromas that can spike curiosity with nosey neighbors. 

One great trick was using fans outside of your tent to help control air flow back into the larger scrubber sitting outside of the tent. 

Whenever you need to work on the cannabis plants, make sure to have the exterior scrubber on full blast right at the opening of the tent and for all the room fans (fans outside of the tent) facing towards the tent and scrubber so it helps control smell. Expect lingering smells to stay around the room but none to exit the house.

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4 X 8 Tent that Compensates Stretching of Plants

One of the best features of this Gorilla 4 X 8 tent is that it truly caters to real issues many cannabis growers face. 

If you veg your plants a bit too long or don’t factor in the period where plants just enter into flowering stage and there is that leap in growth, then you can end up with a plant that is too close to your light source. 

This produces poor bud structure such as po corn nugs. Nobody likes popcorn nugs. 

The 4 X 8 Gorilla tent was amazing as you can purchase the extension feature when the time comes and add a few extra feet to compensate for the stretch. 

The rectangular shape of the 4 X 8 grow tent helped us to get better SCROG weaving as well.

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What Type of Growing Methods Worked Well in the 4 X 8 Tent?

The rectangle shape of the 4 X 8 tent gave is flexibility to run grows in a way that a standard 4 X 4 could not. First of all you can run two high power LED lights or 3 smaller lights side by side. 

The lights weaker perimeter spread (light is strongest directly under and as it spreads out the light becomes weaker) worked well because the two lights we used, the perimeters light spread overlapped each other and helped send good light strengthen to the perimeter edge of the canopy. 

Do research on your light spread and try to get equal light output. 

Deep water culture works well in this tent same as recycling deep water culture, but instead of a square shape you will have to route the PVC pipes in a rectangular shape and have your reservoir land on the outside of the tent. 

This amazing 4 x 8 tent allows for this as there are multiple exit points at the bottom of the tent. Sea of green is the method I chose and you can also get away with some light monster cropping as there is more space the weave both plants through the SCROG in the center.

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What Was the Quality Like in this 4 X 8 Grow Tent

"The creme de la creme of glass is high-quality borosilicate glass; it is the same glass that is used to make premium grade lab equipment. Borosilicate glass is also significantly more durable than the cheaper Chinese offerings that some head shops offer."

Reference: cannaconnection

Only Gorilla 4 X 8 grow tent offers such amazing quality. The price tag on this tent is more than the typical 4 X 8 tent’s but that’s because essentially this tent is double layered compared to other single layered tents. 

I had zero light leaks, sturdy frame work that allowed me to slide this tent even with all the adult mom plants, and very quick setup and take down. 

Also this tent has a certain material in the roof area that blocks heat signatures. So any choppers flying above you will not be able to see all the intense heat signatures especially if you are running HID. 

Best of all, with the spider mites I could take all the plants out and fog them very easily, and then fog all of the walls and clean down the tent very well. 

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How Well Did the 4 X 8 Tent Harvest

With the 4 X 4 tent harvesting at just a little under a pound (untrimmed) I was able to take advantage of the center area of the 4×8 tent. 

This area is where I used the SCROG net to try to weave both plants together and allow both lights to intersect at this point and get great growth in an area that otherwise would have produced smaller nugs. 

This little trick did help me to produce just over 3 pounds. I did extend my veg period a bit longer here as I used the extension on the tent but all in all the 4 X 8 tent was affordable and definitely is a great return on investment as far as growing as concerned.

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Research Behind Best 10 X 10 Grow Tent

10x10 grow tent

There was a huge debate in the office of whether we were going to test the 8 X 8 gorilla grow tent or the 10 X 10 Vivisun. 

We know a 10 X 10 size grow tent can be quite expensive, so for the users that want maximum yield but not have to spend a ridiculous amount on a grow tent. 

We decided to test the 10 X 10 Vivosun grow tent and see just how well these Chinese manufactured grow tents work. 

You may be surprised to see the results.

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Testing the 10 X 10 Tent Ease and Accessability.

"This tent did it's job. It's huge though. So I don't think of it as a tent I think of it more as like a little green house haha not sure how to say it but it was a great tent and now the op is larger so we only use it for clones"

Scott P.

There was not one room in my house that could accommodate this massive tent. We decided to give up my lovely two car garage and create the grow environment there. 

We found that the 10 X 10 grow tent was easier to set up with 3 people and the instructions were manageable but obviously a downgrade compared to Gorilla Tents. 

Once we set up the tent we were able to access all entry points in the garage very easily. 

If you read above the smaller tents placed against the wall, we had to slide to access both sides, but if you place your 10 X 10 in a garage you can easily the tent from both sides. 

We placed 4 used 4X4 hydroponic trays inside of the 10 X 10 on cinder blocks with reservoirs below for easy draining. This is amazing to be able to actually walk inside of a grow tent which made ease of use very amazing!

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The Best 10 X 10 Tent Should Have Ultimate Air Circulation

Air circulation is critical for any successful grow operation. You want to always push old air out and bring new air in. 

At the same time you want to keep temperatures at optimal level, depending on what stage the grow is in. We used a high powered portable A/C unit and extended the intake (usually from a window) to an exit point where a washer used to be. 

This made sure we were pumping clean air into this giant grow tent. We then used two large carbon filter fans to push air outside of the tent. 

Since we had the space in the center we took a large fan and placed it on all adjoining corners of the four hydrponic tray and let the fan shoot straight into the ceiling. 

This helped to cool the fans and allow the wind to pump off the top of the tent and back down into the plants for a more organic wind feel with no wind burns on our plants. 

We placed four very small clip on oscillating fans in each corner to skim the top of the canopies (never pointing the fan directly at the plants). The Vivosun 10 X 10 tent had great air function and quality. 

Pro-Tip: If you are running your tent in a garage, use thermal blankets at the top to mask heat signature and have your light cycle run at night when the garage is the coolest and have your lights off during the day so the A/C doesn’t have to work itself too much in the day. 

Your electricity bill and plants will thank you for this.

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How Well Did the 10 X 10 Tent Conceal Marijuana Smell?

"Love the tent. Got 4 of them running. Yeah but as far as smell it's tough I don't think any tent can mask the smell near the end fruit cycle but pop some more scrubs around and it helps a lot."

Jeremy H.

Since we sacrificed quality in purchasing the Vivosun 10 X 10 grow tent over the Gorilla, we lost about a layer in thickness to trap in smell. 

During the vegetative state, the smell of fresh plants was easily masked with the large double scrubbers hanging from the top. 

Once mid flowering stage arrived the smell began to be extremely strong, but since we were in California we didn’t have to worry as much, but my goal was not to have it smell at all outside of the garage. We had to add an additional 2 large scrubbers on the outside of the tent near the garage door. 

The smell was still a little noticeable in certain areas of the garage so the last final trick we did was we routed the two carbon filter fans on the inside of the tent to run out of the tent with two separate ducting, then we allowed for the ducting to meet together outside of the tent into one of the larger scrubbers. This helped us keep smells to a minimal. 

Because this tent had adequate space to move through we were able to quickly unzip the tent, get inside, and then get to work. We recommend having the Reservoir outside of the tent and for you to use a pond pump and a feeding wand run through one of the entry points at the bottom of the tent so that way you can step inside the tent, zip yourself in and feed all the plants without smell leaking.

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Can the 10 X 10 Tent Accommodate Stretching Plants?

The biggest downfall and probably the only downfall to this tent is that it does not accommodate for the stretching of plants.

Since we decided to use hydro trays on a cylinder block we lost about a foot in height already as the plants are raised off the grounds.

We chose to use trays because there were much more plants and we needed to automate the feeding better compared to hand feeding in the 4 X 4 and 4 X 8 tent. Because there was no extension at the top some of our plants got too close to the light and we had to “top” the plants. We recommend if you have time, to hand feed and let the plants sit on the floor compared to trays.

Not only that try to grow only Indica strains or perhaps auto-flower strains as these plants tend to not grow as tall. All of our Sativa plants grew too tall and harvested poorly, but all of our Indica and Auto-flowering plants were able to harvest just fine.

The height of the tent is only a downfall if you decide to raise the plants off the floor for automation and choose any tall growing plants.

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What Growing Method Works in the 10 X 10 Grow Tent

Ah, the choices of growing methods in a 10 X 10 tent exceeds all other tent sizes because in reality a 10X10 grow tent is the size of an entire room.

So we were easily able to run a hydroponic setup, and once we entered into flower mode and the scrog nets were up we could not move around in the tent anymore and had Octo-feeders routing the nutes to the plants on a scheduled timer. So whatever style of growing you want to run, the 10 X 10 cannabis grow tent can accommodate. 

Once again, please make sure to factor in plant height as that is the only limitation with this tent. Where you make up in width you lack in height.

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How was the Quality of the Vivosun 10 X 10 Grow Tent?

To everyone’s surprise, the Vivosun tent was pretty great quality. It did not have the double layer canvas wrap as a Gorilla tent would, and also the structure was not as tight and solid as Gorilla, but for half the price this tent held up well and did its job.

There were only two light leak areas where I just taped black electric tape over, and other than that it was perfectly fine. Setting up the tent took about an hour with the help of two friends, but the taking down took quite some time as I did that alone.

The steel bars do snap in place, but not with the same quality as a Gorilla tent, so taking the tent down was much harder than putting it up. To sum it up, you pay much less for this tent so there are obvious sacrifice in quality but the tent still was amazing and got us through the harvest. So this is a great buy and an affordable price tag.

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How Well did the 10 X 10 Tent Harvest?

"It's hard to say I remember I would always ask how much can you harvest per tent but tbh it's about skills, experience, and technique. But if you keep trying you can get 6 or more pounds with this tent"

Brandon W.

We tested all three tents with the same strains. In the 10 X 10 tent, we started with clones so there were spider mite issues.

Because we tested with the same strains, we were forced to run Sativa strains that grew too tall for the tent so a quarter of our harvest was compromised on lower yields. All together with four premium LED lights, we were able to generate a healthy 5.2 pounds in the 10 X 10 grow tent. Not too shabby.

We also only vegged the plants for four weeks so we did not try to do any super cropping, just purely hydroponic set up with a sea of green operation. You can definitely push the boundaries and I believe with tweaking get your harvest to pull more than 6 pounds.

I have buddies that have mastered grow tents and can produce consistently 1.7 lb. per light. Pretty impressive!

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What is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a prefabricated growing environment for cannabis plants. Grow tents are made from steel poles that build the framework and then wrapped around by a heavy light proof and smell proof canvas. You can then hang your light and other important elements such as a fan and scrubber inside of the tent to help improve growing conditions. Grow tents allow you to control light cycles where you would otherwise not be able to in a standard green house.

How to Use a Grow Tent for Beginners

Using a grow tent is simple:

  1. Set up the metal pole framework for your grow tent.
  2. Wrap the canvas around the tent and zip.
  3. Hang your light from the top poles with ratchet strings.
  4. Connect a fan with a scrubber inside the tent for airflow and smell.
  5. Place your cannabis plant inside the grow tent.

How to Clean a Grow Tent

Cleaning a grow tent is extremely easy:

  1. Unzip your grow tent.
  2. Turn off lights and unplug all accessories.
  3. Remove plants from tent (if you have a trellis in place then you will not be able to do this).
  4. Spray Green Clean everywhere inside the tent and scrub with wash cloth (eliminate pest).
  5. Spray with Disinfectant and scrub clean with new wash cloth.
  6. Let your grow tent dry for 30 minutes.
  7.  Return plants and accessories back to tent.

What Makes a High Quality Grow Tent?

If you still are unsure what grow tent to get, then I highly recommend you read the section below to understand what features to look for in a tent, and why it matters when it comes to real issues a cannabis grower may run into. With a solid understanding you can go out and try to find a tent that best suites your needs.

The Frame Work of the Grow Tent

In reality I have more than 10 years of experience with grow tents, backwhen grow tents were made very cheaply I was in the mix. I have dealt with grow tents where the metal joints did not snap together well, or was near impossible to take apart. You want to get high quality steel bars that snap into place. If the steel bars connect poorly then you will notice a wobbling in your tent. Often times you need to slide the grow tent around (smaller sizes) to access all sides of the tent. Having a strong frame is important for longevity of the tent. Make sure the metal attachments lock into eachother instead of just sliding in with nothing to hold it but pressure.

The Quality of Fabric Determines the Best Grow Tent

The stitching of the canvas of the grow tent is important. If your tent’s fabric is very thin then you are prone to more light leaks and smell leaks. 2022 most grow tents are heavily made and Gorilla tents even double layer. It’s hard to tell from pictures but you want to make sure that the grow tents are at least mentioning that their canvas is stitched for no light leaks and smell proof. Read the reviews to see customers showing pictures of light leaks or making claims of smell leak. If there is one or two people I wouldn’t worry, but if all the reviews are claiming this then you will want to avoid that grow tent.

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The Best Grow Tent has Great Functionality and Features

Functionality is important. Most grow tents these days come with amazing options in the way they set up the tent. For example Gorilla offers many “ports” at the top, side, and bottom, for you to run carbon filters, fans, pvc pipes, and even running your wand to feed inside of the tent. Not only that you want to make sure that the top steel bars are reinforced with an extra criss crossing of bars so you can hang very heavy lights and scrubbers at the top.

The Add On's a Grow Tent Allows

A grow tent is premium or considered high end when it also allows for add on’s. Things such as extending the top for more taller marijuana plants, or using the inside steel bar frame work to hang a trellis (SCROG net). There are various attachments such as fans and ratchet strings that allow you to customize carbon filter and light levels.

Why Trust Our Research on Finding the Best Grow Tent

As the reviewer and tester of these three recommended grow tents, I have over 10 years with growing Cannabis and have spent my earlier years dealing with various grow tents from cheap to premium. I have gone on to work in Southern California at some of the biggest grow operations, managing over 2,000 plant operations at a multi-cycling one month harvest set up. I’ve grown popular strains from Dosilato strain, White Truffle strain, and Gumbo strain.  Our staff’s recommendations for best grow tent are based on our actual experiences growing in these tents in 2023.

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